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HD Intense Combo

Twice the HD Intense Color
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It’s a blast with these two amazing shades of HD Intense Matte Lipsticks plus primer. Feather-light, single-swipe, creamy smooth application—this crayon combo is truly magic for the lips. Grab it now!

Reasons To Buy

  • Two HD Intense Matte Lipsticks + an elegant you’d want to carry everywhere
  • Silky cream application, matte and even finish
  • No feathering, non-sticky
  • High coverage, highly absorbing
  • Extended stay
  • 100% Cruelty-free, preservative-free formula

Product Info

Name & Address of Manufacturer: Schwan - Stabilo Cosmetics Germany GMbH and Co.KG. 90562, Germany
Imported and Marketed by Faces Cosmetics India pvt. ltd .,1004 , Tower A, 10th floor, Park Centra, sector 30, Gurgaon, Haryana, India

Country of Origin: Germany

Net Qty.: 1.4g

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      Customer Reviews

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      What is an HD Intense Combo

      HD Intense Combo lipstick is a combination of makeup products from brands like Faces Canada and more that come together to give you the perfect makeup look with minimum effort. Some of these sets include highlighters, eyeshadows, eyeliners, and lip colors that are all in coordinating colors so that you can easily build up your makeup look with minimal time investment.

      Other HD Intense Combos have products in complementary colors so that you can easily create different eye looks or different lip colors without having to do too much blending on your own.

      The Right Skin Regimen

      Understanding your skin type is extremely important. If you don’t match your skincare products to your needs, you’re likely to be disappointed by lackluster results.

      Knowing your skin type will also help you avoid using unnecessary chemicals or ingredients that could cause a reaction. And if there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that everyone wants softer, glowing skin without having to visit a dermatologist or breaking out in acne.

      The right skin products will balance your skin's pH levels

      Having even skin tone doesn't necessarily mean your skin will be healthy. You might have even, blemish-free skin, but that doesn't mean your skin is in good condition. To have truly balanced, healthy-looking skin you need to think beyond just getting rid of acne.

      Instead, look for lipstick shades products designed to balance your natural pH levels by removing excess oil from pores without stripping away too much moisture or causing irritation that leads to redness or sensitivity. These types of solutions will help brighten dull-looking complexions and reduce signs of aging caused by free radicals at work within your skin's surface layers.

      Match sunscreen with your skin type

      SPF 30+ sunscreen is suitable for most skin types, so if you want to avoid multiple bottles of lotion and facial spritz, a one-size-fits-all product may be your best bet. If you’re concerned about sunscreen going on gray or chalky on your dark skin tones, be sure to choose one that includes a tinted or whitening agent such as zinc oxide.

      Sunscreen can also settle into fine lines or wrinkles on older complexions, so if anti-aging ingredients are important to you (and they should be), look for an SPF that includes peptides or hyaluronic acid. As always, stick with products with mineral sunscreens over chemical ones.

      Use SPF Primer Under Foundation

      First, if you’re serious about wearing makeup that lasts, an SPF-infused lipstick matte should be your go-to base. A product like Faces Canada Blotting Perfector has a broad spectrum of SPF 50 to protect your skin from harmful UV rays while giving you a matte finish.

      Next, a foundation with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide will give you additional sun protection when applied to areas that see heavy sun exposure. You can find foundations like Makeup For Faces Canada Ultra HD Foundation with SPF 35 built-in or Faces Canada Amazonian Clay Full Coverage 12 Hour Foundation with zinc oxide. These two products will protect against UVA/UVB rays while camouflaging fine lines and pores beneath makeup!

      Wear light makeup instead of heavy makeup

      Some lipstick nude shades makeup mistakes might seem innocent enough, but over time they can make a noticeable difference. For example, wearing layers of heavy makeup or opting for too much color can cause facial lines over time, because you're pulling on your skin while applying makeup.

      If you wear an eye shadow that's too dark or bold, it could pull at your eyelids and eventually cause them to droop. Everything in moderation! If you want to wear heavy makeup—and there's nothing wrong with that if you can pull it off!—just be sure to follow up with an oil-free moisturizer or face lotion after application to reduce any risk of dehydration or other skin damage.

      Use an oil-free foundation for acne-prone skin

      Acne-prone skin needs moisture, but it doesn’t need oil. Look for a foundation with an oil-free formula or at least one that has low levels of both types of oils (mineral and silicone). If you can't find an oil-free foundation, opt for one that has fewer than two or three drops per ounce of silicones.

      Note that oil-free does not necessarily mean Faces Canada lipstick is non-comedogenic; instead, check out ingredients lists to see if your new foundation contains ingredients such as isopropyl palmitate, cetyl alcohol, stearic acid, or lanolin. These are likely to be acne triggers on oily skin.

      Exfoliate frequently before using a moisturizer

      A heavy-duty cleaner can remove dirt, oil, and grime from your face, but just because you have washed your face doesn't mean that you're completely clean. Over time, dead skin cells and other blockages build up on top of your skin, creating a rough texture.

      Using a gentle exfoliant before applying lipstick nude color moisturizer to clean out these dead cells will leave your face feeling soft, smooth, and refreshed. Find out which exfoliants are best for different areas of your body!

      How to use an HD Intense Combo

      You can find the best HD Intense Combo lipstick for dusky skin if you have gone through different types of makeup products that are available in the market but it would not be difficult if you know what to look for in these items.

      What you need to do is ensure that you have purchased only those that are highly recommended by makeup experts and professionals as they can provide you with the best result and will surely benefit your skin complexion instead of harming it when used with proper care and guidance as advised by your makeup practitioner or trainer. This section provides you with some very useful tips to choose and use HD Intense Combo effectively.

      1) Applied with Beauty Blender

      Beauty Blender is great when applying foundation and concealer. The micro-fine pockets of air blend and help set your lipstick shades for dark skin makeup for longer wear, as well as impart a flawless finish on even your most problematic skin types.

      The easy-to-squeeze egg shape of BB makes it simple to control how much product you want. Just squeeze gently, add some drops of liquid foundation, and you’re good to go!

      2) Used as Foundation

      Using your foundation in place of concealer is another way to subtly lighten up. Instead of going into tiny crevices under your eyes, brush it over your entire lid and blend out with a sponge. The result will look airbrushed and like you're not wearing any makeup at all.

      For really fair skin, try using an illuminating concealer instead; it’ll reflect light away from areas where you want it (your cheeks) without drawing attention to shadows elsewhere (your eye area). And for darker skin tones, try using tinted moisturizer under your foundation or BB cream instead—this will add some dimension without compromising on coverage.

      3) Under Eye Concealer

      The reason you should start with concealer around your eyes is that you’re targeting dark circles. The skin there is delicate and will be irritated if you use foundation or powder first, which may result in uneven skin tone. Use a yellow-based concealer under your eyes, which counteracts shadows on fair skin tones. Try Revlon ColorStay Concealer in Fair. Dot it around your eye and pat it lightly with your ring finger for an airbrushed finish; do not rub as it will settle into fine lines.

      4) For Contouring

      Choose foundation shades that are one to two shades darker than your natural skin tone and two shades lighter than your natural skin tone. Using a brush, apply one shade down each side of your nose as well as along your hairline near your temple.

      Next, apply another shade down below your cheekbones, on either side of your chin, and in an upside-down triangle shape across any area, you would like contoured. Blend all with a sponge or blending brush. Continue blending until it looks seamless against the rest of your face with no harsh lines or steps between shades. That's it! You're done with contouring!

      5) As Eyeliner

      Using an eyeliner as your lipstick is not at all uncommon. It might just be one of our favorite lipstick techniques because it's so easy and subtle. Just swipe any thin liner along your lips; whether you choose pencil or liquid doesn't matter. (A good matte liner works best.)

      No need to look in a mirror—the color shows up instantly! We love using navy or teal liners around our mouths and letting them fade into nothingness on our lips, which makes your mouth pop and appear larger than usual. It's basically like having naturally-sexy clown lips that are only visible when you open your mouth.

      6) More Eye Shadow Combinations

      Eye shadow is an essential part of every women’s makeup collection. Pairing a good eye shadow with your Faces Canada lipstick swatches can help give your look balance and shine. But too often we rely on just one or two shades when there are many combinations available. By varying our eye shadows, we can enhance different parts of our face, resulting in long-lasting color and greater impact. Here are some ideas

      7) Lip Glosses

      When it comes to lips, more is often the merrier. Faces Canada matte lipstick glosses add texture and create shine, and many formulas have moisturizing ingredients that can help your lips stay hydrated. However, make sure you choose a shade of lip gloss that closely matches your natural lip color or complements your Faces Canada lipstick for dusky skin or other eye makeup so you don’t end up looking as though you're overdoing it.

      If in doubt, ask your friends or family members if they think it looks too glossy. And remember: It’s easy to apply too much of any beauty product—so when in doubt, go less than more. When applying lip gloss directly from the tube or pot, use clean hands so you won't contaminate or accidentally irritate sensitive skin with bacteria on your fingers.

      8) Lips Tints

      Lip tints are like liquid Faces Canada magnetic 02 lipstick but with less pigment. It’s great for those that want color, but prefer it lighter than lipstick. You can also wear them on top of any other lip color and they’ll still show up!

      A few good options are: Faces Canada lipstick combo Tinted Lip Balm, Faces Canada lipstick Ultime Pro Glossy Stain in Mettalic Pink #5, or Faces Canada Red Lipstick Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Berry Seduction. These will help you save money and time; all you need is one product to get multiple effects!

      9) Cream Blushes

      Cream blushes are easier to work with than powders because they don't require any special brushes. Just tap your blush brush into your cream blush, dab it onto your cheeks and blend it in.

      This can take some practice if you’re used to powder blushes (or aren’t adept at applying liquid foundation), but creams are great because they blend easily and look more natural on the skin. And they last longer than powder, which tends to wear off more quickly. If you want a rosy glow that will last all day, a cream blush is what you need.

      How to choose your perfect shade according to your skin tone

      HD Intense Combo is the new makeup trend that keeps making every woman go gaga over it. There are innumerable reasons why you should try it out and switch from your ordinary foundation to this one, but if you're still wondering whether you should or not, here are ten perfectly stunning shades of HD Intense Combo Makeup that would look gorgeous on any skin tone, and they are just waiting to be tried! So what are you waiting for? Take the plunge into the world of HD Intense Combo Makeup today!

      1) Pink

      Pink shades are perfect for those with cool-toned skin. The color pink is delicate and soft, helping to draw out your feminine side while still flattering your cheekbones. Pink also is a natural complement to many different eye colors, especially blue and green.

      Try pairing light Faces Canada lipstick shades for dusky skin with bronzer to bring out your cheekbones and make them appear rosy as well as fresh-faced, but not washed out. If you have darker skin, try mixing in red tones with pink lipstick; it may not go exactly with your complexion, but don’t be afraid to stand out from others! Red can be applied sparingly without washing you out or giving you too much color that would overwhelm your appearance.

       2) Blue

      If you have blue undertones in your skin, any shade of blue Faces Canada Ultime pro matte lipstick will look great on you. A little royal blue powder can brighten up your eyes and add some more sass to your makeup style.

      That said, if you have cool undertones then avoid dark blues that can make you look gaunt or paler than usual. Instead, stick with soft pinks and peaches to complement your fair complexion; these lighter shades will bring out a rosy glow in your cheeks and nose. Something like Faces Canada Mineralize Blush in Peachykeen looks great on people with cool undertones because it has a reddish tint that complements all sorts of complexions, including those with pinkish undertones.

      3) Red

      The red shades in a foundation range are typically more pink or orange. To choose one that's perfect for you, look at swatches and decide what undertone you would like to achieve. If you're cool-toned, go with a red-based foundation.

      If you're warm-toned, look for something that leans more toward orange. In general, rosy undertones tend to neutralize yellow tones while golden tones neutralize blue—but if your skin is very fair, it's better to choose something with an undertone opposite your skin tone so that it doesn't make you look sallow or ashy.

      4) Orange

      Those with a cool skin tone are often found on Caucasians and those with green or blue eyes can pull off orange lipstick. If you are going to wear it, choose an orange Faces Canada Ultime pro lipstick that’s deeper than salmon but not as dark as red-orange.

      It’s best when used with a neutral brown or gray eye shadow, like slate gray or taupe. Orange looks fabulous on cool skin tones because it warms up your face and is a great alternative to red lipstick.

      5) Purple

      If you have very pale skin and red undertones, your best match is Faces Canada. This universally flattering shade flatters every skin tone and offers just enough shimmer to make it sexy. It’s also a great base that you can layer with other colors if you want to add more drama to your look.

       If you have very pale skin and pink undertones, try Faces Canada Blush Subtil. This creamy nude blush goes on easily without looking too frosty or greasy and blends seamlessly into your complexion without making any visible streaks.

      6) Green

      Green stands out. It grabs your attention without trying too hard. If you’re lucky enough to be blessed with a complexion that is generally classified as green, you can go on and wear any color in near-full confidence it will look fantastic.

      If, however, your skin tone is closer to pink than green, like mine or most fair-skinned people, you'll want to consider toning down your choice of shade a bit so that it doesn't make your skin appear redder than it already does. But if pink isn't necessarily your problem area—if instead, it's brown or blue—you have no reason to shy away from wearing whatever shade flatters you best!

      7) Yellow

      A shade that’s hard to find is a yellow tone, which looks like your natural skin, but better. If you have fair skin and light brown hair, you might be able to pull off a yellow undertone. It’s universally flattering on all skin tones. The best way to determine if you are a yellow-based complexion is by looking at the undertones in your cheeks.

      This Faces Canada brown lipstick color will bring warmth and radiance to any woman who wears it. An orange or olive undertone should avoid wearing yellow tones; they may cause pinkishness or sallowness. Look for products with neutral undertones as these blend well with your natural tones, producing an even skin tone overall.

      8) Brown

      Brown is a versatile makeup shade that will flatter any skin tone. The only thing to keep in mind when choosing brown eyeshadow is that they tend to look darker and more dramatic on those with a darker complexion.

      Best Faces Canada lipstick shades for Brown-skinned women can try shades like cinnamon or cocoa, while pale blondes may want to stick with camel or ash browns, which will make their eyes pop. To make sure your brows match your eyeshadow, choose two tones in one color family—such as a light beige and a dark beige—and layer them over each other. That way you’ll avoid an unnatural contrast between your brows and your makeup.

      9) Neutrals - Flesh Tones and Blacks

      For these skin tones, nude shades that aren’t too pink or yellow-based tend to work best. Many people with darker complexions can pull off pale pinks and mauves, as well as light rose hues.

      When in doubt, go with a deeper neutral like black or grey-browns to make your eyes pop and create dimension on your face. But remember – less is more with these colors!

      10) Custom Colors

      Custom colors are made to match your skin tone exactly, so you can be confident that no one else will have your exact shade. Custom colors are produced in smaller batches than regular colors, so stock is limited and tends to sell out quickly.

      If a custom color is sold out, be sure to check back with us because our artists create new colors often. For a list of available custom colors, click here. If you're not sure what your skin tone is or how to find it on a makeup counter, read on!

      How to prep lips for an HD Intense Combo

      Prepare lips with HD Intense Combo Lip Perfector before you apply lipstick. First, remove any lip balm or gloss. The LipPerfector is very thin, so it doesn't interfere with most lipsticks and liners (you might want to avoid extremely glossy shades).

      Then, pat on a generous layer of LipPerfector and blot away any excess oil with a tissue. Apply your color. Apply Faces Canada perfection lipstick directly to clean dry lips, starting in the center. Smooth out to even out color using a brush or your finger—try dabbing instead of dragging so you don't tug at sensitive skin! Blot lips again if needed; then add another layer to deepen intensity.

      How to make HD Intense Combo last longer

      1. Cleanse your face thoroughly with facial wash, wipe it dry and apply moisturizer to prevent makeup from clogging your pores.
      2. Use a primer before applying foundation because it holds makeup in place and extends its wear time by reducing friction between skin and foundation while minimizing shine, helping color last longer.
      3. Apply a small amount of concealer to any areas where you need extra coverage to smooth out blemishes or dark circles under the eyes.

      How to keep your lips hydrated after wearing HD Intense Combo

      Your lipstick lasts longer when you wear a lipliner underneath. Try Faces Canada New York Expert Wear Lip Liner in Red Red (P599) to line your lips, and follow up with Faces Canada Superstay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick in Bricktastic (P899) on top.

      How to line your lips before applying HD Intense Combo

      To line your lips with a neutral color before applying HD Intense Combo, fill in your lips with a pencil or Faces Canada's long-lasting lipstick that is close to your natural lip color. This will help you avoid an overly lined look when you apply HD Intense Combo later on. If you’re using a nude liner, choose one that’s similar to your skin tone. If you’re using a dark liner, choose one that’s darker than your natural lip color but not too dark; it should be noticeable but not overpowering.

      For example, if you have light-colored hair and eyes and fair skin, use a nude liner; if you have brown hair and eyes and olive skin tones, use something more like coffee brown instead of black. Apply it directly from the tube onto your lips without adding any gloss or chapstick first so it doesn't get washed away by them.

      How to do an ombre lip

      An ombre lip is essentially a gradient lip. Start by applying one of your favorite lipstick shades (we love Faces Canada Color Statement Lipstick in Rose Daze) from just outside your natural lip line, working towards your cupid’s bow, and blending it out toward both corners. Don’t stop at mid-cheek. Extend a few millimeters above so that you have room to blend it into your contour shade. Use a small brush or concealer to help with the application, but be sure not to go overboard!

      When it comes time to choose your second color, opt for something darker than your skin tone—but don’t go too dark! For an extra pop of color, layer on some gloss once you've finished. We recommend using Faces Canada Shine Proof Glossy Lips in Pink Chiffon as a top coat because its texture will help keep your lips hydrated while adding shine.

      HD Intense Combo hacks

      High Definition Intense Combo can be quite expensive, but there are ways to get the same effects at home! Here are 10 makeup hacks that can give you intense definition in your eyes and on your cheekbones!

      They're not the same as HD Intense Combo, but they're similar enough that it'll seem like you've just paid hundreds of dollars! The best part is, that none of these cost anything more than $10, so there's no excuse not to try out some of these makeup hacks!

      1) Apply your foundation with a damp sponge

      Sponge-applied foundation tends to look a lot more natural than brush-applied foundation. To make it even better, you can try applying your foundation with a damp sponge, which will help seal in moisture and give you an airbrushed finish.

      Use makeup remover on your eyes: You should never apply eye makeup first thing in the morning because, over time, it can ruin mascara and eyeliner. (It's also one of those weird mornings when putting on eye makeup before putting on other makeup is more efficient.) Instead, grab some remover wipes or micellar water and swipe them across your lids to clean up any smudges from last night's beauty routine before applying new eye makeup.

      2) Change the color of a lipstick with a lipstick tint

      The most common method is to use a lip liner as a barrier between your lips and Faces Canada lipstick matte. Pick a color that's close to your natural lip color, usually about one shade darker than your lipstick will be. Use it as you would any other liner—using short strokes from just outside of your natural lip line toward it.

      This will leave you with two distinct colors, one on top of another. The color of your top layer (liner) shows through near the outer edges of your lips and the original lip color further inward. For those instances when you'd rather not wear both shades at once, blot away some or all of that lining layer before applying Faces Canada hazel lipstick over it.

      3) Use Vaseline as an eye shadow primer

      When I hear makeup tips, I always listen up! Everyone has their little beauty secrets and tricks, which they use to look beautiful daily. But, did you know that Vaseline is great as an eye shadow primer?

      It gives a glossy finish, smooths out fine lines, and makes eyeshadow appear brighter. As it’s so inexpensive (under $5), everyone can afford to buy it and try it out for themselves. One tip: apply Vaseline only in an area about two inches wide around your eyes. This will ensure that your face doesn’t appear too greasy.

      4) Use concealer to highlight

      Concealer is intended to do two things: hide and highlight. Since it already does its job well, why not use it to create a little glow? This can be used in your foundation routine or on bare skin when you want an extra dewy look.

      If you choose to blend it into your foundation, be careful not to apply too much of it! You don’t want concealer building up into large circles underneath your eyes. For dry skin types, using concealer as a highlight may be more of a challenge.

      5) Dip liner brush in water before applying eyeliner

      This technique makes liner application a cinch, and it’s especially useful when you’re in a hurry. Dampening your brush helps you control how much product you pick up, so you can add as little or as much liner as you want—plus, it makes blending more seamless.

      Just don’t forget to tap off any excess water before applying your liner! One last thing: make sure to let that beauty blender dry before you throw it back in your makeup bag. It will retain water longer than a traditional brush and that could lead to nasty bacteria growth.

      6) Use liquid lipstick as lipgloss

      Liquid Faces Canada lipstick Ultime pro shades are known to be a long-lasting, high-pigment product. If you've ever had a tube of matte liquid lipstick, you may have noticed it's somewhat dry—and not necessarily comfortable to wear as a gloss. To fix that, add a drop or two of your favorite clear gloss or even an ultra-light oil like jojoba and use it overtop your liquid lipstick.

      This gives it more slip and makes it feel much more comfortable on your lips all day long. Put lotion on before applying cream blush. Cream blushes have good staying power when used correctly but sometimes they can be slightly hard to blend out using just fingers alone.

      7) Use eyeshadow instead of blush

      Sometimes all you need is a bit of color on your cheeks, but contouring and blending are time-consuming tasks that most of us aren’t willing to put in. Fortunately, it’s simple to use eyeshadow instead of blush—just apply your color directly onto your cheekbones!

      Just make sure to blend thoroughly so that no lines are visible. You can even enhance an existing eye look by applying colors from it onto your cheeks! With these makeup hacks, you’ll never have any trouble achieving a gorgeous appearance no matter how short on time you are.

      8) Mix foundation with moisturizer

      This makes your foundation feel lighter, while it also hydrates your skin. It's a perfect combination of two products in one. Just grab a little bit of moisturizer and mix it with your foundation using your fingers, a brush, or a makeup sponge. The idea is to not use too much of either product or else you'll end up with caked-on makeup that makes you look older than you are.

      9) Use baby powder as setting powder

      Baby powder does double duty as a makeup setting agent and a mattifying powder. Lightly dust your face with a fluffy brush to help keep your foundation in place all day. Baby powder is an especially good option if you're prone to breakouts or want to prevent them.

      Just be sure not to use talc-based powders, which can clog pores and exacerbate existing acne. If you’re looking for a baby powder that doubles as eye shadow, try Faces Canada Setting Powder.

      10) Create a cut crease with concealer

      To create a cut crease in your eye makeup, you'll first want to create a shape with your concealer. The best way to do that is by using an angled brush (like Faces Canada Fineliner Concealer Brush) and dipping it into the concealer.

      Then, you will apply it along your lash line and use another brush or your finger to blend it towards your eyebrows. Try to keep blending until there are no harsh lines or creases on your eyelid.


      How do I find my shade?

      First, determine your skin tone using a color chart. Choose one that best matches your skin tone, or find a chart that features several skin tones and use it to determine which you most closely resemble.

      After finding your skin tone, look at it and decide which color from the palette is closest to your skin tone. If you’re still unsure, take both palettes with you to try on; ask an associate for help if needed. Then be sure to write down all of your favorite Faces Canada lipstick tea rose makeup products in case there are any other shades of foundation or concealer that might match you better than these!

      Will it dry out my lips?

      This is one of those questions that it’s impossible to know without actually trying it out. When using any new product, particularly if you have sensitive skin, always make sure to apply a little bit on your wrist or inner elbow area before you begin putting it on your face—just in case! In general, most formulas are formulated to be slightly drying.

      That's because Faces Canada lipstick bold wine is generally matte and liquid lipsticks will dry down completely (which is how they set). Some formulas do tend to be a little bit more moisturizing than others but, again, there's no hard and fast rule about whether or not something will dry out your lips.

      Is it long-lasting?

      Faces Canada lipstick lasts all day, with a perfectly matte finish. No matter how hot or cold it is outside, you can always be sure that your makeup won’t smear.

      Once your skin gets used to HD powder, you won’t want to use anything else. If you want perfect-looking makeup all day long, our HD powder is an excellent choice. Just shake it over your finished look and watch how incredible it looks throughout your day.

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