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Berry Blush

Lightweight ultra-matte blushes
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Presenting Faces Canada Berry Blush in 3 gorgeous shades that flatter every skin tone. Add a dash of our blush on the cheek to instantly transform any look into a fresh, happy and glowy one! This lightweight powder blush on face is deeply pigmented and gives your cheeks a super mattified, high definition finish with a single swirl. No touch-ups needed as this blush on the cheek is super long lasting and stays put all day! The natural berry extracts help brighten skin & keep it youthful thanks to the vitamin-rich goji berry that nourishes your skin for that healthy glow. Shea butter in this blush on face will keep your skin moisturized. Best part about this blush on face is it's easy to blend & very buildable. Use everyday for a subtle flushed look or elevate your party look to add dimension to your face by building on the pigment. Hop to the beach: A sunkissed golden pigment that gives a gorgeous flushed glow. Perfect for those who love a little extra bloom of orange like a summer beach vibe. Call me honey: For uber chic peach cheeks that can look very natural for an everyday glow as well as diva-like if worn right. Love vibes only: The staple pink blush on the cheek for that rosy, lovable flushed look


Reasons To Buy

  • Lightweight and Ultra-Matte Finish: This blush on the cheeks is made from ultra-fine particles that absorb oil instantly to give a matte finish. The feather-light formula that doesn't weigh your skin down. You'll forget you're wearing anything on your skin.
  • Intense color and easy to blend: 3 Beautiful shades which are intensely pigmented. Super blendable and buildable formula that melts into your skin in a swirl.
  • Long-lasting: This high-definition blush on the face is super long-lasting and will stay in place all day. No touch-ups needed!
  • Good for your skin: This berry blush on the cheek is enriched with Vitamins A, C & E from Goji berry extracts that have brightening and anti-ageing benefits. Additionally, the shea butter ensures your skin stays hydrated all day long.
  • No Nasties: This blush on face  is free from harmful chemicals or preservatives, parabens and alcohol. It is cruelty-free and vegan! Paper packaging also makes it an eco-friendly choice.

Product Info

Name & Address of Manufacturer: Take 2 Cosmetics, B-108; BAJRUNG KRUPA INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, ATHAL, Silvassa, Gujarat 396230

Country of Origin: India

Net Qty.: 4g

Ingredient List

Talc, Nylon-12, Zea Mays (Corn) Starch, Aluminum Starch Octenylsuccinate, Dimethicone, Mica, Magnesium Myristate, Phenoxyethanol (and) Ethylhexylglycerin, Tocopheryl Acetate, Lycium Barbarum Seed Oil, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter, Perfume. May contain- CI 77492, CI 77491, CI 77891, CI 77499, CI15850, CI19140, CI42090, CI45410

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      Absolutely! Berry Blush has a special lightweight formula that is meant to simply blend with the skin. The ultra-fine particles of Berry Blush sit very lightly on the skin, thereby becoming an extension of it instead of making your skin feel cakey.
      Faces Canada Blush has a lightweight formula intended to give an Ultra-Matte Finish. It is made from ultra-fine particles that absorb oil instantly to give a matte finish. The feather-light formula that doesn't weigh your skin down. This blush is enriched with Vitamins A, C & E from Goji berry extracts that have brightening and anti-ageing benefits. Additionally, the shea butter ensures your skin stays hydrated all day long.
      Berry Blush’s high definition pigment is super long lasting and will stay in place all day. No touch-ups needed!
      Here’s a hack to make you choose a blush most natural to your skin tone. Pinch your cheeks hard, you’ll see your cheeks will take the most natural shade of blush. Now choose a colour which matches your cheeks accordingly. However, if this doesn’t work then here’s a great way to pick the best blush shade for your skin tone.

      Customer Reviews

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      Rani Verma
      In the Shade Hop to the beach 01

      My skin is a bit to dusky side so, it took a little more efforts to show maybe.Overall very nice blush.

      Sonali sona


      Berry blush

      Very good blush. Must have product


      Its good

      Pakhi Sharma

      Pigmented and rich colour. Must have product.



      Nice pigmentation

      A very good blush with highly pigmentation...

      About Faces Canada berry blush

      Is there anything more inviting than fresh fruit in the summertime? With its bright colors and enticing flavors, it makes you want to reach out and touch it... which may be the perfect way to describe this new makeup product by About Faces Canada, an innovative new Canadian cosmetics brand that’s taking the beauty industry by storm! Named Berry Blush, this cosmetic line consists of three different products that can be worn alone or together for a healthy-looking glow (or blusher) that will surely make you stand out from the crowd! Don’t believe us? Read on to find out more about these fabulous products!

      Top Colors

      This season’s top colors include peaches, plums, pinks, and corals. To find out what will work best for you, analyze your skin tone using a color wheel; those with fair to medium complexions are best suited for softer shades of pink, peach, and coral. People with darker skin tones can wear vibrant plum and berry shades as well as deeper hues of orange and pink.

      Combining more than one color on your face at once is also a great way to ensure that there’s something for everyone—you can create many different looks by highlighting one part of your face in a lighter shade than another area. Having two or three key colors means you’ll always have something that matches your skin tone perfectly.

      Best Brands

      To find a great berry blush face in makeup, it’s best to go with a brand that specializes in color cosmetics. Bobbi Brown’s line of products is well known for their rich pigmentation and buildable color; Lise Watier makes an excellent cream blush face that comes in over 40 different shades;

      Faces Canada blushes are not only highly pigmented but can be used as an eyeshadow, highlighting powder, or bronzer. If you want affordable high-quality cosmetic brands, consider Makeup Revolution or BH Cosmetics. Both have large collections of makeup products at low price points. Another trick I like to use when looking for new cosmetics is checking out the Faces Canada Makeup Addiction board which has lots of useful reviews of different brands.

      Natural options

      While there are some great beauty blush face makeup products on store shelves today, not all of them are natural. To avoid harsh chemicals and ingredients that can be damaging, invest in high-quality cosmetics without all those extras added in.

      These types of products can be a bit more expensive, but worth it when you consider how they’ll affect your overall health. Also, think about what you’re putting onto your skin – even if it doesn’t seem like much – as everyday exposure over time adds up! Remember that skin is an organ so treat it with care!

      Cool Ways to Use Color On Your Cheeks

      Of course, it’s not just about brightening or contouring; a blush palette can be used in a variety of other ways. It can give you a touch of color during winter when you're paler than usual. You can layer on highlighter, bronzer, and blush face for a bronze goddess look. And if you have read or rosy cheeks, highlight those areas with a cream-based highlight shade instead of using one that will enhance your existing flush (though if you have rosacea—this should not be done). Here are some great ideas on how to use color on your cheeks!

      Helpful Tips

      Berry blush liquid is a staple in any woman’s makeup collection. Tarte’s new blush on the cheeks offers a fresh take on the classic pink and blue blushes, making it ideal for those looking for an update on their look without stepping too far outside of their comfort zone.

      We love that it blends with our existing skin tone seamlessly, even when applied in small amounts—so you can experiment with a light flush or build up to a dramatic pop of color! That versatility makes Berry blush on face perfect for work as well as play because there's nothing quite like waking up and heading into work with a fresh glow.

      Avoiding Common Mistakes

      Women who’ve spent any time trying out new products for blush brush clear skin are familiar with the frustration of using a promising new product, only to see their complexion break out. As anyone who’s ever suffered through a major breakout will tell you, that’s no fun at all. But if you stop and think about it, it also makes no sense.

      If something is supposed to be effective against acne and/or aging, then why would it cause an increase in breakouts? Skipping just one step before adding a new product can minimize unwanted side effects and help keep skin healthy and radiant. Here are some suggestions that will help ensure smooth sailing as you experiment with beauty products

      Beauty benefits of berry blush

      Beauty cream blush on face products with natural ingredients can be more than just green – they can be good for your skin! Berries in particular have gained fame among skincare experts, who praise their antioxidant properties and many other benefits to skin health and appearance.

      Berry blush pink, one type of berry-based skincare product, has been called the secret to naturally glowing skin due to its unique blend of ingredients. In this article, we’ll discuss the beauty benefits of berry blush on the cheek and why it could help you look great all year long.

      Berry blushes have been used for centuries

      Cleopatra used to mix crushed-up berries into her blush powder foundation, and Elizabeth Taylor was known for her striking red lips. Berry blushes also contain a large number of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that can help improve skin health and radiance.

      So what are you waiting for? Add some pigment to your cheekbones! Here are three reasons why berry blushes on face are your go-to beauty product:

      1) They’re Natural rose blush – The pigments in berries come from their fruit skins, which means they aren't going to cause any irritation or allergic reactions. Many organic makeup brands use organic berries as their main source of color in their products. This is great news for those with sensitive skin or allergies because it means they don’t have to worry about potential breakouts or rashes when using these products.

      2) They Help Fight Signs of Aging – Berries blush for medium skin tone is full of anti-oxidants and Vitamin C, which helps fight free radicals that cause premature aging on our skin.

      Berries have great antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties

      Antioxidants are important for helping to slow aging and prevent illness. Red, blue, and purple berries contain high levels of antioxidants called anthocyanins. These antioxidants can help protect against a variety of conditions, including heart disease, diabetes, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, and cancer (Journal of Agricultural Food Chemistry).

      Studies have also found that blush for Indian skin anthocyanins may promote blood flow by dilating blood vessels (American Journal of Hypertension). Finally, anthocyanins may fight free radicals caused by UV radiation. These free radicals are believed to cause skin cancer as well as premature aging and wrinkles (Journal Medicinal Food). Antioxidants prevent damage from these free radicals in cells throughout our bodies.

      Use berries in homemade beauty recipes

      The berries you’re looking for are both edible and in season, which means that they’re fresh and nutritious, too. Berries blush for dark skin such as strawberries (red), raspberries (red), blueberries (purple), or blackberries (black) are all available throughout most of the year – some fruits can be purchased frozen year-round -- but will offer much more bang for your buck if you go with fresh berries. If you have a bunch in mind that isn't easily accessible where you live, look into buying them online or purchasing at a farmers market; picking fruit directly from a farm is much less expensive than buying it in stores. When shopping, focus on quality over quantity.

      Buy high-quality cosmetics with natural ingredients

      It’s important to keep in mind that for a cream blush stick, even if you make your cosmetics at home, those products are still tested on animals. No matter what kind of cosmetics you use, they're being tested on animals—even if they come from a company that claims to be cruelty-free.

      The good news is there are plenty of companies out there making high-quality cosmetics with all-natural ingredients (including my favorite brand Tarte Cosmetics). Make sure to look for their cruelty-free logo when purchasing makeup and skincare products. I like how Sephora outlines its cruelty-free brands here. Have fun experimenting with different looks!

      Where to buy high-quality cosmetics with berries in them

      Nowadays, it is hard to find a cosmetic blush for dry skin products without berries in them. And I am not talking about berries in a bright red package. I mean real berries — blended into skincare products you can trust with high quality and good price. Berry cosmetics are all around us, on our favorite shelves, but we don't even notice them since they look just like regular ones. Check my tips about buying and using high-quality berries-based cosmetics that will improve your skin condition.

      Shades of berry blush for different skin color

      Faces Canada berry blush colors are popular in the cosmetic world for two reasons: they're considered classic and timeless, and they flatter most skin tones with minimal effort. It's common to wear berry blush on face as a natural, subtle look; it's also possible to make it dramatic by layering on more color or by choosing a richer shade than your typical baby pink. When you think about berry blush shades, you might automatically assume that they only work with fair skin, but if you look beyond the typical light pink tones, you'll find several options that work well with different skin tones.


      Softer, faces Canada blush rose-colored shades work best on darker complexions. Try FACES CANADA Blush on face in Orgasm or Chanel Rouge Allure Glossy Stain in Forbidden Peach. If you have a darker complexion, stick to matte blushes; otherwise, your color can look a little washed out and powdery.


      If you have fair or very pale skin, you’ll want to stick with pink and red shades. Think peachy pinks like FACES CANADA blush Cheek Stain in Fire-Bird. These soft hues bring out your natural flush without looking overpowering or too made up. For darker tones, try a raspberry shade like FACES CANADA Orgasm Blush, a cult favorite that works on every skin tone—even super fair complexions!


      Usually, shades of pink, red, or reddish-purple are used to apply on cheeks with a brush blush face or fingers. They add warmth and enhance your features with their flattering colors and undertones. The best way to use these is by dabbing them onto your cheekbones and blending them in until you get that healthy flush.

      You can also try applying it onto your lips as it makes them fuller without being blush on face sticky. Just apply it lightly at first and keep adding more until you're satisfied with how vibrant they look. As an alternative, you can also use natural berries like raspberry to get similar results on your lips! All berries are great, but raspberries seem to give you a deeper color than most other fruit would so be sure to try out all kinds if you want a specific look.


      Light Skin tones should use a blush soft, subtle, and light shade of reddish orangey or purple pinkish blusher. A rosy tone is a good starting point. You can mix it with your foundation to create your perfect shade. Try blending it in using circular motions and not putting it in place. This will help you blend out any harsh lines and will also keep you from looking cakey. Light skin tones typically require less product than dark complexions do, so start with just a little bit and add more as needed.


      A pale blush face calls for a light, barely-there shade that won't make you look washed out. Try FACES CANADA Double Wear Stay-in-Place Powder Blush in Guava Glace. It's a delicate rosy pink with a subtle golden shimmer. The sheen will catch the light, highlighting your bone structure while also making your complexion look softer and well-rested.

      Shades of berry blush for different occasions

      If you’re planning to wear berry blush during the summer, you have quite a few options to choose from. The subtle hue is great for casual events like outdoor picnics and summer birthdays, as well as more dressy occasions, like weddings or holiday parties. If you're not sure how to pick the best shade of berry blush on face for your skin tone, don't worry! We've found the perfect shades of berry blush face that complement any complexion and tone. Berry blush looks gorgeous on all skin tones, regardless of whether you have olive, fair, or deep skin tones.

      -Blush shade for Wedding/Family function

      Red is a blush color that gives an impression of intensity, warmth, and comfort. It is a very strong color that can be worn during daytime as well as nighttime. If you are attending a wedding or any kind of family function, then a red-colored face blusher will suit you best.

      Although it is not recommended to wear makeup at weddings because it can ruin your natural look. Some girls also like to use red face blushers to make their faces glow during night parties where there is dim lighting in clubs and other places that give little light. But if you have a darker skin tone then use cherry red shades else go for deep red shades that blend with your skin tone.

      Blush shade for college

      Finding a great pair of shoes is like buying a new blush bed. The right ones can transform your life. For busy women, they might be more important: They’re one of your most necessary and versatile wardrobe staples, no matter what else you have going on.

      Investing in high-quality pairs is crucial—you’ll look put together when you wear them with jeans or at fancy events when paired with black pants and that LBD you haven’t worn since college. Below are some guidelines for finding smart buys no matter where you work or study: A basic black pump goes with everything and shows up in all seasons, so splurge on those from a designer you love. It won't go out of style!

      Blush shade for office

      For office wear, you can go with a light shade like FACES CANADA Orgasm blush or Benefit Coralista. Both have very natural, subtle shades of pink that look just like they came from your cheeks (think -- think dewy). And if you tend to burn easily when you step out into the daylight, these slightly-darker blushes will also help even out any redness. Just be sure to choose one that's easy to apply because anything too dark will make it look like it's not coming from your skin but more so on top of it. Great news -- there are quite a few drugstore dupes for these cult favorites too!

      Blush shade for a night out

      You will look so beautiful and confident. Blush can give you a healthy, vitalizing effect on your face. But you have to choose a blush shade that would complement your skin tone best. To get long-lasting and high-performance results, make sure to pick up a quality product that goes on smoothly without streaking or blotching your complexion, then gives you an alluring color flush.

      Here are some tips on how to choose blush shades suitable for various occasions: Night out - Apply a bright red face blusher in powder form with fingertips evenly over cheeks and sweep lightly from center to outer corner with short upward strokes. To ensure your makeup stays put for hours, use translucent loose powder if necessary but keep away from heavy coverage in light colors such as silver or gold.

      Blush shade for a brunch party

      Party blush makeup that looks good on its own but also photographs well is something that every woman wants. Whether you’re going to a weekend brunch or are attending a wedding, nothing brightens up your complexion like a pop of color. You can choose any shade, as long as it complements your skin tone and eye color. A great way to pull off an eye-catching shade is by applying it onto cheekbones and adding bronzer for a contouring effect. For example, you can use Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Embraced because of its matte finish and warm plum hue. The key is not using too much product; start by dabbing a small amount onto cheeks before blending for sheer effect.

      Different ways to use a cheek tint

      A cheek tint is a great way to accentuate your natural beauty and give you the perfect blush glow without having to worry about applying foundation, blush on face, or lipstick—a huge time saver in the morning when you’re in a rush! When shopping for a cheek tint, be sure to look for one that has both oil and water-based moisturizers in it to keep your skin healthy, glowing, and fresh all day long. Here are seven ways to use your cheek tint in the morning or at night before bed.

      1) The lips

      While it’s always flattering to have blush rosy pout (that no one needs beauty products to achieve), tints or stains can give your lips an even bigger boost. Rub some tint onto your finger and then smooth it on, like you would with gloss. You can also apply some of that pigment directly onto your lips using a Q-tip or angled brush. Be sure not to overdo it though; subtlety is key when it comes to stained lips.

      2) The nose

      Like your lips, your nose has two blush shades of color: The darker part of your nose that curves inward where it meets your nostrils is called your philtrum.

      It’s sometimes easy to overlook or forget about—until you see it on someone else and remember that yours looks a little different! If you want full cheeks without looking like E.T., get some color in there with a blush brush. Sweep up from under where your nose meets your cheekbones for an added touch of dimension.

      3) The neck

      A light dab of blush cheek tint on your neck will subtly create an even glow in photos. Need proof? Note how makeup artists often apply it on models during photo shoots.

      Another perk: While blush sits slightly higher up (toward your cheekbones), cheek tint can be applied all over. So if you're wearing an off-the-shoulder top and want your collarbone area to look it's very best, blend it in there as well! The result is a fresh-faced yet put-together look that's always in style.

      4) Under eyes

      Brightening blush-up dark under-eye circles will instantly help you look more awake and refreshed. Take care not to apply too much directly underneath your eyes, or else it could settle into fine lines and puffiness. Instead, dab some on your fingers and pat gently onto your skin.

      To make sure your concealer blends seamlessly with any other makeup you're wearing on your face—foundation, blush, or eyeshadow—use a brush or applicator (instead of your finger) to blend it out into natural-looking skin tones. Blend upward from below because downward blending can add dimension without making you look older by deepening wrinkles and crow's feet.

      5) Fingers

      Using cheek tint as a blush eyeshadow primer is one of my favorite hacks. You might not see results in terms of color payoff, but your eyeshadow will last much longer—as in all day long—when you use it in place of a normal primer. To do: After you've applied your normal foundation or skin tint—which I like to let dry before I apply any other products—dab on some cheek tint with fingers and blend lightly. That way, you'll also be smoothing out any discoloration or dullness you might have missed while applying your foundation.

      6) Hair

      If you apply a cheek tint on your hairline, it will make you look younger by giving you a baby-like complexion. It will also give an illusion of thicker hair. Make sure that you don't apply too much tint on your part line; otherwise, it will be hard to style your hair after applying the product.

      If possible, use a blush foundation brush instead of your fingers when applying blush or cheek tint; it creates more accurate and even results compared to using fingers because they tend to go over-the-top in terms of application.

      7) Wrist

      The key to applying cheek tint is wrist application. Just like your body’s got all kinds of creases, so does your wrist. Do you have less wobbly creases than we do? Apply lighter pressure and use short strokes upward towards your face.

      If your wrist has more bend to it than ours (we're guessing it doesn't), then apply more pressure and go in longer strokes back towards your armpit so as not to smear everything onto your cheeks. Easy peasy! One thing you'll want to keep in mind with cheek tint is that you will always want a natural look; if too much product is used, color can actually build up on some areas of skin and begin looking caked on or unevenly applied.

      Tips to use berry blush for lifted face effect

      Berry blush creates an illusion of youthful cheeks and highlights cheekbones, which can make your face look lifted instantly and give your skin a healthier glow. Berry blush works very well with light and dark makeup looks, so you can find the right shade even if you already have makeup on your face. In this article, we're going to discuss the types of berry blushes on face to choose from and how to use berry blush correctly so that you get the best result every time you apply it!

      Find the right color

      We've already gone over how important it is to find a blush color that works for you, but figuring out what color will be best can still be tricky. To narrow down your options, try looking at pictures of people who have similar skin tones or hair colors as you.

      If you’re going for a natural look, then experiment with multiple types of berries—such as plums and blackberries—to see which one looks best on you. We recommend consulting a salesperson at an actual cosmetics store since they'll know what products are right for your skin tone (and may even have samples to show off different shades). Once you’ve narrowed down your options, consider buying two lipsticks in different shades; if need be, return one once you've decided on a favorite.

      Blend, blend, blend

      When applying powder blush face, you want to make sure that it’s blended evenly on your skin. To ensure a natural, vibrant finish, use a large powder brush and gently tap off excess color before applying.

      This will eliminate splotchy applications and create a more uniform glow. It's also smart to use small circular motions when patting in color—this will help build up more intensity without looking unnatural or overly caked on. Finally, don’t forget about blending (yet again) after you apply blush—it should be even from start to finish! To keep things looking natural and fresh, take one fingertip and brush over any hard edges for an even glow all over.

      Pick up all shades, not just reds

      We are often so focused on trying out reds and pinks, but some of my favorite blush shades include darker berries like purple, maroon, and plum.

      Not only will these colors give you a naturally flushed appearance without being too harsh on your skin, but they also brighten up a pale complexion by adding warmth. Look for shades that have an orange base to them; these are considered cheeky tones and work best for light-to-medium skin tones.

      Don't be afraid of brights: Yes, there's nothing wrong with neutrals or nudes if you prefer a more subtle look — but don't underestimate how well brighter colors can make your face appear lifted.

      Invest in quality brushes

      The blush on face makeup brush is one of those tools that you want to splurge on. Seriously, don't skimp on these babies. Invest in a set of brushes from a brand you trust, and they'll last you ages. For example, I use Faces Canada double-ended brush (about $40).

      My foundation side hasn't failed me yet! Not only do higher-quality brushes give you better application—they can improve your skin and health over time, too! One study even found that applying foundation with a good quality brush resulted in improved hydration levels in participants' skin. Talk about a bonus! So what are you waiting for? Treat yourself; it's a gift to yourself for being such a boss babe!

      Consider applying it before the foundation

      The blush makeup world is full of what-ifs, and one of our favorites is whether or not you should apply foundation before or after you apply a colored blush.

      The answer is that it's up to you—there isn't one right way. But if you do choose to put on berry blush first, make sure it's blended out well so that no line shows between foundation and color. It's an extra step, but we promise it's worth it when you catch a glimpse of yourself in natural light. Because no matter how close up or far away a mirror is, there are times when reality can be more beautiful than any reflection.

      Tips and hacks for long-lasting, smooth blushed cheeks

      Blush is a great way to enliven a dull complexion and achieve a healthy, rested-looking glow without actually feeling tired (who wouldn't want that?). There are some hacks and tricks to applying blusher for long-lasting, smooth cheeks.

      Stay hydrated, for one. Drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol, which can dry out the skin; sipping on coconut water, instead of sugary drinks like soda or iced tea will also help you maintain moisture while still staying refreshed. However, it's not just our skin that needs love—our cheeks do too! Your cheekbones are made up of muscle tissue as well as fat and collagen under the skin; over time, they can lose their tone due to gravity.

      We all want a smooth, long-lasting cheek color—it just makes us feel a little more ready for what's coming our way. Here are our hacks for how to make that happen: Use old tissue or puffs of cotton under your eyes as a shield when you apply your makeup.

      That way, you'll be sure it doesn't rub off prematurely. Choose quality products—like gel blush, which leaves a smoother application than powders and sticks around longer. To keep blush in place, use loose powder on areas like the chin and neck while giving the skin on cheeks extra moisturizing. After applying blush, lightly dab foundation over the blushed area for a smooth finish.


      Which blush is better compact or liquid?

      The answer is it depends on what you’re using it for. If you want something convenient and easy, stick with compact blushes. However, if you want a more natural flush of color and want something that stays on longer throughout the day, liquid blush is better. Look for long-lasting formulas that are oil-free or have an oil-free formula to keep your skin looking fresh all day. Some even contain SPF protection!

      What is the purpose of blush makeup?

      Blush makeup was made to give the face a rosy glow. It helps make you appear more youthful and vibrant. Like other makeup products, blush comes in different shapes, colors, textures, and even smells.

      Some of the benefits of using blush makeup include: Flushes out sallow complexions; Brightens the skin; Gives you a fresh appearance; Brings life back into dull cheeks; Brightens the complexion by giving it life-like color. The most common colors used are pink and peach. The bottom line is blush makeup can lift your whole face. Do not be afraid to use it!

      Where do you put blush on your face?

      For a natural flush, add blush above your cheekbones and across your nose. For a more dramatic effect, sweep blush from ear to ear along your cheeks.

      It's also important not to put too much on your face—otherwise, you'll end up looking like you're suffering from a heat stroke. Most makeup artists recommend that women start by applying two dots of powder on each side of their face, in front of their ears.

      Does berry blush go before or after powder?

      Technically, berry blush goes before powder. It works especially well if you want just a hint of pink in your cheeks or are a bit pale. Just swipe some on, wait for it to dry, and then top it off with powder. If you’re going for all-out color, however, go ahead and powder first. That way you can control how much berry gets onto your skin versus how much stays on the brush. Choose an applicator that suits your style.

      Can you apply berry blush with fingers?

      Now let's talk about how you apply berry blush. Can you apply berry blush with your fingers? Can you apply berry blush with a brush? The short answer is yes and no. Yes, if you know what you're doing and have a light hand.

      No, if you haven't spent a lot of time practicing or are already experienced with blush application. Whether it's on your cheeks or lips, applying things with fingers doesn't always work out so well as when we use brushes blush, or sponges. Unfortunately, there isn't any hard and fast rule here but we can help point you in the right direction: With berries, it's super important that they don't go overboard with color.

      Can you use berry blush as an eye shadow?

      Berry blush is made of mineral pigments. However, berry blush isn’t as saturated as eye shadow, so it may show up less vibrant on your eyelids. If you have dry skin or have berry blush that has a texture similar to eye shadow, you can use it for an eyeshadow look. Dab a small amount onto your finger and blend it into your lids for a subtle tint. When using berry blush as an eyeshadow, dust some powder over the top of it to lock in place and set.

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