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Weightless Stay Matte Compact SPF20 Vitamin E & Shea Butter

fortifying matte
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This compact powder formulated with SPF 20 gives your skin round-the-clock sun protection against harmful UVA and UVB sun rays. Enriched with vitamin E and shea butter, it blends effortlessly into skin and leaves it looking fresh and hydrated. This synergy coupled with the dual UVA and UVB sun protection action makes this a product which can be used everyday for a healthy and radiant skin.


1. Micro fine lightweight powder protects the skin from sun damage
2. Extends a mattifying effect by absorbing excess sebum
3. Shea butter acts as a moisturising agent along with Vitamin E which improves skin health
4. Evens out complexion
5. Hides imperfections
6. Blends effortlessly with skin
7. Suitable for everyday use and natural looking skin
8. Mica lends a glowing finish and creamy touch
9. Touch is soft and sensationally pleasant
10. Paraben and cruelty free

Product Info

Name & Address of Manufacturer: Take2 Cosmetics, B-108, Bajrang Krupa Industrial Estate, Athal, Silvassa, 396230

Country of Origin: India

Net Qty.: 9g

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      Ushs Nandini
      Awesome Compact

      Awesome product & Packing also very Excellent 👌.I love the compact SPF 20 Sun protection Compact. i will recommend to my friends and family 😉 differently you will like it just grab the product...


      Awesome product. 👌

      Vanitha Mohan
      Amazing products.. Excellent quality....

      Amazing products.. Excellent quality....

      Mandeep kaur

      Smells really nice.. good

      Ashmita Scindhe
      Best price

      Best quality and good price

      Nice product

      Good product👍 & amazing packing or service

      Sana Naaz


      Divya Dudia
      Awesome product

      Waoooo just loved it

      What is Weightless Stay Matte Compact SPF20 Vitamin E & Shea Butter

      With this Weightless Stay Matte Compact SPF20 Vitamin E & Shea Butter powder, you now have access to a product that expert make-up artists use for that added edge. This is the Weightless Stay Matte Compact. The remarkable powder contains shea butter which acts as a moisturizing agent beside Vitamin E which gets better skin health.

      Faces Weightless Stay Matte Compact packed in a glossy golden colored square cardboard package with all the crucial information associated with the product printed on the back of the box & its brand and range name written on the front.

      The real compact rests in a glossy black round case which has incredibly little information written on the back of the case. It has a shut lock lid that closes very firmly ensuring that the compact case does not open while moving. There is also a round mirror connected to the lid & a puff provided which we generally get in every compact.

      It protects & provides a fresh and stylish look at the same time. Check out Faces Canada Weightless Stay Matte Compact – a compact powder invented with SPF 200 PA+++ to provide round-the-clock sun protection against damaging UVA & UVB sun rays.

      The correct blend of pacifying agents through vitamin E and shea butter, make sure the compact melts easily into the skin and leaves it looking fresh & hydrated. This synergy coupled with the double UVA and UVB sun protection act makes this a product that can be used each day for healthy and glowing skin.

      How to Use Compact Powder

      Softly swipe the applicator clockwise on the compact powder to get the preferred amount. Softly apply compact on your face & neck for a lusterless finish Re-apply it after 3-4 hours for strong & glowing skin all through the day follow this up with Weightless Stay Matte Compact.

      Compaq powder is used to provide coverage to your face and skin. With the help of a compact, the blemishes of the face are concealed. Compact powder is used to improve the skin tone of the skin. For a perfect look, the compact powder must be used according to the skin tone. The compact powder blends effortlessly on the face with an even finish look.

      Women do make up for a good-looking look. Be it a gathering or an office, women do not like to go out of the home without makeup. For making makeup, women utilize loose powder and Compact powder the most. Most of the ladies do not know the difference between loose powder & Compact powder, due to which she utilizes both the products. Loose powder & Compact powder are used in different ways.

      What Weightless Stay Matte Compact SPF20 Vitamin E & Shea Butter Does?

      Compact Powder is one of the most usually used makeup items for women. It is a lightweight powder and comes in a dry form. It is used on the face so that the face gets glow coverage and makeup comes out. But, still, several women do not utilize compact powder while doing makeup.

      Truly, compact powder is a very significant step of makeup and because of this; no girl must miss this step. With its help, your makeup looks perfect. Like some other makeup products, the compact powder also holds its own particular place. So let us tell you the advantages of using compact powder. 

      As you recognize, compact power plays a very important role in makeup and is measured as the last step in the makeup habit. A lot of people overlook the use of compact powder but it might damage their makeup. The powders come in diverse forms such as pressed & loose. The loose powders are lighter and provide you a natural look but it is usually hard to carry them anytime while traveling. So, if you desire to get a final touch-up on the go then it is helpful to select a pressed powder that is simple to carry & also provides better coverage.

      If you are a novice in makeup & do not know what are the benefits of using compact powder then check this editor's note Here are a number of benefits that you can get through using the compact powder:

      Helps to Make Makeup Last Longer

      The compact powder can also assist to make the makeup last longer & this is the motive that power is applied in the last. It will assist you to avoid the makeup from disappearing & slipping away and vanishing the makeup after some time and assist you to get the blush for a longer time & you do not need to feel to continuously retouch it.

      Helps To Fix Makeup

      In addition to this, Weightless Stay Matte Compact SPF20 Vitamin E & Shea Butter powders will also work well to fix a number of makeup mistakes. If you use too much blush or your foundation is too dim for your skin, with the aid of compact powder, you can fix your mistakes and be able to get the correct shape of your skin without much effort.

      Absorb Oil

      Oil can damage your makeup & compact powders do not have the moisture property & they can absorb the excess oil on your skin that helps you to sustain your makeup for a long-lasting time. The compact powder can help to stop shine by absorbing excess oil and it is generally suggested for people with oily skin. In addition to this, a number of the powders also mattify skin and assist you to get a perfect & natural look that helps to improve your beauty.

      Why use Weightless Stay Matte Compact SPF20 Vitamin E & Shea Butter

       If you desire your makeup to be on point, you need to recognize how to use compact flawlessly. This significant makeup item can make or smash your look. If you overdo the compact, it might end up making your face appear cakey. But when done right, it can leave you with a glossy smooth texture.

      So, if you are a novice and desire to ace your makeup game, this piece of writing is just for you. We share some tips & tricks and a step-by-step lesson to assist you to apply your compact. It ensures a perfect finish and makes your makeup last long. The compact is also a blessing for those with damp skin & can be used for touch-ups. Scroll down for the information.

      Even skin tone

      Compact powder provides you with an even skin tone. If you desire to keep your makeup negligible or even skin tone, just dab a little compact powder on your skin. On the other hand, if you are doing intense makeup, you can still utilize it to layer your skin. Using compact powder makes your skin feel extra soft & smooth. 

      Makeup fix work

      Most of the time we make several mistakes while doing our makeup, like applying too much blush or using a foundation that does not match our skin tone. In such a situation, by applying some compact powder, you can do adjustments & fix your makeup.

      Help makeup last longer

      If you desire your makeup to last longer then you must use compact powder. This sets all the products you've used and avoids the base from moving. Compact Powder makes your makeup last longer. This means you don't have to set or correct your makeup over & over again.

      Soak up oil

      Keeping makeup on for a long time is not simple on oily skin. Oil spoils your makeover & if you have oily skin and you have not used compact powder then your appearance can be extremely bad. Oil can spoil your whole makeup. Because of this, the compact powder soaks up the access oil. In addition, the compact powder also provides a matte finish to your face which stays on the face for an extended time.

      How to use Weightless Stay Matte Compact SPF20 Vitamin E & Shea Butter

      Makeup has some specific rules & steps. After using primer and foundation on the face, face powder i.e. compact is used. It is very significant to apply as compact powder works to hide the crease on the face from the foundation in addition to fixing the makeup. Not just this, face powder is also used to get a glow on the face. Let us tell you that whatever the foundation is, it gets a little tackiness on the face.

      Compact powder is applied to get rid of it and make the makeup perfect. If you do not apply face powder on your face, then your makeup remains imperfect. But, while applying it, several times you unintentionally make several mistakes, due to which the makeup gets spoiled.

      Use Of Compact Powder rightly: 

      It’s all in the procedure. The compact powder can serve several different purposes if you know how to use it correctly. Scroll down to see how to use compact powder flawlessly. 

      Cleanse your skin

      All makeup routines require you to begin with a clean base. This helps keep your makeup on for longer & also makes it appear super smooth. So ensure to cleanse and moisturize your skin carefully before going on to the next step. 

      Base It Up

      Prime your skin with a hydrating primer & then apply a little liquid foundation to even out your skin tone. If you still feel the blemishes & dark spots are peeping throughout the foundation then go in with a concealer. Hide your blemishes and some under-eye circles & dab, dab, dab with a sponge or a blender.

      Compact Time

      Using a makeup dab, apply the compact powder. You might need to dab it into your skin, in its place of rubbing it in. This will also make sure that you’re blending the product incorrectly –– it makes your face look even-toned.

      The most excellent results only come when you make excellent use of compact powder. You can even use the compact with a feathery powder brush. Tap the brush into the compact & then flick away some excess. Apply it on your t-zone and then move towards your cheeks, brow, and jawline. Do not forget your neck! Ensure your neck & your face match. 

      In order to attain that perfect glow, you need the most excellent products to assist you out. Scroll down to see what you can use to put these compact powders to practice.

      Tips and safety measures To Be Followed While Applying Compact

      1. The application of compactness depends on the skin kind. In case you have dry skin, apply the powder simply on the T-zone & under the eye. Keep away from applying it on the dry areas of the face as it might end up looking irregular and cakey.
      2. Those with oily skin can use the powder all over the face and definitely more on the areas that are more oily, particularly on the T-zone.
      3. When using a two-in-one compact powder, wait for the moisturizer & primer to fix into your skin & then go ahead with the powder application. Or else, you will end up having a patchy and rough look.
      4. Sponge applicators are the most excellent when you need fast coverage in a few coats. These help in simple applications.
      5. Choose a compact shade that is close to your skin color. Selecting a shade lighter can make the skin appear gray after a while.

      How to choose your Weightless Stay Matte Compact SPF20 Vitamin E & Shea Butter shade

      In the current world, people are suffering a lot as they are frequently tired or look dull but the compact powder has covered the dullness & exhausted look. It is the most well-suited one for both oily & dry skin. If you are willing to purchase online compact powder then people should consider a number of factors.

      The primary thing people should purchase is this powder based on their skin color because it is enhancing your loveliness. In case you are choosing this compact lesser that you're body shades then you might be turned into gray. The next thing people should be conscious of is their body coverage level & body kind before using this powder. While applying this powder you should clean your tools & try to utilize the blotting paper. Try to keep away from the sponge because it has the capacity to absorb the product.

      How to choose the best compact powder for skin

      When it comes the compact powder then it is used after foundation & it sustains your makeup for a long time. Fortunately, it is better than the pressed powder as it is reducing the wrinkles & fine lines. It is having less oil so it is certainly a most excellent thing for the oily body and several online retailers are providing this powder at a reasonable price. But if you are choosing to buy online powder then you can purchase it at a reasonable price. They are always looking to offer top-notch service to their customers. They can understand their customer requirement so that they can present the high quality of the compact powder.

      In the current world, several people are willing to purchase an online blush because it presents a healthy blush to your face. It comes with a different range of types and shades but selecting the best blush is most significant. People must choose the best blush based on their body tone or else it is looking fine for your body. As everybody knows different kinds of body types are there such as dry body, oily in addition to a normal body. If you are an oily body individual then you should carefully choose the blush type & powder, gel, tint, and liquid blush is the appropriate one. But all skin kind people might use the shimmers as it is suitable for all skin type people. Online shopping is the most excellent choice for purchasing this makeup product.

      How to apply Weightless Stay Matte Compact SPF20 Vitamin E & Shea Butter

      While everybody wants to glow, no one wants to look oily, and powder is a great mattifier. Powder atop your liquid or cream foundation helps to set it so that it won't transfer into any lines or slide down off your face. Certain powders can also lessen the look of fine lines & pores.

      As a novice, every makeup lover first invests in the best compact powder. A compact is the most necessary makeup item in every girl’s makeup kit. It’s a game-changer if you apply the powder in the right manner. Our step-by-step class not only explains how to utilize a compact powder but also explains the safety measures one must take to get the ideal application. We purposely cover:

      We clarify the application of a compact powder throughout the 5 steps which are vital for its ideal application. We also clarify the precautions one must take throughout the application so that you acquire long-lasting makeup.

      Begin With A Clean Face 

      A clean and smooth base will only assist you to attain a great makeup look allowing the smooth application of all the products sitting on top. As the compact powder is the last layer you need to ensure all the layers beneath it are smooth. Follow your standard skincare routine by cleansing your face with a mild face wash.

      Tone And Moisturize

      Toning is a necessary skincare step and must be inculcated in all girls’ skin care establishments. The toner helps to eliminate all the tiny and excess dirt from your face, making the skin more even and the application of makeup more perfect. 

      Applying a moisturizer constantly helps to make your skin even. But if you are wearing no concealer or foundation and are directly going to apply compact powder, then applying moisturizer earlier helps a lot mainly for the dry skin group. If you have dry patches over your face, the powder application isn’t going to be smooth, making your skin appear drier than what it actually is. So ensure you drink lots of water & utilize a moisturizer. This is extremely crucial, even for the girls with oily skin category.

      Apply Primer To Close Your Pores

      Never misjudge the power of a primer. Primer closes all your pores, making your skin smoother & the powder is then capable of assembling on your skin. This will assist the powder in not sinking into your skin & fade away. Primer plays a significant role in making the powder or the base makeup essentially stick to your face & not slide away.

      Go For Base Makeup

      Once you have prepared your skin for the makeover, begin with a foundation if you desire fuller coverage. Compact powders just provide you with sheer to standard coverage. So if you need the complete coverage then go in with an even coat of foundation and concealer before the powder.

      Do note that if you do not desire full coverage and need to avoid using a foundation, then you can miss out on this step.

      Apply Compact Powder

      The method of applying a compact powder is going to be similar even if you apply it over a layer of foundation or straight after a primer. You might use a powder brush, makeup sponge, or a beauty blender in order to use the compact powder.

      The top tools which you can utilize to apply a compact powder are:

      •         Powder brush
      •         Beauty blender/ makeup sponge

      If you desire sheer coverage, then you can just dirt the powder on your face with a powder brush. But if you desire a little more medium coverage then you have to go in with your sponge or blender, choose the product, and press it on your skin to seal the deal.

      What tools to use to apply Weightless Stay Matte Compact SPF20 Vitamin E & Shea Butter

      By the way, you can use a variety of tools to apply the compact, which includes a beauty blender, brush, etc. And now you can choose which tool you want to use, let's know some of the best tools that you can use to apply compact powder.

      Powder brush

      Your face needs one thing after you've applied foundation and that is powder. The powder helps set your base. It evens out the tone & helps your foundation last longer. You will require a brush to apply that compact powder.

      Powder brushes come in several shapes & sizes, but don't be inundated. Just look for a brush that has a full head. The bristles must feel fluffy & light. If the bristles of the brush are harder, your makeover will go on splotchy. A softer brush is also less likely to bother your skin. Many people like a brush with a long handle; others favor a short handle. It's truly just a matter of special preference.


      If you apply liquid foundation, you're better off using it with a sponge rather than your fingertips. Your fingertips might spread bacteria to your face, which can cause breakouts. Makeup sponges also offer a more smooth application.

      Don't utilize too much foundation, though, as it will settle into any nooks & crannies in your face and make them look even extra pronounced. Professionals suggest dipping the sponge evenly into the foundation and dabbing it onto some splotches or discolorations first. Then, damp the sponge & apply the foundation to your whole face. Take care to blend it properly into your neck.

      Apply Compact with Sponge

      Get a compact powder in a shade that matches your skin type and use it all over the face with a sponge applicator. While using the sponge, make sure that you initially dab the product and pat well onto the skin & then mix together it evenly. This technique gives coverage & also makes the skin appear flawless.

      Load the powder onto the brush & dust off the excess. Begin by applying it from the center of the face. For the application, use extended strokes in a dabbing motion, & follow it up with a sweeping motion. Blend it consistently throughout the face & the neckline area.

      How to prevent Weightless Stay Matte Compact SPF20 Vitamin E & Shea Butter from getting cakey

      To attain a perfect makeup look it is significant to do the base makeup in a perfect way. But frequently we end up with cakey & muddy base makeup that looks like a broken mask on the face. This happens even when you utilize the best makeup products; you cannot blame the goods for this. There are a few blunders that we do innocently & they lead to a ruined makeup look. Here are some makeup mistakes that ladies tend to do quite frequently. Anybody of these is adequate to ruin your makeup & day.

      Not prepping the skin well

      It is important to prep your skin well before using makeup products. Smooth skin is significant for creating the perfect base. Follow your CTM schedule before the makeup application. Mild exfoliation is significant to remove the dry, dead skin cells without exasperating the skin. You can also utilize a cooling toner or ice to calm down the skin. After the moisturizer, you must opt for a primer as it minimizes the pores, stops the excess oil secretion & helps to keep your foundation in place for longer. The primer is significant as it makes the application better. If you do not have one in your stash, utilize a gel-based moisturizer in its place as it has similar effects to a number of extents.

      Applying layers of concealer first

      It is significant to conceal your dark circle, blemishes & acne. But using a coating of concealer on the face first will really make your makeup look intense. You can do this only when you are using a 2-in-1 product that acts as both a foundation & a concealer. Otherwise constantly apply the foundation first & apply concealer on the areas that need the additional coverage (foundation will cover a few flaws totally & others to a number of extents). This will truly help the concealer to stay in place which otherwise gets displaced due to foundation application & also keeps the skin free from layers of product.

      Using thick, intense coverage foundation

      Several foundations seem alluring as they claim to give heavy coverage and an ideal finish. Now, these foundations are fairly thick and are not supposed to be used for everyday makeup or even party makeup. Usually, makeup artists use these products on models for picture shoots, TV, and ramp walk; trust me, their application method, and setting techniques are pretty special to what you follow. Also, they don’t need their makeup to last all day long & they get the adequate scope to fix the makeup in-between. For your requirement, it is good to use a lightweight foundation with average coverage that won’t look heavy on the face. For beating the flaws, you are already using the concealer!

      Rushing to apply all other products

      Wonderful makeup application demands lots of time & attention. If you are in a rush, it is better not to choose a detailed makeup routine. After applying every product it is significant to give a little time to set the product. Applying a blush with a blush brush on the damp foundation will move the foundation and make it muddy & streaky. A similar thing applies to all the contouring and highlighting products too! After using the foundation give it some time (around 5 minutes) to dry & set. Apply the transparent powder next & then use all other products. The translucent powder helps to generate a glossy smooth base & the blush, contour, and highlighter glide effortlessly on it without leaving some patch or streak. 

      Wrong touch up technique

      We used to do this all and then suffered for years without even knowing what is precisely going wrong. Puffing a little more powder on the already oily & sweaty skin truly never helps. It leads to a grimy finish as the oil, sweat, and powder mix up & all together it appears super patchy & cakey. So, whenever you desire to do a touch-up, first ensure to remove the excess oil using the oil-blotting sheet. Next, utilize the translucent powder to set the foundation patches that are not looking ideal instead of using it on the entire face.

      How to use Weightless Stay Matte Compact SPF20 Vitamin E & Shea Butter for dry skin

      You can simply use this compact powder on your dry skin as it comes with Vitamin E & Shea Butter which makes your skin drier. Well, there is no special way to use it, you can easily apply it to your face using a normal beauty blender.

      Weightless Stay Matte Compact SPF20 Vitamin E & Shea Butter hacks

      Not all compact powders are produced equally. So when it comes to Weightless Stay Matte Compact SPF20 Vitamin E & Shea Butter, we think these little tips will assist you in ideal your look and give you the self-assurance to take on each day!

      Initially, select a shade that matches your skin color. If your choice of shade does not match your skin tone, you might end up with ashy or discolored makeup. For instance, if you have a light skin tone, select the Ivory Touch compact, as they have a pink undertone that complements lighter skin tones. Equally, darker skin tones select between different face compact powders as they have a more orange and yellow undertone that goes well with grayish or darker skin tones.

      The Weightless Stay Matte Compact SPF20 Vitamin E & Shea Butter compact powders have a matte finish that makes them the most excellent compact powder for oily skin & the best compact powder for Indian women. Before using the powder, consider using a primer. This helps the skin take on a duller tone & helps control oil. A helpful tip is rubbing an ice cube on your face before applying the face powder. The ice cube minimizes oil secretion & helps reduce the appearance of pores by closing them. Then utilize the supplied sponge and softly dab, pat, and blend, paying particular attention to the T-zone of your look.

      And there you have it! A wide collection of compact powders is ideal for any state, any skin type, and is super simple to apply. So what are you waiting for? Get yours now! 

      5 Things You Should Know While Using A Compact Powder

      • After using concealer under your eyes ensure you immediately seal it with a powder or else the concealer begins to crease. 
      • Dab your brush or mixer in the powder, choose the product and press it on your skin. 
      • Do not drag it; you need to press the powder into your skin so that it sits correctly over the other layers. If a powder is making you feel prickly and dry, then just apply it over the areas where it tends to get oily. 
      • Retouching the compact powder is truly necessary if you are tired of a full face of makeup. 
      • If you have an extended day ahead of you & you are not going to get time to do the rest of your makeup then just carrying a compact powder is going to be adequate as it can effortlessly fix your entire face immediately. Just re-using your powder provides the illusion that you have completed your makeup again.

      Weightless Stay Matte Compact SPF20 Vitamin E & Shea Butter tips and tricks

      There are several layers to a beauty routine—Foundations, primers, shadows, & lipsticks galore. But out of all the makeup products in your makeup bag, a compact powder might just be your secret bat. That’s right. Your loose face powder can go so much beyond just the usual dusting on your face. Below, we’re sharing powder hacks to upgrade your makeup routine.

      Apply Powder before Foundation

      The reels trend has brought us a number of our favorite makeup hacks as of late, including this one. in its place of applying setting powder last to catch in your look, some makeup stars have introduced us to using powder before foundation. This little switch can work wonders as the powder soaks up oil on your skin & works as a shield between your skin tone & the rest of your makeup.

      Taming Oily Skin

      If you have oily skin, we’re certain compact powder has become a part of your everyday makeup regimen. But it can also come in useful on those makeup-free days. With just a dusting of transparent face powder, like Weightless Stay Matte Compact SPF20 Vitamin E & Shea Butter, you can help keep the shine away & cut down on the need to blemish during the day.

      Lock-In Lip Color 

      If your lipstick constantly seems to wear away & transfer onto every glass you drink out of then take a sip of this trick. A little bit of setting powder can assist keep your lip color in place? Firstly, apply your favorite shade of Lipstick. Then, place a tissue quietly against your lips. Dip a powder brush into your powder & press it onto your pout using the tissue. Pull the tissue, and your lip look will be locked in.

      Even your Skin Tone

      If you desire to use a compact powder to help out your skin tone, look for the best option, like the Weightless Stay Matte Compact SPF20 Vitamin E & Shea Butter. It comes in 4 shades for light & deep skin tones. This powder helps stop out redness, dark circles, and other blemishes. You can also layer it on top of your base for additional coverage. It has a lightweight matte finish that won’t leave behind some visible layer of white powder. 


      Can I use pressed powder without any makeup?

      Yes, of course, you can easily use this powder without any extra makeup. You just need a little attention so that you should avoid using it in very humid weather or you may have to fix it from time to time. During the rest of the normal days, you can easily use this powder on your face without any hesitation.

      How do I find the perfect shade?

      You choose the right makeup according to your skin tone, in the same way, you have to choose powder according to your skin tone and type while choosing powder. If we talk about the shade of this powder, then you will get to see it in 4 shades, you can choose according to your need.

      Should people with dry skin use pressed powder?

      Yes, people with dry skin can also use this powder without any problem because Shea butter and vitamin E are found in this powder which is very beneficial for your dry skin.

      Will it make my makeup look cakey?

      No, it is not like that at all. You just have to take care of some things like the quality and quantity of makeup. If you apply a thick layer of makeup, it can become a problem and it can look cakey, so apply a limited amount of makeup and then use powder, it will not disappoint you.

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