Lip Scrub


      Want Soft Pink Lips? Include a Lip Scrub in your Skincare Routine

      Are you noticing dry flaky skin on your lips? Blame the dryness in the weather for it. Exfoliating your lips with a lip scrub can make them look healthy and give you soft baby pink lips. Chapped flaky lips are a common situation for men and women. It might be more frequent in winter, however, scorching heat and less humid conditions can also result in pigmented and dry lips. Use a lip exfoliator regularly in your skincare routine to get rid of dead skin and get fresh healthy looking soft lips.

      Why Do You Need a Lip Exfoliator - Benefits of a Lip Scrub

      If there’s anything more uncomfortable than dry skin - it is flaky lips! Remember how flaky lips look strange while applying lipstick? Yes, smooth lips are healthy lips. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using a lip scrub and why you should include a natural lip exfoliator in your skincare routine.

      Smoothen your Lips

      Flaky lips are caused by dried and dead skin build-up. Use a gentle lip scrub to remove the dead skin and smoothen your lips.

      Prevents Cracked Lips

      Lips do not retain moisture well thus they tend to get drier fast. Using a lip scrub can help you prevent dry, cracked dry lips.

      Improved Blood Circulation

      When you use a lip exfoliator and massage your lips it improves blood circulation which in turn promotes cellular repair.

      Reduces Pigmentation

      A lip scrub for pigmented lips is one of the best ways to reduce pigmentation on lips caused by sun damage or pollution. Choose a lip scrub for dark-pigmented lips with natural ingredients for the best results.

      Smoother Application of Lipstick

      We all love our perfect pouty lips and adorn them often with red lipstick or a lip crayon. But imagine trying to apply a beautiful liquid lipstick on uneven lips! To glide your lipstick smoothly, exfoliate your lips with a lip scrub.

      DIY Lip Scrub for pink lips that you can make at home

      Want to make a DIY lip scrub at home for pink lips or lip scrub for pink lips? Here’s how you can make lip scrub for pink lips and lip scrub for pigmented lips at home with easy-to-find ingredients.

      1. Honey & Sugar – Mix 1 teaspoon of honey and 2 teaspoons of granulated sugar.
      2. Brown Sugar & Olive Oil – Mix 1 tablespoon of brown sugar with a few drops of olive oil.
      3. Papaya & Almond oil – Mash 1 piece of papaya and add a few drops of almond oil.
      4. Coffee & Coconut oil – Mix 1 teaspoon of ground coffee with a few drops of coconut oil
      5. Sea Salt, Lemon & Coconut oil – Mix 1 teaspoon of sea salt, with a few drops of lemon juice and coconut oil.

      Apply the DIY lip scrub for pink lips or pink lip scrub on damp lips, massage for a minute in circular motions and rinse off with water.

      Too bored to DIY? Buy Faces Canada Lip Scrub Online

      Are you too bored to make a DIY lip scrub? Do you want a ready easy-to-use solution? For soft smooth pink lips buy lip scrub online india. The Lemon & Walnut Lip Scrub is a nourishing lip scrub that keeps your lips smooth and healthy. Lemon has natural bleaching properties that restore your natural lip colour. This is one of the best lip scrub for pink lips.

      Ingredients in the Faces Canada Lip Scrub

      1. Lemon – Natural bleaching properties
      2. Walnut shells – Gives deep exfoliation
      3. Coconut Oil – Heals chapped lips
      4. Almond Oil – Soothes & moisturises lips
      5. Shea Butter – Has a lightweight texture and moisturises lips
      6. Cocoa Butter- adds a protective hydrating layer to lips
      7. Vitamin E – has humectant properties

      How to use the Faces Canada Lip Scrub

      Include the Faces Canada lip scrub in your skincare routine for healthy smooth lips. Use this hydrating lip exfoliator twice a week.

      1. Dampen your lips
      2. Apply a small amount with your fingers on your lips
      3. Massage in circular motions for a minute
      4. Rinse with water

      Apply your favourite lip balm to hydrate your lips.

      Things to Consider Before Buying Lip Scrub Online

      Lip scrub online shopping is now easier with Faces Canada. Order online and get it delivered directly to your doorstep. But always steer clear of chemical-laden skincare products because they might harm your skin. Here are a few things you can keep in mind while buying lip scrubs online.

      1. Choose a vegan product over a chemical-laden one
      2. Choose a cruelty-free product
      3. A lip scrub for pink lips with natural ingredients is better for your skincare
      4. buy lip scrub online india

      Faces Canada lip scrub for pink lips is a completely vegan natural product free of any nasties or chemicals like paraben, sulphate or mineral oils.

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      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

      Can I use lip scrub every day?

      Lips are the softest part of your face and have delicate skin. You should not use a lip scrub every day. Use a lip exfoliator twice a week to get rid of dry flaky skin on your lips.

      How many times can a lip scrub be used?

      You can use a pink lip scrub twice a week. Do not exfoliate more than that because the skin on the lips is delicate and thin. Over-exfoliation can be harmful to your delicate lips.

      How long can you keep a lip scrub?

      Lip scrubs work like face scrubs which can be used to get rid of dead skin and flaky skin. However, lip scrubs for pink lips are more hydrating. You can wipe off the scrub or wash it off after exfoliating your lips. Apply a lip balm after using a pink lip scrub.

      When should you not use a lip scrub?

      Use a lip scrub cautiously if you have very dry lips with cracks. Avoid using a lip exfoliator if your lips have any open cuts, or feel raw at any part. Instead, hydrate and heal them first.

      Can we store lip scrub in the fridge?

      This lip scrub can be stored in any cool place and not necessarily in a refrigerator.

      Can you leave lip scrub on overnight?

      A lip exfoliator is for getting rid of the dry and dead skin on the lips. You don’t need to keep it on overnight. Use it twice a week at night and follow with a lip balm.

      Can teenagers use a lip scrub?

      Teenagers with dry flaky lips can use a lip scrubfor pink lips. Faces Canada lip scrub has no nasties like paraben, or sulphate, and is completely vegan and cruelty-free. So it is safe for all skin types.

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