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Ultime Pro A Matte Made in Heaven Ink liner Black

Waterproof felt-tip eyeliner
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  • A classic felt tip liner that delivers excellent colour pay off

  • The ultra fine tip draws precise and dramatic lines

  • Features a super matte, waterproof and smudge proof formula

  • Quick drying and transfer proof

  • Stays put for up to 24 hours

  • Paraben free

  • Dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested


Black 2, Water, Methylpropanediol, Styrene/Acrylates Copolymer, Styrene/Acrylates/Ammonium Methacrylate Copolymer, Cellulose, PEG-60 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Coco-Glucoside, Poloxamer 407, Citric Acid, Phenylpropanol, Caprylyl Glycol, Sodium Laureth-12 Sulfate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, BHT, Phenoxyethanol, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, Sodium Dehydroacetate

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    Name & Address of Manufacturer: Schwan Cosmetics International GmbH, Schwanweg 1, 90562 Heroldsberg, Germany

    Country of Origin: Germany

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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 70 reviews
        Naziya Shaikh
        Wow ❤

        Extremely longwear,matte eye liner love the applicator it's easy to apply🖤

        Pooja gabhale

        It's very esy to aply dark black long lasting& water proof i am in love this product

        Parwati Vanuku
        Wonderful product.

        Great product easy to apply good for bold black look and stay for good long hours.. 🙂

        Sasmita singh

        This liner is very nice liner matt finishing long lasting smudge free e with z black easy to application

        Kirti Sagar

        I love this product

        Sonam Mehta

        Ultime Pro A Matte Made in Heaven Ink liner Black

        Monali mali

        Long-lasting and super black.. Easy to carry


        Best product

        About Ultime Pro A Matte Made in Heaven Ink liner

        The Ultime pro matte made in heaven ink liner is an eyeliner pen with dark black pigment which dries with a matte finish. 

        The formula is extremely smooth and gentle so that clumps can be completely avoided at the time of application. The smooth yet dark formula ensures you can draw gliding lines with a single stroke, without having to worry about reapplication. It also means that any small feathery strokes are also visible prominently. This is a very important quality of the Ultime pro eyeliner because when formulas are watery and inconsistent, you have to apply the eyeliner again on the same line. This is a very difficult task with liquid eyeliner since liquid eyeliner is very easily susceptible to smudging, especially when the formula is wet. To make sure that your eyeliner look is completely visible, you might end up ruining the look altogether, which is worse if you have an intricate eyeshadow look already in place before applying the eyeliner. The opacity in the formula and the dark colour payoff with eyeliner is very necessary and this eyeliner is one of the best matte black eyeliner which provides exactly that to its users.

        The color payoff for the eyeliner is not of much use if the same color doesn’t stay for a very long time. Many eyeliners start to melt with sweat or get smudged very easily. These eyeliners cannot be worn for a long day and are ineffective for everyday use. The Ultime pro matte black eyeliner is not one of them. This eyeliner dries with a dark and matte black finish. Once it’s dry, it should stay on for about 6-8 hours without any visible blemish in the look. After the 8-hour mark, you might start seeing some flakes or lines but it doesn’t disintegrate completely and you can very easily wear it throughout a long day without worrying about a ruined look. It is completely waterproof and smudge-proof. It will not rub off even if you try to displace it with dry fingers, meaning the chances of the eyeliner coming off on a handkerchief is negligent. It is a great black eyeliner to use every day. 

        The usability of a liquid eyeliner depends a lot on its applicator as well. Brush applicators are not very good for beginners but fortunately, this eyeliner pen has the best kind of applicator that exists for eyeliners. The way the product works is also quite innovative and helpful. Normally, you have a brush and a bottle of liquid eyeliner and to get the product onto the brush you have to dip it into the bottle. Doing this repeatedly can be quite frustrating. The eyeliner pen does not work that way. The product or liquid is stored inside the pen itself, in the cylindrical portion of the packaging. The product seeps into the applicator consistently, as soon as the product is being used. You don't have to do anything to take the pigment on the pen, it does all the work for you. The tip of the eyeliner pencil is made with felt, which is an extremely soft fabric that feels gentle on the skin. It can also retain a lot of the product, meaning you won’t have to wait for the product to rise into the tip before you can continue your application. This felt tip is also quite fine and has a thin and conical tip. This facilitates the application of thin intricate lines very easily. The thin applicator will make sure that you don’t have to use hacks to remove parts of broader lines to make them thinner. All kinds of graphic liner looks can be perfectly precise with this conical felt tip applicator. The base of the applicator is wider which means, wider lines can also be very easily drawn if the product is held parallel to the eye so that the side of the felt tip can be used. The variable ways of using such a liquid eyeliner product make it a better choice over the products that don’t provide such advantages.

        The packaging of the product is also a pro. The eyeliner pen is designed exactly like a pen. The body of the eyeliner is cylindrical and solid which starts becoming narrow near the tip. The advantage of this is that you can hold and use the product exactly how you would a pen. We are used to writing and drawing with pens and pencils of this shape. You can mimic the same type of expertise with the eyeliner pen as well. This makes drawing eyeliner extremely easy even for beginners. The intimidation of liquid eyeliner is lost since it feels like you are drawing but on your face instead of a paper. 

        This product is also dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested. It is approved by every safety board. This means that the product is completely safe for you. Ince eyeliners go near your eye, ensuring safety is of the utmost importance. These approvals and vigorous testing ensure your eyes are protected, even if the product goes inside your eye. The product is also cruelty-free and is approved by PETA. You wouldn't have to feel guilty about using a cruelty-free product. It is also paraben-free, making it even safer.

        All these qualities make Ultime pro eyeliner one of the best products on the market currently and you will love using it. 

        Why Ultime Pro A Matte Made in Heaven Ink liner is one of the best

        Finding good makeup products that suit your specific needs can be difficult. An eyeliner with which you can create looks very easily and without much hassle should be your perfect staple. Before choosing an eyeliner, you should know the kinds of benefits it might provide. For Ultime Pro Ink liner, there are many such advantages that should convince you to get it immediately. 

        • The eyeliner is extremely quick drying which basically means that when you apply the product, it will take very less time for it to set into its matte texture. Wet eyeliner is prone to smudging and when you open your eyes, it smudges onto the upper eyelid which is extremely annoying. With quick-drying eyeliners, you can wear your looks on the go without any issues.
        • The completely waterproof formula ensures that you can wear the eyeliner throughout the day without having to reapply or retouch any portion of your makeup look. Since the product doesn’t transfer easily, it is one of the best eyeliners to apply to your lower lash line. The chances of the product smudging and getting into your eyes is slim to none. 
        • The colour payoff of the product is amazing and is opaque with one layer of the application. Creating looks would be quite simple with just one flick of the wrist and the product actually showing up on the eyes perfectly.
        • The application for the product is also quite simple since the felt tip applicator is the perfect shape of a wing. You can create your wings with two lines but you can also just press the felt tip sideways at a steep angle and find the perfect little wing.
        • The texture of the eyeliner is quite light and you will not feel like a heavy product is dragging down your eyelids. Wearing the product throughout the day is quite easy since you will not feel anything. There will be no crumbling which pulls on the skin or layers that look and feel cakey since one layer of product is enough to create a look.
        • Since the texture is so gentle, it is also very easily buildable. The liquidy product ensures that you can easily draw more lines over the existing ones to create perfect eyeliner looks. Unlike many other eyeliners, the product doesn’t shift when another layer is applied to it and neither does it appear to be two different layers because of the inconsistencies in the formula. It becomes a homogenous mixture on the eyes, making the building of any look quite easy. 
        • The eyeliner is an extremely safe product to use on your eyes since it has been thoroughly tested by cosmetology professionals. People with the most sensitive skin can easily trust this product without too much worry. Even if a little bit of product enters the eye, you can easily wash it with water and notice that there will be no burning or irritation after.

        These and many more such advantages make the Ultime Pro black eyeliner one of the most perfect products to create your everyday eyeliner looks. 

        How to apply Ultime Pro A Matte Made in Heaven Ink liner properly

        Applying liquid eyeliner is often considered a difficult job. Even the best professionals tend to mess up sometimes due to the smallest mistakes. A little shake of the hand and the line becomes too thick or sometimes the wing is asymmetrical. Such small mistakes make wearing liquid eyeliner a little intimidating for any beginner. However, there are certain tricks that can help with the application of eyeliner. If you understand the basic process of creating the shape of the eyeliner, you just have to repeat the same thing every time.

        First Technique

        This technique is the easiest way to apply eyeliner.

        • First you would need to find a comfortable position in front of the mirror so that your hand is resting in a relaxed position.
        • You need to get the full view of your eyelid in this technique so look straight ahead into the mirror or tilt your head down a little.
        • Take the matte black eyeliner and hold it between your index and thumb, exactly how you hold a pen. Rest your hand on your cheek by using the pinky finger as an anchor right on your cheekbone.
        • What you need to do here is follow your own eye shape. For that, start at the inner corner of the eye and draw a straight line with the eyeliner making sure that the line is staying close to the lash line.
        • Once you reach the outer corner, repeat the process, making sure that the next line stays close to the first line.
        • From the outer corner of your eye, extend a straight line towards your eyebrow. People often get confused about the angle at which this line should be. The easiest angle would be to follow your bottom waterline as if you are extending your eye upward.
        • You can extend this line for as long as you would like but the place to stop is where your upper eyelid ends.
        • From the top of this line, draw another straight line to where your initial eyeliner line ended, near your upper tight line.
        • If you have shaky fingers, instead of trying to draw these lines in one stroke, you should draw short feathery strokes so that they are uniform.
        • Fill the little triangle that has formed and you will see that your wing is perfect.
        • This technique is the best for drawing subtle eyeliner wings that will be great with everyday looks.
        • Another variation of this technique is often used if you cannot draw eyeliner with your eyes open.
        • Repeat the first few steps of drawing the liner on your upper eyelid with your eyes closed and extending the wing from the bottom line towards the eyebrow.
        • Now close your eyes and draw a straight line that joins the two points of the eyeliner and fill it in.

        Second Technique

        • Another great technique that is utilised by people is doing the exact reverse of the previous technique.
        • Instead of doing the lash line first and then the wing, many people prefer doing the wing first.
        • Rest your head in front of a mirror so that you can get a clear view of your eyelid. 
        • Rest your hand comfortably and hold the black liquid eyeliner like a pencil.
        • Draw a straight line from the outer corner of your eye towards your eyebrow. Follow the shape or line of the bottom of your eye. You can extend this line as long as you want.
        • For a dramatic eye, the line can go up to the start of your eyebrow bone but for subtle wings, parallel to the upper eyelid will suffice. 
        • Close your eyes and from the top of this line, draw a straight line that goes to the centre of your eyelid. If you can, try for a single motion but you can also create a dotted line and join them to not mess up the wing.
        • Fill in the triangle that has formed from these two lines with small and gentle strokes. 
        • From the centre of your eyelid, draw a straight line to the inner corner of your eye, staying close to the lash line. You can make this line as thick or thin as you would like, depending on the length and thickness of your wing. 
        • You can create a look as dramatic or subtle as you would like by making small or larger wings.

        These two are the easiest processes to apply eyeliner properly.  People prefer either of these processes but never both together. Everyone who is starting to apply eyeliner needs to try out these approaches and understand which one makes them more comfortable. Depending on the shape of your eye, the way you understand shapes, and the steadiness of your hand, you will prefer either method. Once you have gotten comfortable with the technique of your choice, you have to keep repeating the same process repeatedly. This most basic way of eyeliner will eventually be like a fluid motion for you. Until that happens, you have to keep doing the same thing and not give up if you make mistakes. 

        Different ways to apply eyeliner Ultime Pro A Matte Made in Heaven Ink liner

        Many people have had experiences with applying eyeliner where they have tried out a look by following directions from beauty professionals online but they have not liked the look. What many of these people fail to consider is that there exist many different eye shapes across the world. Since the shape of your eye varies, the eyeliner look that will enhance the eye will also vary from shape to shape. Knowing the eyeliner look that will suit your eye will completely change your perspective on eyeliner.

        • Hooded eyes-

         Creating eyeliner wings for hooded eyes tends to be quite easy if you are going for the classic flicked end look. Since hooded eyes have a general curve of the eye, all you have to do is draw straight lines from your eyelid at an angle and join it with the outer corner of your eye with your eyes closed. 

        A trick to a good eyeliner look for hooded eyes is to start your eyeliner from the middle of your eye instead of extending it to the inner corner. Even if your wing is thick, make sure the line gets thinner as you come closer to the eyelid and blend it with your real eye line.  

        • Downturned eyes-

        For downturned eyes, the main goal of the eyeliner is to make your eyes look bigger and sharper. The eyeliner shape has to create an illusion that makes your eyes look extended. This means that you can’t follow the same eyeliner tutorial like the one for hooded eyes. 

        Your eyeliner wing cannot follow the natural shape of your eye if you want your eyes to appear bigger and distinct. Instead, make sure that your wing is at a steeper angle towards your eyebrow. Follow the general steps to join the wing with the upper eyelid. Since you are trying to create a new eye shape, it looks even better if you can blend the wing into the lower lash line as well. 

        From the edge of the wing extend a line that follows the same angle as the wing and curve the line and blend it into the lash line. In the end, the line of the eyeliner will be thicker at the outer corner and the thickness would decrease as the line goes closer to the inner corner. 

        • Monolid-

        The biggest issue faced by people with mono-lids is that their eyelids aren't too visible. So, your eyeliner look would depend on the wing. You can create the wing by drawing a steep line that reaches the end of your lid. If you cannot determine the angle of the eyeliner, you can hold a straight object like the eyeliner pen itself at the corner of your eye so that the other end is pointing towards the end of your eyebrow. The angle that is created here will be the most perfect angle for your eyeliner. From the tip of this steep line, draw a straight line that does downwards to your inner corner and fill this space in, so that the pigment goes close to the lashline.

        This type of eyeliner is best for subtle everyday looks but if you want to create a dramatic cat eye, you have to use a different approach. Create the steep line for the wing and instead of going downwards, draw a straight line right across to your eyelid. Fill in the entirety of your eyelid with the eyeliner, maintaining the shape of your eye. This will create a more dynamic and bold look.

        • Closed-set- 

        People with closed set eyes might observe that following a general eyeliner tutorial is making their face look bigger or bloated. They do not have to make too many changes to their usual routine and instead keep a few important things in mind. People with closed-set eyes can follow the usual steps of winged eyeliner. However, the only thing different they have to do is instead of extending the eyeliner line above the lash line to the inner corner of the eye, that eyeliner line needs to be blended in by the middle of the eyelid. Extending dark pigment inside will pull your eyes inside and we want them to be extended out.

        Even when you are applying kohl to the lower waterline, make sure that the pigment is applied to the middle of the eye. 

        Another thing you can do is instead of making the wing of the eyeliner too steep and sharp, the angle can be a little flatter. The diagonal line that will join the outer corner of your eye to the top of your ear would be the most perfect wing angle for people with close set eyes.

        Being mindful of your eye shape while drawing eyeliner will make sure that your looks suit you the best. 

        How to apply Ultime Pro A Matte Made in Heaven Ink liner on the lower waterline

        Applying ink eyeliner in the lower waterline can be scary but it offers an extremely gorgeous look. Eyeliner pens are pointy and beginners often get nervous taking them close to their eyes. This type of application is not too difficult if you are careful and know what you are doing. 

        • You need to get a complete view of your lower eye and for that, you can tilt your head back a little.
        • Since your lower waterline can have excess moisture, you can take a cotton swab or the corner of a tissue paper and hold it gently near the corner of your eye to absorb the water. 
        • Separate the lower water line from the inside of your eye by placing the index or middle finger of your left hand below your eye on your cheekbone and gently pull the skin downwards. 
        • Take your best black eyeliner and hold it like a pencil and rest your hand comfortably on your cheek.
        • If you are a beginner, you might be nervous to apply the liner directly on the waterline which is very close to your eye, So it’s better to start the eyeliner application a little below, from your lower lash line. 
        • From the middle of your eye, draw small strokes with the pointy end of the eyeliner pen, going towards the outer corner and stopping where your eye ends. Be sure to stay close to the lash line.
        • From the middle, draw a thin line towards the inner corner of your eye. If you want a full look, this step will help you achieve that but for subtler looks, it is not compulsory.
        • Once you have gotten comfortable with eyeliner being close to your eye, you can repeat the same process on the inner waterline as well. 
        • Since eyes are prone to watering, make sure to keep blinking and absorb water again if necessary. If water tricks down your eye, chances are the eyeliner will go with it, creating a streak and ruining your makeup. Controlling eye moisture in a way that works for you is a tricky part of applying eyeliner on the lower waterline. 

        Eyeliners close to your eyes are completely safe since good products are made making sure that they are safe products for the eye. Be sure to stay away from the inside of your eye and take your time so that your hands aren’t too shaky. Poking yourself in the eye might be painful but once you have washed away the eyeliner with water, you are safe.

        How to do a smokey eye with Ultime Pro A Matte Made in Heaven Ink liner

        The smokey eye is an area of makeup that nearly everybody wants to nail. When done properly, the smouldering and intense eye makeup looks glamorous and yet effortless. There are many who have been doing makeup for years but can’t properly work through a smokey eye. It is thus extremely difficult to do a smokey eye for beginners. But, with an eyeliner, somehow, the process becomes a little easier. If you know what you are doing, acing a beautiful smoky will take minimal effort, even for beginners. 

        • First, you need to set the base. You can apply an eye primer which helps the eye makeup look stay for a longer period of time. If you do not have eye primer, you can use a normal face primer. This helps reduce the pores on your skin, making the products stick on the skin better.
        • Apply foundation to your eyes so that the tone of the skin on your eyelids and the colours of the products show up evenly throughout the look. This is very important for a smokey eye since the seamless blending of the colours creates a soft and smudged look. 
        • Next, you would need a light brown shade and apply it throughout your eyelid with light taps and also on the eyebrow bone and blend it together. You can use a brush or even your fingers. Just make sure that the colour subtly covers the whole area. This colour is called the base colour and helps in the transition of the darker tones that will be applied later into the look. The light brown shade should be a matte finish because shimmers disrupt the blending.
        • Right on your eye crease, you would need a darker brown shade. Take a little bit of the matte dark brown shade on your fingers or brush and apply it lightly across the crease of your eye, starting from the middle of the eyelid. The crease is that part of the eye that gets folded inside when you open your eyes completely. If you have a monolid, you would need to apply this color right where you can feel your eyeballs end on your eyelids when you close your eyes. Blend the pigment in slow and circular motion outwards, till the outer corner of the eye. 
        • Now comes the tricky part. Take your Ultime pro eyeliner pen and create a steep line towards your eyebrow, like you would with a wing eyeliner. From the top of this line, draw a line that traces the crease of your eye. This line would be a little curved and would end at the middle of the eyelid.
        • This is the border and you would need to completely fill this space with the ink liner. You would need to work a little fast since you can’t let the pigment dry. Once you have applied the pigment, Take a flat brush or a clean finger and tap lightly throughout the area where you’ve just applied the eyeliner which will helps blend the product. Take the same brush or finger and tap it from the middle of the eyelid where the pigment application ends towards the inner corner of the eye. The darkness or the intensity of the pigment should fade as it goes towards the inner corner. 
        • With a fluffy brush, blend the black eyeliner on the crease of the eye with the dark brown eyeshadow. It will be quite easy to blend these two products if you rub the fluffy brush in swift sideways motions. 
        • Next, apply eyeliner black to your lower waterline and make sure that the line is a little thick. Take a brush and blend the lower part of the eyeliner with a small flat brush with small sideways motions as well. 
        • Take a shimmery dark golden shade on a small fluffy brush and apply it on your eyebrow bone or where the arch of your eyebrow is over your eyelid. Apply this shame shade in the inner corner of your eye as well.
        • You will find that your smokey eye is done. Eyeliner is better for smokey eyes than normal eyeshadow because building up an eyeshadow shade takes a lot of effort and blending each layer with the base is kind of tricky. With a heavily pigmented product like black liquid eyeliner, building the lookup becomes easier and you only have to blend once, decreasing the chances of making mistakes. 
        • You can also use mascara or false lashes after you’re done with the eyeshadow.
        • Make sure you pair your smokey eye with warm rosy cheeks, some chiseled contouring, and dark lips to look effortless yet glamorous for any party. 

        How to remove Ultime Pro A Matte Made in Heaven Ink liner properly

        Removing eyeliner is extremely important. Even though they are quite safe, if you don’t remove eyeliner at the end of the day, dried products build up in the creases of your eyes which might later cause skin irritation or eye problems. If you follow a few steps every day, removing any pigmented black liquid eyeliner can be easy.


        • The first step to removing any makeup item is washing your face. Once you come back home, take your favourite oil-based face wash and massage it thoroughly but lightly across your face and over your eyelids. After a while of light rubbing, wash it away with water, making sure you are clearing the corners of your eyes with water as well before you open your eyes so that there is no soap left.
        • If you have sensitive or dry skin, you must also have a gentle water-based cleanser next. You should repeat the same process as the face wash before and wash it thoroughly. 
        • You will notice that most of the pigment has come out and even if some of it is left, the next few ways can help you clean all of it.

        Micellar Water

        • One of the best products that can help clean makeup is the use of micellar water and they are quite effective on eyeliner as well.
        • Take a cotton ball or wet wipe and dampen them with the products.
        • Close your eyes tightly and very gently rub the damp fabric over your eyelids.
        • Make sure to be a little thorough over the lash line since products tend to get stuck between the lashes which people often ignore while removing makeup.
        • Your eyeliner should be completely gone after this.
        • Splash some water both on the eyelids and inside the eye to remove any remaining product or micellar water.


        • Many people also prefer a gentle cream or moisturiser to remove makeup instead.
        • Take a cotton ball and put a small dollop of your favourite cleansing milk or moisturiser on the fabric.
        • Spread the product evenly on the cotton ball with a clean finger. 
        • Close your eyes and gently rub your eyelids which should remove the product easily.
        • Wash your eyes so that no cream was left behind to irritate the eye.

        Using these products is a guaranteed way of removing eyeliner completely at the end of the day. Just remember to never be harsh over your eyes or rub vigorously. Make sure to not remove eyeliner with only a wet wipe because the dampness of such a product is not enough to melt a waterproof eyeliner and it might only hurt or irritate your eye.


        Is the Ultime Pro A Matte Made in Heaven Ink liner easiest to apply for beginners?

        The Ultime Pro ink eyeliner is the easiest eyeliner to use and thus teh best product for beginners. Its pen-like packaging helps them draw eyeliners like they would draw on paper making the process more relatable. The felt tip applicator is also in the shape of a wing with a pointy end that makes the construction if the eyeliner much easier,

        Can people with hooded eyes do graphic liner?

        People with hooded eyes can easily do graphic liner or cat eyes. They face problems when the graphic eyeliner line blends into the crease but avoiding that is very easy. All you have to do is draw while your eyes open, making sure that the extra curved line over your eyelids is drawn above your crease line. This makes the line visible instead of disappearing into the hood of the eye which might happen if you draw with your eyes closed.

        How to balance eyeliner on both eyes?

        Making the wings of an eyeliner perfectly symmetrical is a skill that many people struggle with. They can Create the angle of the wing with a business card or any such straight surface. Just keep the card at an angle where a line is formed from the corner of your eye to the end of the eyebrow. Take your eyeliner pen and draw a straight line following the card for both eyes. You will notice that the wings are completely straight and symmetrical. 

        How to properly remove Ultime Pro A Matte Made in Heaven Ink liner?

        Any product that removes makeup well can easily remove this product. You can use face wash, micellar water, cream, cleansing milk, etc to remove the Ultime Pro A Matte Made in Heaven Ink liner.

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