The 9 Best Ethnic Makeup Looks for Any Outfit

The 9 Best Ethnic Makeup Looks for Any Outfit

Deciding the perfect ethnic makeup look for all your Indian outfits can be quite a challenge. Luckily, you have us!

Did you ever get ready for a Diwali party wearing your favorite lehenga only to find yourself clueless about how to apply your makeup? Or have you ever regretted wearing that bold makeup look to a mehndi ceremony? We've all been there—and we know how it feels. Every ethnic outfit requires a different look, and we understand how challenging it can be to find the right one at the right time!

To find a solution to your dilemmaand ourswe browsed the Internet for ideas for dressing up for Indian festivals. Below, we've compiled a list of makeup for Indian wear that will suit all your outfits. Take a look!

#1 Matching Lipstick—Go with the Basics

Make your lipstick match the color of your dress to achieve a coordinated aesthetic that feels modern and chic.

With just a touch of black kohl on your eyes, you'll be ready to party the night away. Pair your outfit with a matching bindi for a particularly ethnic look.

#2 Glam Smokey Eye Look—Amp up Your Game

Smokey eyes are a classic eye makeup look that looks great with almost any outfit. And the best part? You can create a smokey eye look in many different ways. Depending on the event and the look you're going for, you can experiment with eyeshadow color and texture. 

Let your look stand out by highlighting the inner corners of your eyes with some glitter and adding thick falsies. Make sure you define your eyebrows with a brow pencil to frame your face and keep your face makeup muted to let your eyes take the spotlight.

#3 Classic Bombshell—You Can Have It All

A classic makeup look is never out of place, but it's especially good when matched with ethnic attire. Get the glow-from-within look by mixing some liquid highlighter in your base makeup.

This look checks off all the bombshell boxes: fluttery lashes, rosy cheeks, black liner, and red lipson top of a deeply shaded crease over lightly-shadowed lids. 

#4 Blotted Berry Lips—a Sweet Treat

It is true that berry can be a very bold lip color—especially if you want to pair it with a white kurta—but a little blurring and blotting can subdue it for a more sweet effect. Make your look pop with pale mauve eyeshadow and dewy skin, which complements the lip shade without competing with it.

You can clean up the lip lines with concealer if you worry that the blurring effect will turn into an unwanted bleeding effect.

#5 Natural & Fresh Face—Who Needs Makeup?

Although some people enjoy wearing makeup—especially for Indian festivities and weddings—it is not a necessity. If you wanna keep it a little mor glowing than usual, then use a basic foundation-concealer-loose powder base, add pink lipstick, and little bit of kohl.

If you feel confident and comfortable wearing a tinted lip balm and concealer, go for it! Show off your natural beauty. 

#6 Megawatt Metallics—Life of the Party

The glam metallic finish is the key to this makeup for ethnic wear. It gives the face a divine luminance with golden highlights at the highest points.

The eyes, defined lightly with black or even colored eyeliner, refuse to go unnoticed. Perfectly completing the radiant look is a glossy lip.

#7 Winged Liner & Nude Lips— Quick, Easy, and Perfect

Perfect for a Diwali party or cocktail event, this look is stunning and edgy!

Winged eyeliner, a flush of peach blush on the cheeks, and a set of nude lips worn with a stunning hairstyle will complement your saree or lehenga to perfection.

#8 The Color Lover—Fearlessly Bold

Colorful and bold—this look turns heads. Draw the arches of your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil, then either flaunt a bright colored kajal / eyeliner, or create a dramatic smokey eye with bold eyeshadow.

Use powder highlighter to accentuate your cheekbones, jawline, and nose and enhance your bone structure. Powerful red lips complete the makeup for traditional wear look perfectly!

#9 Monochrome Makeup—Keep It Simple

For a look that you can pull off much easier than you think—especially if you're wearing a colorful and bold outfit—apply the same pigment to your eyes, cheeks, and lips.

This simple makeup for traditional wear works best with creamy pigments, which are more malleable and can even be applied with your finger. A dusty pink lipstick, an eyeshadow, and a blush are matched to the sari in this picture.

The Takeaway

It is not easy to create the perfect ethnic look; you need to find the perfect outfit, style your hair in a fun hairstyle, and, perhaps most crucially, create the perfect makeup look. You can use the ethnic makeup tips and looks above as inspiration to create an Indian look that will be uniquely yours.

What’s your go-to makeup look when it comes to Indian outfits? Feel free to share with us in the comment section below!