Eye Makeup


      Whether you're the one with that dark kajal line, the lover of the perfect wing, or the sassy one who loves colorful eyelids—we have something for every eye makeup lover. Indulge in the widest range of chemical free eye makeup from eyeliners and kajals to eyeshadows and mascaras.

      Eye Makeup

      Wearing the right eye makeup is a must, whether it's a waterproof kajal, elegant brown shadow for a business meeting or a long-lasting charming blue glittery shade for an evening party. When you buy eye makeup products online, your first priority is to get the best quality products at the best possible price and a wide range of options.

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      About Eye Makeup and Related Facts

      Everyone likes to look beautiful and glamorous. Makeup can add to the beauty of people. But most people are busy applying concealer, foundation, lipstick, and blush only in the name of makeup and do not even think about eye makeup. Whereas eye makeup can assist you get a special look. With high-quality eye makeup, freshness can be shown in the face by removing weariness. 

      The eyes are the most attractive part of our body, which everyone wants to show better. You can also make them alive by doing a little makeup on the eyes. Your makeup can also get you compliments and can also make you a joke story.

       Everything is incomplete without the beauty of the eyes. But not everyone has perfect eyes. They are shown beautifully through eye makeup, which doubles your beauty. One can easily purchase best eye makeup products online by visiting an online store. 

      Generally people like big eyes which look more beautiful after applying waterproof kajal, mascara, and liner. In such a situation, we have brought for you some special makeup tips and eye makeup ideas that will make your eyes even more beautiful.

      Eyes are that part of our face through which we can convey our words to the person in front of us even without speaking, so some attention must be paid to them. To make your eyes look beautiful, you also need to apply eye shadow along with waterproof kajal and eyeliner, only then your eye makeup is complete. On the other hand, if you do not know how to apply Eyeshadow well, then we have brought for you the related tips (Eye Makeup Tips). By following these tips, you can give an attractive look to your eyes. 

      Right Brush 

      Always use a good quality brush to apply eyeshadow. If the eyeshadow brush is not good, then you will not be able to apply it well. On the other hand, you need a different type of brush for different parts of the eyes. Eyeshadow should be applied to your eyelids with a flat brush, while use a dome brush to apply eyeshadow to the crease. Using a brush, blend the shade evenly from the lash line to the brow bone. 

      Take care of your skin 

      (Know your skin type) Whenever you buy eyeshadow for yourself, buy it keeping in mind your skin type, it gives a perfect look to your eyes. If you have oily skin then choose powder eyeshadow and if you have dry skin then you apply creamy eyeshadow on them.

      Apply Primer 

      Just as the primer is used to prepare the base of face makeup, in the same way, primer is applied before applying it to make eyeshadow long-lasting. Before applying the primer, wipe the eyelids thoroughly with the tissue, then apply primer on them. After this, apply eyeshadow on the eyes, so that it does not get spoiled for a long time. Also, you will get a flawless look. If you don't have a primer, you can also use concealer instead.

      Essential Items for Eye Makeup - Best Eye Makeup Products

      • Eyeliner
      • Eye pencil
      • Eye shadow
      • Eye primer
      • Eyebrow pencils
      • Mascara (Kohl)
      • Mascara
      • Artificial or false eyelashes
      • Eye makeup brushes
      • Eye curler
      • Smudge-proof eyebrow powder

      How to do eye makeup

      Your beauty largely depends on your eyes, so pay special attention to eye makeup. Whether your eyes are big or small or whatever color they are, they can look beautiful if you prepare them well. Just as everyone's eyes are different, so do their makeup differently.here is some best eye makeup ideas to check out to get beautiful eyes.


      Take special care about the choice of eye makeup for small eyes with kajal. Especially when the eyes are heavy with fatigue, then this becomes even more important. The first tip for eye makeup is that the primer used during makeup matches the color of your skin. While applying the primer, it should be kept in mind that a thin layer should be applied. If you want to keep makeup for a long time, then the use of makeup is very important. Otherwise, makeup can also be done with makeup for a short time.


      Eye shadow plays a very important role in the beauty of the eyes. Eye shadow not only makes your eyes beautiful but also looks like four moons. Makeup looks incomplete without eye shadow. If you apply eyeshadow according to the color of your face, it looks even better. People of normal color should use light-colored eyeshadow. You can use a more colored eyeshadow to look more beautiful. But keep in mind which color will look good with which color. so choose your best ye makeup products wisely.


      Eyeliner or kajal both have a very important role in eye makeup for small eyes with kajal. However, some caution is necessary while applying it. To make your eyes beautiful, you should apply a little wide eyeliner. If you are a girl and you are using it to go to your office or college, then a light eyeliner will give a good look to your eyes. After applying it, take it out from the side of the eyes, it will make the eyes look bigger. In this way, in the world of eye makeup, there is a lot of makeup for the eyes, just need to be careful.


      Mascara makes your eyelashes look bigger and prettier. Apply the mascara brush in an upward motion from the roots of your eyelashes. By using mascara, the eyelids appear heavy and dense, which gives an attractive look. Apart from this, the eyes also look big and beautiful. For this, the mascara must be applied across the brows on both sides so that the eyelashes on both sides are visible so that your eyes look more beautiful.


      Kajal also contributes a lot in enhancing the beauty of the eyes. By applying waterproof kajal, the beauty of your eyes increases to a great extent. It not only increases beauty, but it also protects your eyes from many diseases or eye problems. Whenever you choose waterproof kajal, check how long it stays in your eyes. Many mascaras spread very quickly from the eyes, which spoils the eye makeup for small eyes with kajal.

      Eye Lashes

      Many girls have very thin eyes, they do not like the look of their eyes as they want. So they should apply eyelashes to make their eyes attractive so that the brightness of the eyes doubles.


      Many girls have small eyes, so they should use a Shimmer to make their eyes beautiful. It is a kind of shining powder that gives a new shine to the eyes. Apply the shimmer on the under eyelashes and use it carefully.

      How to take care of your eyes

      While using eye makeup, we make lots of small mistakes, due to which there can be damage. In such circumstances some safety measures need to be taken about eye makeup for small eyes with kajal. Let us know what things must be kept in mind during eye makeup.

      Take care of hygiene

      If you do not take care of hygiene throughout eye makeup, then the eyes can be damaged. In such circumstances while doing eye makeup for small eyes with kajal, wash your face and hands carefully and use makeup after that. If you do not do this, then the microbes on the hand can come in contact with the eyes. 

      Don't use other's eye makeup

      Never share your eye makeup kit or best eye makeup products such as a brush or pencil with others. Because by doing so there is a fear of spreading the infection. If you do not have any product, then purchase first. It is completely not safe to use the eye makeup for small eyes with kajal of a friend or any other individual in the time of Corona.

      Remove eye makeup at night and sleep

      Frequently beauticians advise that one must sleep after removing eye makeup at night time. If you sleep without removing the eye makeup for small eyes with kajal, it can cause itching, burning, and irritation in the eyes. In such a condition, it is very significant to remove eye makeup at night.

      Don't follow any trend

      New eye makeup trends come each day. Do not follow any tendency blindly. Before applying any type of color and eye makeup for small eyes with kajal, get information regarding it. Before doing eye makeup, do a patch test of the goods. 

      Ingredients to look for in eye makeup

      Always you need to be very careful while buying eye makeup because eyes are an important part of our body so whenever you go to buy eye makeup, keep some things in mind. First of all, you have to note that if you have any allergy or problem with any product, then it would be better if you do not buy that product. Second, always keep in mind to buys only those products which come from a well-known and good brand. Thirdly, you should know about all the ingredients used in the products, always avoid taking those products which contain harmful chemicals or metals that can harm the eyes. Below we have given information about some such ingredients. So please read carefully before choosing any eye makeup product online.

      Always use good-quality eye makeup products. If the quality of best eye makeup products is not good then it can cause damage to the eyes. Always keep eye makeup cream-based, powder-based eye makeup for small eyes with kajal can go inside the eyes, which can cause irritation or any other complaint in the eyes.

      Carbon black

      This chemical is used as a coloring agent in mascara, eyeliner, and lipstick. Carbon black is very harmful for humans and must not be used as your eye makeup product so keep away from the product containing carbon black. 

      Artificial color

      Avoid using products that contain artificial colors or dyes. Because it can cause a lot of damage to our eyes and skin and you may fall in the grip of dangerous diseases like cancer.


      Lead is found in lipstick, eye-liners, foundation, and whitening toothpaste. Lead is not added directly to the products but plays a major role in the colorants used in the products.

      Do eye makeup according to eye shape

      You can make your eyes more beautiful by doing eye makeup for small eyes with kajal according to the shape of the eyes, but for this, it is important to keep the following things in mind.

      Big eyes

      • If the eyes are incredibly big, then to provide them the ideal shape, use a lighter shade in the upper part of the eyes and a dark shade in the part near the eyelids.
      • Do not take kajal pencil or eyeliner outside the corners of the eyes; otherwise the eyes will look bigger.

      Small eyes

      If you also have small eyes, then do eye makeup in such a way that your eyes look bigger.

      • For this, use light-colored powder eye makeup for small eyes with kajal on the outer edge of the eyelid.
      • Apply dark Eyeshadow on the crease.
      • Do not use any color on the internal edges of the eyes, or else the eyes will start looking even slighter.
      • Now apply kajal of light gray color.

      Close-set eyes

      Often the distance between such eyes is less visible and both the eyes appear to be adjacent to each other.

      • For such eyes, apply light Eyeshadow on the inner corner of the eyes and intense color on the outer corner.
      • Starting with a thin line on the upper lash, apply a thick line on the outer corner.
      • Even while applying mascara, keep in mind that you apply more coats on the outer corner.
      • Extend the eyebrows outwards with an eyebrow pencil.

      Round eyes

      • Dark Eyeshadow is perfect for such eyes.
      • Starting from the inner corner of the eyes, apply eyeshadow blending well till the outer corner of the brow.
      • Apply light shadow or pencil on the lower eyelid and apply it while pulling it upwards.
      • Highlight brow bone with the muted highlighter.

      Deep-set eyes

      Such eyes look sunken inwards.

      • Apply a light or medium shade eyeshadow, blending from the inner corner of the eyes to the outer corner. This will make the eyes look bulging.
      • Apply dark shade on the crease of the eyes.
      • Apply mascara by applying eyeliner on the upper lid.
      • With the help of an eyebrow pencil, raise the eyebrows slightly.

      Wide-set eyes

      If there is more distance between your two eyes, then you can reduce this distance with perfect eye makeup. For this-

      • Apply dark Eyeshadow on the inner corner of the eyes.
      • From the lash line to the brow line, apply a light shade on one-third of the outer corner.
      • Highlight the brow bone with the highlighter.
      • Apply a thin line of eyeliner on the upper and lower lids.
      • Extend the eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil towards the nose.

      By the way, in wedding parties, girls and women take great care of their eye makeup. Sometimes to give a smokey look to her eyes, she does different types of eye makeup to make her look attractive. Eyes will look very beautiful if eye makeup is done carefully. But if there is a slight carelessness then your whole look can be spoiled.

      You too can give the best look to your eyes through simple eye makeup for small eyes with kajal tips. Through eye makeup tips, you can use Bollywood style makeup. Now whether it is a wedding or any function, you can give a great look to your eyes by doing eye makeup in a pinch.

      You too can enhance the beauty of your eyes by adopting the eye makeup for small eyes with kajal style of some Bollywood actresses.

      Bollywood style makeup

      You too can get a celebrity look by doing eye makeup like a Bollywood actress. One advantage of doing eye makeup like a Bollywood actress is that you will always do trendy eye makeup and look different. Here we are asking you to do makeup like Kareena Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Sonam Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha, and Alia Bhatt. You also learn to do eye makeup for small eyes with kajal like any Bollywood actress.

      Seeing Kareena's smokey eyes, you must have thought of trying it. This look may look good on you but it is not necessary that it will look good on everyone. Here what we mean to confirm is that prior to adopting any look or eye makeup tendency, you must know the natural eye shape of your eyes. If you know this, you'll be able to apply eye shadow and eyeliner correctly, and change whatever look or trend you want to try to suit your eye shape. Which will improve the beauty of your eyes?

      Do Smokey Eye Makeup Like Kareena Kapoor

      Kareena Kapoor's smokey eye makeup is quite popular. Kareena Kapoor often applies a lot of kajal on the upper and lower lashline. To do smokey eye makeup for small eyes with kajal like Kareena Kapoor, apply gel/sketch eyeliner instead of liquid on the lash line, as it is better for a smoky look. Now smudge the eyeliner well with the help of a smudger brush or eye bud. Finally, complete the eye makeup by applying kajal.

      Do eye makeup like Deepika Padukone for an Indian look

      To do eye makeup like Deepika Padukone for an Indian look, you have to use black and gray shades for eye makeup. To do eye makeup like Deepika Padukone, apply gel/sketch black eyeliner instead of liquid on the upper and lower lash line, as it is better for a smoky look. Now smudge the eyeliner well with the help of a smudger brush or eye bud. Then apply gray eyeshadow and smudge it with black eyeshadow. Finally, complete the eye makeup for small eyes with kajal by applying kajal.

      Do Rose Gold Eye Makeup Like Sonam Kapoor

      Sonam Kapoor is the style diva of Bollywood. Her outfits, eye makeup, accessories, everything is special. Sonam Kapoor's dreamy look became quite popular at Cannes 2017. For this look, Sonam Kapoor applied rose gold shade for the face, lip, and eye makeup. To do rose gold eye makeup for small eyes with kajal like Sonam Kapoor, apply black eyeliner. Then apply rose gold shade eyeshadow. Apply rose gold eyeshadow on the lower lash line as well. Finally, complete the eye makeup by applying kajal.

      Do eye makeup like Sonakshi Sinha for a party look

      To do eye makeup like Sonakshi Sinha for a party look, you have to use metallic blue and silver shades. To do eye makeup for small eyes with kajal like Sonakshi Sinha, first, apply black eyeliner. Then smudge the inner corner of the eyelid with blue shade and outer corner with silver shade. Finally, complete the eye makeup by applying kajal and kajal.

      Do Simple Eye Makeup Like Alia Bhatt

      If you do not like to do much eye makeup then you can do simple eye makeup like Alia Bhatt. To do simple eye makeup like Alia Bhatt, first, apply black eyeliner. Then apply pink or peach shade eyeshadow. Finally, complete the eye makeup by applying kajal and kajal.

      Hollywood Style Eye Makeup

      In 2004, Miss Israel, actress and model Gal Gadot rose to global fame for her role in Wonder Woman. Everyone was stunned by his action stunts on-screen. Apart from all this, the actress is creating panic on the internet these days with her eye makeup looks and many of her makeup looks are inspiring everyone on her Instagram account. So today we are telling you about three of her best eye makeup looks from Gal Gallott's Instagram feed, which you will definitely want to recreate-

      Frosty blue look

      Gal Gadot created magic in this look with frosty blue eyeshadow. There was a subtle sparkle to her eye shadow. He applied eyeshadow on his eyelid. Along with this, he also applied eye shadow on a small part of the tear-duct and crease. The Justice League actress then applied jet-black eyeliner under her eyes, giving a bold touch to her eye makeup. Gal then coats her lashes with mascara and balances out her eye makeup look by applying a nude lip shade.

      Red and Purple Look Gal Gadot gave a dramatic look to her eyes in this look and for this, she chose some colors. First, Gal applied Purple Haze eyeshadow. He also applied it on his lids, tear-ducts, and crease. He then highlighted his upper lash line with a blue tint. The Fast and Furious 6 actress smudged her eye shadow to create a smoky look. However, with red eyeshadow, she covered half of her cheekbones and applied the same eye shadow under the eyes.

      Eye makeup hacks and Eye Makeup Ideas

      Eye makeup is a significant part of makeup. Because the better the eye makeup, the more attractive you will look. But, poor eye makeup for small eyes with kajal can spoil your entire look. That's why it is very important to have great eye makeup for an ideal look and for this we utilize eyeliner, kajal, mascara, and Eyeshadow.

      But, it is not possible to have ideal eye makeup for small eyes with kajal every time. Because doing eye makeup is not simple, particularly for women who are doing eye makeup for the first time? But now it will not occur because today we are taking a number of step-by-step eye makeup tips for you, by following which you will never miss doing eye makeup.

      Apply tape prior to applying eye makeup

      Applying Eyeshadow on the eyes is not simple. Particularly, for women who are going to use Eyeshadow for the first time. If you are also one of those ladies who do not recognize how to apply Eyeshadow, then you can utilize scotch tape. Since this tap can provide you the ideal eyeshadow look. For this, just tap on the angle on the outer edge of your eyes & apply eyeshadow according to this form. This will provide a perfect look to your eyes and your Eyeshadow will also be applied effortlessly.

      Use Eye Primer

      To apply eye makeup, it is most significant that you constantly use an eye primer. Because eye primers help make your eye makeup last longer. Eye primer also assists in creating a smooth base for the eye makeup to slide on smoothly. So first apply a little eye primer & let it dry. After that use an eyeshadow base after that to get a high-quality base to settle your shadows if you don't have an eye shadow base. So you can also utilize foundation, compact, or concealer.

      Select the right brush

      The most significant thing for applying Eyeshadow on the eyes or blending the shade is the eye brush. Because if you desire to have ideal eye makeup, then you should know about the right eye brush. Some girls utilize the same brush to do eye makeup for small eyes with kajal. But it is incorrect to do this because women apply several shades of color at once, so they have to wash the brush again & again.

      Also, several women firstly apply the Eyeshadow with their fingers. But for a specialized and classy look, use only an excellent eye brush. Also, mix it together on the creases with a merger brush. If it does not blend well, then after a while it will start to look terrible.

      Choose the light shade

      After you have applied the primer on the eyes, now you have to choose the Eyeshadow to do the eye makeup for small eyes with kajal. But it would be superior if you select a lighter shade. Because several women apply Eyeshadow correctly in the beginning, but still cannot get an ideal look as they should. This is because, in the beginning, several women use a dark shade, which does not look excellent on their faces. Also, you must take care of the color blend of the Eyeshadow with the shade and do not do more trendy eye makeup.

      Apply liner or kajal

      When you have Eyeshadow on your eyes, now use liner, and mascara to your eyes. This will provide a perfect look to your eyes. Although it is not essential to apply liner, kajal, and mascara as you can do many types of eye makeup without it, you must apply liner and kajal on your eyes. If you desire, you can also use the bright liner.

      Give the ultimate look to the eyes

      After following all these steps, you provide the final look to your eyes i.e. touch up. If your shade is protruding from somewhere or the liner is not applied correctly, then you must fix it. After this, apply contouring or an eye blusher to your eyes & lash line.

      If you are going to do eye makeup for the first time, then you have to take particular care of some things. Eye makeup for small eyes with kajal looks excellent only when you recognize the right practice of eye makeup. If you are doing eye makeup for the first time, then our tips will be extremely helpful for you.

      1) Concealer

      To make eye makeup last for a long time, initially, apply concealer on the lid.

      2) Compact

      After that use loose powder so that the concealer sets In this means, the base of the makeup will be formed and it will last for a long time.

      3) Eye shadow

      Apply eye shadow as per your preference. If you desire, you can make eye makeup more good-looking by blending 2-3 shades.

      4) Eye Liner

      Now apply eyeliner of black, brown, or preferred shade.

      5) Eye Pencil

      Then apply an eye pencil and smudge it with the ear bud. This will provide you a smoky look and make your eyes look bigger.

      6) Mascara

      Lastly, apply mascara. Ensure to curl the eyelashes before applying mascara.

      Types of eye makeup

      1. Natural Eyes: This is the easiest and all you have to do is apply a thin layer of mascara & eyeliner.

      2. Cat eye makeup: It has been in style since the 90s. In this, more eyeliner is applied on the edge of the eyes.

      3. Shimmery Eyes: This technique involves applying shimmer eye shadow or sparkle on your eye-lid area. You can utilize this makeup for parties.

      4. Smokey eye makeup: Smokey eye makeup is steep these days. In this, you have to apply dark eyeshadow like black or brown on your eyes and blend it.

      5. Cut crease eyes: In cut crease eye makeup, the eye look is described as making a crease towards the upper eye and applying eye shadow to the lower part of the eye.

      6. Heavy Eyeliner: Forget applying kajal or any eye shadow in it, just use heavy liner on the eyes which will help you to give a glamorous look.

      7. Gradient Eyes: This is considered the best eye makeup which is very much in trend these days. It describes using two different eye colors, one dark and one light which creates a good shade.

      You can use different types of eye makeup to make the eyes look beautiful but are they increasing the risk to your eye health?

      Eyes are the mirror of our hearts. Eyes are possibly one of our most attractive features. The person looking at you first pays attention to your eyes. So, your eyes must look beautiful. But if you have small eyes then it becomes a bit tricky. In such a situation, it becomes essential to know how to do Eye Makeup

      In this story, we will tell you about eye makeup to make the eyes look stunning and bold... Shape Your Eyebrows Let's start with the eyebrows. The next time you go to the salon to shape your eyebrows, ask your beautician to shape them into an arch. In the case of small eyes, arched eyebrows give the illusion of larger eyes. Even if you have small eyes, they will look more alert and bright when the eyebrows are arched.

      Light Color Kohl Pencil

      This is a great eye makeup tip to make your beautiful eyes appear wider and more in focus. Simply apply a light-colored pencil on your waterline extending from the inner corners of your eyes to the outer. Avoid black kajal on your waterline as it will make your eyes look smaller. This is an amazing trick that instantly makes your eyes look wide and alert. You can use it with your regular eyeliner, eye shadow, and other eye makeup essentials.

      Matte Eyeshadow

      Use matte eyeshadow instead of shimmer or glitter when applying eye makeup to make your small eyes appear larger.

      Winged Eyeliner

       If you are wondering which eyeliner style is perfect for small eyes, then the answer is winged. Apart from making your eyes look super stylish, winged eyeliner also works to make them look bigger. This is simply because the aesthetic appeal of winged liner deflects attention away from the shape of the eyes and any dark circles underneath. If your eyeliner is winged, the person looking at you will only focus on that and nothing else!

      Take care of the temperature

      If you keep beauty products in hot temperatures so they start spoiling prematurely and bacteria start growing in them. Try to keep your makeup in a dry place with a temperature not less than 85 degrees.

      There are also different types of eyeshadow, know whose specialty is there

      Women love to do makeup, they do different types of makeup according to their dress. Many women like to do simple makeup. At the same time, many women like to do heavy eye makeup. Also, she does eye makeup according to her dress. However, eye makeup is done in many ways like applying simple eyeliner or applying Eyeshadow in different ways, etc. But this eye makeup looks good only when there is a right understanding of the product.

      Because sometimes products do not suit your face or dress and they can spoil your look. The most highlighted thing in makeup is eyeshadow. If you don't choose the right eyeshadow, it can ruin your whole look. That's why today we are giving you information about different types of eyeshadow, which you can select according to your dress and look.

      Powder Eyeshadow

      Powder Eyeshadow is the most commonly used product. It is like eyeshadow powder, which comes in a box. If you do not apply a lot of Eyeshadow, that is, sometimes, then powder eyeshadow is best for you. Because if you apply it daily, it can spread. Also, if you are just getting started with applying Eyeshadow, powder eyeshadow is the best for you because it is very easy to apply.

      Stick Eyeshadow

      Stick eyeshadow is a very basic eyeshadow, which you can easily apply in daily wear. It is a beauty product that looks like a pencil or kajal. Plus, you can sharpen it like a pencil or use it on the eyes like lipstick. It is best for women who like to apply Eyeshadow on a daily basis. If you are out for a long time, you can use a stick Eyeshadow. Because this shadow remains permanently for a long time.

      Glitter Eyeshadow

      Glitter Eyeshadow is also called glitter Eyeshadow. Because it is bright in appearance and works to highlight your eyes. You can wear it on any special occasion or with a stylish dress. If you want to get a stylish look at a party or any wedding function, then you can apply glitter Eyeshadow.

      Liquid Eyeshadow

      In addition, to stick Eyeshadow, you can also buy liquid Eyeshadow. It is applied to the eyes with the help of a brush. It is best for ladies who like to do eye makeup. You will easily find many types of shadows in liquid Eyeshadow. However, liquid Eyeshadow is like most lip glosses.

      Cream Eyeshadow

      Apart from all these Eyeshadow, there is another Eyeshadow which is called cream Eyeshadow. This Eyeshadow is like a gel, which is applied to the eyes with the help of a small and thin brush. However, applying this Eyeshadow is a bit easier than liquid Eyeshadow. It is good for women who have dry skin or who do not sweat. Because this Eyeshadow spreads on oily skin.

      In all these Eyeshadows, you will find many varieties of Shimmer Eyeshadow, Matte Eyeshadow, Satin Eyeshadow, etc. You can buy and use it as per your choice. 

      How to remove eye makeup properly

      As we all know Eyes are very sensitive. so, some precautions must be taken while removing makeup for your eyes. It is very important to remove eye makeup before sleeping. There is a right method to remove it.

      Nowadays the tendency of eye makeup is extremely much in vogue. Be it some party or event, girls like to provide a bold look to the eyes. To make the eyes look attractive, she uses a range of products counting kajal, eyeliner, and mascara. By doing eye makeup, people's eyes stay on your good-looking eyes. But do you know that there is a precise way to take out eye makeup?

      Use makeup remover

      Eyes are extremely sensitive. So, makeup remover must be used in its place of clothes or water. For this, remove eye makeup with makeup remover by using cotton.

      Take help of Oil

      You can utilize fragility-free essential oil to remove eye makeup. You can apply coconut oil, olive oil to remove eye makeup. This oil is useful for your skin. You can utilize it for all skin types.

      Remove contact lenses after removing eye makeup

      If you wear contact lenses, remove contacts after removing your eye makeup. Or else your eyes may get damaged. Separately from this, the lens can also get damaged. Remember that if you are applying lenses then do not utilize oil-based eye makeup for small eyes with kajal on the eyes.

      Do not forget to use Vaseline

      A number of people use Vaseline to take away eye makeup and lipstick. If you also do this, then remember that applying petroleum jelly can cause irritation and spots problems. So, do not use Vaseline to remove eye makeup.

      Remove waterproof eye makeup with baby shampoo

      Most of the times sweat are lost in removing waterproof makeup. For this, you can apply baby shampoo. You can use these tips to remove eyeliner & mascara. But you must not have put on lenses for this.

      If you are not comfy using baby shampoo, you can also apply baby wipes. Still, if you do not feel like cleaning your eyes with these things, then you can utilize petroleum jelly. It will effortlessly remove not only the eyes but the whole face makeup. If you desire you can use any high-quality lotion without fragrance, it comes in useful to remove all the makeup effortlessly.

      Waterproof eye makeup removal tips

      1. First of all, you have to keep in mind that you should never use a cotton ball to remove your waterproof mascara and eyeliner. Because some of its fibers can get stuck in your eyes and cause eye irritation and discomfort. Therefore, always remember to choose a good cotton pad to remove eye makeup. Because the cotton pad does not get stuck in your eyelashes.

      2. Secondly you have to be patient till you remove your makeup because removing waterproof eye makeup is not an easy task. Patience here means being a little more aggressive when you take off your eye makeup, which can damage your eyelids or even the skin around your eyes.

      3. Use a water-soaked makeup remover cotton pad or a good SPF-free moisturizing lotion or cream on your eyes to remove the eye makeup. This will soften your lids and your makeup and make it easier to remove.

      4. Not that if you can afford a good brand of waterproof makeup, you always need to invest in a good makeup remover. You can also remove your makeup with the help of some natural home remedies like baby oil or coconut oil instead of expensive eye makeup remover. These natural products will not harm your skin and will also help in removing makeup easily.

      5. After you close your eyes while removing your makeup, gently wipe off your eyeliner and mascara with a light hand. Never paint your eyes too hard or too sharp.

      6. Remember, after removing eye makeup, never forget to clean your face with a milk cleanser or rose water. Apart from this, instead of wiping your face with a towel, pat your face dry and let it dry. After this, you can also use aloe vera gel.

      7. If there is any grime or mascara left on your eyelashes or around the eyes, do not repeat this process, rather wipe it with a hankie or cotton pad or employ a Q-tip to clean it without any hassle.

      How to do eye makeup on Hooded eyes

      Hooded eyes show a crease between the eyebrows and eyelashes, which is not visible when the eyes are opened. Hooded eyes have an extra layer of skin that lines the crease, making the eyelid appear smaller. The lid of the eye is not visible when the eye is opened. Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma also has hooded eyes.

      Before applying makeup on hooded eyes, hooded eyes are likely to spoil the eye makeup due to the folds of the skin. So, apply a primer on the eyelid prior to eye makeup. Applying primer does not spoil the eye makeup. If the lid of the eye is not evident when the eye is opened then it is called a hooded eye & if about half of the eye is noticeable then it is called a semi-hooded eye. The eyelids are not noticeable because an extra layer of skin comes over the fold. 

      If your eye shape is hooded and you desire to make your eyes look better, then you must take care of a number of small things while doing eye makeup

      Eye makeup works as a game changer while applying makeup. If your eye makeup is good-looking then everyone's attention relies on it. At the same time, no matter how excellent the makeup of your face is, if there is a mess in the eye makeup, then your entire look gets spoiled. Usually, women find it trouble-free to do eye makeup, whereas in actuality it is not. While doing eye makeup, you not only have to select the right colors but also pay attention to the shape of your eyes.

      Essentially, the shape of the eyes of all women is special and so while doing eye makeup, you have to do makeup accordingly. Now we are telling you about Hooded Eye Makeup. Actually, hooded eyes are fairly different from other eye shapes. Hooded eyes have an additional layer of skin that falls at the crease, making the eyelid appear smaller. So, while doing eye makeup, you have to adopt a number of easy tricks, which will open your eyes. So, now we are telling you about some such eye makeup tricks-

      Apply bright colors

      Hooded eyes frequently appear drowsy or tired. In such a state, to give a pop look to your eyes, you must make some bright colors a part of your eye makeup. Apply it a little further than your brow bone. This will totally change the look of your eyes & your eyes will also seem very beautiful.

      Keep eyes open

      Generally, when we do eye makeup, we close our eyes while applying Eyeshadow, etc. But if you have a hood on your eyes, then you must try to do eye makeup only with the eyes open. This way you will be capable of understanding how much and how to apply Eyeshadow so that your eyelid and Eyeshadow color is noticeable.

      Work on the lower lid

      While doing eye makeup it is top played with colors & styling in the upper lid, but the lady with hooded eyes must pay more attention to the lower lid to make their eyes look better and more beautiful. (Liquid Eyeliner) This will also make your eyes look very stunning and big. For this use a black kohl pencil on the lower waterline and generate a smudged look with the aid of a brown kajal pencil on the lower lash line.

      Floating eyeliner

      This trick is very practical for ladies with hooded eyes. Well, these days floating eyeliner is extremely trendy & girls are also following this tendency. But floating eyeliner can improve your look a lot. Essentially, when women with hooded eyes apply eyeliner, they are not noticeable when the eyes are opened & they do not get the preferred look. But when you apply floating eyeliner, even after opening your eyes, you can see gorgeous eyeliner look on your upper lash line. On the other hand, if you lock your eyes, then your look also looks extremely trendy.

      Products with price list in tabular format(I can not make table if you can give me I will write)

      Magneteyes Coloured Kajal 

      MRP: 249


      The Faces Canada MagnetEyes kajal is the modern age kajal that will assist you all to get a bold statement! This product is an exclusive formula from Dermatologically Tested Faces Canada Mascara that delivers a rich and deep look during the day. Magnet Eyes Kajal has one of its type formulations & comes in retractable packaging for simple application and glides easily on waterline & lids. Faces Canada MagnetEyes is extremely pigmented & nourished with Vitamin-E, antioxidants & minerals is free of parabens.

      By over 40 years of Canadian custom, Faces Canada provides a special range of high-quality eye makeup and skincare goods. It's so simple and easy to apply that you get a pretty specific line, offering foolproof descriptions to your eyes.

      If you are seeking a reasonable kajal for smoky eyes or smoky eyes, you can apply this. The kohl stick is truly soft and helps you create a nice smoky look. But, if you apply kajal daily and want it to be wonderful that lasts all day and doesn't leave a sleek finish, don't go for it.

      Ultime Pro Brow Defining Pencil 

      MRP: 499

      Don't you agree that bad brows can destroy any look, no matter how good the rest of the eye makeup is? Even on a no-makeup face, just a pair of clean brows can make you look rejuvenated at the end of a long tiring day. On my 80% of days, I go out without any trace of eye makeup on my face except for some moisturizer, tinted lip balm, and groomed brows.

      Best eye makeup products are very important for some women. Many women always prefer brow powder (or brown eyeshadow) over pencil or pomade because powders give a more natural look. Still, the Fashion Brow Cream Eyebrow Pencil and the Fashion Brow Pomade Brow products worked quite well. The pencil has excellent skin compatibility and is free from parabens and mineral oil. FACES Ultime Pro Eyebrow Pencil Built-in Spoolie-Brush Shapes your brows and gives them definition, while the super long-lasting gel formula glides on smoothly and gives you perfectly defined brows.

      Available Colours: Single Shade Available - Brown

      Get those brows on a flick with the FACES Ultime Pro Eyebrow Pencil. This eyebrow pencil glides on smoothly while defining your brows impeccably. The non-transferring and long-lasting formula ensures that your brows stay fabulous all day long.

      • Non-transfer formula

      • Long lasting and easy to glide

      • Stigma Evidence

      • Excellent color pay-off

      Ultime Pro HD Whopper Lashes Mascara Black 

      MRP: 799 Regular Price

      This is a very popular product that encourages you to try a different type of eye makeup, you can easily apply it on your own without the help of an expert and it helps to give you a unique look

      • Gives you a unique and powerful look thanks to unprecedented 3D volume that makes eyelashes darker, denser, and more dramatic

      • A smooth, creamy, and clump-free texture that covers each lash with corner-to-corner layers of pure volume

      Ultime Pro Starry Eyes The Ultimate 18 Eyeshadow 

      MRP: 1299

      As long as we take care of your sexy eyes, you conquer the globe. With a convincing & grandly toned palette of 18 multipurpose shades, Faces Canada Ultimate Pro Starry Eyes Eye shadow provides you with never-ending possibilities to get a new look every day. Ultime Pro Starry Eyes Eyeshadow has special and adaptable shades to assist you to create both clear & subtle looks with ease.

      The rich toned palette of 18 handy shades for a compelling and natural eye shadow palette, is layered in limitless ways to generate an array of looks.

      Made for all skin tones, Faces Canada UltimePro Starry Eyes The Ultimate 18 Eyeshadow Palette has been deemed a necessary eye makeup bag. Shades in matte & shimmery finishes will gratify all those eye makeup cravings, and encourage you to experiment and express yourself. Generally flattering, non-creasing, the palette boasts of high coverage and simple application. Release that inner eye makeup artist now!

      Magneteyes Kajal 

      MRP: 179

      Super soft and simple gliding, FACES Magneteyes Kajal offers the much-required nourishment to your eyes as it is loaded with antioxidants & minerals and is paraben-free. The strong black color gives outstanding coverage to your eyes. Whether you desire the stunning Egyptian, feline, pin-up, luxe, or a spectacular eyeliner look, this alluring Kohl that doubles up as eyeliner can make it all with ease.

      Being dermatologically tested & enriched with a mineral-rich method with particular ingredients like Vitamin E and Vitamin C derivative, FACES Magneteyes Kajal is totally safe to use too! Besides, it is a retractable pencil & comes at a striking price of Rs.175.

      Kajal helps to improve your eyes and changes the means your face appears. Faces Magnet Eyes Kajal is particularly formulated to make your eyes look better-looking.

      • Smooth texture of the kajal effortlessly glides on waterline & lids.
      • With just a single swipe you will get the preferred look for your eyes.
      • Kajal does not blotch or melt & stays on for a long time.
      • With the highest quality pigmentation, this kajal has a dark shade.

      Ultime Pro Intense Gel Kajal Black 

      MRP: 549 Regular price

      It makes the eyes brighter with a pure, seductive, and exciting line of color Dark & Intense. It has a one-stroke application, gel finish and is great for long wear. It also comes with a smudger & has a sharpener free.

      The gel liner comes in a sleek black box accompanied by a sharpener. The pencil comes in a black pack with a dual-ended format – one side has a smudger & the other side has the eye pencil with rigid caps. The gel liner is priced sensibly as most other gel lines are available in a similar price range. 

      The Ultime Pro kajal can be used beside the lash lines or can be extended to create an amazing wing. The waterproof Ultime Pro Kajal smoothly glides on your eyes to provide you an intense long-lasting coverage and drama.

      Ultime Pro Eye Pencil 

      MRP: 499 Regular prices

      Give your eyes a burst of color with these long-wear eye pencils which come in an array of charmingly beautiful shades. They are soft and very gentle even on sensitive eyes. You can use them to provide your eyes with a dramatic renovation or to just brighten them. 

      Faces Canada brings to you a new shade in the splendid matte play eyeliner range. Now is the time for the new tempting sapphire shade that delivers the deepest pigmented line with a flawless hold for a strong finish & great color pay-off. Faces Canada Ultime Pro Matte Play Eyeliner is simple to apply and provides you with compelling eyes with just one stroke. This is long-lasting and dries very swiftly! To all the fashionable ladies seeking to make a statement, the wait for the ideal color is over! Grab this with both hands!

      Ultime Pro Twist Eye Kajal Liner 

      MRP: 599 Regular price

      A high-impact water-proof and good eye pencil Face Canada Twist Eye Kajal Liner comes in 4 matte & metallic shades for the natural eye look. Dual application, on the waterline & the upper lid, this smudge-proof kohl won’t budge until you desire it to. The Twist Eye Kajal Liner’s transfer-proof and fade-proof method keeps the intense color locked down for 24 hours. An elegant combination of Carnauba Wax & ultra-soft polymers renders it a soft consistency, to assist you to attain that look you’ve been aiming for. Packed into a suitable retractable format, it glides on in an even flick of the wrist, no dragging, pulling, or having to repeat the steps.

      Ultime Pro HD Deep Black One Stroke Kajal 

      MRP: 599 Regular price

      Rain or sunlight is not a problem, Faces Canada ultimepro HD deep black one stroke kajal will stay on your eyes last long. Being true to its name, this kajal provides a bold one-stroke application owing to its 6.4mm lead diameter & lasts up to 10 hours on the waterline. It gives a natural glide that sets into a supreme black matte finish. It renders intense waterproof and smudge-proof strokes that allow you to practice the thin line or the intrepid wing without retracting your steps. This one-of-a-kind twist-up kajal comes with a built-in sharpener to ensure your eye makeup is constantly on point.

      Ultime Pro Eye style Liner Black 

      MRP: 599 Regular price

      Faces Ultime Pro Eye style Liner comes with a 0.4 mm flexible tip applicator that helps make both ultrafine and dramatic lines with simplicity. The color is very back and gives outstanding color payoff. Its fast-drying formula is waterproof and provides your eyes with a silky finish.

      The soft, superior 0.4-mm tip applicator does an excellent job in creating the thinnest of lines and I would greatly suggest this for beginners who think they do not have the hand at creating an ideal line. Those who love each possible style or type of eye line could provide this a go as this might come useful while creating that fine line or to include a matte finish to the satin eyeliner. The applicator is extremely gentle on the skin & Flexi like it claims to be. Not only does it present high precision, but the lid is also comfy to hold & helps the applicator solve the use, unlike the long cone-like ones.

      Ultime Pro Brow Shaping Kit 

      MRP: 699 Regular pric

      A distinct eyebrow look can not only provide you with a complete look but also provide you with self-assurance. The Faces Canada Ultime Pro Brow Shaping Kit is the one-stop solution to all your natural eyebrow problems. it helps you in getting a fuller and thick brow with a quick & bold shape.

      • All in one brow grooming kit particularly curated to help you shape, fill, & set your brows
      • Features a waterproof formula, so no more smudge or eye makeup meltdowns whole day long
      • The kit has helping tools that let you create professional, personalized brow shapes in a second
      • Formulated in Turkey

      Choose from the wide variety of eye makeup products online

      Do you keep only skincare products in your kit? Of course not! All eye makeup aficionados love to add more and more items to their eye makeup product list, whether it's a smudge-proof intense kajal or an easy-to-apply eye shadow pallet, and why not? When so many incredible products are available to enhance your beautiful eyes, giving it a shot is a must! Here are some options for you to consider:

      • Kajal: The list of best eye makeup products in India is not complete without kajal. FacesCanada’s kajal range includes:
      • Magneteyes Kajal: 24 hours intense waterproof kajal for an exhilarating day or night out.
      • Ultimate Pro HD Deep Black One Stroke Kajal: Long-lasting intense kajal, perfect for a night at the club.
      • Magteneyes Coloured Kajal: Why confine yourself to a black Kajal when you have four different shades to choose from?
      • Ultimate Pro Intense Gel Kajal Black: Super creamy kajal that stays all day long.
      • Eye Pencil: Get an intense yet vibrant smokey eye with the best eye pencil shades. FacesCanada provides a range of five gorgeous eye pencil shades- forest green, dark sparkle, light blue, dark blue, and solid black.
      • Eyeliner: Make a statement with a look that will definitely make heads turn.
      • Magnet Eyes Eyeliner: A quick-drying and smudge-proof eyeliner that lasts long and gives you bold eyes.
      • Ultimate Pro Glitter Eyeliner: Glitter eyeliners matching your outfit is the new cool! You can choose from our four shades- gold, copper, blue, purple. 
      • Ultimate Pro Matte Play Eyeliner: Matte finish eyeliners have become a necessity. Now give your eyes some definition with the stunning shades of sapphire and black and feel like an absolute diva.
      • Ultimate Pro A Matte Made in Heaven Ink liner Black: Love the fox eye look? Use this felt-tipped eyeliner to get the perfect eye makeup look. 
      • Beyond Black Long Stay Liquid Eyeliner Black: A long lasting, bold black look for your eyes to complement your stunning outfit. 
      • Ultimate Pro Twist Eye Kajal Liner: This works well both as kajal and eyeliner. Pick from the shades of silver, brown, blue, azure, plum, green.
      • Mascara: Add volume to your lashes and give your eye makeup a gorgeous lift.
      • Magnet Eyes Maskara: Ideal for lightweight, long lashes.
      • Ultimate Pro HD Mini Whopper Lashes: This gives your lashes some much needed definition.
      • Volume Perfect Mascara: This one is perfect for a creamy yet smudge-proof eye makeup look.
      • Ultimate Pro Heavenly Lashes Mascara: For an ultra black look, add some volume to your lashes to elevate your smoky eye look.
      • Eye Shadow: It's impossible to put together an eye makeup product kit without eyeshadows. Our eye shadow ranges are:
      • Ultimate Pro Eyeshadow Palette: Creamy textured eyeshadows are everyone's favourite. Use it for your daily eye makeup.
      • Ultimate Pro Starry Eyes The Ultimate 18 Eyeshadows: Whether you want to sport a party or a subtle look, the wide range of eyeshadows can be used in various ways to sport a Euphoria-inspired look.
      • Brow definer: Eyebrows play an important role in defining your eye makeup. That is why we have introduced the Ultimate Pro Brow Shaping Kit and Ultimate Pro Brow Defining Pencil to make your eyebrows look fuller, thicker, and prominent.

      The best match for your eye makeup

      To complement your eye makeup and enhance your look, it is crucial to use some good waterproof face makeup products. So, why hold back? Use some lip care products and nail care products as well and get decked up to be the belle of the ball. Looking our best is a choice and taking care of your skin, lip, hair, nail, and eyes by providing the best quality products is our duty!

      Your eyes deserve only the best:

      Why Faces Canada? That's because you deserve only the best! With its glorious 40+ years of experience, Faces Canada serves millions of clients globally. Not just to buy eye makeup online, but to explore a whole range of skincare & best eye makeup products, Faces Canada is just the right choice.

      Do you know what most people notice when you meet them first? It's your eyes! So, go pro and make a lasting impression with the best eye makeup products. Thrive like the queen you are!


      Are all eye makeup products tested?

      Yes, almost all the best eye makeup products available here are completely safe and the products have been made available only after testing. You can use our products without any doubt or hesitation. We know that eyes are precious to us and we will not allow them to be tampered with at any cost. This is the reason for our reliability; we always provide only high-quality eye makeup products.

      How do I intensify my eyes with makeup?

      If you also want to improve the attractiveness of your eyes, then you have to learn the major things related to eye makeup. It is right that there will be some shortcomings in the start, but with constant effort, you too will be capable of improving the beauty of your eyes through makeup.

      The role of eye primer remains significant

      After a few hours of using eye makeup, if the whole makeup starts spreading, then it does not take time to spoil the attractiveness of the face. In such a position, the role of the primer becomes significant. Like face primer, eye primer helps in making eye makeup last longer by boosting the texture of the skin there. In addition, the eye primer also defends the eye shadow from getting damaged & cracking. You can apply eye primer with your fingers or a brush before applying eye shadow.

      Concealer is necessary

      When it comes to eye concealer it becomes hard to make the precise choice. There is a misunderstanding that if there are no dark circles or blemishes under the eyes, then concealer is not required, but the truth is not. For effectual eye makeup, always use concealer in little amounts.

      Essential eye shadow

      Eye shadow improves the beauty of the eyes in the precise way only when you mix it well while doing eye makeup. While applying eye makeup, pay close attention to mixing the eye shadow correctly. It doesn't matter how many colors you select in eye shadow. The major thing is that you mix the eye shadow correctly.

      Buy only waterproof eyeliner

      These days the market is full of different kinds of eyeliners. The most trending among these is the Liquid Black Eyeliner. When buying eyeliner, remember that it is waterproof. Pencil eyeliner is also accessible in the marketplace, which you can utilize as an eye shadow. It is simpler to apply than liquid eyeliner. Also, hone your pencil eyeliner at standard intervals for effective use. Use pen eyeliner to apply good-looking eyeliner in less time.

      Apply mascara

      Eye makeup is not done without kajal. The role of kajal is significant in enhancing the magnificence of the eyes. The complete weariness of the eyes disappears as soon as a little kajal is applied. Kajals are accessible in the market in different colors like Blue, Gray, Green, Black. Green-colored kajal can also be applied to black & brown eyes. Violet, light brown, blue & green colors bloom on the eyes of green and hazel colors. If your eye color is blue, then keep away from applying blue kajal on it. Black, gray or purple-colored mascara will improve the good looks of your eyes.

      Take care of eyelashes

      Appropriate eye care is also essential for effective eye makeup. Don't forget to curl your eyelashes after using mascara. This will give a smart look to your eyelashes.

      When applying eye makeup what goes on first?

      Anyway, it is said that eyes are the mirror of a people's character and therefore there is no harm in highlighting them. By the way, let us tell you that doing eye makeup is not child's play; it also needs to take care of different small things. There is a right and a mistaken method to apply a simple mascara and eyeliner. If the right technique is not followed, then you can be much older than your age & the beauty of your eyes might be less.

      Separately from the fundamental rules, there are several such tips, tricks, and hacks related to eye makeup, with the help of which your eye makeup can be many times better-looking and your eyes will also look flawless. Now let’s talk about what goes first when applying eye makeup.

      First, you need to apply eye primer to your lid. It helps in making your eye makeup last long. Eye primer helps make a smooth surface for makeup to glide on easily. Apply eye primer with the help of your fingers & let it dry. After this apply an eyeshadow base so that your shades can get an excellent base. But if you do not have an eye shadow base, then you can also apply foundation or concealer.

      What is the current sequence of doing eye makeup?

      All of you people who say that they do not like to do eye makeup or do not know how to apply makeup, also definitely use kajal and nothing else. Kajal and liner are two basic and essential best eye makeup products that are used by almost every girl and woman, as these are the two things that give an instant glow to your face. And it is very easy to use them, so let's know what is the correct sequence of eye makeup

      The base of the primer and foundation is considered the first step in starting the eye makeup. You should always apply primer and foundation before applying mascara, liner, or shadow. With its use, dark circles and dark spots under the eyes are also completely hidden.

      The second step is to apply kajal on the eyes. It is necessary to apply kajal to make small eyes look bigger. The use of kajal not only gives a big look to the eyes but also enhances their beauty. It should be applied over the eyes and on the enlarged eyelids. Due to this, she used to become straight and start looking bigger than normal.

      The third is eyeliner. It also gives a big look to the eyes. But it takes a lot of care to install it. Use a light or white-colored liner for smaller eyes. Never put liner on them when they come out when they are little. If you apply a darker liner, use machining the dress. Liner improves the effect of mascara.

      You can apply mascara at the end for the last touch-up. You can also use this eye makeup for your meeting or party.

      Which eye makeup to go with Red Lipstick?

      A fresh look can be made even by breaking a number of rules of eye makeup. If you want a bold and spectacular look, then you can pair Smokey cat eyes & bright red lips. This will provide a very glamorous look.

      When it comes to eye makeup all women have their own preferences. Some choose to go all bold, some keep it nude while others are all about neutral looks.

      No matter what your approach, there are a few eye makeup rules that are set for a reason – to balance the look and provide it a professional touch.

      Sporting bold makeup is an art & not everybody can get it right, it is good to balance it out by highlighting only one characteristic at a time. As bold lipsticks are simpler to wear, keep your eye makeup minimal.

      If you can’t step out with any eye makeup, we get it. You don’t constantly have to keep your eyes bare to make the lips pop. Take inspiration from some popular beauty bloggers as they pair their red lipstick with sheen Eyeshadow and loads of mascara.

      Do you love defining your eyes with a few vivid wings?! In its place of adding more colors to your lids, complete your base eye makeup & draw a few dramatic lines to balance it out.

      Why is it important to remove eye makeup before going to sleep?

      Whether you apply skin & eye makeup or not, most of us recognize that gold in our makeup is harmful to skin and general health. Our skin glows when we keep it clean & supple. If we are not cautious about removing cleanser, concealer & Eyeshadow, we are risking skin irritation & acne breakouts, etc. The reason we wear eye makeup is because we want to look fine. Imagine that you wake up in the morning and look in the mirror, and desire your skin to look glowing. For this, clean off the eye makeup before sleeping. Read to know about the disadvantages of not removing eye makeup before sleeping.

      Corneal irritation

      If you sleep with eye makeup still on your eyelashes, it can lead to a hard, solid mass that builds up under the eyelashes as the stuff accumulates. The contractions are believed to demolish the cornea, causing eye stings and irritation.

      Chance of infection

      Your eye makeup is not intended to go into your eyes, so getting into your eyes while you nap can cause infection or injury, which is hard to treat & can even lead to blindness.

      Cosmetic Problems

      If you sleep without cleaning off eye makeup, mainly kajal, dry, chalky eyelashes can fix together. Dry eyelashes can fall out. Eyelashes are not just beauty. They look good-looking, right, but their main function is to defend the eyes. Mascara Remover Pads make removing mascara easy and secure. Make a habit of removing eye makeup prior to sleeping at night.

      Can I use Lipstick on my eyes?

      Till now you should have heard that red lipstick is used simply on the lips, but did you know that it can be used in several ways in eye makeup? As much as the red lipstick blooms on the lips, no other color lipstick suits greatly. But it not only gives a particular tint to your lips but also makes the entire makeup special. You can use it from blush to Eyeshadow.

      Use lipstick on your eyelid with the finger or Eyeshadow brush. You can also use a little highlighter or glitter along with transparent powder to put in more shine to the look.

      Pour a fresh eyeliner brush into a red lipstick (liquid) bottle, and then apply it to the top of the eye, keeping it close to the lash line. Now like any standard eyeliner, you can provide it whatever shape you desire

      Why is it important to prime your eyes before doing eye makeup?

      Using a primer is extremely significant at the beginning of eye makeup. Applying a primer not only makes makeup long-lasting, but it also provides your base a smoother look. But most of the time it is seen that even after applying the primer, the woman does not get the look that she must actually get. This happens because you make a number of mistakes while applying the primer.

      There are several focuses on the eyes throughout makeup. This is the motive why most of the time is given to the eyes throughout makeup. But occasionally it happens that even using the most excellent products, eye makeup brushes, etc. does not provide you the look that you actually want. So I don't know where the mess went. Possibly this happens to you too often, in which case you should certainly use a primer once.

      Most of the time it happens that after a few hours of applying eye makeup; you recognize that creasing has started in it, due to which your eye makeup does not appear attractive. This is an ordinary problem and a simple way to get rid of this problem is to apply a primer on the eyes prior to eye makeup. It not only makes eye makeup application simple but also prevents creasing.

      If you find that your eye shadow looks too weak at times, you can apply the right Eyeshadow primer. This will enhance the brightness of your eyes. For this, you must use a primer or base of light tone. For this, white eye primer or eye base is the ideal option. On the other hand, if you are doing dark eye makeup, then you can also use a black eye primer.

      In what order do you apply eye makeup?

      The order goes like this:

      Step 1: Primer

      Step 2: Eyeshadow

      Step 3: Eyeliner

      Step 4: Tightline

      Step 5: Curl lashes

      Step 6: Maskara

      Why does my eye makeup look muddy?

      If you don't use smudge-proof best eye makeup products, your eye makeup might look muddy after a bit. Try Faces Canada's long-lasting, highly pigmented eyeshadows and bid adieu to the muddy eye makeup look.

      How do you blend eye makeup?

      Use a good eyeshadow brush like Faces Canada's multitasking eyeshadow brush. Lightly brush out the outer half first and go deeper gradually.

      How do you apply eye makeup to different eye shapes?

      First, determine your eyes' shape-round, monolid, downturned, upturned, or almond-shaped. Experiment with different eye makeup styles and choose the one that best suits you. 

      Read more