11 Amazing Makeup Tips for a Summer Wedding

11 Amazing Makeup Tips for a Summer Wedding

Weddings in the summer are truly beautiful. What’s not beautiful, however, is the melting makeup, especially on your wedding day.

Getting married during the summer means heat—and sweat! Hence, you need to pay special attention to your summer wedding makeup to look fresh throughout the day. To help all the summer brides look pretty on their big day, here are some makeup tips from the experts.

#1 Prepare in Advance

Whether you're planning a full-on glam look or you want to keep it more natural, being prepared in advance is always a smart idea. But how do you do it? By scheduling your bridal makeup and wedding hair trials ahead of time.

Not only will this beauty tip help you get on the same page with your makeup professionals, but it's also an opportunity for you to see what your dream style looks like (and how it will hold up throughout the day).

#2 Know Your Skin Type

To choose your makeup products according to your skin type, know what type you have. If your skin is dry, then liquid-based products would be perfect for you. If your skin is oily, powder-based products would be better.

Additionally, it is a good idea to tone down the liquids a bit, regardless of whether your skin is dry or not. This will prevent your makeup from melting and running off.

#3 Take Care of Your Skin

Make sure to drink lots of water to hydrate your skin well at least 2-3 weeks before your big day. Along with that, make sure you get enough sleep to maintain a youthful glow on your face. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables to bring out the natural glow.

Try to avoid fried foods, oily foods, and spicy foods as these will aggravate the oil on your skin. All of these tips are important to maintain a healthy base for your summer bridal makeup.

#4 Hydrate Using Moisturizers

Yes, moisturizers are a must, even in summers!

After you shower, make sure to apply body lotion to prevent your skin from feeling dry or peeling. For summer makeup tips, we suggest using a lotion that is lightweight and unscented. Be sure to let it soak in before applying any other products.

Don't forget to use a moisturizer on your face, too. You'll want it to look effortless and smooth when you're taking wedding portraits!

#5 Opt for a Transparent Primer

The golden rule for flawless wedding makeup is to use a quality primer. For summer weddings especially, this is one of the most important bridal makeup tips. You should use the primer after applying your face moisturizer and before applying your foundation, or can use a primer with moisturizer in it.

Consider using a transparent primer that will act as a barrier between your skin and the foundation. By doing so, your skin will be protected from heat and sweating, and your makeup will last longer.

#6 Follow the Foundation Rules

Using oil-based foundations is a no-no for summer wedding make-up tips. And if you use a liquid foundation, make sure to use only small amounts and spread it evenly with a wet sponge. Applying a heavy foundation might lead to increased sweating in this situation.

Also, to get an extra layer of protection from the sun, give SPF foundations a chance. That way, you can protect your skin from the UV rays while looking your best.

#7 Sweat Proof Eye-Makeup

There's nothing worse than a mascara or eyeliner blunder on your wedding day. Switch to a waterproof eye product for your summer wedding to prevent a raccoon-eye look.

Most eyeliners run or have to be reapplied all day because of the heat from the body and the summer's high temperatures.

A waterproof eyeliner will not smear, run, and often even withstand sweat. We highly recommend a waterproof and long-stay matte felt tip eyeliner for long-lasting, sweat-proof eye makeup.

#8 Glow with Some Bronzer

A little bronzer adds warmth to the skin, making your eyes and teeth appear brighter. To keep your face looking fresh, apply bronzer to the high points of your face, where the sun naturally shines on you.

Also, if you have very dark skin, applying a little bronzer to your neck is one of the most useful summer wedding makeup tips, as it evens out your skin tone. Avoid covering your face completely, as it could result in a fake and baked look.

Powder bronzers are easiest to apply in summer and are least likely to slide around in the heat. Choose a bronzer with different shades that will blend together for the most natural-looking results.

#9 Let Your Lips Do the Talking

Weddings, as well as summer, are all about bright and refreshing colors. Opt for a bright shade lipstick like red or pink that will add a pop of color to your features.

Since your makeup will be minimal, a bright lip shade will complete the look.

#10 Finish with A Setting Spray

When it comes to your wedding day, you want your makeup to stay flawless—and that's why you need setting sprays. These sprays act as liquid cellophane for your makeup, and they're the easiest way to make sure your makeup doesn't melt off.

#11 Prepare to Touch up

Despite their best efforts, even the best makeup artists can only stall the inevitable for so long. Your makeup will begin to fade over time and will start moving around, so you must come prepared to touch it up after each ceremony.

If you keep a touch-up kit on you, you'll be able to keep your makeup looking fresh and radiant throughout the day without having to re-do it. No fancy products are necessary, just some blotting paper, a compact mirror, and some Q-tips.

Wrapping up.

There you go! With a few easy tips, you’re ready to rock-n-roll on your big day.

Follow these tips for summer wedding makeup looks and let us know how these work out for you in the comment section.

Have a fabulous wedding day, bride-to-be! 

Let us know how it went in the comments! XOXO