10 Major Spring-Summer 2022 Beauty Trends We Can’t Wait for!

10 Major Spring-Summer 2022 Beauty Trends We Can’t Wait for!

Remember that shiny, sparkly, bright early 2000s makeup that we all once owned? And the fantasy hair dyes! Hold tight, because they're all coming back in the 2022 Spring-Summer collection!

Yes, the Y2K look is back in the 2022 makeup trends. All those butterflies, the glitter, the lip gloss, the shimmer and shine, and the neons, it's all coming back.

But that's not all. Here are the major makeup trends of spring-summer 2022 you need to prep for if you want to stay ahead of everyone else.

1. The Y2K Go-Big-or-Go-Home Glitter - Y2K Makeup

The ultra-shiny chunky 2000s Glitter! Yes, it is super back, and that too with the sexy winged eyes in rich ruby red and navy blue shades. Gather all your glitters and shimmers and prep for 2022!

2. The Neons and Poppy Colors

Neons are back, especially on the eyes. The bright tangerines, the neon greens, the hot pinks, and fuchsias. 2022 could totally be all about those acid-bright strokes and dashes of color we've been hiding behind the blacks. Get ready to wear those bright smudges of popping colors in 2022.

3. The Glossy Pouts - Perfect Glossy Lips


Remember the thick unapologetic Y2K gloss trend? Yup, yup, that's back too. The bold pink and red pouts, the glossy nudes, and the dark berry lips. It's almost like 2022 went to 2000 and brought back all its old favourites! It was all seen in full force in the Paris Fashion Week's Spring-Summer 2022 makeup trends.

4. 3D Embellishments - Embellished Makeup Looks


How could those be left behind when the glossy lips and neon eyes were here already? Get ready to restock those trippy under-eye decorations (trippy eye makeup), pearl decals on razor-sharp cat eyes, the metallic gems, heart-shaped gems, and holographic lip sequins.

5. Metallic Eyeshadows and Lips - Metallic Makeup Look

In a subtle nod to the 90s, the golden cupid's bow, the opalescent eyes and lips, and the metallic lids are all the new makeup trends of 2022. This is a good, laid-back idea for those who like the shimmer but not over the top.

6. The Laid-back Dewy Look - Dewy Makeup Look


While all of this is trending, there's also the subtle dewy makeup. With low-key luminescence on the cheekbones, the restrained sheen on the lips, and glossy lids with shimmer, dewy makeup is going to stay for longer than we thought.

7. The Thick-and-Thin Liner


Another awesome iteration of the classic black winged eyeliner is one more chic addition to 2022 trends. Thick cat eyes on the upper lid and an ultra-thin line below the lower lash toward the inner corner of the eye. Sounds simple; looks awesome. We can't wait to recreate that look! Also, read about 10 iconic winged eyeliners - from cat-eye to classic wing.

8. The Spiked Liner

One more way to wear the black winged liner. thick flicks spiked outward, not upward like the usual, short dashes below lower lash lines and pointed inner corners. Edgy, isn't it?

9. The Bold Red Lip Makeup Look

Of course, they aren't going anywhere. Brilliant reds are classic and at the same time trendy every single year. They’ve been there and they’ll be there until the end of time, just with slightly different styles.

10. The Double Wings - Double Winged Eyeliner

Not one but two flicks of the black liner from the upper and lower lash lines. What makes it even more glamorous is the barely-there mascara —all eyes just on the wings. Add to it a nude or almost nude lipstick, again, to keep the wings in focus. Also, learn eyeliner tips & tricks for shaky & clumsy fingers.


With all these spring-summer makeup trends, it looks like 2022 is going to be super-shiny, extremely colourful, uber-cool, and most importantly, ultra-glamorous! Are you prepped up for 2022 yet?