Monsoon Makeup Tips for a Perfect Glide into Monsoon 2023

Monsoon Makeup Tips for a Perfect Glide into Monsoon 2023

Monsoon is almost here and what’s better than preparing yourself with monsoon makeup tips. Once the scorching heat of summer goes, you have the cool, gorgeous monsoon, but along with it comes the humidity. And who wants sweat to melt your monsoon makeup? While we usually try to limit makeup during hot & humid seasons, at times there’s no other option, and of course, what kind of makeup lover parties without a trending makeup look on her face?

But you’ll have to agree—Makeup meltdowns are pathetic! Imagine your mascara running down your face while dancing on the floor (with your crush!). We’d never let that happen to you. So, here are a few beauty and makeup swaps so you’re ready to face the rain without melting makeup. Follow these easy summer-to monsoon-makeup swaps, and don’t forget to share them with your friends!

1. Ice on face—for De-puffed, Fresh Face before Makeup

2. Pore Minimizing Primer—Because, Humidity!

3. Lightweight Foundation—Avoid the Sticky Ones

4. Mattifying powder—to Set the Base & Keep it Humidity-Proof

5. Waterproof Eye Makeup—Coz You Don’t Want Mascara Running Down Your Cheeks

6. Long-Stay Smudge-Proof Lipsticks—Obviously, Duh!

7. Powder-Based Formulas—to Keep All Your Cream Based Ones Intact

8. Multipurpose Tints for Cheeks—Tints are Lightweight, Brighter, AND they Stay Intact in Humid Weathers

9. Hydrating Moisturizers—Instead of Heavy, Oily Ones

10. Makeup Fixer—And Spray It GENEROUSLY

With these smart monsoon makeup tips, you can say goodbye to your monsoon makeup woes. Just by following these simple monsoon makeup hacks, your makeup will be ready to slay every party no matter how bad the rains or the humidity gets!

Share with us how you swap your makeup for monsoon makeup in the comment section! Did we miss something? Let us know & we’ll include it. XOXO, Darlings!