Gift for Mom


      We all know that Mother’s Day is special and that it’s the perfect time to show your mom just how much you appreciate her and everything she’s done for you throughout your life, but did you know that the actual date of Mother’s Day has changed throughout history? Have you ever wondered why or what day it is this year? We've got all the answers right here in this article! You'll also find out how to throw a great Mother's Day celebration party, so check it out!

      Plan ahead

      No one wants to admit it, but throwing a party isn't easy. It requires time, effort, and money. Don't let that deter you from throwing your mom an awesome bash though! If you have any reason why you can't throw her an awesome celebration party with mothers day gift then she might think that you don't love her anymore.

      There is no way for your mother's special day to go wrong if you plan and make sure everything goes smoothly during and after the party. When planning your mother's day celebration party make sure everything goes as planned because there is no such thing as perfect when it comes down to things like these.

      Set a budget

      You probably don’t need an entire day to set your budget. A few hours will be plenty of time. Of course, you can do it all in one day—it just depends on how detailed you want to get. To create your budget, think about what you want and make sure you have an idea of how much that is going to cost. After all, before you plan a party, there are certain details (food, mother's day gifts) that need to be figured out first. You can even calculate projected revenue here too!

      Pick a theme

      Having a theme will help determine what color scheme you use, what food you serve, and what types of decorations you buy. Choose something that shows your mom just how much she means to you. Maybe it's All About Mom or I Love You, Mom! Or if your mom likes flowers, try Spring in Bloom. If she's outdoorsy, consider Mother's day gift ideas for Outdoor Oasis or Evening Garden Party. Your mother is special so make sure your party reflects that!

      Choose drinks, appetizers, and food

      It's not just about what you serve, but how you serve it. Serving small food portions—or getting creative with serving platters—can make any dish look more than enough.

      Small mother's day gifts, satisfying appetizers, and snacks can also help keep your guests feeling full and satisfied throughout an evening of celebrating. On top of that, be sure that drinks are easily accessible for those wine-induced thirst quenches! You don't want anyone missing out on enjoying time with their friends or family because they were waiting on refills.

      Decorate your table

      If you're hosting a mom's celebration, you must buy her amazing mothers day gift ideas. There are dozens of options out there and we're sure mom will love whatever you pick out for her, but don't stop there. Your party isn't complete without great decorations, food, and drinks.

      So get creative with your theme and mother's day gift, invite all her friends over for lunch or brunch, and celebrate like never before! You should also make sure that everyone has fun too; playing board games is one great way to do so. Don't forget the cake!

      Buy the perfect gift for mom

      The perfect mother's day gift could come from anywhere. Whether you go out of your way and find something in a specialty store or scour your attic for something forgotten, it's all about showing mom that you care with an unexpected token of appreciation.

      One great mother's day gift idea is to make her favorite meal, get out a photo album, send her on an adventure she always wanted to take, or just do something together that makes her happy. The right words don't matter nearly as much as intent and action—showing mom how much she means can lead to one of the best mother's day celebrations she'll ever have. If nothing else, show her how thankful you are by helping clean up around the house or doing some other chore she's been putting off.

      Include family members in the planning process

      Celebrating mom doesn't have to be hard. On Sunday, you can plan and throw a party that's as low-key or lavish as you like. Here are some ideas for throwing an event your mom will love. And since she's just so great (and probably always has been), make sure she gets one thing on her special day: tell her how much you love her! Happy Mother's Day!

      When is Mother's day?

      When do you celebrate Mother’s Day? If your mother lives in California, then it’s May 13th, while in New Jersey it’s the second Sunday of May. In most of Europe, Mother’s Day falls on the fourth Sunday of Lent (the six weeks before Easter). In Canada and Australia, it’s always the second Sunday in May. In the United Kingdom, it can be either the fourth or fifth Sunday of Lent, but no earlier than March 2nd or later than April 30th.

      Mother's Day in Different Countries

      The first Mother's Day was celebrated in 1908 at Andrews Methodist Episcopal Church in Grafton, West Virginia. It was started by Anna Jarvis to honor her mother, who had died a few years earlier. She chose May because it was her mother's birthday month.

      Jarvis is said to have helped create Mother’s Day into a national holiday when she persuaded President Woodrow Wilson to celebrate it with flags and flowers at the White House in 1914. Anna Jarvis later became disillusioned when commercialization took over and businesses began profiting from selling greeting cards and other gifts for Mother. Today, mothers can celebrate on any day of their choosing or accept mother's day gifts anytime during May, which is still known as National Mom Month.

      How to Prepare on Mother's Day

      Why Not to Freak Out on Mother’s Day: You’ve got so much to do and only one day to get it all done. That is not a great recipe for stress. Take it from us, mothers - it’s okay not to be perfect on Mother’s Day!

      Prep your birthday gifts for mom in advance and make sure that you have everything organized ahead of time so that you can just relax and enjoy each moment with your mom. Here are some tips for ensuring you make it through motherhood’s most-awaited holiday without losing your cool!

      Do the Parent Activities Together

      A mother's day isn't complete without all of her children around her. If you don't have time to go out and spend time with your mom, then make it happen at home. Give her breakfast in bed, or clean up your room so she won't nag you anymore.

      You can also take a couple of pictures with your family and put them on Facebook to show off how happy you are as a family. The best mother's birthday gifts she can receive are not always material things; instead, give her some quality time with you and even her grandchildren. Who knows, maybe that will be enough for now since it is just a day dedicated to honoring moms everywhere!

      Give Mom a Break and Help Out Around the House

      If you don’t have time to give Mom a big break from work, you can still make an effort to help out around the house. If your mom is a high-powered business executive, give her a weekend off from cooking by making dinner for everyone—she deserves it!

      If she's constantly on the call with clients or coworkers and has never learned how to use voicemail properly, have her call you at 6 p.m. every day so you can return calls and messages for her when she gets home—it will be another way for you to pitch in that doesn’t require hours of extra work on your part. Small gestures like these will show your mom that you care even if they don’t take up much of your schedule.

      Share Special Memories About Mom

      While flowers might seem like a simple mothers day gift for mom, they are a great way to tell mom she’s special. Roses are one of the most popular flower choices because they represent love and appreciation. Not sure what kind to get her? We've got you covered. Check out these seven types of flowers that convey sweet sentiments for your dear mother

      And my Favorite Thing - Get Her Flowers!

      It’s easy to get swept up in thoughts of amazing mother's day gift ideas with paper, fun outings, and thoughtful gestures – but you don't have to go all out to show your mom how much she means to you.

      For example, we always send flowers on Mother's Day. Why? Because it shows we care enough about her to take time out of our day for special birthday gift ideas for their mother. It doesn’t matter if that gift is extravagant or not – what matters is that it was thoughtfully chosen with her in mind.

      History of Mother's day

      The most important person in my life has always been my mother. My mom and I have shared an incredible bond throughout my entire life, and now that I’m growing older and becoming a parent myself, I’m realizing just how difficult her job must have been over the years, raising five children and still maintaining the house all on her own while my father was at work. For all she has done for me, I owe her a great debt of gratitude—and so does society as a whole.

      How did Mother's Day start in your country?

      In Sweden, it was Queen Silvia who officially recognized what was going on in her country by declaring an annual celebration of Mother's Day. In Italy, Greece, and France, mothers have been celebrated since ancient times as mother goddesses and have always been honored for their children as well as for their husbands. The ancient Greeks held a festival called Thesmophoria to honor Rhea (Mother Earth) where they gave each other mother's day gifts. This tradition is believed to be where we get our modern practice of gift-giving on Mothers' Day.

      Mother's Day traditions around the world

      All over the world, people honor their mothers with mothers' day gifts handmade and special treats. It’s a lovely time to express your appreciation for all she does, but did you know that some cultures have been celebrating motherhood for thousands of years?

      Most of us are familiar with modern American traditions like giving cards or sending flowers on May 8th, but many other customs from around the globe celebrate motherhood throughout each year. Read on to learn about some different countries' celebrations and get inspired to try something new with your mom!

      How did it get started?

      In 1907, Anna Jarvis held a memorial for her mother at St Andrew's Methodist Church in Grafton, West Virginia. She wanted to honor her mother, who had died six years earlier, by celebrating a holiday that would bring mothers and children together.

      That December in Philadelphia, Jarvis made it official with the first-ever national Mother's Day observance. She worked tirelessly to make sure people understood what she envisioned as a time to honor all mothers and show appreciation for their hard work and sacrifices.

      Where does it fall on your calendar?

      In both East and West, people have historically observed an annual festival celebrating mothers. These celebrations tend to happen in April or May—and, for many, that’s still true today.

      Yet these holidays are not always related to one another and don’t always fall on a fixed date each year. Here’s a look at how they got started and what they mean today.

      What is most popular about this holiday in your country?

      In Japan, on May 14, families and friends will celebrate what is known as Setsubun, a spring festival to bless homes and businesses with happiness and good fortune.

      Just after sunset on that day, people in Japan throw soybeans out their doors to drive away evil spirits and demons. It is customary for friends or neighbors to visit each other's homes on that evening to share food and pastries. Cards are also sent to those who don't live nearby.

      Which countries do not celebrate this holiday?

      Mother's Day is not celebrated in much of Asia, including China, Japan, and South Korea. In some Middle Eastern countries including Iran and Iraq, Mother’s Day is now celebrated on March 21 to mark International Women’s Day.

      Countries that don’t celebrate Mother’s Day but do celebrate International Women's day include India, Israel, and Russia. In Greece, it is considered inappropriate to give a mother flowers or make her feel special on her day as she is always at work taking care of her family.

      Why should we celebrate this holiday all over the world?

      It is a special day that people use to show their love and appreciation for their mothers. It could be by buying them something they want, taking them out to dinner, or simply just spending time with them.

      Some people celebrate it by planting a flower to remember their mother as she planted a seed to create them. No matter how you choose to do it, what matters most is that you spend time with your mother and tell her how much she means to you!

      Why do we celebrate mother's day?

      With Mother's Day around the corner, it's time to find a card and show your mom how much you care about her and all she does to help you out daily. If you don't know where to start, don't worry; here are seven reasons to celebrate mother’s day in this post

      1) It’s an opportunity to make your mom feel special

      It doesn’t matter how old you are, your mom is always a mom. And no matter what age you are, she’s always going to be your mom. On Mother’s Day, take some time out of your busy schedule and call her up just to chat. You don’t have to make it long (just five minutes will do).

      Just make sure that you let her know that she was missed and that today is all about her. It’s a great way for us kids to show our moms we care even when we don't see them every day anymore.

      2) It’s a chance to show appreciation for your mom

      What mom doesn’t love a little appreciation? And it isn’t just your biological mother who deserves some recognition. Maybe you were adopted, or maybe you are a step-mom.

      Regardless of how you came into your role as a mother figure, there is no one more deserving of your gratitude than someone who willingly took on that enormous responsibility—and did it well.

      3) Mothers give so much and deserve so much more

      Mothers are some of our most important role models. They provide unconditional love and support. Through thick and thin, they're there for us no matter what. They teach us, motivate us, and guide us with their wisdom throughout the life.

      Take a moment on this day to appreciate all that your mother has done for you over the years – she deserves it! Don't forget about dads too, even though today is dedicated specifically to moms; give them a call or send them a text telling them how much you love and appreciate them!

      4) We can appreciate mothers through social media

      These days, it’s easier than ever to stay in touch with your mom and other relatives. If you aren’t living near your mother, keep in touch by posting updates on social media.

      Tell your mom how much she means to you on her special day, or send a kind message thanking her for everything she does for you. You can also post photos of yourself alongside loved ones at different points in your life—your mother included! It will not only help her feel closer to you but will also make her feel proud of all that she has done for you over the years.

      5) Children are important in a woman’s life

      The relationship between a mother and her child is extremely close and special. Mothers will always be their child's biggest cheerleaders, but they also serve as guides. Children need people who are willing to listen and offer advice, no matter how old they get.

      Most importantly, a child needs someone to always have their back—no matter what happens. A mother’s influence can truly shape a person’s life for better or worse; it all depends on how she chooses to act as a mentor and confidant.

      6) It’s an opportunity to help bring awareness about breast cancer

      Do you know anyone who has survived breast cancer? In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we can help bring awareness about breast cancer. A great way to show your appreciation for a mother’s care is to spread information about how early detection could mean more chances of surviving breast cancer.

      It is one of the leading causes of death in women and it is our responsibility to help fight it. Educating ourselves and those around us can go a long way toward ensuring that future generations are not affected by it. If you want to celebrate with mother's day gifts but not necessarily Mother's Day, consider wearing pink on October 15th as well. Showing support for loved ones with a breast cancer diagnosis could make all of a difference!

      7) The world needs more women like my mom

      My mom taught me how to be a good person. She had many jobs while I was growing up and worked hard so that my sister and I could have everything we needed. The best present she ever gave me was when she came home from work, put her bags down, gave me a big hug and told me how much she loved me.

      That simple mother's day gifts made my day, week, and year. If there's one thing you can give your mom for mother's day, it's your love! Give her a call or send her an email telling her how much you care about her. Treat yourself as well: after all, what better way is there to celebrate motherhood than by doing something for yourself?

      Ways to celebrate Mother’s day

      As Mother’s Day approaches, many of us find ourselves wondering what gift we should give our mothers, grandmothers, or other loved ones who mean so much to us. While flowers and chocolate are always great options, they might not be the most memorable mother's day gift homemade she’ll ever receive on this special day. Here are 10 more ideas to celebrate Mother’s Day in unique ways your loved one will appreciate and remember years from now.

      1) Offer your time

      This may seem like a no-brainer, but you'd be surprised how many mothers ask their kids (and kids-in-law) for money instead of their time. Instead of gifting your mom a check or flowers, offer to do something with her like mother's day gifts. It could be as simple as watching her favorite show while she cooks dinner—or helping her get rid of old electronics so she can donate them to charity.

      Whether it's organizing her garage or planning a family reunion, you'll both enjoy spending time together. Plus, chances are good that when you help your mom out around the house she won't feel like you're intruding on her me time because she'll think that whatever chores need doing are things that need doing anyway.

      2) Prepare her favorite meal

      Your mom can be a tough critic, so you may want to practice your cooking skills before trying her favorite meal. If you’re not confident in your ability to create a gourmet dinner at home, visit a restaurant that specializes in good food and atmosphere.

      Make sure to bring a menu and ask questions about any dishes your mom would like on it. (Just don't order all of them; that'll make it seem like you're trying too hard.) You could also try out some new recipes for Mother's Day—just make sure she gives them her seal of approval first!

      3) Show appreciation

      Of course, we all show love and appreciation for our mothers in different ways. For some of us, buying her a mother's day gift box is an easy way to honor her on her special day. But you can do more than that. Send her a thoughtful email or text message or leave a phone message saying how much she means to you.

      You might hug your mom or put your arm around her when you talk with her—just let her know she's important to you! And don't forget those sons who are spending their first Mother's Day without Mom; make sure they know how much you love them too!

      4) Take her on a trip she’s always wanted to go on

      Being a mom is hard work. To take time for yourself and show your mom you care, make her something special like a blanket or frame. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy; it can be as simple as making some homemade chocolate chip cookies and putting them in a pretty box with a note saying how much you appreciate her.

      She’ll feel special and appreciated, while also getting an excellent snack she can enjoy with her family or friends! (Plus, if your cooking skills are as underdeveloped as mine, she might just get a thank-you text.)

      5) Get crafty – make something special

      A lot of people come home from school or work and say hey honey, I don't feel like going out tonight, do you mind if we just stay in? When you feel like getting romantic but your husband is more interested in re-watching The Office, for example, don't fret.

      There are a million little things you can do that cost no money at all but are a million times more personal than going out to dinner. Write her a poem and read it aloud while she's getting ready. Choose a flower that reminds you of something special and put it in a vase on her bedside table when she isn't looking.

      6) Let her sleep in

      Give Mom an extra hour of sleep on Sunday, since you don't have school and she doesn't have work. No need to get her a card or flowers; just make her breakfast in bed and kiss her head good morning. And then make it your mission for the day to do whatever she asks (within reason).

      That's all anyone wants on Mother's Day—to be spoiled a little bit by their kid(s). So you can leave those cards and flowers at home!

      7) Give her space if she needs it

      If you think your mom would appreciate some time alone, make sure she has it. Mothers are often so busy with everything else going on in their lives that they don't have much time for themselves. But we all need time for ourselves to recharge, and moms are no exception. So if your mom needs a break from being a mom, it's ok—and good for her—to give her one.

      8) Do an old-fashioned activity together

      When it comes to celebrating Mom, sometimes tradition is a good thing. If you and your mom both like old-fashioned activities—something like mothers day gift DIY like playing board games or crocheting—then do that together on Mother's Day!

      That way, you'll have a chance to relax while also allowing her to show off her hobbies. Even if she doesn't consider herself an old-fashioned person, you can find ways for her to enjoy herself with fun activities that won't stress her out. And hey: It might even be something new and fun for both of you!

      9) Write a letter to tell her how much you love her

      Mothers often feel like they're doing everything for everyone, and it's easy to go about your day feeling like no one else appreciates what you do. So take a break from all that hustle and bustle and take stock of what you have: You've got a husband or partner who loves you, kids who look up to you, friends who care about you, and family members who appreciate all that you do.

      Let them know just how much their appreciation means to you. And don't forget that sometimes love is silent - just enjoying someone's company is worth more than any bouquet. Make time for simple pleasures with your loved ones - cook together, watch a movie together, or grab a picnic blanket and head out into nature together.

      10) Just say I love you

      Sure, it might seem like a simple thing, but let your mom know you love her. If she's always so busy taking care of you and making sure you're OK, it can be easy to forget that she needs love too. And not just on one day out of 365 days in a year. Tell her every day, or at least once in a while.

      Tell her again and again until it becomes second nature and she learns that even though you've grown up, your love for her is constant. When you show your mother how much she means to you (and express gratitude for all that she does), even if it feels awkward at first - it'll become easier over time and become natural.

      Things To Do On Mother’s Day

      Mother’s Day is here again, and this year you’ll want to make it extra special by giving your mom something she’ll remember forever. After all, she gives you so much; now it’s time to show her how much you appreciate her! Whether she enjoys relaxing in the sun or learning about the world around her, you can find an activity that will be perfect for her in this list of the top 10 things to do on Mother’s Day.

      1) Go See a Movie

      The perfect way to spend time with Mom is out of doors. Go see a movie! You and Mom can sit side by side and enjoy a little popcorn if you like. You might have heard horror stories about loud movie theaters with crying babies—don't let that stop you from taking your mom out for some entertainment! Just make sure she knows ahead of time what you're up to. I once took my mom out to dinner at an Indian restaurant (her favorite), and when we got there, she asked why it smelled so awful in there!

      She thought we had gone through some kind of back door into an alleyway. It was kind of funny, actually; but I wish I'd told her about my plans beforehand instead of surprising her with dinner at an Indian restaurant.

      2) Take Mom Out for Breakfast

      Mothers deserve a day of relaxation, not just physical relaxation but mental relaxation as well. If you know what your mother likes then treat her to some delicious food. It does not need to be a fancy restaurant, just find someplace that is full of delicious breakfast treats and your mom will be happy. Maybe you could even do both! Breakfast at home and then head out for another meal later in the day; whatever works best for everyone involved is what you should aim for.

      If your mother likes expensive restaurants and all you can afford is McDonald's then don't feel bad about it, just make sure she has a wonderful time either way. The main goal should be to have her relax and do whatever works best for her schedule so she can take it easy for once.

      3) Get Her Flowers

      Flowers are a nice way to show mom that you care. If you don’t have much money, simply taking her out for lunch and treating her to something special is an equally great gesture. Whether you get her flowers or plan a day together, remember that actions speak louder than words when it comes to showing how much you love and appreciate your mother.

      Focus on having a good time with her and making sure she feels special. Treating Mom right can be as simple as remembering to send her a note letting her know how much she means each year on Mother's Day. Showing your appreciation can be as easy as holding open doors, refilling her coffee cup at breakfast, or helping with household chores when she needs help around the house.

      4) Spend the Day at Home

      Nothing is more relaxing than spending quality time with your mother. Plan a day around her and your interests. Take her out for brunch, walk together in a park, or curl up together and watch a movie. There are no rules to what you can do—just don't overschedule!

      If you want to be adventurous (or if it's raining), try baking your mom some cookies or making a nice dinner. Your mother will appreciate being spoiled as much as you appreciate getting an extra hour of sleep in!

      5) Offer to Help Around the House

      Mothers can be tough customers to shop for, especially because they probably don’t want you buying them any material goods. Instead of falling into that trap, why not offer your mom some help around her house instead? Maybe she could use a ride to and from some errands, or she could always use a helping hand with laundry or cleaning.

      Just make sure that whatever you do, it comes from a place of love and is something you enjoy doing (no washing windows if you hate doing dishes!). It's more meaningful when someone does something out of affection rather than an obligation—and your mom will appreciate it. And hey: there's nothing wrong with getting mothers day gifts from your daughter! Just make sure they come from a good place inside of you.

      6) Go for a Walk Together

      Surprise your mom with a walk outside. Not only will you get some fresh air and some time to bond, but it could also make her healthier! A recent study found that even short daily walks can lead to significant improvements in blood pressure, cholesterol, and body fat among overweight adults.

      The key is making exercise a part of your routine: The study participants averaged just under six miles of walking each week. Moms especially need regular physical activity—it reduces their risk for diabetes, osteoporosis, and cardiovascular disease. So take that walk together today!

      7) Give Her Some Space

      If your mom is a stay-at-home parent, maybe she'll appreciate a day off from cooking and cleaning. One great idea: treat her to a day at her favorite spa or salon—she can relax, get pampered, and be refreshed for all of those afternoons spent hanging out with grandkids. If you need some quick inspiration, here are some ideas for places around town where she's sure to feel like a queen.

      8) Bake Her A Treat

      Show your mom you care by making her a homemade treat. Choose a recipe that is both easy and delicious, and make it look extra special with some effort in decorating.

      Don’t forget to include a personal note of thanks with your gift! Be creative, but don't go overboard; remember she has lots of things around the house she's grateful for. From cards and flowers to home-cooked meals, there are plenty of ways you can show your appreciation without taking time away from her other commitments.

      9) Have Dinner Together

      Just because Mother's Day is behind us, doesn't mean you can ignore your mother completely. Although it might seem like a good time to take her off your list and relax, there are many reasons why planning is a great idea.

      The most obvious reason is that she'll be expecting something from you, so even if you decide not to buy flowers or chocolate, you must show her love in some other way. Mother's day gifts aren't always required; small tokens of affection such as spending time with her or thanking her for helping raise your siblings can make for more personal gifts that she won't forget anytime soon. Find creative ways to say I love you and make sure Mom knows how special she is all year long.

      10) Plan Something Special For Next Year

      Even if your mom doesn't want you to get her mother's day gifts, find a way to show her how much she means to you. If you live far away, maybe send her flowers or treat her out for lunch. Or, maybe she would prefer that you spend time with her instead. No matter what she wants, plan something special for next year and make sure your plans are something that will bring both of you joy.

      Gift ideas for mother’s day celebration

      Not all mothers want to be pampered on Mother’s Day —sometimes they just want to spend some quality time with their family, relaxing at home and taking it easy. If that sounds like your mom or the mother of someone you know, then why not give her something practical that she can use in her everyday life? Here are some great mothers day gifts online ideas for the woman who does it all!


      Every mom loves jewelry. Sure, most moms love good gifts for mothers on mother's day cards and a day filled with delicious food and relaxing time with family—but moms also love meaningful gifts. If you're unsure about what to get your mom for Mother's Day, consider investing in something of sentimental value (like earrings or a locket that holds photos of her children). Or, if she has a hobby that interests you, see if there are any relevant books out there.

      A Special Outfit

      She’s already got a closet full of designer duds and she never stops shopping. What you need to find is an outfit that shows how much you appreciate her, but isn’t necessarily on-trend or expensive.

      Something like a special blouse, a scarf, or even just some new earrings—anything that says you look great in what you wear every day and I appreciate it. Nothing says I love you, mom! more than saying nothing at all. (Another great mother's birthday ideas idea for Mother's Day.)

      A Mug Full of Love

      Maybe your mom gets up in the morning and brews herself a cup of coffee before she works on her latest DIY project, or maybe she’s just proud to be an American.

      Either way, she’ll appreciate an extra-large mug that fits both her cuppa joe and can show off her patriotism at once. Just be sure not to tell her that it cost you less than $10! A quick search on Faces Canada will reveal several options ranging from $6.99 to $12.99 depending on how long you want to spend in front of your computer screen browsing for mother's day gifts.

      A Timely Manicure

      Forget roses and chocolates. Nothing says I love you like a little pampering for Fido or Fifi, mom's best friend (sorry kids). Bring mom's favorite pet on a special outing to one of these local pet-friendly spots for quality time and take advantage of their unique services.

      Check out a dog-friendly vineyard, head to The Painted Dog Park in San Jose, or go on an Urban Safari Tour with Wildcare Animal Hospital. No matter what mother's day gifts are unique she'll love them, just make sure she is included!

      Experience Gifts

      Do you want to buy mom something she can use? A great way to show her you appreciate all she does is to give her a mothers day gift personalized. Whether it's dinner and a movie, a cooking class, or tickets to see her favorite band, get your mother something that will bring a smile—and that won’t break your budget.

      Many restaurants offer deals during Mother’s Day for dining specials in honor of moms. If your mom loves watching tennis, sign her up for lessons with a pro and have dinner ready when she gets home from work. Do something together that brings both of you pleasure—that’s what it means to be family!

      Pampering Treatments

      Nothing says I love you like treating your mom to a day at the spa as a mothers day gift. If your budget allows for a few splurges, consider booking her treatments for manicures, pedicures, facials, and massages. If spending more than $100 is out of your budget, you can still make mom feel pampered with an at-home facial or hand massage.

      Or consider an experience gift she’ll appreciate: sign her up for cooking lessons or register her for a painting class. No matter what she decides to do, just be sure she knows how much you appreciate all that she does!

      Pet Care Tips

      Here’s a big one: Pets. Just because Mom loves her cat doesn’t mean she wants to deal with it every day of her life, especially when she comes home from work. Offer to take care of Fluffy for her next weekend at home.

      Whether you know someone who has a dog, a cat, or some other furry friend that needs exercise and attention, offer to walk them or feed them for an afternoon so Mom can enjoy some downtime with friends instead of Fido.

      Things to do with your mother to pamper them on mother’s day

      With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about what you want to do to show your mom that she means the world to you. Here are seven ways you can give her the most memorable day possible and make this Mother’s Day one she'll never forget. Feel free to add any of your ideas, as well!

      1) Get her massages

      A massage is an amazing treat for your mom and it doesn’t need to cost a lot. All you need is some massage oil and a willing masseuse. You can get great deals at most spas, but don't forget that your partner, friend, or relative may be just as skilled! Bonus points if they take off their shirt or have even better massaging skills than a typical therapist.

      2) Throw a nice dinner party

      If your mom loves having guests over, why not have her close friends and family over for a nice dinner? Ask your family members if they're able to bring a dish as well. This is a great opportunity for everyone to get together and enjoy some quality time with each other.

      If you want extra special mothers day gift hampers, ask some of your friends or relatives to make something special just for your mom. Cooking classes: Is there anything more exciting than learning how to cook from one of her favorite chefs? A cooking class will be fun and delicious at the same time. A perfect way for your mom's inner chef to shine!

      3) Go shopping together

      Shopping together is a great way to spend time with your mom and treat her. If you aren’t sure what she wants, take her along as you go shopping for something that appeals to you. Shopping isn’t always fun, but some stores will have activities for kids or a lounge where you can get food or enjoy a drink together.

      If neither of those options sounds good, pick up last-minute items at a drugstore so your mom doesn't have to wait in line. Doing these types of things is important because it gives your mom a chance to see how much you care about her and value her opinion. It makes her feel like an important part of your life and brings the family closer together overall.

      4) Get the family together for a fun activity

      Many moms don't get a lot of time alone—between kids, spouses, and friends, they're generally surrounded by people all day. To surprise your mom with some quality one-on-one time, give her something she wants: You! Plan a fun outing for you and your mom—maybe a movie or lunch or a trip to an art gallery. Or get together with siblings and their parents for coffee. Moms are always available to help their kids—it's only fair that you help her out once in a while!

      5) Buy flowers and chocolate

      Flowers and chocolate may be cliché, but they never go out of style for a reason: Everyone loves getting them. Have you ever met someone who didn't like receiving flowers? And chocolate? The world is divided into two kinds of people: those who love it and those who are wrong. Show your mom how much you care by taking her to get her favorite mothers day gift.

      You don’t have to drop a lot of money on fancy bouquets or boxes; just stick with what she likes best. And if she doesn’t eat chocolate (you monster!), there are plenty of other options! Whether it’s ordering a custom bouquet or customizing some chocolates yourself, showing your mom how much you care doesn’t mean blowing your budget.

      6) Write her a letter

      Show your mom you care with a heartfelt letter. Write about how much she means to you, or share an interesting story from your life that relates to her. Whether it’s meant for her eyes only or you plan on sharing it later, a handwritten note shows your mom just how important she is.

      By letting her know what you love about her and why she makes such a big impact in your life, you can make her feel very special and appreciated. Don’t have time for writing? Grab one of our printable Mother’s Day cards!

      7) Book a staycation in their hometown

      Many of us have a hard time getting away from our everyday stresses, so why not give mom an experience she can't get in her backyard? Consider booking your mom and her partner into a local hotel for a staycation. Even if you don’t live near each other, you can treat mom and dad to dinner at their favorite restaurant or a day at their favorite spa.

      Once they arrive at their destination, check in with them regularly via text or phone call; you don't want them feeling homesick! If possible, send some flowers beforehand—the folks behind me in line at Starbucks always say it makes all the difference when someone pays attention to details. And one more thing: stay within your budget!

      Gift ideas for a new mom

      You want to get your best friend something great to welcome her new baby, but you also don't want to get her something that will just end up collecting dust in the closet once she realizes it's not going to be much use during those first few weeks of parenting. Here is 10 women's day gift for mother for new moms that will suit anyone’s budget, won’t clutter up the house, and will be put to great use right away.

      1) Nipple cream

      Breastfeeding is one of life’s biggest challenges, and many new moms find their nipples in pain. Use petroleum jelly or lanolin cream to soothe soreness from breastfeeding, and make sure you stock up on some nipple protectors too.

      There are specially designed breast pads that can help reduce leakage while nursing. You can also use them once your milk supply has been established to catch any extra milk that may leak as you feed your baby. Not all women leak milk, but it’s common enough that it’s a good idea to have protection on hand just in case it happens to you!

      2) Nursing Cover

      If you have a brand new baby, you're probably spending a lot of time in places where it would be inappropriate to whip out your breast. A nursing cover is basically what it sounds like—it's a piece of fabric or garment designed to conceal the mom's chest and/or shield the baby from public view.

      The classic hospital-style gown works well here; if you want to go more elegant, try one of these pretty bohemian styles that fold up compactly but give great coverage. Nursing covers are very affordable; something simple will run you between $6 and $12. (If your employer has an in-house lactation consultant, she can show you how to use one properly!)

      3) Book, What to Expect When You're Expecting

      This is a must-have for any pregnant woman. It covers what to expect with each stage of pregnancy and advises on a variety of topics such as mood swings, weight gain, birth plans, and more. If you are looking to give a mother's day gift that truly helps out new moms while they go through their pregnancy, then check out What to Expect When You're Expecting by Heidi Murkoff.

      The book has all kinds of useful information, while also being great reading material. From having belly pain to hemorrhoids or hemorrhages during delivery, it talks about everything that could happen to your body when you're pregnant. The advice given throughout can help anyone who reads it feel better prepared to go into their pregnancy.

      4) Carrying/Storing Tote Bag

      Handbags, backpacks, and totes are great choices for mothers day gifts if you're shopping for a new mom. Most come with extra pockets that can help keep all of her daily essentials organized. Try Herschel Supply Co., which sells handbags, backpacks, and tote bags in various styles.

      They come in various colors and patterns that allow you to choose an option that matches your style or fits with your budget. Plus they are water-resistant so they'll be able to carry items on rainy days.

      5) Journal To Write In

      Journaling has been found to help decrease stress, sleep aid, and boost positive thoughts. Keep a notebook or journal handy when you're feeling overwhelmed or tired. In it, write down anything that's weighing on your mind—things that you don't want to forget about later.

      Before bed, read through what you've written and identify one thing you can do tomorrow that will take care of whatever is bothering you. Even writing things down helps alleviate stress; studies have shown people who keep a journal are less likely to feel depressed than those who don't. A journal also gives new moms something to look forward to—picking up a pen each day can become a treat and an escape from diaper duty and other daily parenting duties.

      6) Music To Relax By

      While it’s perfectly fine to crank up some music with an upbeat tempo while bouncing your new bundle of joy, sometimes you’ll need a break. Put on a slower playlist while you watch your baby sleep and take a few moments to relax.

      Even just five minutes can help boost your mood and energy levels as well as calm your baby. When he or she wakes up and starts crying again, try holding them against your chest in a rocking chair or gently swaying back and forth in their crib; both motions are naturally calming. It may seem counterintuitive, but playing mellow music during these moments can be relaxing too—as long as it's not something that will throw off the rhythm of rocking or soothing.

      7) Massage Roller to Relieve Sore Muscles

      Keep your hands and elbows warm when you’re feeding baby by bundling up in a stylish breastfeeding scarf, handbag, and mittens set.

      The set includes two scarves with tassels that can be worn as a nursing cover or lap blanket; one oversized bag with long straps so you can wear it messenger-style; and coordinating mittens that cover your whole hand to keep your hands warm while holding a baby. Mother's day gift set comes in three color combinations (blue/teal, pink/red, and green/yellow). Your new mom friend will love how stylish she looks while caring for her little one!

      8) Essential Oils for Pain Relief

      Essential oils can offer an inexpensive mothers day gift and an easy way to help mom feel less pain during her postpartum recovery. Lavender is well-known for its pain-relieving properties and can be rubbed into sore muscles after a long day of being on her feet (or in bed!).

      Take it one step further by adding eucalyptus or peppermint oil to a hot bath—not only will it soothe tired body parts, but she’ll also unwind from her day while enjoying some time alone. Never put oils directly on skin without diluting first; they’re strong stuff!

      9) Breastfeeding Scarf, Handbag, and Mittens Set

      This set is perfect for first-time moms and all breastfeeding mamas. It's made of super soft material that's easy to wash and wear. The best part is that it keeps you warm while allowing your hands-free to work or grab your phone when necessary. Any other mama can tell you how valuable having two hands can be!

      10) Slippers/Flip Flops

      When I had my first baby, my husband and I just lived in our slippers. They’re so easy to slip on and off when you have a crying baby in your arms, plus they allow you to shuffle around at home with ease.

      The best part is that they’re easy to buy second-hand (my friends used to give us all of their old ones after they moved out). Most have cute patterns and prints, making them great mother's day unique gift ideas. And speaking from experience, it also doesn’t hurt that you can also wear them yourself!

      Gift ideas for a to be mother

      Whether it’s the first child or the fifth, it can be hard to know what to get someone who just had a baby. The baby shower should have given you plenty of ideas, but if not, don’t worry! There are tons of cool mother's day gifts for her to be a mother that she’ll love as much as she loves her new bundle of joy! Here are some great gift ideas to get her started (besides the obvious). If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments below!

      Stocking Stuffers

      The best mother's day gifts don't have to cost a lot of money. Some of my favorite gifts are things I would never buy myself. Instead of spending your time searching high and low for good deals, start with inexpensive presents, but add in unique items that let her know you care and thought about her specifically.

      Stocking stuffers like lotion or lip balm help ease motherhood so she can pamper herself after long days at work or playing with her kids all day. Bookmark these small, thoughtful mother's day gifts and you’ll always be ready with something nice—no matter how little notice you have.

      Cute Plush Toys

      Babies love cute, soft, and cuddly things. There are many toys on the market that are designed specifically for babies, but they can be expensive. While there's nothing wrong with splurging on your little one every once in a while, you may want to save your money and opt for something less expensive.

      You can easily make adorable stuffed animals at home or use craft supplies that you already have at home to make some great new friends. Save your money and spend it on other things like diapers instead!

      Romantic Tokens

      Women aren't often rewarded when they have a child. However, there are many great ways to show her she is appreciated and that you love her so much more now that she's given you such amazing mother's day gifts. First, make sure she has some time on her own away from the baby to recharge and revitalize herself.

      An afternoon or evening out with friends could be just what she needs after being on duty with her newborn all day long. When she returns home, greet her with sweet-smelling flowers and your signature favorite glass of wine (or other drink of choice) along with a nice, hot bubble bath waiting for her in the tub. A bit clichéd? Sure—but it always works!

      Quirky Toys for Girls

      For example, they may get a kick out of having a lava lamp that doubles as an aromatherapy diffuser. Or how about an inflatable hot tub designed like a swan? These unexpected gift ideas are great choices if you want to show your appreciation in style. It’s hard enough being a new mother—these mother's day gifts will make her smile!

      Practical Presents

      Having just given birth is a time when new mothers are particularly tired and feeling overwhelmed. Practical presents like new clothes, hygiene products, or diapers will help her feel better about herself and provide some much-needed respite from everything else going on. Even an offer of help around the house or running errands can be incredibly helpful to a busy mom.

      Some moms say they’re disappointed not having been showered with flowers or catered meals after delivery; so if you want to give something more thoughtful (and practical), go ahead! But don’t neglect your other half either—the father of her child needs love and affection too!

      Homemade Cards

      One of my favorite mother's day gifts I've ever given was one made entirely by hand. I would like to share with you how to make your card in simple steps. To be honest, it might just be one of my favorite cards that I have ever received. It's so cute and thoughtful!

      My dad recently taught me how to make it, and now I'm going to teach you how! So grab some paper, scissors, glue sticks, markers, and go nuts! Here are all of the supplies you'll need: Paper (I used colored paper because it makes things more fun) Scissors Glue Sticks Markers (or pencils if you want to draw instead) Pencil Tape Measure Ruler Optional: Ribbon/Twine (this is optional because I didn't use any in mine) First off cut out two pieces of paper that are exactly 5 inches wide and 10 inches long.

      Now take your tape measure and find out where 5 inches down on each piece of paper is from each end. Then mark them with a pencil or pen. Next, fold up one side of both papers so they're 1 inch high. Then fold up the other side so they're 1 inch high as well.

      Take your ruler and put it on top of one side's folds so that it lines up with where you marked them before and then trace around it. Do this for both sides. Once you've done that, cut along those lines using either scissors or a knife depending on what kind of paper you're using (you don't want to ruin good cardstock). Make sure you don't cut past those lines though!

      Personalized Mugs

      For anyone who loves coffee or even just a hot drink, personalized mugs are awesome presents. They're thoughtful, and creative and make great keepsakes that she can use every day. You could get her one with an inside joke between you two (mine says World's Greatest Mom), but personalizing it with her first name is even better. You can get some ideas here.

      If you want something more sentimental, look at these adorable custom-made blankets from Etsy. I know that my mom adores hers; I gave it to her for Christmas last year and she has been using it all of February! These blankets are super soft and warm; they come in tons of colors too so you can find something that fits your mom's personality.

      Gift ideas for your makeup freak mom

      More and more of us are switching to green, toxin-free beauty/ makeup products—but that can make buying holiday gifts a little tricky. If your mom or grandmother has recently cut conventional brands out of her routine, you may be wondering what to get her. No need to worry: There are plenty of eco-friendly mother's day gifts that’ll please even our pickiest friends!

      Nail art is one of those trends that has only gotten more popular in recent years, but if you know a woman who hasn't jumped on board yet, it might be time to pull out all stops. If you are looking for awesome Christmas mother's day gifts or even something to treat yourself during these colder months, then there is nothing better than personalized nail art.

      You can personalize nail art with your name or even your favorite character's name and apply them to your nails. There are many different styles available online and they are also very easy to create on your own. It is a unique Christmas gift that she will never forget!

      Makeup combo gift set for your mother

      If your mom is always running out of time to do her makeup, try purchasing a compact with multiple products. The compact could include eye shadow, blush, eyeliner, and lip gloss or lip balm all in one – so she can put on a full face quickly.

      Also, if she’s always out at night and needs a safe place to store her cosmetics when she gets home from work (especially since some items expire when exposed to light), you can get her a carrying case that has multiple compartments for all of her cosmetics. Or even better, try getting her an eye shadow palette that’s refillable so she can buy new colors as needed.

      There's nothing a mom loves more than to be pampered, and what better way to pamper your makeup-obsessed mom than with a fun, creative experience that you can share? With a few household ingredients (lemon juice, honey, egg white), you can teach her how to make her homemade facial mask.

      Alternatively, she could spend an afternoon at a nearby spa learning mothers day gift DIY recipes from their aesthetician and walk away with a whole new skill set. She’ll love sharing her newfound skills with all of her friends! Who knows—maybe even you will end up using some of them too!

      Makeup products to gift on mother’s day

      If your mom loves fashion, she probably dreams of being a top model. Get her a copy of The Fashion Book by Phaidon, which contains thousands of amazing photographs that illustrate how runway trends have evolved. This is perfect for showing her how to stay on trend with little or no effort (in terms of money). It's a lovely book that you can keep on your coffee table and just flick through when you have a spare minute. It's also super affordable at $15—much more so than that designer jacket she's been eyeing!

      A mini mirror (with lights!) can come in handy when you're applying lipstick, eyeliner, or mascara at your desk. (She may find it more useful than you think.) Try Faces Canada Le Pliage Cosmetic Bag ($36).

      Skincare products to gift on mother’s day

      Get her a few tubes of her favorite lipstick or gloss, plus a pretty g mother's day gifts gift box to hold them. If she has several colors she loves, find out which one is her absolute favorite and get her one large tube of it.

      A popular brand would be good, but think about something unique as well (e.g., Faces Canada Intense Stain Gloss). With colors like Berrylicious, After Hours, and Cherry Cupcake, these are sure to be hit with your momma! Bonus points if you can find some boxed sets that come with matching eye shadows!

      Amazing captions & wishes for mother’s day

      Whether you’re searching for a thoughtful gift to get your mother, sister, or aunt, or want to say Happy Mother’s Day in a creative way. You can also use them as inspiration for creating your own personalized mother's day gifts. For example, if you're buying her flowers, why not add one of these sweet messages to a card?

      Or post one on Facebook with your mother's favorite photo of herself from when she was younger? Whatever you choose to do, here is an awesome caption and wishes for Mother’s Day " I'm wishing you more kisses than I have time to give, more hugs than I have arms to give, more love than I have words to give. — Happy Mother's Day! "We will always be grateful for all that you've done.

      What’s amazing about celebrating mother’s day with Faces Canada

      At Faces Canada, we know just how much a mother deserves to feel special. The value of their role in our lives can’t be understated and it’s important to celebrate them often. We have some amazing mother's day gifts ideas that show your mother how much you care about her and about doing something extra special for her on Mother’s Day.

      Whether she is looking for something luxurious or more intimate, we have some stunning options from makeup to skincare, so that you can truly make her day with a unique mother's day gift that shows just how much you care about celebrating every aspect of who she is.

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