The Makeup Trends That Are Taking Over Spring-Summer 2022

The Makeup Trends That Are Taking Over Spring-Summer 2022

Trying a spring-summer makeup trend is always fun. As the days get longer and the flowers bloom, it's impossible not to get more creative with your looks, whether you're switching from a classic cat-eye to a graphic shape or switching out tinted lip balm for a shiny red lip.

Fortunately, there are plenty of sources to help us get inspired. With the fashion shows in New York, London, Milan, and Paris—and, of course, our trendy Instagram feeds—we got a whole edit of makeup escapism with neon eyes, pastel cheekbones, and graphic liners!

In order to give you a taste of the runway magic we saw, we have listed the 11 most prominent 2022 makeup trends below. Keep reading!

#1 Peri Hues

Pantone's Color of the Year for 2022 is Very Peri—an exquisite shade of purple that combines the dynamic calmness of blue with the warmth and energy of red for a spritely purple that is universally flattering. And with Spring just around the corner, what better way to enhance our makeup looks than with this soothing shade of lavender? 

Our advice is to keep it simple, regardless of whether you use the peri hue in your eye makeup, lipsticks, or blush. Always remember that a pop of color on one feature is always the best way to create a subtle impact, so don't go overboard with the rest of your makeup!

#2 Reverse Cat Eye

Even though under-eye eyeliner is back and better than ever, you don't have to traumatize your waterline to wear it. This spring-summer, the 'reverse wing' is taking center stage on the runways and on the red carpet.


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It doesn't matter whether your line is "smudged" or "sharp," this fab eyeliner trend has a bold look that can be really flattering. As the upper lid is light and bright and the liner is angled, it tends to lift the outer corners of the eyes, creating an illusion of bigger eyes.

#3 Neon Eyes

Just as we've begun using bold and bright colors in our spring and summer wardrobes, why not do the same with our makeup?

Blend yellow eyeshadow on your lids and brow bones, then line your lash line with pink eyeliner. Or apply hot-pink eyeshadow with a precision brush for a more diffused look. There, you have it! The perfect makeup trend for 2022.

#4 Blush Contour

Spring is the perfect time to skip the contour kit. You should instead apply blush to highlight your facial features. 

Whether you want to accentuate your cheekbones or warm up your nose, this method allows you plenty of flexibility. Additionally, this contouring method provides a more natural-looking finished appearance. 

By using your blush to contour your face, you eliminate a step in the makeup procedure and let your natural bone structure show.

#5 Fluffy Brows

Whether you are wearing the most minimal or the most glam makeup, fluffy eyebrows always look great. The good news? Fluffy eyebrows will be trendy all spring and summer.

If you want this trending look, use brow wax to brush your brows upwards to lengthen and straighten them.

Fill in any gaps between your brows to give them a more full appearance. And you’re ready to rock!

#6 Monochromatic Makeup

In addition to being flattering, monochromatic looks are also easier to apply. By choosing a flattering lip color or blush shade and applying it to other areas of your face, you can achieve an effortless and effective result.

You can go as bold (or as neutral) as you want with this trend, but coral, peach, pink, and red tend to work best for a range of skin tones. 

#7 Graphic Eyeliner

Eyeliner looks can never be out of style; that is a fact. However, if your go-to eye makeup method has always been winged eyeliner, this spring-summer is the perfect time to add a twist by getting a graphic eyeliner look. 

Just finish your liner stroke by going over the brow bone or the top of the eyelid. This gives your look a sultry appearance. You can also add rhinestones for a bit more bling.

#8 Subtle Makeup

There was no shortage of minimalist makeup trends for the 2022 Spring-Summer runways. From Alaïa to Bottega Veneta, fashion houses paraded supermodels with blushed cheeks, gleaming cheeks, and feathered brows.

The airbrushed look is achieved by applying foundation with a stippling brush. For the perfect sun-kissed look, contour and bronze your face and apply blush to your cheekbones. Make your eyebrows appear fuller by brushing them upwards and outwards. Highlight the high points of your face with a stick highlighter and seal the deal with a clear gloss. It's so simple, right?

#9 Coral Lips 

The classic red lip is a makeup staple that can be worn year-round.

But you know what? You can give it a fresh summery vibe by swapping out cooler-toned reds (like dark reds and burgundies) with a warmer tone like this coral lipstick.

#10 Minimalist Glam Look

Do you enjoy keeping your makeup minimal, but don’t want to compromise on the allure? You'll love this summer makeup trend for 2022 because it gives you a touch of glam without being too much.

Add some black eyeliner and some nude lips to create your minimalist makeup look. If you want to add some uniqueness, you can even add a gem to the corners of each eye!

#11 Pastel Eyeshadow

The best part about pastel hues? Starting in the spring, you can wear them all the way until the summer.

If you want to make your pastel eyeshadow stand out, you can also pair it with neutral lip color and brow wax (such as the one that comes with brow shaping kits.

To Conclude

When the weather warms up in the spring and the flowers bloom, you might be tempted to give yourself a makeover as well. So we've put together a list of spring-summer 2022 trends that you can try out.

Feel free to try these quirky and trendy makeup trends and let us know which ones you like best!