It’s More Important than Ever Now to Switch to Paraben-free Makeup? But Why?

It’s More Important than Ever Now to Switch to Paraben-free Makeup? But Why?


This is the latest buzzword, right?

Well, it was important to talk about this, because it is being talked about everywhere. Although we’ve all ‘heard about’ paraben side effects, do we really know what it means?

What do we know about paraben-free makeup? Not much, just that we should be using it because it is better for us.

We know we should use paraben-free products. But we’re forgetting one important question—WHY?

In the times we’re living in, a healthy lifestyle is becoming more and more important. That’s what explains the big switch to organic vegetables, healthcare, daily trip to the gym, and whatnot. We’ve been striving to make the right decisions when it comes to our bodies. So what’s it that makes paraben the culprit?

Is it because paraben-free products keep your skin irritation-free?

Or to save your skin from early aging?

Because paraben is a threat to the environment?

Or because it simply isn’t the way to go because someone said so?


That’s not all!

Paraben doesn’t just strip your skin of moisture and natural oils:

They are Carcinogenic: They were found in breast tissues of patients with breast cancer (Info 1)

They are known to be Endocrine Disruptors: They can disrupt your hormone function, especially estrogen (also leading to breast cancer development Info 2)

They’re able to penetrate the skin and remain within the tissue.


They’ll make you age faster.

They can even cause reproductive problems

And they’re obviously a threat to the environment (of course, like many other toxic preservatives)

Although parabens are present in the products we use in small quantities, it is not necessary to use such products anymore. That’s because we have much better choices available now.

Bottom line is, you must choose wisely. There will be preservatives in most things you use. The choice is yours to go for ones that cause the least harm to your body, and to the environment. If you have a choice, it’s always better to go for paraben-free products. Most good brands make paraben-free products that are as good as paraben-based ones.

You can find some amazing natural, cruelty-free, and paraben-free makeup and even paraben-free makeup remover wipes here.


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