5 Gorgeous Lipstick Trends for Your Next Brunch Party

5 Gorgeous Lipstick Trends for Your Next Brunch Party

Going to a brunch party or hosting a brunch party at home? Awesome! The three words that must come to mind are bottomless Mimosas, Insta-worthy food, and selfies. Whether it’s a brunch date with your bae, a friends’ get-together, or a Mimosa & gossip catch-up party with your gals, brunches are the best times. Plus, you can choose to look as stylish, as colorful, or as simple as you like.

Any makeup enthusiast would know that brunch makeup look is fresh and minimalistic. But no matter what you choose, the final touch comes from the colour that you put on your lips.

So, we have 5 amazing lipsticks that could take your brunch makeup from basic to bombshell in one glide. Let’s explore!

The Sexy Berrylicious Look With Berry Lipstick Shade

Going for a brunch date with your tinder date? We suggest take the minimalistic makeup route, but add a tinge of colour for fun. Not the usual pink, not the bright red. Go for an HD Intense Matte Lipstick Berry Sorbet shade for that fresh, berrylicious brunch party look.

The Mimosa Queen Look

As soon as someone says Sunday brunch party, the first thing you think of is Mimosas! Why not put some makeup that goes with your mimosas this time? Wear a bright eyeshadow and shiny blush. Add some Dramatic Coral Velvet Matte Lipstick to your mimosa-time look!

The Poppin’ Pink Look With Pink Matte lipstick

Get yourself a poppin’ pink look with blurry peach+pink eyeshadow, a little bit of mascara, a slight pink tint on your cheek. Finish the look with a Dash of Pink with a perfect matte lipstick.

The Classy Minimalist Style Look

Florals are the best outfit choice for any brunch party. What about pairing your pretty floral dress with a French Rose on your lips! Plus, we know if you’re going for a brunch, you’ll have some amazing drinks and food. That’s just why, we recommend one that will stay through the day!

The Sweet as Cotton Candy Look With Cotton Candy Lipstick Shade

There’s nothing as cool as looking pretty without trying much. Here’s a lipstick that will give you that subtle, minimalistic, proper brunch look without much ado. Color your lips the Cotton Candy shade for your next brunch party and steal the limelight!

We know once a makeup-lover hears about a new lipstick, they want to try it. What could be better than planning a brunch party with your girlfriends? After all, that would be your fun chance to flaunt your new lipsticks! ;)

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Let us know how your party went, and how many of them asked you the shade of your lipstick. :)