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Eye Love Colour Combo

Intense single stroke application
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Love colored kajals? You know what would be better than one amazing Magneteyes Coloured Kajal? TWO Magneteyes Coloured Kajals! Any kajal lover would love the intense color and the single stroke application of these kajals and more than anything else, the brilliant shades! Get yourself this perfect gift if you’re a lover of beautiful kajal-clad eyes; it’s gonna be the best thing your eyes ever wear.

Reasons To Buy

• 24-hour long-stay, waterproof, smudge-proof, intense color, single stroke application, almond oil, antioxidants, and minerals enriched.
• Comfortable all-day stay.
• Your 2 favorite Mageneteyes Coloured Kajal shades in one combo.
• Can be the perfect gift on any occasion for eye makeup lovers.
• Paraben-free, cruelty-free products.

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Name & Address of Manufacturer: Faces Canada
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      Ghgccfhvcccccg to ygbvcghn

      Simran Bajwa
      Eye love combo set😍

      Amezing product 😘😘 all collors are very pigmented very smooth 😀 I love ❤️faces Canada product

      Sampada sandesh gharat Gharat
      Must buy these

      Very excellent nice product .I love it worth the money.

      Awesome products of face Canada

      I ordered brown and blue kalaj combo it's really awesome 👌🏻👌🏻i loved it

      Blue and green combo

      I ordered Blue Motivation and Green appreciation combo 😍 both are awesome love the product

      Eye Love Colour Combo colored kajal is one of the best brands when it comes to cosmetics. With over 50 shades of eyeshadow to choose from, Eye Love Colour Combo makes it easy to have fun with makeup, with different color combos that range from subtle and natural to bold and dramatic.

      Some color kajal pencil products are also made for sensitive skin and contact lens wearers, so you can be sure that your eyes are getting the care they need without having to worry about irritation or allergic reactions! Here’s how you can do your own Eye Love Colour Combo with some eye-catching results!

      Everything You Need To Know About Finding the Right Eye Shadow Shade

      So many women have trouble finding colored kajal pencil makeup that flatters their eye color, but thankfully you don’t have to rely on trial and error. There are a few basic guidelines that can help you get started when choosing an eye shadow color.

      These rules aren’t foolproof, but they're a good place to start. For example, eyes look best in shades of blue if they are green or brown; gold if they are hazel or green; grey if they are blue or green; and black, browns, and dark purples if your eyes are almost any shade of brown. Keep in mind that every person is different, so follow these tips as guidelines rather than rules.

      How to Apply Eyeshadow, According to Celebrity Makeup Artists

      Eyeshadow is not just an easy way to spice up your look and brighten your eyes, it can also be a powerful tool. Just ask celebrity makeup artists who make even Hollywood’s biggest stars look their best. They know all of makeup’s best tricks and which shades will make eyes pop. Eyeshadow application is one of those skills that takes practice, but some tried-and-true methods will help you get started on looking like a pro.

      Which Eyeshadow Combinations Should You Avoid?

      There are few things more unflattering than eyeshadow that clashes with your skin tone. It just doesn’t look right and can make your whole face look off, regardless of what else you do. When you match your eyeshadow with your foundation, it helps create a cohesive look that is much more flattering for a wide range of skin tones.

      Here are some basic rules for matching eyeshadow with foundation. If you stick to these guidelines, it's much less likely that people will notice if you accidentally pair an eye color with your skin tone (instead of your foundation). They'll think nothing of it if they even notice at all.

      How To Look Like A Pro When Applying Your Eyeshadow

      When applying eyeshadow, it can be tricky to know when you’ve reached your desired shade. But rest assured that there is a simple way to figure out whether you’re hitting your mark or not. Just take a Q-tip and wipe off an inch of product from your brush before each stroke!

      Then, as you're working with color on your lid, take small strokes back and forth to ensure you don't create extra color buildup. This method will ensure that any excess shadow is wiped away so that you don’t end up looking like a clown at work—or anywhere else for that matter!

      Expert Tips For Rocking Bold Color on Your Lids

      Whether you're wearing a pink-hued shadow or rocking a bold shade of purple, expertly applying color is crucial. Follow these tips for how to properly apply eye shadow so you always look your best.

      1. Apply eyeshadow on top of your eyeliner for added intensity.
      2. Choose high-quality eyeshadow with no shimmer and little fallout, which will help it last longer (yes, really!).
      3. Apply darker colors best color kajal on your lash line and transition into lighter shades at the lash base; keep darker shades close to your lashes so as not to add bulk that can make eyes appear smaller and/or droopier
      4. Bring color along the lower lid by extending slightly below your crease with an angled brush5.

      Get Rid of Dark Circles & Define Your Eyes With These Subtle Tricks

      From circles and lines around your eyes to sagging eyelids or hooded eyelids, you may not realize it, but one or more of these eye conditions are keeping your eyes from shining through.

      Sometimes a change in kajal makeup technique is all that's needed to give your eyes that pop you've been looking for. If you want to learn how to make your eyes look bigger than ever before with just a few easy steps then read on!

      How To Apply Cream Shadows Like A Professional Makeup Artist

      If you want your eyeshadow to look professional, one of the best ways is by using cream shadows. Find out how you can apply cream shadows like a professional makeup artist. Here are some tips on how to use and blend cream eye shadow like a pro. Cream shadows are easy to use because they don’t require any brushes or sponges, so all you need is your fingers!

      You can use them in place of powder kajal eye shadows for an easy way to make everyday eye makeup look something more dramatic and bold. However, you must know how to apply them properly for them not only last longer but also look more natural and blended with your skin tone. Check out these simple steps on how to apply cream eye shadow like a pro!

      Ways To Master Blending Techniques & Other Tips For Beginners

      So you have a base eye shadow kajal eyeliner color and you're ready to work on creating a look that accentuates your eyes. But how do you know what colors to use for an eyeshadow look?

      Or where should you apply them? If you want natural-looking but enhanced eyes, here are some helpful tips. Keep reading for a step-by-step guide that will help you master blending techniques and enhance your eye color with ease.

      And if it turns out that your favorite look is something different than what we've suggested, just mix and match it with other shades from our collection. At Eye Love Colour Combo, our products are built for experimentation!

      Natural Ways To Keep Dark Circles At Bay & Brighten Up Underneath Your Eyes

      For people who suffer from those unsightly dark circles underneath their eyes, there are several effective natural remedies for getting rid of dark circles. In addition to bringing on bags under your eyes and swelling in your eyelids, dark circles can also lead to eye strain and headaches.

      So, when it comes to getting rid of dark circles naturally, you’ll want a treatment that will provide fast relief. Fortunately, there are plenty of natural treatments for getting rid of under-eye bags and discoloration. Some work better than others depending on what causes your eyes to look puffy and blue or red—but in most cases, you can look forward to seeing an improvement fairly quickly.

      Why we use Eye Love Colour Combo

      If you’re like most, you enjoy makeup and the enhancement it can give your appearance, but you hate how long it takes to apply and remove all the various products before and after work or going out with friends. And even though it’s quick and easy to grab a tube of lipstick, the results don’t last as long as they used to, do they? Eye Love Colour Combo kajal waterproof provides you with everything you need in one product, so you can have the perfectly enhanced look you want without spending an hour each morning on your application routine.

      1) Multiple Eyeshadow Looks

      Why use more than one shadow at a time? Think of it as multitasking for your eyes. Our shadows can be worn alone or paired together, so if you have an event where you need to look polished but you’re short on time, start with a base of primer and then layer on individual shades for depth and dimension.

      You can also try layering different kajal makeup colors to create completely new colors—you won’t even notice where one shade ends and another begins. It’s like an optical illusion! Since our shadows come in so many shades, we even offer 4-Shadow Boxes (1 Matte + 3 Metallic) and 8-Shadow Boxes (3 Matte + 5 Metallic) that are readymade for those who love using multiple colors at once.

      2) Mineral Eyeshadows that are creamy, blendable, and last all-day

      Mineral Eyeshadows eye kajal is a lot more difficult to manufacture than you would think. They need to be creamy enough that they glide on easily, but they can't be so soft that they don't last. They have to have great color payoff and blend-ability, with a color formula that lasts all day. We make sure that all of our colors are created with only skin-friendly ingredients.

      We also never test on animals. Natural mineral eyeshadows usually look chalky or boring, but not ours! The secret is in our unique texture process; we know exactly how much dry mica powder we need for each color so that it goes on smooth and stays looking amazing from morning until night.

      3) Long Lasting

      My favorite thing about using an eyeshadow kajal eyes primer is that it does exactly what it says it will. I was amazed at how long my shadows stayed on after using Eye Love – most others fade off within a few hours and I found myself constantly reapplying, but not with Eye Love!

      My eye makeup kajal colors lasted for over 16 hours before starting to wear away. These colors are bold and bright even without shadow, so no worries if you’re not in love with your eyeshadow look by noon. Keep them bright and beautiful all day long with clear primer! Affordable: This is one of those rare beauty buys that won’t break your bank—and they offer multiple prices based on how many colors you need or want.

      4) Cruelty-Free Mineral Cosmetics

      I am very happy to say that every single makeup product we make is naturally sourced and cruelty-free. We don't test our products on animals, nor do we ask other companies to test for us. The product ingredients are all purchased directly from suppliers so there is no room for anyone else to intervene along our supply chain.

      All of our packaging is made in-house, with materials that are not only non-toxic but biodegradable as well. We truly care about what goes into our kajal eye pencil products and how they are made, which means we also care about what you put on your body!

      5) Fragrance-Free Mineral Cosmetics

      An eye makeup remover doesn’t contain chemicals that are hard on your skin. It’s gentle, like mineral makeup. We don’t recommend using cheap drugstore mascara because they usually have chemicals in them that could potentially irritate your eyes.

      When you remove mascara with an oily cleanser, it can be more irritating than removing it with a gentle dark eye kajal makeup remover. This is something that happens over time and might not even be noticed at first. When using a good quality cosmetic brand, there are fewer chances of irritations occurring due to different chemical makeups in different brands.

      6) Organic Ingredients in Each Shade (Highlighting our ingredients like Mica, Iron Oxides, Zinc Oxide, Titanium Dioxide, etc.)

      Our ingredient lists are a place you can go to see how long it takes us, in words, to list each of our ingredients. Some companies will do that and then proceed to list their product as hypoallergenic or some other clever way of hiding what they put into their products. Not here. We show you every single ingredient in every single shade we make and you can search for those on EWG's Skin Deep Cosmetic Database.

      Don't forget, though; if there's something you're allergic to...well...let's just say that there are plenty of other makeup options out there. With millions and millions of people in North America alone, chances are most companies haven't yet made something safe enough for your specific allergies!

      7) Vegan-Friendly Cosmetic Products (Our color palette is 100% vegan friendly!)

      The idea of using animal products for natural eye kajal cosmetics was one that never really crossed my mind. I always thought you either used them or didn’t, but as it turns out, that’s not always true.

      Some cosmetic ingredients are derived from animals (such as lanolin) but have been synthetically recreated in a lab environment—meaning they aren't sourced from actual animals. This means our vegan-friendly makeup will stay on your face, where it belongs!

      8) Works on All Skin Tones & Types (even sensitive skin!)

      Unlike other concealers, we have formulated our concealer to work on all skin tones and types. One of our key ingredients is Aloe Vera which helps soothe sensitive skin. While many of us don't think about it, under-eye concealer can cause sensitivity for many women because of where it's placed.


      The next time you want a new way to hide those dark circles try out some new ways with these incredible tips! You may be surprised at how good you feel when your makeup is working with your body instead of against it!

      9) The Best Prices Around

      We're a family business, and we want you as a long-term customer. While you may find a lower price at some other online store, we make sure not to undercut our retailers because that helps maintain our high standards of quality control.

      We know your time is valuable, so we'll never waste it by trying to sell you something cheap at any cost—we've learned from experience that simply doesn't work for everyone. We believe in offering quality eye care kajal products at fair prices so that every customer leaves happy with their purchase. For more information visit eye love color combo reviews.

      10) Quick Shipping - No Tax/Customs fees!

      It’s always a relief when your best eye kajal for daily use cosmetics order arrives on time and in perfect condition, especially when it comes from across an ocean. Eye Love is proud to offer next-day shipping so you can try our products with as little delay as possible. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about any pesky customs or VAT fees: we ship straight from our warehouse in Canada!

      Better yet, when you receive your package, it will be marked Private Purchase so even if someone sees what’s inside (or takes a peek at your address label), they won’t see any mention of an overseas company and will be none-the-wiser about how cheap and affordable these incredible products are!

      How to use Eye Love Colour Combo

      Makeup is such an important part of any woman’s beauty regimen, and that doesn’t change just because you have diabetes. Some people might think that because they have diabetes, they shouldn’t wear makeup or that it will get messed up and make them sick.

      The truth is, makeup isn’t just about making you look good; it can also help you to feel better about yourself and keep your blood glucose levels under control.

      Step 1. Paint your base color

      Apply a base coat of cream eyeshadow gel eyeliner kajal onto your lids, then blend a flat brush into colors to create a smooth gradient. Apply another thin layer of base and let it dry. Repeat as needed. (Read more: How to Use Cream Eyeshadow) .

      Line your upper lash line with black eyeliner: Using an angled liner brush, draw a thin line from corner to corner on your upper lash line. (Read more: Tips for Perfect Eyeliner Application)

      Step 2. Paint 2nd color (gaps between eyelashes)

      Use an eyeliner eye kajal gel brush and apply a slightly thinner coat of mascara, painting from the base of your lashes to their tips.

      Your end goal is a dark, solid color that covers all gaps between your lashes. Afterward, you can use a cotton swab dipped in eye makeup remover to tidy up any edges where the color might have ended up on your skin or in your eyes.

      Note: You want straight lines for a crisp feline flick, so take care not to wiggle too much with your brush when applying the second color.

      Step 3. Paint detail color

      Start with your smallest gel eye kajal brush and paint right over the top of all these little dots. Use a detail brush so you can concentrate on just doing the corners and sides. If you're struggling with cutting in, try painting right along those edges of color instead.

      This will help keep those crisp lines nice and clean while making it easier for you to blend in with your background color.

      Step 4. Fill gaps

      When you reach for your lip color, concealer, blush, or whatever product it is that you're filling a gap in your makeup routine with—reach for something from Eye Love. Just by combining a few different products from our line of cosmetics, you can create infinite looks without having to leave your house.

      Our eye shadows come in five different shades and can be worn dry or wet (for an easy-to-use alternative that lasts all day). Mix two colors and watch as they come alive on your eyelids! For lips, we have 10 different lipstick options plus a gloss that are packaged together so you can fill any lip gap quickly. Are you ready? Let's go!

      Step 5. Shade inside eye socket line

      If you don’t have a steady hand, or if you’re new to eyeshadow, it may be easier for you to apply your shadow at an angle. To do so, line up your inner eye socket line with one of your bristles and hold at about a 30-degree angle above your lid.

      The angled application will give your lids an even color payoff, preventing any V-shaped lines from appearing across both lids as well as giving you that extra staying power due to more blending with less time. Be sure not to apply too much pressure when applying; make light movements along the base of lashes and then blend outwards towards the brow bone.

      Step 6. Highlight the inner corner of the eyes

      This step is optional. Use a concealer brush, and blend color inwards from your lower lash line. This will help highlight the inner corners of the eyes.

      You can also apply eyeliner here, but if you are using waterproof pencil eyeliner, it will probably smudge so you don't want to put too much product in that area.

      Step 7. Go back to paint detail color if necessary

      Before you apply you're under-eye kajal base coat and add in any detail color or sparkle, you may need to go back with your white polish and paint over any areas that got covered up by all of those layers.

      You'll probably notice that I did a good job of covering everything with my dark blue-purple combo, but some small areas are still visible—the dots at the base of each nail in particular. Don't worry about it if you're like me and didn't think ahead when applying two coats of every color. Just make sure you're satisfied with how everything looks before moving on! :)


      Step 8. Highlight under the brow bone and on the top lid (optional)

      Using the lightest Faces Canada color kajal shade of brown on your brush, pat lightly along the bottom lash line. Be careful not to apply too much pressure as you don’t want there to be any fallout (fall out). Pat once again in the center of the lid using dark brown for definition.

      Then pull through the outer corner using a black eye pencil if desired. Since I'm using a dark shade on my lid, I will only be doing one color at my lash line; otherwise, it might look a little too intense and could take away from what's going on up top. When applying liner or eye shadow on top and bottom lids, it’s best practice to do them separately and in reverse order so that you can avoid any fallout or crumbs falling into your eyes!

      Step 9. Put mascara on (optional)

      Mascara can make your lashes look fuller, longer, and more defined. If you choose to wear mascara, a great way to get it to do its job is by using a lash curler beforehand (this step is optional).

      Doing so will put all your lashes in their best light since it lifts each lash upward and exposes it. After curling your lashes, apply one coat of mascara on top of both upper and lower lashes. Use only as much as you need; if you're putting too much on you may end up with clumps instead of long eyelashes. Mascara also tends to run easily throughout the day when exposed to water, so be careful if you're applying it before working out or going for a swim!

      Step 10. Set with powder if necessary

      The last step of your makeup routine should be powdering your face. This keeps all of your makeup in place and helps absorb any excess oil on your skin.

      While it’s important to set with powder, make sure you choose a powder that is designed for setting makeup (you don't want one that will add more color or grease on top of what you already have). A translucent or tinted setting powder works best for everyday looks. The best way to apply it is with a large fluffy brush like our Large Powder Brush.

      How to layer Eye Love Colour Combo with eyeliner

      Eye Love Colour Combo and eyeliner are two products that are not often used together, which could be a huge mistake on your part.

      Though they can't take the place of one another, Eye Love Colour Combo and eyeliner together make a great eye shadow primer and can intensify the color of any eyeshadow by using the eyeliner to draw on the colors before blending them out with Eye Love Colour Combo eye shadow or any other eyeshadow you want to use.

      Let’s explore how to layer Eye Love Colour Combo with eyeliner to make some interesting eye looks!

      1) No liner for a natural look

      If you’re going for a soft and natural look, skip liner entirely and simply apply an eye shadow of your choice over your lids. Black eyeshadow is best for a smoky eye, but browns and beiges will also work well.

      Choose one shade lighter than your natural skin tone and dust it under your lower lash line; if you want more drama, layer two shades of shadow on top of each other to create depth. And finally, finish off by curling up those lashes—you don't need mascara or eyeliner to get that fresh-faced look! You can also try highlighting just under your brow bones with a shimmery cream highlighter to brighten up tired eyes.

      2) Brown liner looks good on green eyes

      A deep, warm brown shade can enhance eyes that are colored brown. But any color can work on green eyes if you know what you’re doing. Begin by using a thin line close to your lash line and smudge it out gently with an eye shadow brush. It doesn’t have to be perfect!

      Next, use a slightly larger liner brush and apply a lighter shade of brown right at your lash line. The key is keeping everything blended—if it looks too harsh, add more of a darker or lighter eyeshadow color until it’s soft but noticeable enough for people not to notice your green eye color first thing.

      3) Brown liner looks good on blue eyes

      We've all heard it: brown eyes are better suited for brown liner. And, if you have blue eyes, there's some truth to that—brown liner looks a bit more intense on blue eyes than any other color. Brown eyeshadow also creates a cooler look than black or navy, so steer clear of those colors if you want something understated.

      Brown works well because it mimics your natural eye color while still making your eyes pop. But, again—it can be overdone; brown is a great choice only when you want a softer smokey eye. If drama is what you’re going for, stick with darker colors like deep purple or smoky black instead. One exception: go ahead and make them green!

      4) Dark purple liner looks good on green eyes

      The formula for choosing your eyeshadow liner color is simple. If you have green eyes, stick to purples and blues. On brown eyes, you can play around a bit more.

      But remember, don’t go too bold or it will overpower your eye color and make you look washed out. Here are some of our favorite colors

      5) Lavender liner looks good on brown eyes

      I'm a lavender lover but I think it looks super sexy on brown eyes. The trick is to make sure you choose a shade of Lavender that compliments your skin tone. My favorite for browns, deep blues, and greens. Honestly, any deep plum or purple liner looks beautiful over lavender because they are just so opposite of each other. To get that sultry nighttime look, line your upper lash line in black then apply lavender into your crease and softly blend into your lower lashline. Ohh la! You’ll be turning heads all night long!

      6) Blue liner looks good on brown eyes

      If you have brown eyes, a blue liner will enhance your natural eye color. The result is stunning and you can rock it at any time of day! Pair it with soft pink lipstick for an ultra-feminine look. You could also wear bold red or violet lipstick if you are brave enough! Add gold accessories to complete your look.

      If you are going for a more subtle approach, add black liner instead of blue and pair it with neutral colors on top. Either way, our makeup kits will work like magic on your lids! Oh, and don’t forget to rock those beautiful lashes – they make all the difference!

      7) Green liner looks good on green eyes

      Certain eye colors just go better together. Green is a beautiful color and looks especially good when paired with hazel or brown eyes.

      These pairs complement each other in a way that some eye colors don’t, as they balance out each other’s differences. But what makes green liner look so good on green eyes? Find out here!

      8) Pink liner works well with light skin and brown hair

      It's high contrast, so it will make your eyes pop. Brown liner is great if you have light skin and dark hair because it makes both colors in your face stand out. If you have brown eyes, the gray liner will make them look even greener by adding a bit of blue to them.

      For dark skin and black hair, try deep purple or red liner. Purple is a color between red and blue that can accentuate either—it's a rich color that almost glows on darker complexions. Use a more neutral color like brown for an everyday look that won't be too over-the-top for work or class. Brown works especially well with blonde hair because it won't add any of its warmth; blondes don't need more yellow in their appearance!

      9) Purple works well in many shades

      Purple is a dynamic color in terms of makeup. It can be played down for everyday wear or it can be used more boldly as an eye shadow and lip combination. The great thing about purple is that it complements so many different colors, so you don't have to worry about pairing your outfit or accessories when using a purple-based shade of lipstick.

      If you’re not sure where to start, try wearing violet lipstick, like Faces Canada Expert Wear eyeshadow and Liner in Violet Flare ($8), along with black mascara (You'll also notice that grey looks good paired with purple). If you are daring enough, pair your deep purple lips with white eyeliner (Lime Crime Diamond Crushers!) and see what people think!

      10) Pink helps narrow down the options in your color wheel

      Pink is a complementary color to brown and provides an instant cooling effect. Complementary eyeshadow colors sit opposite each other on a color wheel (about their hues and shades).

      While pinks are all cool, they range from the very light, powdery pink and darker intense berry. In terms of texture, think cream-to-satin finishes in both pencils and creams. You'll find them in a variety of finishes as well: matte, shimmer, or metallic/pearl for an extra hit of luster.

      How to match Eye Love Colour Combo shade to eyeshadow

      To pair a shade of Eye Love Colour Combo with your eyeshadow, take a look at what shade you use most often on your lids, and then select an eye shadow that is no more than one tone lighter or darker.

      How to match Eye Love Colour Combo shade with the outfit

      Eyeliner is one of our most powerful eyeshadow make-up tools as it can add shape and definition to your eyes. Because it’s so important, there are many ways you can use eyeliner to enhance your look.

      How to prep eyes

      To prepare your eyes for Eye Love Colour eyeshadow, start by removing any excess mascara on your lashes with a cotton swab.


      Will it last all day?

      It's a good idea to test out your new colors before you go about making them a part of your daily look. Apply eyeliner at night, and see how long it lasts. This will give you an indication as to whether or not it will work for you on a day-to-day basis.

      Is it easily blendable?

      Base eyeshadow should blend easily and work well with other shadows. If a color has a chalky or muddy look when applied to your skin, don’t buy it. Look for colors that complement one another; for example, purples are great with oranges, pinks, or yellows. And gray works well with browns, golds, and beiges. Be adventurous when buying shadow colors — you never know what might look good together!

      Do these pencils come with a sharpener?

      Yes! All Eye Love Colour Combo eyeshadow products come with a sharpener. Simply twist your pencil to reveal and use. To sharpen, hold it at a 90-degree angle to a sharpener and push gently until you have reached desired tip shape.

      Once you've achieved an angled point, you can use that for a super fine definition or apply some pressure to create a thicker line, depending on what look you’re going for.

      Is the pigment safe for people with sensitive skin?

      Eye Love Colour-coloured kajal is safe for sensitive skin. You can use Eye Love Colour directly on your eyelids without any concern or special makeup base (eye primer). Our pigments are made from natural minerals and can be easily washed off with water.
      Read more