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To make you experience the most comfortable lipstick. A revolutionary formula bringing you long-wear and comfort together for the first time ever.


Trash your old uncomfortable lipstick and be one of the 1000 lucky winners* to get a brand new comfy matte lipstick!

1. Trash your uncomfortable lipstick and upload a picture or video trashing the lipstick here.

2. Follow @facescanada on Instagram to get updates on the dates of announcement

3. Brownie pointsto share your picture/video on your Instagram story & sharing it with friends using #Trash1Get1

So, are you all set to get the most hydrating long-stay liquid lipstick? Click below.

Read the Terms & Conditions before submitting CLAIM FREE LIPSTICK

*only unique entries are eligible for the offer.

Disclaimer: Only 1000 unique entries will win the free Comfy Matte lipstick. To know the date of winner announcement follow @facescanada on Instagram.

Thank you for the overwhelming response!

The offer has ended & entries are closed now.