Here's How to Apply Liquid Lipstick the Right Way

Here's How to Apply Liquid Lipstick the Right Way

There are two types of people—those super confident skilled ones whom you see applying liquid lipsticks perfectly on the go, in the car, and without a mirror. And then there are those who envy the former—the liquid lipstick beginners.

Applying liquid lipsticks has one pro and one con—it looks stunning, but only if applied properly. And when done perfectly, there's nothing better than that awesome liquid blast of color.

Although it takes practice to perfect, we have some sure-shot liquid lipstick do's and don’ts. Once you learn the best way to apply liquid lipstick, you'll surely get better and soon transform from the second to the first type!

5 Liquid Lipstick Dos 

Exfoliate First

Prep before you color. Always remember to exfoliate your lips before you apply the lipstick. You can even use a DIY scrub—honey (one part) and sugar (two parts). Remember to wipe away the extra shine afterward.

Outline your lips for that well defined shape

The next step is a commonly missed one. Never forget to outline your lips. Pick a creamy, highly pigmented lip liner the color of your lipstick or one that’s close to it. Outlining does the same job that an outline does in your color book—plus the important job of saving your lipstick from smudging out.

Short strokes of lipstick liner make the perfect pout

Once the outline is done, it’s time to fill it in! Use short strokes with emphasis on the center. Start with the cupid’s bow, work through the center, then outer edges, glide across the bottom through the contour of your mouth, and fill in.

Conceal those little slips

Don’t worry if your hand slips and a little color gets smudged. Your best friend—the concealer—always has your back! Use a smoothing matte concealer smartly, and nobody would know your little goof up.

Up the game with an illuminating highlighter

Applying just a little bit of bronzing highlighter on your cupid’s bow could do wonders to your lips. You can also use the same highlighter stick to give your eyeshadow a shiny matching effect.

5 Liquid Lipstick Don’ts

Don’t Apply on Flaky Lips

As we said earlier, don’t forget to exfoliate your lips before applying the lipstick. If you apply liquid lipstick on already dried lips, it will create a flaky layer with dried up spots of color.

Don’t let them dry up

Don’t forget to moisturise your lips with a good hydrating lip balm. You can also use a tinted lip balm to add that slight hue for a more natural look.

Don’t layer up

Remember—always apply thin layers of a liquid lipstick, like you would paint the sky in a picture. Layering up is a complete no-no, because you don’t want patchy, messy, and uncomfortable lips.

Don’t apply haphazardly

Take your time. A minute of a hurry could take you 5 minutes to correct a goof up. Want to make it last longer? Apply a second coat once the first one dries that will make lipstick last longer, just like you do with your nail paint.

Don’t wipe harshly

Your lips are very soft and always need a little bit of TLC, even while removing the makeup. So, never wipe your lipstick harshly, no matter how much in a hurry you are. Take a skin-friendly makeup remover and gently wipe the lipstick away.

Although these look like one too many to follow, these do’s, and don’ts will become usual for you once you see them as simple steps to beautiful lips. :) 

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