Lip Crayon


      Do some artistry on your lips! Our collection of lip crayons is here to keep the artist in you alive with the smooth glides, one swipe intense matte, and numerous shades to choose from. Glide on with our crayons!

      If getting the perfect smooth application and matte finish is your desire, look no further further than the gorgeous lip crayon online from Faces Canada. You can find a brilliant range of colours in the matte lip crayon that catch the eye and make you stand out. Our collection of long lasting lip crayon lipstick is the best for everyday use as well as special occasions.

      Lip Crayons

      makeup is a very powerful skill that people have developed over the years and it keeps reaching new heights every single year. If you are wondering how it could be such an important skill, take a look at all the people around you who adore applying make-up. Have you noticed how confident it makes them feel? That is how it can change a person’s day. It becomes a therapeutic process for most of them, be it as simple and basic as a nude look or as rocking and glamourous as a shimmery one, each person has their go-to look for every occasion. One of the most important parts of makeup is the lips. From lipstick, lip gloss, liners and lip crayons, there is a whole range of products available in the market today.

      What is a lip crayon?

      Lip crayons are a combination stick of lipsticks and lip liners and act as an all-in-one product to give you a flawless and finished look in a compact process. It is like lipstick but in the form of a crayon, both in look and in feel. It is smoother than lipstick but thicker than your regular tinted lip balms or liners. They have a pointed tip that allows you to glide smoothly over the edges of your lips and line them perfectly without having to use a separate liner or to wipe out the extras. Lip crayons can come in different forms, sizes and shapes like matte, metallic, glossy, small, thin, thick, etc. 

      The most exciting part is that all of them have a super creamy texture that allows you to apply them smoothly without any smudges or trouble at all. It would probably just take you a few minutes or even seconds if you are amazing at it to line and fill-in your lips. No need for any extra steps! This saves your time and effort, both of which are crucial if you need to create a make-up if you are late for your date or an office meeting. You will not need to worry about spending an extra ten minutes on your lipstick because this all-in-one product will make your days much easier and faster. This gets even better if you purchase Faces Canada lip crayon lipstick that comes in a whole new range of colours, types and affordable pencil lipstick prices so that everyone can get a chance to look beautiful and feel confident than ever before.

      Difference between lipstick and lip crayon

      Now that we have introduced you to these beautiful and functional products, you ought to know the difference between lipstick crayons and online the other kinds of lipsticks that have been there from long before. At a single glance, these might look almost identical to you at first, but in fact, they are very different and give completely different feels and looks which are unique in their own way. Let us give you a quick tour over how these two products are similar and identical and we will let you decide which one is better between the two. 

      1. Ease of Application- 

      How often have you struggled while creating the perfect lip to go with your face and the outfit that you have chosen? Even with all the different lipstick hacks that you find online, you have to use 3 different products to get a finished look and sometimes, you still feel unsatisfied. When you look at the products that are available for your lips, you come across a lot of them that are either in the form of wands or pencil lipstick shades or the classic lipstick form. But all of them serve their own purpose. You almost always have to line your lips before you fill them in to get a finer and more refined look so for a lipstick to look perfect, you have to use a liner first. With a lip crayon, all that hassle gets cancelled out because the lip crayons come with a beautifully shaped tip that allows you to do both of those things together without wasting time. Lipstick crayons also have a smoother and creamier texture than the normal lipsticks do which helps you in achieving the perfect look every time! These fascinating products can be your go-to choice because of their all-in-one quality of lip balm, lipstick and lip liner, and lip gloss with the shiny finish, you will not have to look any further! With the brand-new Faces Canada lip crayon lipstick collection, you can find the perfect lip crayon lipstick combo and feel like the most confident person ever! You can now forget about those sloppy lines that you used to make when you use lipsticks and liquid lipsticks and become a pro at applying lipstick in under a minute with the best lip crayons available in stores. 

      1. Moisturising Quality

      All the lipstick lovers out there have used the lipstick matte lip crayon forms that leave our lips dry, chapped and cakey most of the time. We have heard some experts say that using a lip balm underneath the lipstick would help but that just makes your matte lip crayon look glossy which just defeats the whole purpose of wanting to wear a matte matte lip crayon. Until now, you have been trying and testing different lipstick hacks to discover the perfect way to deal with these problems. You can forget about these issues now with the amazing Faces Canada lip crayon shades available in the stores close to you. Did you know that your favourite all-in-one lip crayons are not just smoother than the regular lipsticks, but in fact they are more nourishing and enriching than them too? Lip crayons get their smooth texture from all the moisturising ingredients that condition your lips and pack them with enriching substances to make your lips feel soft, supple and plump. These fantastic lip shades are luxurious in look and in feel because of their creamy texture and timeless colour. They last longer than your regular lipsticks and are super comfortable to carry off with any outfit that you wear. The Faces Canada crayon lipstick is made with cocoa butter and chamomile oil to help provide your lips with all the goodness of nutrients to ensure they are protected against the everyday makeup process. From nude nude lip crayon to strong red, you can find this beautiful product in a wide range of colours that will become your best friend with each outfit you choose. With a single stroke of the lip crayon, you will get an intense and thick layer of the colour hassle-free!

      1. Acts as a great base

      By now we know that lip crayons are creamy and smooth and give you the perfect matte or glossy look depending upon your choice of lip crayon. But did you know that lip crayons work beautifully in combination with lip gloss? Yes! Lip crayons with their fabulous and luxurious feel bring to you the joy of using lip gloss, giving you a sheer or satin-finish look with ease. All you have to do is apply a thick layer of the lip crayon lipstick of your favourite shade and add a layer of the gloss on top. Now you can rock both looks according to the kind of outfit that you have. Lip crayons work amazingly with lip gloss because lip crayons themselves are very long lasting and with a coating of the lip gloss on top, your lip look will last for an even longer time. You can now choose to either stick with the matte finished look or change it up with a touch of the glossy and shimmery layer of your lip gloss. However, even without the lip gloss, they give you a sheer and clean lip look without leaving behind a sticky mess from the lip gloss. Because these lip crayons are transfer proof, you can stay unbothered about smearing them across your face by mistake. With a clean layer of lip gloss on top, your look will be complete!

      1. Works the same as lipsticks but better- 

      Lip crayons work the same way as lipsticks do but why are they preferred more than the latter? People who genuinely enjoy doing make-up on themselves or others, they always look for ways to make the job more efficient and smarter. Ofcourse, some people like to be methodical when it comes to make-up, because let’s be honest, it is a skill that takes time to perfect. However, even these make-up artists or MUAs prefer lip crayons in most of the cases. This is because these Faces lip crayons are more precise and of better quality than lipsticks. Their all-in-one ability to give you a finished look with one stroke is what wins hearts among MUAs around the world. If you do not believe us, you can take a look at the Faces Canada ultime pro matte lip crayon swatches on any world-renowned MUA’s YouTube channel and see for yourself how smooth and fine they are. Not only do they come in every favourite lipstick colour of yours, there are lip crayon lipstick combo packs that are to die for! Read the different Faces Canada crayon lipstick review online and be the judge of it yourself. 

      How to find your perfect shade of Lip crayon

      Every person who loves lipsticks enjoys hoarding a whole collection of them, starting from a shade or colour for every outfit to finding new and unique shapes and sizes of them from different brands. Some may prefer using lipstick red for their day and/or night look and some others like using lipstick nude shades of different brands altogether. Either way, we know how amazing one feels when they do so. But for somebody who is new to the world of make-up, how would you know which one would be the perfect lipstick colour that would become their everyday go-to lip?

      A true MUA would know that not all shades are meant for everybody. A colour that matches your sister may not match you and vice versa. For that very same reason, people end up searching for the perfect shade for hours on end jumping from one store to another. Many factors play a role when you are trying to find out the perfect shade of lipstick, like- skin tone, shape of the lip, lip colour, and sometimes people even consider their eye colour to know which one is the best. 

      You might be surprised to see the way lipstick colours can change the way you look in a drastic way. For example, bright colour shades make your lips look bigger and fuller and dark shades on the other hand make them look smaller. If you ask how that happens, well, the best and only answer would be that it is simply an illusion of the eyes. Glossy or shimmery lip crayon lipstick also make your lips look fuller and plump while matte lip crayon shades on the other hand make them look thinner. So, to find out the one that is perfect for you, you must take a look at the different recommendations that we have for you to decide on the best crayon lipstick in India for your lips! We have come up with a list based on the general and obvious choice of shades for specific skin tones down below-

      1. For fair skin tones: If you have a skin tone that is towards the fairer side, then you can try out the lip crayon lipstick shades that are on the brighter side of the spectrum of colours, like red, pink, purple, etc. The best among these, however, are the lipstick nude shades and pink lip crayon shades. These two variants of colours also work beautifully with dark skin tones. The colours that you must stay away from are those that are extremely light and have a frosty hue which may wash out your entire face no matter how attractive your outfit is. 
      2. For medium skin tone: The best lipstick hacks for a rocking lip if you have medium skin tone is to choose warmer shades like those that have an orange undertone, corals and nudes of course. You may also try and see how pinks, soft purple lip crayon like lavender and mauves go with your skin tone. These colours will definitely brighten your look. You can also try and see if you are someone who could carry a dark lip and if you do, then it is meant to be your soulmate!
      3. For dark skin tones: If you are somebody who has a dusty to darker skin tones then you can go for shades that are a little more intense. These include shades like plum, wine, chocolate brown, maroons, berry and the classic red lip. These shades will automatically enhance your entire ensemble and make you look like a rockstar and skyrocketing confidence. Nude lip crayon shades or pastels may tend to bring down your natural skin colour and make your face look dull and pale. 

      Although these colour patterns are what most people go with in their daily lives, if you do not agree with them and like to try on new colours that intrigue you, then feel free to do so. Make sure you find the best lip crayon shades from the best brands available in stores near you. Don’t let any colour bring you down. You do what you feel is best!

      Perfect lip crayon shades for:

      Coordinating Faces Canada lip crayon shade with your outfit can be quite a fun challenge for you. It may also get a little daunting for some of you who are in a hurry and just do not seem to figure out or make a final decision. For every lipstick fan out there, finding a shade that perfectly matches your outfit and one that compliments it is crucial because it will help in tying the entire look together. Let us find out what you can wear with the different kinds of moods and days you have so that you can unlock your true and full potential-

      • Casual Day: for a casual day in your everyday life, you would prefer to have a nude makeup look with a slight blush and a simple lip colour. On these days, you can put on your simple casual clothes and apply your favourite lipstick nude lip crayon shades according to your skin tone. Use your choice of nude shade according to the outfit that you wear and if you want a more subtle yet glossy look, you can apply a little bit of the transparent gloss in your drawer and make it happen! Once you find the perfect combination of lip crayon lipstick with each of your outfits, they will not turn back. 
      • College- When you are in college or university, your days there must be memorable. With the best kind of people and the right places to go to, you must make every move count. There will be spontaneity and quick and random plans that will not be preplanned, so you must try and be ready for anything that happens. Thus, your university days must be comfortable and easy-going. You must keep in mind that lipsticks for your college days must be handy and natural but also should contribute to the outfit you have on the whole day. Because colleges mostly take up the whole day, it has to be unique but not too overpowering as well. So you must remember, lip crayon shades like rosy pink, mauve, nude lip crayon shades like brown or lighter shades of brown, corals, peach and pastels, natural browns and to top it all off, a touch of the natural colour or transparent lip gloss, and your look will become complete. Most of the college or university-going students prefer to use a nude shade that matches their skin tone for their college look. They like looking natural and with a beautiful nude shade lip crayon lipstick in your collection is just what you need. Those that have subtle undertones allow you to achieve exactly the shade that you want. Even corals go amazingly well among young girls who are willing to look vibrant without attracting too much attention. These colours are very flattering and in fact, they look very cool on whatever outfit that you choose to wear. Another very famously used colour among college going students is peach. It is a simple yet very effective colour if you use it with the right outfits and the one that compliments your skin tone looks divine. You would not even have to worry if it smears by chance because it is such a light colour that you can easily fix it up! Find the perfect shade for your college days and brighten up every day!
      • Party- What every lipstick lover needs in their makeup collection is a drawer full of the best crayon lipstick in India and shades of lipsticks from the best brands available. It should become a luxury to them to choose which one they want to wear with their day’s outfit. When you are going to a party, you want to wear something that is attractive and catches other people’s attention. For this, you can either wear a really attractive dress with minimal makeup and a nude lip crayonshade to compliment the natural makeup. The best part about your lipsticks is that you can even choose to wear something pretty normal and maybe not even party-like but still look glamorous and fashionable with just the right colour of lip crayon lipstick. As fascinating as that sounds, this actually works! You can wear a normal to casual outfit for a party and wear a bold lip, a glossy or a shimmery kind which goes perfectly with the outfit that you have chosen to wear. With just the right shade of lip crayon lipstick to go with your dress, you will no longer feel like you are not wearing an outfit that is good enough at a party. You will always stay hip and happening with the perfect lip shade every single day!
      • Brunch- Going out to have brunch with either your friends or family means you want to go for something simple yet cute. Brunch time is a casual outing but depending upon the kind of place you are going to; you will need to think a little before deciding on the lip crayon shades. If you want to go for an outdoor setting, then you can wear lip crayon lipstick shades like pink or nude shades of brown, peach, corals, etc. This way, even if they get smeared while you are munching on your food, you can easily fix it with a quick wipe. On the other hand, if you are going to sit somewhere indoors, then you would want to wear shades that are a little bit more towards the nude shades. Your choice of nude shades may vary depending upon your skin tone so be careful so that you do not make your entire face flushed out because of one wrong lip crayon lipstick shade. You can also take a look at lipstick video available online by different make-up artists who have reviewed and given their honest feedback about different products from different brands. Make sure you choose right and make sure to look the best version of yourself as you have always wanted!
      • Wedding- When you are attending a function that is as important and big as a wedding, you must look and feel beautiful but do not forget one rule: the bride must look the best at all times! No matter what you wear and how you look, you should never be better or grab more attention than the bride and the groom. Whether you are wearing an outfit that is all glamorous and chic, you can opt to wear makeup that is casual and minimal. The minimalistic natural look is trending nowadays and people almost always try to find a way to match lip crayon lipstick shades according to this. Since you obviously can't wear the same colour as the bride’s outfits, you would wear something that is either shades of that colour or something completely different. Either way, if you are wanting to go for a minimalistic look, you need to take a look at the range of lipstick nude shades or the different light or pale pink lip crayon shades that would accompany your natural look perfectly. If you are looking for nude lip crayon for dark skin, then all you would have to do is visit the nearest store that has the widest collection of crayon lipstick shades and discover the best shade of lip crayons that work best as your nude lip! You might want to sneak a peek into the Faces Canada ultime pro matte lip crayon midnight rose if you want a subtle but chic look for the evening after party of the wedding. This shade works best both as day and night time girlfriend if you pair it well with your choice of clothes. No more hesitation when it comes to choosing the things that make you feel confident. Love yourself and pamper yourself with the best crayon lipstick in india!
      • Office- Wearing lipstick to a professional environment can be quite a challenging task. The requirements of workplace appropriate dressing code is very strict in some places, whereas in others, it might be a bit more relaxed and comfortable. Hence, depending upon the kind of workplace environment you have, you have to choose your lip colours carefully and smartly. Whether you go to a relaxed workspace or a strict one, there is one colour that can never let you down, and that is nude shades. Nude shades, depending upon your skin tone and choice of nude lip crayon colours, will always set the mood right for a professional work environment. If you are going to attend an important meeting or just going for a normal day at work, nude shades could be more perfect for all of those days. From light skin tones to dusky and tan, you can choose the type of nude that you think blends in most perfectly with your outfit as well as your office and take your confidence to cloud 9! You will always hit the right mark when you pair your formals with nude shades and especially with brown. Some offices are also comfortable with some brighter shades like that towards the reddish tones like maroon, reddish brown shades, etc., but even those must be toned down or be more subtle than the bright colours of red. The one lip crayon lipstick shade that you must steer clear of at all costs are the deep intense colours like ruby red, fuchsia, magenta orange, etc. You may wear these lip crayon shades at office events or other informal parties with your colleagues where these are more appropriated and suited to the occasion. Try out these fascinating and delightful combinations of lip lip crayon lipsticks and see how well they work out for you! 
      • Date Night- A special night or evening with the one closest to your heart means an evening filled with love, emotions, your heart’s desires and all those positive and heart-felt emotions. A night like that calls for a more beautiful, attractive, sensuous, and eye-pleasing look. Both partners expect this and why disappoint? With the Faces Canada Ultime Pro HD matte lip crayon shades you will be able to match your favourite date night outfit with the colour of lip crayon lipstick combo which will win your partner’s heart. Most of you prefer wearing black on date night because let’s be honest, it is the colour which brings out beauty in everybody. It does not discriminate at all and compliments every skin tone in the best way possible. So with this, you must try out the classic red lip. The classic red lip look has its own personality, it has the ability to bring out the best version of yourself with just one stroke. It is the most captivating colour and whether or not people admit it, it is a fact that even studies have found out. A classic red lip crayon lipstick will attract every eye in the room once you enter and when paired with the perfect LBD (little black dress), you know that there will be no power to stop you from feeling stunning! Go rock your partner’s world by showing up for date night in that captivating and beautiful outfit and try out this fantastic lip crayon lipstick combo making your night even more perfect than you could have ever imagined!
      • Summers- summers call for a fun and cheerful outfit. When you step out of the house, you want to wear something that matches with the vibe outside so you might choose to wear light and bright colours like white, yellow, lavender, lighter shades of pink or blue, etc. But do you know which lip crayon lipstick would suit all of these colours? Neutral colours like white, pale and ivory allow you to enjoy almost every pencil lipstick shades that you like. From soft and cheerful shades like pale pink or peach to dark and intense shades like ruby red or just the classic red, any of these colours would go beautifully with your neutral-coloured outfits. When it comes to yellow, you can wear lip crayon lipsticks that are bold too, for example maroon, fuchsia, magenta and other deep shades that would go perfectly with maybe your yellow dress or shirt. Wear colours that would blend into the spirit of summer with ease so that they make you feel cheerful and happy! Other softer shades like the pale blue or pink could be accompanied with complimentary colours like orange, or you could just stick with your favourite nude lip crayon shades like brown. These shades would flatter your ensemble in a great way and complete your look in the best way possible! Allow yourself to feel confident and beautiful with these bright and ecstatic colours during the sunny days of summer!
      • Winters- Winters call for colours that are either neutral or darker in shade. During the morning, you may want to feel comfortable and warm and so, wearing colours like white or grey might be your thing, Evenings however call for a darker feeling. Like your summer outfits, winter wears also call for shades of lip crayon long lasting enough that will stay almost the entire time. With the Faces Canada lip crayon lipstick, all you have to do is to find the right shade that matches your winter clothes and feel more confident than ever. But how would you decide on which shade of lipstick looks the best? You may try the amazing plum colour which would go best crayon lipstick with the soothing winter sun, or a smooth and finer shade in caramel, which would become your best friend if you choose the right outfit. If you want to feel bold and strong against the harsh cold, you can choose to stick with the classic red lip with the Faces Canada crayon lipstick on your winter holiday parties. A cute berry colour would be your best companion if you want something to match your soft woollens and boots, and just like that, a comforting colour like the rosy brown lip crayon lipstick combo would do just the thing for you. This moisturising lip crayon lipstick range will allow you to explore a whole new dimension of lipsticks and with colours like burgundy, you can match the whole mood of winters with this in combination with your out-of-the-box winter clothes for a night party at a club. If you want to go out with your girlfriends during the day, you can also choose to wear the subtle reddish-brown colour which will transform your whole look into a major fashion statement. Going out to have breakfast with your family? Team your outfit with this amazing mauve lip crayon lipstick shade that will give you a soft yet comforting look that will attract enough attention to the effort you have put in to make the outfit a super hit!

      Best lip crayon lipstick shades for a daily wear

      When you are wearing the right outfits and your favourite Faces Canada matte lip crayon, then you know that you will feel like dressing up every single day. With these fabulous makeup looks and pencil lipstick hacks available to you with just a single tap on the screen, you would want to look your best every day. When you wake up in the morning and begin to get ready for work, you do not have the time to sit down and decide on a new shade of the Faces Canada lip crayon lipstick that would accompany your outfit. Similarly, if you are a college going student or someone who has to step out of the house for some occasion or the other almost every other day, you would not want to waste time thinking and deciding, getting confused and begin the process of deciding all over again over which pencil lipstick shades you would wear. After a point, it just gets tiring and you become exhausted and might just give up on them at the end.

      To prevent you from getting exhausted from doing something that you adore, we have come up with a quick list of pencil lipstick shades that would look good for your daily wear. Are you in doubt, wondering how this would work out? Have faith, sit back and find out why some shades could be your colour for an everyday wear and the different ways in which you could style them and match them up with your daily wear clothes. In the end, you will be thanking us for giving you some of the best lipstick hacks that you have ever read!

      1. Coffee colour- this shade of lip crayon lipstick would be the ideal one for office goers. This shade is like a dream-come true for every pencil lipstick fan who has been wanting to own a shade that falls within the caramel to brown shade range because this colour is the perfect nude lip crayon shade for a medium or dusky skin toned person. This colour truly brings out the natural beauty of a dusky or tan skin tone, especially among the Southern Asian population. Whether you want to have a neutral look for the office or any casual outing with friends or family, this nude shade is just the thing you need to complete your look.
      2. Rose- This soft and subtle rosy pink shade of lip crayon lipstick is exactly what was making your wardrobe feel incomplete and bland. A rosy pink shade will give you a cute minimalistic look which will flaunt your natural blushed cheeks if you have a comparatively fairer skin tone. This subtle colour has the power to strengthen and bring together almost any kind of outfit. 
      3. Pantone red- if you have a lip crayon lipstick colour that is similar to the pantone red, then you have the most ideal shade for every occasion red lipstick in your life! This shade not only has the power to make you feel confident and bright but it can also be carried off by every single person who likes to wear red lipstick all the time. This colour is not too bright to gather too much attention but it has the just the right amount of red in it to reflect your inner confidence and radiance. Wear this shade either to work or to the university, you would rock it no matter where you go!
      4. Old rose or bittersweet shimmer- These 2 shades of red are also really good companions for any kind of daily wear that you want to enhance. From casual jeans and a simple shirt combination to dresses that give off a summery and floral feeling , you can pair it up with this beautiful shade of lipstick red and see how immensely satisfying and pleasing to the eyes the entire look will be. 
      5. Brownish Pink- A soft and subtle pink that has a brown undertone will help you to find the just the perfect combination of a lip crayon lipstick set of two in the shade of one. This colour will be perfect for every skin tone that falls in the range and with the Faces Canada lip crayon lipstick, you will also be able to moisturise your lips with nutrients and all the good things that you would expect from your lip products. 
      6. Grape- There are some colours that come in the best form without having to combine them with any other pencil lipstick shades or lip gloss. This shade in grape is one such colour that would never disappoint you no matter how many times you wear it. You can choose to wear it as a lip tint too with just a few soft brushes over your lips or wear it as a proper lip crayon lipstick with a good layer of it. Keep your lips hydrated with this creamy shade of the Faces Canada Lip crayon and turn heads everywhere you go!
      7. Soft brown matte lip crayon- Mastering the natural and no-makeup look is a more difficult task than to create a proper look. However, despite all the efforts that you make, all of it will be useless if you don’t figure out which lip crayon shades should accompany the rest of the look. This subtle soft brown shade in matte is exactly the kind of colour that you need to complete your look. A colour so soft yet so strong like an underdog will take your entire makeup a notch higher. Any lipstick nude shade that has a brown undertone will pack your lips with goodness and bring the rest of your makeup together in no time!
      8. Rosy Mauve- We have talked about how a rosy colour will enhance any look with just one stroke. Combine that with a touch of mauve and your makeup will look almost heavenly! Find a Faces Canada matte lip crayon online in this shade or find a lip crayon lipstick combo to create this colour to bring a different kind of glow to your face. If you have a medium to dark skin tone then this shade is your best friend! It will naturally fade into your lips and give you a soft, bare lip look with just the right amount of rosy colour peeking through. And for those who have a lighter skin tone, you can pair this lip look with any ensemble too because this shade matches with any natural and no-makeup look any day!
      9. Satin Nude- Have you ever checked out the lip crayon online collection and wondered why is there no colour that will give you a dewy and velvety nude nude lip crayon for lip? Your wish is now fulfilled with this amazing satin nude lipstick nude shades to give you a radiant glow unlike any other colour. Give your natural look a polished finish with this beautiful and subtle velvety colour now!
      10. Beige- We have kept the best for last! With this beautiful hue of beige on your lips, you can never go wrong with any outfit that you choose to wear. A beige lipstick color that has soft pink undertones looks beautiful no matter what skin tone you have. This long lasting lip look will give you the look that you will never get tired of wearing even if you wear it every day!

      Watch some of the top lip crayon videos online and find the pencil lipstick shades of your choice today to bring out the best in you every single day!

      Shades for a bold, night-out look

      Being in the holiday mood is fun for us all; days begin with the happiest moods and you end the day sharing the biggest laughs with the people you love. This mood is exceptionally higher when you take a break from work and your busy schedule and go out to party with your friends. Spending an entire evening just drinking, eating, dancing and catching up on each other’s lives is what makes it perfect. But before all of that, there is one important step that all of you enjoy doing so much- getting ready for the party! We get so excited for the party that we begin to pre-plan our outfits and match them with the perfect makeup looks. From natural, no-makeup dewy looks to sensuous or fun dress up looks, you would want to explore the different options available to you to be cocktail ready. For all of this to come together, you must have the perfect pencil lipstick shades that would tie your entire look together. So come together ladies, and get ready with your lip crayon sharpener for we are about to bring to you a list of some of the top favourite lip crayons lipstick set that you can wear at any party and carry off that bold night look!

      1. Rose gold- When you read about a guide on lip crayon review, you must be wondering which colour would be the most suitable for you to wear for a night out at the club. We have got you covered because lipstick shades in a glossy and shimmery rose gold would be your best companion for it. Find a pencil lipstick shades that will add glitter and high shine into your makeup look without going over the top with it. Although finding the right combination of rose gold and shimmer is a tricky task, once you get your hands on it, it is just a matter of time before you make a statement wherever you go!
      2. Extra dark purple- along with making your lips feel smooth and hydrated all night long, you would want to grab lip crayons lipstick set that are bold and strong just like your personality. Buy this shade of extra dark purple lip crayon to experiment on your bold looks to give yourself a modern twist. You can opt for a minimal look, a no-makeup one for the rest of the face with a touch of highlighter to highlight your main points and finish it off with this beautiful and stunning bold purple lip crayon for lip. 
      3. Classic Red- If there is one lip look that will never disappoint you, it is The Classic Red lipstick. You can never go wrong with the right shade of red lip crayon lipstick that matches your skin tone perfectly just like magic and the more stunning the match, the better will be your night! You can either select the Faces Canada lip crayon in mini or buy the Faces Canada ultime pro matte lip crayon lipstick in red to create the best crayon lipstick and the most glamorous look for your Saturday night parties with your friends. We will guarantee that you would attract almost every eye in the room with this fabulous lip colour on you!
      4. Nude and lighter shades- last but not the least, a colour that you can rock at almost every occasion with the right outfit and perfect amount of makeup, find lipstick nude shades that are ideal for your skin tone. Every skin tone is unique and beautiful in its own way and the best way to enhance this beauty is if you give it a lip crayon lipstick shade that compliments it. It is one of the easiest choices you can make for a party wear if you want to go heavy on the eyes and balance the rest of the face out with an excellent shade of nude. Nude shades are the perfect companions if you are looking for a sophisticated, classy and soft look for your party. A pro tip: go for a shade that is about two tones darker than your skin tone that will give you the perfect nude and natural look!

      A bold night requires you to wear colours that are strong, powerful and filled with energy. These emotions can only be reflected with the colours like the ones we have mentioned above. If you wear the shades that speak of everything you are feeling, your confidence will increase even more. 

      We hope that this information and tips help you in finding out which look is your favourite and go-to party look from the next time. Get out there and start searching for your Faces Canada lip crayon shade that will compliment every look of yours, be it a party wear for the day or bold looks for the night!

      Lip crayon lipstick hacks and tips

      Every makeup enthusiast in the world knows that no look is complete with the perfect lipstick. Be it glossy or matte lip crayon, shimmery or subtle, dark and intense or light and nude, you must have tried out the different lip crayon lipstick combo to achieve the perfect lip look every time you step out of the house. Whether you are a professional or a newbie to the world of makeup, there are always some new hack here or there that will majorly help you to find the best crayon lipstick ways to keep your pencil lipstick intact. Here are some tips that every lipstick lover must know about in their lifetime:

      1. Sharp edges and precision- As a makeup lover, you must be watching at least one or two Faces Canada lip crayon lipstick review or other videos where professional models or MUAs apply lipstick with such precision, sharpening every edge of their lip carefully. Have you ever wondered why you are not able to achieve that kind of look? The trick here is to clean the edges of your lips with a coin-size amount of concealer after you apply lip crayon lipstick. With the help of an angled or thin tip brush, line the outside of your lips with your concealer and see the difference. 
      2. Make your lips look fuller- If you are a fan of making your lips look plump and full, then this tip is the most important for you. Follow these steps below to find the secret to achieve it-
      • Do not forget to exfoliate. 
      • Apply lip balm generously to create a base on which the lipstick can be applied. Although, this step can be completely skipped if you are using the amazing Faces lipstick crayon.
      • Use a primer or a concealer to allow the lipstick to last longer than normal. This step will also allow the lipstick to blend into your skin more naturally without having to overline the lips.
      • Over line your cupid’s bow and centre of the bottom lip only. Overlining the entire lip is a common misconception as it makes your lips look unnatural and unflattering too. With the help of a lip crayon sharpener, you can easily get a finer tip to overline the portions carefully.
      • Fill in the rest of the lips with the lip crayon lipstick as usual. 
      • If you want some extra shine and shimmer, you can apply your favourite lip gloss to top it off. 
      1. Save more product- Everyone who uses lipsticks on a daily basis has about tonnes of half-used lipsticks lying around their house. Most of them are used till the brim after which the product does not come out and you do not find enough time to use the rest of it. But did you know that if you actually put in some effort and time to scoop out the product from the bullet, you would probably get enough product for another week and sometimes even more! A pro tip to use these products left in the bullets: scoop out the product from the old lipstick bullet carefully and store it in any medicine or pill box that you have at home. Use each slot for each of the shades that you have left and lightly press them down to flatten them out in the container. It’s that easy! You can now forget about choosing which pencil lipstick shades you want to carry around with you on your next trip. Just take this container and your job becomes easier than ever before! Remember to pack a small lip brush in your bag as well.
      2. Hit the right balance with long-lasting lipsticks- Are you tired of lipsticks that last so long on your lips that it gets difficult to even get them off your lips? We hear you. Your lips are very delicate and soft and rubbing and scrubbing them too harshly can harm your lips. Try applying an oil or balm or best, a petroleum jelly on your lips and gently massage it with your fingers. Once you see the product slowly coming off on your fingers, take a cotton pad and gently wipe it off. You will see the lipstick get wiped off easily with just a few wipes! And finally, exfoliate to remove excess product and moisturise with some lip balm at the end. 
      3. Keep your teeth clear of lipstick- Applying pencil lipstick is quite tricky, sometimes even for the professionals who are habituated to using them every day. There are days even when models end up getting lipstick smeared on their teeth. The trick here is to wipe off the excess product from the inner edges of your lips. Form an O shape with your lips and wipe the excess off using some tissue paper or towel. Voila! You are all done!

      Try out these fun and useful hacks to keep your lip crayon lipstick within the lines and edges of your lips without having to constantly check on them. These hacks will save your life. Imagine you are talking to your crush and when you smile, all they can see is the lipstick stuck on your teeth and suddenly, that becomes a joke that sticks around for the longest time. Prevent yourself from feeling that embarrassment with these super simple tips now

      How to apply lip crayon

      You might think that applying colour on your lips is probably very easy and you could do it in a few minutes’ time. However, if you are a beginner, we must warn you that lipstick can get quite tricky if you are not sure how to apply it perfectly. With the Faces Canada ultime pro matte lip crayon you will achieve a super smooth and long-lasting lip colour better than ever before. 

      Let us give you a super easy step-by-step lip crayon how to use guide that will help you find the best lip crayon lipstick look within minutes!

      • The first and most important step of all is to exfoliate your lips. whether you have chapped lips or some leftover colour from the previous lipstick or gloss, make sure you get rid of all that before you apply the next one. Ideally, we recommend you do this step right after you come back home and before going to bed to achieve super soft and supple lips naturally.
      • Always remember to hydrate your lips before you apply anything on your lips, be it a lipstick, lip tint or a lip crayon. Apply your favourite lip balm or lip treatment oil on your lips before you start the rest of the makeup. Complete the entire look of your face and finish it with your choice of lipstick to get the perfect look.
      • Usually, we would suggest you use a lip liner to line with your lip but with the beautifully pointed tips of the Faces Canada lip crayon, you can do this step with the lip crayon itself! Take your desired lipstick shade and the lip crayon sharpener and achieve the tip that you have wanted to line your lips and prepare the canvas to fill in with the colour. 
      • Once you are done lining the lips, fill in with that same lip crayon and get to discover the best look for your lips with any shade of the Faces lip crayon! With this creamy and stunning lip crayon product, you will be fascinated with how beautiful and easy it is to attain this look within a few minutes! 

      An extra tip for you beauties out there: try blotting with a tissue after you apply the lipstick to get that extra inch of matte texture for a longer time!

      Applying lip crayons is more fun than it is with lipsticks. Like a child playing with their crayons and colouring books, have fun with these smooth and creamy lip crayon lipsticks and your lips. try out different colours and discover new looks for your outfits, those that you had never imagined would actually look good on you and rediscover your self-confidence. All you have to do is follow the steps mentioned above and find out how attractive and comfortable you will feel in this one-of-a-kind lipstick lip crayon!

      How to do ombre lips with a lip crayon

      One of the best and most iconic lipstick trends from the ‘90s is the ombre lip. From celebrities and supermodels to every common girl in the neighbourhood was obsessed with this lip look for how amazing it was. This trend thankfully never got old and we are here to show you how to achieve the perfect ombre lips with the Faces Canada lip crayon:

      1. The most important step: exfoliate. We cannot emphasize this step enough to tell you how crucial this part is to make your lips feel soft and luxurious even before you apply any product on them.
      2. Next, you need to line your lips with any of the lip crayon shades of your choice. Remember to sharpen the tips before you do!
      3. Diffuse the liner: this step is essential if you want to get those ombre lips. Fetch for your small lip brush and diffuse the lining that you drew with the lip crayon. Blend it with your lips towards the inner side in a way to create an effect where the colour is deepest on the edges and fades as you move into the centre. 
      4. Find a lipstick lip crayon shade that matches the colour with which you lined your lips (a lighter or a nude shade, which is two to three shades lighter) and apply it to the centre of the lips. Make sure you don’t get any product over the lining. With the small brush, blend the line where the two shades meet so that you can achieve a diffused look. 

      A pro tip: try to find a nude shade that has undertones like that of the one you used to line your lips so that the blend is easier and looks more natural and subtle. 

      1. Top this blended look off with a lip gloss, a clear or shimmery one if possible and get the most perfect and gorgeous ombre lip look that you have ever seen! 

      With a little bit of finishing touches here and there, you are ready to rock the look and feel more confident just like every ‘90s star!

      How to remove lip crayon properly

      Removing lipstick is probably one of the toughest tasks once it is time to remove your makeup. As much fun as it is to apply all of that on your face, it is quite exhausting when it is time for you to remove it too. However, in order to maintain your skin’s health and make sure it looks beautiful and smooth and has a natural and radiant glow, you must take extra efforts to complete every step to clean and cleanse all of the products that you apply on it. We all know about the basic steps that we need to follow to wipe out the makeup but are you aware of the few crucial tips and tricks that come in handy when you actually need to clear out all the products from every inch of your skin? The final destination of our lipstick journey today is to teach you how to remove the lip crayon colours from your lips, from the lightest to the darkest shades. Let’s take a look at them-

      1. Did you know that your simple cotton pads work like magic when it comes to removing makeup, including lipstick? Yes, the normal cotton pads that you find in any common drug store near you dipped in water works as the best makeup remover. Take some warm water and dip the cotton pad in it and rub it over your lips in a circular motion. This loosens up the product from your lips right from the deep pores and crevices. You will be able to see the product slowly coming off on the pads as well as on the sides of the mouth. All you have to do after that is to take another dry cotton pad and wipe the entire thing off. It’s as easy as that! 
      2. Petroleum jelly is your best friend when it comes to removing makeup. Petroleum jelly is basically a topical ointment that has been known around the world for its healing properties. It is light and works as an ideal lubricant without causing any harm to the skin. So, to remove lipstick as well, take at least a finger full of the jelly and rub it generously over your lips. You can also let it rest for a bit before you start massaging it into your lips; once you see the lipstick come off on your fingers, you will know that it is working. After that’s done, use a cotton pad dipped in warm water to clean it off. 
      3. Having a healthy night-time routine is essential if you want to have good skin. Skin care is always incomplete without it. When you have something special for the rest of your face, there has to be something specific for your lips as well. Try applying some coconut oil or almond oil for 2 to 3 minutes on your lips. After you let it rest, massage it into your lips thoroughly and let it again sit for a couple of minutes. Any leftover lipstick tint will be gone with this step. At the end, take a cotton pad and clean the oil from your lips gently. 
      4. Another useful tip that you may not have known before is the secret behind using lip balms. You may have heard from a lot of makeup artists or makeup reviews that applying lip balm on your lips will give you a smooth and soft base to apply lipstick. But what you did not know is that this step is also useful when it is time for you to remove the lipstick. Lip balms or oils make removing the lipstick a much easier and smoother process than otherwise. To make it even better, you can apply some coconut oil or any gentle oil of your choice (almond oil works too) and let it rest for a couple of minutes. Take a cotton pad and rub it gently over your lips in circular motions and voila! Your lips are lipstick free!
      5. A quick but very effective way to remove your lipstick is to use a gentle makeup remover. When you go to the nearby drug store, you will see that there is a whole range of removers specified for lipsticks. This variety includes gels, oils, liquids and creams. Some of these work for a few and some for the others. This is one step that you need to figure out on your own by trying and testing which one suits your skin the most without causing any harm to it. Watch out for any burning or tingling sensations to understand if something works for you or not. However, in order to truly understand whether something works for you or not, you need to be patient and give it some time to do its work. Apply the product the way it is mentioned in the instructions, let it rest for a while on your lips and allow it to get absorbed and wipe it with a wet cotton pad and see how it works. 

      Products with price list in tabular format

      After all the above information that we have mentioned above, let us give you a quick glance at the two different types of lip crayons that are available with Faces Canada and the price at which these are available. 

      Type of Lip Crayon


      Faces Canada Ultime Pro HD Intense Matte Lips with primer

      INR 799

      Faces Canada Ultime Pro Matte Lip Crayon

      INR 849

      You can choose from a wide range of shades from nudes, wines, reds, browns, pinks, etc., depending upon your desired colour! What are you waiting for? Place your order for your favourite shade of Faces Canada lip crayon long lasting shades today!

      Buy a Long Lasting Lip Crayon For The Perfect Matte Finish

      If you have dreamed of flaunting a beautiful, pigmented lipstick online that gives a rich, matte finish, the crayon lipstick by Faces Canada is here to make you shine. Check out our incredible collection of lip crayon online that is your ideal partner for work, parties and more. This lip crayon has a silky cream application and is highly absorbing for the flawless finish you desire. 

      Ultime Pro HD Intense Matte Lips + Primer: This primer infused lip crayon will leave your lips looking perfect for all occasions. It is developed with a built-in nourishing formula that hydrates the lips and takes care of them well. Experience the smooth and creamy one-stroke application along with a super long stay to keep you going all day. There are several reasons to buy this dreamy and must-have matte crayon lipstick like its matte and even finish, non sticky and non feathering property, primer infused, high coverage, highly absorbing and long stay. Pick your favourite in our variety of shades that suit all skin types. 

      Ultime Pro Matte Lip Crayon:

      This lip crayon online is enriched with the extracts of Cocoa Butter and Chamomile. Cocoa butter not only hydrates the lips, but also provides plenty of antioxidants. Chamomile tea extract soothes the lips and relaxes you with its fragrance. This luxurious creamy matte lip crayon is available in timeless matte shades that you can flaunt at your favourite places. There's a shade for everyone, from striking reds and maroons to subtle nudes and beyond. 

      Faces Canada offers the best collection of nourishing and luxurious lip crayons that are all you ever wanted and more. Explore our collection and fall in love with our stunning shades and silky cream application.

      Faces Canada is Your Go-To Place For Beauty Products Online

      Faces Canada is a great place to get the ideal makeup products for your glamorous look, but you can also find amazing skincare products to take care of your skin and lips. 

      Lip Balm Online: Embrace hydrated, yummy lips with our range of Vitamin C lip balms online. These are available in various delightful flavours like rose petal and orange. It is enriched with SPF 14, Vitamin C, E and shea butter to keep moisture intact for upto 12 hours. It smooths, softens and preps your lips for the day and makes them luscious and irresistible!

      Matte Lipstick Online: This lipstick gives a rich powder matte smooth texture that looks inviting. Get intense pigmentation of colour in a single stroke and feel absolutely comfortable wearing this all day! It will hydrate your lips with the extracts of Vitamin E and Jojoba oil to keep your lips healthy.

      Liquid Lipstick Online: Once you have updated your wardrobe with the best matte lipsticks, it's time to flaunt those glossy lips with this liquid lipstick online. You can also check out the non transfer matte finish liquid lipstick that dries off within seconds of applying to give a matte finish. It is lightweight and super pigmented for the best results.
      Lip Liners Online: To top off your breathtaking lip makeup, these lip liners by Faces Canada are sure to steal the show. The Ultime Pro Lip Definer is extremely soft and gliding and anti-feathering too. It defines and enhances your lips beautifully each time just the way you want.

      Why Shop From Faces Canada?

      Faces Canada creates the most desirable makeup and beauty products that are recognized the world over. We believe in expressing ourselves through makeup, and through our high quality products, inspire you for the same. Our vast collection of premium makeup products are highly affordable and made specially to suit the Indian skin tones. However, they are suitable for all types of skin, complexions, ethnicities and tones. We make our products in a sustainable way so you can relax and shop from our luxurious range of beauty products.


      1. Do you need a lip liner with a lip crayon?

      No, you do not need a lip liner when you are using a lip crayon. All you would need is to sharpen the tips of the lip crayon lipsticks and use that to line your lips carefully. Make your lips feel plump and full by lining those curves and edges with the creamiest and most nourishing lip crayons from Faces Canada. Find a lip crayon sharpener along with the product during your purchase and get your hands on these all-in-one lip crayons and give your lips a chance to explore the world of moisturising lipsticks now!

      1. How do you make lip crayons last longer?

      As a lipstick fan, the only wish that a lot of you might be having is to make these creamy and moisturising lip crayons last longer. Despite buying the best lipsticks from the top brands, they do not seem to satisfy you. Follow these trick tips down below and discover a new level of long-lasting lipsticks-

      • Exfoliate your lips
      • Hydrate with oils or lip balms
      • Prime your lips with concealers or primers 
      • Line your lips with the tip of the lip crayons
      • Fill it in with the same lip crayon the way you usually do
      • Take a tissue paper and blot your lips to achieve a matte finish because matte finishes stay for longer than usual
      • At the end, you can try setting this lip look with your favourite setting powder 
      1. Are crayon lipsticks good for lips?

      Lip crayons are much better than using the normal lipstick that you get in bullets. They are much more nourishing, enriching and make your lips feel soft and supple with no extra effort put in to buy any other product. The Faces Canada lip crayon consists of nutrients and essential oils which gives it a moisturising quality unlike any other product. They are so good that experts from the online lip crayon review recommend their viewers to choose lip crayons over other forms of lipsticks. 

      1. How do you keep lip crayons from bleeding?

      Nobody is a fan of colours bleeding and feathering from their lips after some time. to prevent this from happening-

      • Scrub your lips and care with a gentle lip balm like Vaseline. Let this set into your lips while you apply the rest of the makeup on your face.
      • Line and prepare your lips with your choice of lip crayon and after you fill it in, use a tissue to blot it to take off the excess product. This itself prevents 70% of the bleeding. 
      • Setting the powder with setting powder does the rest of the job for you. If that does not work for you, you can try priming the area of your lips with your shade of foundation to keep your lipstick for a longer period of time.

      Try out these tips to make your lips look better and allow them to stay like that without any problem all day long!

      1. Are Lip crayons better than Lipsticks?

      Most MUAs today would agree when we say that lip crayons are better than lipsticks. When it comes to lipsticks, you would need to apply a lip balm or an oil before applying them and then apply a layer of gloss as well to enhance their looks too. But when it comes to lip crayons, you would not have to apply any extra product apart from just the lip crayon. Lip crayons are nutritious and act as an all-in-one product themselves, with its moisturising properties, it does the work of a lip balm and with its super shine, smooth and shimmery texture, you would not need to apply a lip gloss after that!

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