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Belle De Luxe Jewel Cut Lipstick

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This luxurious lipstick comes with a custom made jewel-cut 3D bullet and is formulated with rose extract to give a fuller effect to your lips. It moisturizes your lips and has a long lasting stay for up to 8 hours.

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 218 reviews
      Anita Waghmare

      Good one

      Payal Sharma
      Beautiful and comfortable shade

      Loved how it smoothly glides on lips & keeps them hydrated..matte yet comfortable french rose shade & the best thing comes in cute black velvet pouch which lies inside the thick paper box.👍😍

      Luxurious as a diva

      Luxurious packaging. Perfectly jewel cut. Love the colour and the cutting of the lipstick and the little engraving of the brand on it. The packaging of the lipstick is so gorgeous.

      Awesome. .. Everyone girl should have this in her collection

      So, first thing first.. I just love the packaging.. OMG😍.. It was premium. Next, the container.. it was truly Jewel Cut. Lastly, the quality .. which I love the most. You can put it everyday. It gives you a natural gorgeous look, which I just love it. Thank you.

      Raksha B
      Smooth Texture, light weight, doesn't feel like it has been applied

      Smudge proof, super smooth

      About Ultime Pro Belle De Luxe Jewel Cut Lipstick

      It is a highly applaudable extravagant lipstick that will have everyone in awe at first sight. Ultime Pro Belle De Luxe Jewel Cut lipstick is available in 5 luxurious colors, with a rich formula and ultra-lightweight pigments.

      Faces Canada Belle De Luxe Jewel Cut Lipstick does not feel heavy on your lips and lasts for 8 hours. It comes with a specially designed jewel-cut 3D bullet, which is formulated using rose extracts, which gives an even more pleasing effect on the lips.

      In a stunning gold-toned component, you're likely to get a lip color that gives a premium matte, satin finish that will make heads turn. 

      Features of Ultime Pro Belle De Luxe Jewel Cut lipstick

      • It has a luxurious satin-matte finish
      • It is long-lasting and stays up to 8 hours
      • It is enriched with pure rose extract
      • It moisturizes the lips
      • It comes with a smart velvet pouch

      Faces Canada Belle De Luxe Jewel Cut Lipstick comes in an elegant metallic, gold-colored, mirror-finish metallic casing that has an elegant jewel-cut shape on the top and the bottom. The cap is fitted with a magnetic closure. The brand's logo has been embossed on the cap. The packaging looks gorgeous and elegant. It can also be placed in a vertical position, so you can put it on your makeup shelf to give it a royal look. The lipstick is packaged in a black-colored velvet case that is stored in a black cardboard box. The box has all information about the product on it. Although it's difficult to distinguish the shades, the packaging is so elegant and beautiful that any girl would be thrilled to display it. Also, congratulations to the team of designers for coming up with this elegant packaging.

      It's designed with the highest quality of details. The range is presented with the finest detail. Belle De Luxe Jewel Cut Lipsticks for the Forever-Lipstick-Lover Face. Its collection is designed to change the way you look at your lips. A few stunning shades are included in the collection, which is designed with a high-end finish that will have you less than amazed. The lipstick is exquisite in every way, so it's time to make space within your jewelry case. Brings you a luxurious affair, and we bet your Stepping-Out-With-Elegance Face will keep coming back for it.

      What Makes Ultime Pro Belle De Luxe Jewel Cut Lipstick Different From Normal Lipstick?

      Matte lipsticks are dry and liquid mattes and aren't shiny like classic or gloss lipsticks. Imagine a suede jacket against a Patent leather. Mattes are soft and sultry and offer durable, long-lasting, smudge-proof, and waterproof colors that are not achievable with traditional lipsticks, which tend to be worn off by drinking, eating, kissing, and other activities of daily life.

      Matte liquid lipstick offer the perfect shade that is opaque and full of color that's hard to miss! If you believe matte lipsticks are the most suitable lipsticks for you, then check out our vibrant, ultra-matte liquid Lip Whips for stunning and all-day wear. If you're wondering, "How will I ever get it off?" Matte Lip Whips are easily eliminated using the Oil-based Lip Whip Remover.

      A matte lipstick contains less moisture and oil than other lipsticks. It not only gives the matte a deep shade, but the color is also more durable and is less likely to smudge around the lips and needs fewer touch-ups during the day. In addition, mattes can be worn no matter the time of the year.

      How Do You Prepare Your Lips To Be Ready For Ultime Pro Belle De Luxe Jewel Cut Lipstick?

      Matte lipsticks are loved for their deep color, and flawless red carpet look...the limitation is that they should be properly applied. Matte lipsticks are not as gentle if it is applied casually as an emulsion or satin lippie. To become a master of the matter, There are a few fundamentals you should know.


      • Exfoliate Your Lips

       Because mattes are high in pigment but are lacking in moisture, they will sink into the lips. It will particularly get into cracks and rough spots. When it does, the lipstick may appear cakey and show deformities. Make a smooth surface to apply your lipstick matte by cleansing it often - between two and three times per week. It will make sure that your lipstick glides across your lips for flawless lips.

      A simple method to scrub your lips is with what you already have in your bathroom using a soft bristle brush. One method that's more beneficial to your lips and is difficult to achieve is to use a lip scrub. They are designed to be gentle on your lips' delicate areas and also contain nourishing ingredients for a moisturizing pout.

      • Moisturize Your Lips

       An effective method to fill in gaps or smooth, dry lips is to apply the lips with a light, moisturizing balm. It is recommended to apply it prior to applying any lipstick. Make sure to apply the balm to your lips at the start of the makeup process, which concludes with the application of lip color. So the lip balm will absorb into your skin prior to the application of color to your lips.

      Also, moisturizing your lips should not start and end with your routine of makeup. Make sure you put the lips with a balm at night before going to bed. Depending on how dry and dry your lips are, you might require applying the balm to your lips prior to applying lipstick throughout the daytime.

      • Apply Your Facial and Eye Makeup

       Another option for the procedure is to moisten your lips before applying the remaining makeup. Applying lipstick color is the final step. If you allow your lips to soak up the moisturizer, the lipstick will stay soft and not turn too creamy upon application. The application of lipstick last means that you are less likely to get colors mixed with your face makeup, and it will be much easier to repair any flaws in your application of lip color.

      • Use a Lip Primer

       The lip primer can be the trick to keep your lip color glossy throughout the day. The lips aren't a consistent color; therefore, by using a primer, you'll be able to make a uniform canvas for applying matte lipstick. The shade you apply will be more true to the shade of the tube of lipstick. Applying primer to your lips keeps the shade in place and stops unintentional feathering.

      The application of lip primer is as easy as it can get. Apply the primer by rubbing your fingertips across your lips and then slightly across the lip line. It should dry for a few seconds prior to moving on to the next step.

      • Draw Your Lips using Lip Pencils

       Because matte lipsticks are extremely pigmented, which means that anything they touch will instantly be transformed into that intense color. It's crucial that, during makeup, it is onto your lips exclusively on your lips. Excessive marks on the lips must be avoided in order to keep your appearance clean. That is where the lip liner is your most reliable companion.

      If you outline your lips first using a lip pencil, you'll drastically reduce the chances of making mistakes in the application of your matte lipstick shades. Begin by drawing a precise outline of your lips using the pencil, and then cover the entire outline using the matte. Making sure you get uniform coverage using this pencil for your lips is crucial when you are using a matte lipstick liquid. We suggest a glide-on lip pencil like Mented's for a smooth, no-skip smooth application.

      If you are applying your lip liner, you can choose between two main ways to apply it: either applying it to the curve of your lips or drawing just over the curvature of your lips. The former will provide you with an appearance that is more natural, and the latter gives an appearance that resembles a larger pout. You can also smooth the edges of your lips using your finger or a lip pencil.

      When it comes to choosing the color of your lipstick, it is best to choose the lip liner you choose to be one shade or two lighter than your lipstick. If a less formal makeup routine is more your thing and you're looking to select a one-liner that can fit with any shade of lipstick, Choose a lip liner shade that is as close to the shade of your natural lips as is possible.

      • Apply Your Favorite Matte

       At this point, you've already completed the preparation work necessary, and this step should be easy. Apply the lipstick directly from the tube to your lips. Alternatively, you can apply the lipstick using a lip pencil. Dip the brush in the tube and then carefully blend the color with the lines of your lip pencil. This technique can reduce the amount of pigmentation; therefore, if you're looking for an extremely rich shade, apply the matte directly out of the tube.

      Whatever method you choose to apply, One coat of color is enough. If you apply more, your lips have a higher risk of drying out and your color appearing uneven.

      • Blot using Tissue

       To prolong the life of the lipstick, eliminate excess color by gently blotting your lips using tissues. To distribute the color evenly, apply the Tissue gently to your lips whilst you are relaxed. It is preferable to the conventional method of pressing tissues between your lips since this can cause the appearance of the color to be uneven. By pressing down, the Tissue will remove more color from the center of the lips, which is where it is more likely that the color will naturally fall off during the day. 

      • Maintaining Your Matte

       Matte lipstick lasts longer than other kinds of lipstick; however, as the saying is that nothing can last forever. Take a quick look at the mirror after drinking, eating or exercising, or something else that could affect the perfect color of your lip. You'll probably need to apply the lip balm, then wait an hour, then apply your matte.

      How Do You Draw Your Lips In Preparation For Ultime Pro Belle De Luxe Jewel Cut?

      Follow these easy instructions if you'd like to wear matte lipstick:

      • Hydrate, exfoliate and cleanse

       Matte lipstick adheres to dry lips and dry skin, making a smooth surface by exfoliating and nourishing your lips prior to applying matte lipstick. Purchase an exfoliation scrub made of brown sugar or create your own homemade lip scrub to reduce dryness prior to applying your lip shade. After exfoliating, apply a moisturizing lip balm that hydrates your lips. It ensures that your lipstick appears soft. After your lip balm has absorbed your makeup, you can apply the remainder of your makeup to ensure adequate moisturizing.

      • Line and Prime

       Apply a lip primer or concealer on your lips to stop the color of your lips from appearing uneven. To outline the contour that your lips take, apply an eyeliner that matches the shade of your lipstick. (You may also choose to go an additional shade dark.) It will stop your lipstick's color from moving out of the lip line. If you've got an ethereal bow or wish to make it appear as one, create the "X" shape with your lipstick at the top of your lips and use it as a guideline to apply your lipstick in a uniform way on this difficult spot. If you don't have a cupid's arrow or don't wish to emphasize the bow, draw a line slightly higher than your lips.

      • Apply your lipstick

      Apply the matte lipstick colour on your lower lip first. If you're applying the matte lipstick using the applicator. Make sure your lips are pressed together to apply the color to the upper lip. Be mindful not to push past your lip line. If you're using matte liquid lipstick, don't apply it to your lips as it may turn streaky or smudge-like. Instead, apply it to the bottom and your top lip, and hold your mouth open until the lipstick is dry. It is possible to dab your pout using Tissue to get rid of any excess product, which will boost the color's longevity before it is set.

      • Remove the rough edges

      Make use of makeup remover to remove any lipstick that has smudged. Once you've removed the lip color you have left, apply concealer using a lip brush, lining the edges of your lips and creating a smooth edge that is sharp and clean.

      • Finalize the look

      Apply the matte look just as it is, or apply a clear gloss or a tiny amount of highlighter in the lip's center to give them extra shine. Add depth and sparkle by applying lip gloss on top of the various matte lipstick colors.

      How to Have Fuller and Plump Lips Using Ultime Pro Belle De Luxe Jewel Cut Lipstick?

      If it's time to sculpt your lips, go for the high or stay home. Use these tips to create beautiful and full-looking lips.

      • Prep your pout

       Lips aren't prepared to wear makeup right off the start: You must first prepare. It is a particularly important process during the winter months, as the dry air could make your lips look dry and scaly. Even if the lips don't appear dry, having a smooth and smooth lip prior to applying lipstick or lip liner is always an excellent option. One easy way to achieve this is by exfoliating--sloughing away dead skin cells that can build up on the skin's surface--your lips with a lip scrub.

      • Cupid's bow

       You don't have to worry about looking around and wondering what exactly cupid's bow looks like. It's a fancy term for the top part of your lips. It's where each side of your lips meets in the middle, creating an 'M' shape that is reminiscent of a bow from a cupid. It's logical, isn't it? In the event that you do not have an extremely defined cupid's bow, it's not an issue. You can completely fake the perfect selfie. All you need to do is pull out eyeliner to make an "X" over your upper lip. The upper parts in the "X' will be perfectly positioned within the tops of the letter 'M' in the bow of your lover.

      • Over-line and put your lips in

       Make use of a lip liner to make your lips appear slightly to the outside of your outer edges. You don't want to make your lips too large, but you still want your lips to appear natural. Everyone should not have to wonder what's changed in their mouth. When you have lined your lips, you can fill them with your favorite lipstick to create an opaque appearance. The darker your lips are, the more full-looking they appear.

      • Remove the edges

      For your lips to truly sparkle, choose your preferred concealer, or mix the perfect shade using The L'Oreal Paris Infallible Total Cover Contour and Concealing Kit to define your lips. Similar to how concealer can be the ideal finishing touch for eyebrows, it could be a great addition to your lips. With an easy outline, the lips stand out and appear more polished also. If you're looking to avoid foundation and concealer entirely, try using an abrasive swab of cotton that's dipped in micellar water for the same cleaning appearance.

      Perfect Shade of Ultime Pro Belle De Luxe Jewel Cut For Different Occasions


      The perfect shade of Ultime Pro Belle De Luxe Jewel Cut to wear on a birthday party is French Rosette 12.

      • Wedding

       The perfect shade of Ultime Pro Belle De Luxe Jewel Cut to wear on a wedding party is Russian Maroon 11.

      • Brunch Party

       The perfect shade of Ultime Pro Belle De Luxe Jewel Cut to wear on a brunch party is Victorian Mauve 09.

      • Night Out

       The perfect shade of Ultime Pro Belle De Luxe Jewel Cut to wear on a night out is Mi Amor 01.

      • College

       The perfect shade of Ultime Pro Belle De Luxe Jewel Cut to wear for college is Juliet Rose 02.

      • Office 

       The perfect shade of Ultime Pro Belle De Luxe Jewel Cut to wear while in an office is French Rosette 12.

      Here are some of the colors that Faces Canada covers with its HD matte lipsticks:

      • Matte Lipstick Red
      • Matte Lipstick Pink
      • Matte Lipstick Brown
      • Matte Lipstick Maroon
      • Matte Lipstick Light Pink

      How do you apply Faces Canada Ultime Pro Belle De Luxe Jewel Cut Lipstick?

      If you're familiar with glosses, balms, or high-shine lipsticks, matte formulas might seem like forbidden territory. Matte lipsticks are prone to receiving some criticism sometimes and are portrayed as uncomfortable and dry. But the times have changed.

      Contemporary matte lipsticks can be incredibly comfortable and provide rich color, unlike any other lipstick. After we have our pure matte lipstick Tinder profile well-written, let's talk about the best way to wear matte lipsticks to benefit from the advantages. Here’s how to apply a matte lipstick:

      • Make sure you have the lips ready

       Sometimes we need to do our best to maintain our beauty. It isn't really...but some preparation is a big help in the case of makeup formulas that are matte. If you applied a matte lipstick over a rough, peeling wall, the resulting result would be spongy and dry, wouldn't it? Treat your matte lippie exactly the same. 

      • Lips Line

       It is not required but can help improve the durability and appearance of the look of matte lipsticks in numerous ways. The pencil liner will help to create the perfect lip shape before applying the matte shade that is opaque. Additionally, it provides a layer of color for added longevity between reapplications.

      The pencil liner is simple to work with for those who are new to using your hands to draw the outline that your mouth has. With a light hand, you can remove any lines you draw out of the box without making a mess. Straight into Faces Canada matte lipstick set can increase the chance of making mistakes and can be quite a hassle to wash up.

      • Soften the Edges

       Take a clean, dry tissue, place it into your mouth and then press them in. That will eliminate any excess color that could get past the lines. Make sure there's not any pigmentation on the inside of your lips, as it's likely to end in your teeth! Use a concealer brush that has some concealer to smooth edges and create a perfect lip shape.

      Ultime Pro Belle De Luxe Jewel Cut Lipstick Hacks

      It's time to show your new Matte... lipstick it is. If you're a striking color fan, then you'll be aware that matte, high-pigment lip color is the ultimate lipstick for a quick boost. From feeling sexy with that rich burgundy to pairing your most glam lipstick with smokey eyes, Nothing completes your look as a statement lip than one with a smooth, glossy, matte finish. Check out these five tricks to make your lips look like fire so that you can rock matte lipstick as the princess you are. Do a bow.

      • Scrub

      The most important thing is that your lipstick clings to dry patches. Matte lipsticks should be applied on a silky clean, smooth, flake-free surface. Exfoliate your lips lightly by rubbing in a circular motion with an exfoliating face scrub. Then take off the makeup using the help of a cotton pad, revealing a softer, smoother pout.

      • Stay Hydrated

      To get a lip color that is smudge-proof and disappears quickly, begin by hydrating your base. In addition to drinking eight glasses of fluids every day, apply a small amount of moisturizer on your lips' top and bottom by gently tapping them to allow them to absorb. For lips that are extremely dry, apply a balm that hydrates your lips 10 minutes prior to applying the lipstick. Give it time to absorb into your delicate skin. After that, wipe the balm away with a tissue, and then put the bold shade. 

      • Draw the Line

       Create fuller-looking lips by using dual-purpose lipstick lines. We love Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses Lip Liner to create a bright color that will last. Utilize the sharp tip of your favorite shade to begin drawing the bow of Cupid. Then, trace it over the outer edge of the opposite part of the mouth. Do the same on the opposite side. On the lower lip, begin at the center and trace the pencil towards the corners to the outside. For a plumping effect, move your lips just a little outside of your natural lip shape.

      • Layer Up

       Keep your lips looking lasting and durable with matte lip gloss applied in light layers. After you have lined your lips with the lip liner, apply it to fill in, which serves as a primer for the lipstick you apply on the top.

      If you're not used to applying matte lipstick, slowly build the hue by using an eye brush to remove lipstick from the bullet. You can also apply our kiss-proof, touch-proof, and waterproof matte lipstick on lips and blend to create an even, smooth finish.

      Pros, on the other hand, can apply color directly onto the lips, beginning at the middle of the lips and spreading outwards to get the most uniform coverage. When the first layer of color is in place, dab it using a tissue and then apply another layer. The process of layering your lipstick can give a final look a real staying power.

      • The Power of Powder

       If your lip color is set, secure it in place with this must-try technique: Place a thin piece of tissue on your lips and then, using a large fluffy brush, apply a dusting of Insta Fix and Matte Powder over the top lightly. It will not only provide your lipstick with a lasting appearance but also add a silky shimmer to your matte appearance. It's a win-win.

      Ultime Pro Belle De Luxe Jewel Cut Tips and Tricks to Use Lipstick

      If you're like me, you're likely to have between 2 and 11-lipsticks in your bag at the moment (I usually have 11 in my bag every day). There's a reason that we collect the products because the lipstick is so tiny that it's almost impossible not to have the entire collection. It's also simple to use, with numerous colors available and lipsticks have a mysterious appearance that will make you appear effortlessly put together.

      While the application process is typically simple, just swipe on the lipstick. However, there are several ways that you can improve your lipstick game to ensure the highest depth, color, and in your look and the best-lasting power. We asked the top makeup artists to find the most effective tricks they've learned over the many years. Here are the top 10 makeup tips you've ever heard. Period.

      • Prep is key

       To ensure the most flawless application and the longest-lasting wear, spend the time to prepare your lips properly. Begin by using lip scrub to provide gentle exfoliation. Followed by oil for your lips or a lip treatment while you're working on your hair as well as all of the makeup.

      • Do not be scared of the powder

      As you apply your face using powder, applying your lipstick will ensure it stays in place. If you're using a cream, I like to apply the color, then blot it with a tissue lightly. Then, use a half ply of the tissue like a veil on your lips and use a brush to tap powder on it.

      • Concealer can be the ideal liner

       Additionally, if you are applying a lip liner, draw a thin coating of a concealer that is dry around the lips' edges to keep your lip line crisp. 

      • The truth is that the primer makes an impact

       It might seem extravagant, but the primer provides the base for a flawless lip day. I draw a line around my lips to create an invisible lip wall to prevent the color of the lip from feathering. Then, I apply the primer all over the lips to also prime them.

      • Ditto lip liner

       The liner on your lips is the key to creating dimension and ensuring lipstick remains on your lip. Quynh suggests "starting with lip liner first and filling in the entire lip, like a base for your lipstick" to ensure the longest-lasting lipstick.

      • Sometimes less is better

       Though you may think applying multiple coats of lipstick is the secret to striking lipstick, wearing too many layers over the course of the daytime can result in smears and look heavy.

      How to Create an Ombre Lip with Ultime Pro Belle De Luxe Jewel Cut Lipstick?

      To bring back the nostalgia of the 90s and rekindle the fashion, read on for a straightforward guide to help you achieve the look.

      • Exfoliate Your Lips

      Making sure that your lips are smooth is crucial for ensuring that lipstick products are evenly distributed, especially when creating a makeup look specifically focused on your lips. Utilizing a lip scrub or a damp washcloth, gently rub your lips to remove dead skin cells, revealing soft lips. If your lips look dry, apply the lip balm Yi. But be careful not to apply too much since you don't want the liner that you apply to slide across your lips.

      • Line Your Lips

      Then, apply lip liner using the orange color of your lipliner. Create a line around your lips. Make sure that the line that runs through the middle is quite thin, and then it gets deeper towards the edges. It can give the impression of having larger lips. It's important in relation to the shape of your lips.

      • Diffuse the Lip Liner

       To create an ombre look, use an eye brush to gently blend the liner. Blend the color towards the center of the lips to ensure that it's the most vibrant at the edges of your lips before it fades toward the middle.

      • Apply a Light Lipstick Shade

       Select a pure shade of lipstick that has similar undertones to the lipstick you select. However, it's 3-4 shades less. If you're seeking the most striking contrast, then you should test Facescanada No Transfer, Matte. If you prefer an ombre look to make it less somber, opt for a shade that is just two or three shades lighter than your liner.

      Apply the color on the middle of your lips directly from the bullet. Be sure that you don't overdraw the liner on your lips. With your fingertips or a lip brush, apply the color to the lips, making sure that it appears even in the lip liner.

      • Top off Your Look by Using Lip Gloss

      While you can keep it the way it is and still have beautiful lips, it wouldn't be a genuine reference to the 1990s in the absence of enhancing the look by applying the gloss. In the past, the focus was on sparkle. Adding a lip gloss that's clear will give your lips that perfect look.

      How Can You Prevent Lipstick From Getting Stuck On Your Tooth?

      One of the most dreadful cosmetic nightmares is discovering that you've gone about your day wearing lip color on the teeth. It's embarrassing, in truth, after the experience of being confronted with the red lipstick you love on your teeth is enough to cause you to wish to ditch the color of your lips completely. However, if you like the overall appearance of a smoky pout and can't live without the look, you might always be checking your mirror to confirm that your makeup isn't sagging. Naturally, neither reaction is perfect. If you're eager to keep your lip-gloss on your lips rather than on your tooth, then look no further! Below, we've shared easy-to-follow guidelines to help keep your lipstick in the right place.

      • Blot your lips

       After applying your lipstick, you should be sure to wipe your lips clean with tissues. Place the tissue between your lips, and then smack your lips to take any excess lipstick from the pout. It is a fast and simple way to make sure that your product does not end up on your tooth!

      • Get your powder that is translucent

       Powders that are loose are perfect for keeping your makeup and reducing shine, but they also work well to keep your lipstick in the right place. Choose a makeup powder that has an ultra-fine, translucent formulation. Utilizing a makeup blender, or a fluffy brush, lightly press the product onto your lips, which will lock your lipstick in place, and the color of your lips will be matted by doing so.

      If you're looking to apply your lipstick with no impact on the finish, you could apply the powder by rubbing it into the lining of the tissue. It is effectively mixing tips 1 and 2 for a lipstick that isn't going to go away.

      • One finger performs the trick

       This beauty trick has been in use for a long time! When you have your lipstick in place, Simply place your finger between your lips and then pull them through. That will eliminate the product within your lips and stop it from spreading onto your teeth.

      • Take eyeliner

       It's normal for lipsticks to leak during the course of the day. To keep your lipstick on your lips and not your chin or teeth, lipliners ought to be your most trusted companion. Begin by picking up the lip liner you want to make your lipstick more attractive and provide your lips with a plump appearance. Line the outer part of your lips, and then add the base of your lipstick that will keep your lipstick from moving once it is applied.

      • Choose straws when drinking drinks

       In lieu of placing the lips on the side of a glass, drinking through straws will aid in keeping your lipstick color exactly where it should be. This trick will help keep your makeup looking great, and, as an added advantage, using straws when drinking dark drinks like soda or coffee will also help keep your teeth looking white.

      • Opt for Long-Lasting Formulas

       Lipsticks that are creamy or that have sheer finishes may make your lips feel wonderful. However, they're not always able to stay in the place you'd like them to. They're typically prone to wear off over the course of the day and, if you're not paying attention, end in your teeth when you're moving them around.

      • Apply using the help of a lip brush

      It's possible that the transfer problem isn't a sign of any issue with your product. It could be due to a glitch in the method you're applying your lipstick. If you're having trouble coloring within the lines and are prone to get messy when applying your makeup, it's simple to notice the way in which a product gets onto your tooth. To ensure your lipstick is exactly the way you like it, change to applying bullet lipsticks using a tiny lips brush (swipe the product directly onto the brush, not your lips), which will allow you greater control.


      How to Prevent Ultime Pro Belle De Luxe Jewel Cut Lipstick from Drying My Lips?

      Cleanse your lips with lipstick prior to applying lipstick! There is a specific lip scrub, or make it at home by mixing honey with sugar. If you're not able to find the ingredients in your kitchen, you can rub your lips using your toothbrush.

      Is Ultime Pro Belle De Luxe Jewel Cut Flavored Lipstick?

      Yes, it is.The Ultime Pro Belle De Luxe Jewel Cut comes with a pleasant smell and flavor.



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