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Ultime Pro Matte Nail Enamel

Pigment rich matte nail lacquer
All brownsorangesnudespinkspurplesblues
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These ultra glam nail lacquers with light reflecting pigments deliver intense, long-lasting color to provide super shiny nails with that extra edge.

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Name & Address of Manufacturer: Fiabila India Pvt Ltd. V-16 & 17, Midc, Taloja - 410208

Country of Origin: India

Net Qty. (g/ml): 9

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 20 reviews
      Dr Esha Khurana
      6 stars fantastic nd phenomenal matte nailpaint

      6 stars.
      Fantastic and phenomenal matte nailpaint..

      Sravya Chinnari
      Shade : Ballet Slipper (51)

      A good light violet matte shade


      Ultime Pro Matte Nail Enamel

      Mansi Soni


      Kalpana Singh
      Good experience

      The product are awesome 👏

      About Faces Canada Ultime Pro Matte Nail Enamel

      Faces Canada Ultime Pro Matte Nail Enamel has everything you'd want in high-quality nail polish, and then some. The best part? It doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg to buy it! If you love the look of polished nails but don’t want to spend hours painting your nails at home, this polish may be just what you need to make your nails stand out from the crowd and save time in the process.

      Prep nails

      Before applying nail polish design, prime your nails with a base coat. Your polish will last longer, look better and be much easier to apply. Next, give your nails a good buffing to remove excess cuticle oil, and make sure your nail beds are completely dry before applying color.

      It’s also important that you apply one or two thin coats of polish; thick layers can get gloppy, making it difficult for your topcoat to adhere evenly. For extra oomph, try layering a sheer sparkle over all or parts of your design—this will add depth and dimension!

      Paint nails

      If you’re looking for matte nails, your first step should be picking a base coat that matches your colouring. Faces Canada nail polish colors offer a few different kinds, but if you have very pale skin—or even slightly tanned skin—get Pale Ivory.

      Be sure to wait until after it dries to apply one or two coats of color (your color choice is up to you), as doing so while it's still wet will cause more smudging and flaking than an already matte nail. Once that's done, finish with another quick layer of topcoat for some shine. Depending on how long you want your manicure to last, reapply the top coat every other day or once a week.

      Finish nail polish application

      After you’ve painted your gel nail polish with a base coat, apply one to two coats of nail polish. Allow each coat to dry completely before applying more. After all your nails are completely coated, finish off with a top coat for shine and protection. It's best to complete each step within an hour or so; that way, if you need to stop in between steps and restart your manicure, later on, it won't ruin your work.

      However, if you paint one hand at a time—something we do highly recommend—you can easily leave both hands drying overnight or over several days without ruining them. After all, is said and done, these tips should help you create professional-looking manicures for every occasion.

      Avoid smudging manicure

      To make sure your manicure lasts and doesn’t smudge, follow these tips: Don’t put on too much polish; apply a thin coat and let it dry completely before adding a second coat. If you want to use more than one color, finish off your manicure with a clear topcoat.

      Use rubber or latex gloves while doing dishes, cleaning, or gardening so you don't rub off your manicure. Finally, never use nail polish remover on your nails — only apply it to cotton pads or swabs to clean up around the cuticles. You should also avoid using dark polishes if you tend to be rough on your hands or often wash them with harsh soaps or chemicals.

      Remove nail polish fast

      Even when you use a higher-quality nail polish remover, it can take a while to get off your nails. A quick fix? Mix some cornstarch and olive oil in a jar and apply it to your nails. Cover them with foil or plastic wrap and allow them to soak for 15 minutes. Then, remove your top layer using cotton balls or an old toothbrush. Voilà! Smooth, shiny nails without having to suffer through hours of soaking in acetone.

      #1 Crimson Noir

      It is a bold dark crimson shade that goes well with tanned skin tones. This nail polish gel shade gives your nails a sultry, captivating look. While it is supposed to be matte but due to its metallic pigmentation, it does not look as matte as expected.

      Crimson Noir will suit all skin tones and looks great on both long and short nails. The formula is extremely opaque and two coats are more than enough. It lasts easily for five days without chipping or smudging from my nails! If you have got a perfect date lined up over these fall weekends, let’s go with Crimson Noir to make your hands look gorgeous. I won’t mind taking credit for it even if it does not happen!

      #2 Midnight Rendezvous

      This black nail polish color, which is a deep eggplant hue, has an unexpected mix of dark brown undertones. That’s what makes it so rich and moody. It looks stunning on deeper skin tones, but it can be pulled off by lighter women as well if they add some shimmer to their look to complement it.

      And since all eyes will be on your fingertips, opt for rounded nails and shape them in squares or ovals instead of going with classic stiletto nails—it will make a bolder statement. When you’re done with your manicure, don’t forget to take a photo and post it on Instagram!

      #3: Stepping Out

      This is a medium white nail polish gray that looks subtle enough to wear all year long. If you love warm neutrals, but want something a little different, try stepping out of your comfort zone with shades like these. Light shades of brown and beige may be your go-to color palette, but there’s nothing wrong with switching it up from time to time. The more you experiment with different shades, colors, and textures, the more comfortable you'll feel wearing whatever looks good on you.

      #4: Faded Rose Section

      This is a lovely pink nail polish shade with just a hint of grey. It’s perfect if you’re looking to make your nails look elegant, but don’t want them to be too feminine.

      Faded red nail polish Rose is also great if you're working with a color scheme that mixes black and white, as it fits in with both colors very well. Despite being matte, Faded Rose doesn't lose its femininity when it's applied to your nails – in fact, it even manages to accentuate your natural curves and give off an air of elegance. The finish isn't stark either – rather, you get a nice glossiness without all of that unsightly sheen or shine.

      #5: Macaron

      These off-white nail polish nude colors give you a perfectly manicured look, while still being unique. If you want to look classy but casual, try Macaron on its own with your bare hands or a pair of elegant studs. Or, play around with nail art—you can’t go wrong! Bring back memories of old chalkboards that served as blackboards for primary school teachers everywhere by wearing this blue and white matte nail polish.

      The perfect green nail polish shade for long fall walks down memory lane. Ballet Slipper This light pink shade is girly yet sophisticated and will help you feel at ease no matter what type of day you’re having.

      #6: Lady Danger

      Faces Canada purple nail polish long-standing bestseller is still Sephora’s top-selling red nail polish. The matte formula has a low odor, zero fumes, and a quick-drying finish. You can apply two coats without it feeling thick or heavy, and Lady Danger is chip-resistant even when you use your nails as tools (we know you do).

      This yellow nail polish shade will look good on all skin tones. Faces Canada Pro Tip: Don’t let oily residue from lotion or sunscreen get on your fingers before polishing—that’ll make every polish chip quicker. Oil weakens lacquer's ability to adhere to nails, meaning chips start sooner than they would otherwise.

      #7: Vanilla Latte

      This nail polishes best brand shade of creamy white seems as if it would flatter all skin tones, but could potentially be a bit boring. However, it’s great if you like to keep your nail color natural. With proper care and attention, matte shades of nail polish can last up to a week. But even after just one day, it makes an impressive fashion statement that still looks fresh.

      #8: Leather Jacket

      If there’s one color that screams come to get me like leather, it has to be a deep Bordeaux. While brown is typically on-trend in fashion and beauty, red is not far behind. To take things up a notch, though, turn up your new burgundy shades with some matte shine! For the best nail polish brands results with these lacquers—just keep an eye out for chips and cracks while they’re drying; as always, time flies when you’re busy having fun!

      #9: Modern Romance

      Who says fashion and romance don't mix? This deep purple hue will have everyone falling for your new look. Wear it with skinny black jeans, a short-sleeved grey sweater, and cool white shoes. You'll find it on page 47 of our September 2015 edition.

      #10: Cocoa Bean

      This rich and matte dark brown is great in winter, but would also work well during those gloomy days of fall. To give your fingers a bolder look, use two coats. This shade will last through long days at work or school because it’s non-chip resistant.

      When you don't have time to reapply, it holds up better than most other shades in its class. Plus, when you need to touch up your nails in a pinch, you can do so without worrying about making your nails all streaky by going over an old coat with a new one. This polish is a low odor and has been tested on artificial nails too; it doesn’t make them stink or cloud them like some darker nail polish for dark skin can do.

      Incredible benefits of Ultime Pro Matte Nail Enamel

      It’s no secret that there are plenty of benefits to using an at-home manicure kit to improve the look of your nails. But before you decide on one product over another, make sure you have an idea of the ten benefits offered by Ultime Pro Matte Nail Enamel. With this innovative nail enamel, you can give yourself the perfect manicure in minutes from the comfort of your own home, and it does more than just make your nails look pretty! Read on to learn about the incredible 10 benefits offered by Ultime Pro Matte Nail Enamel!

      1) Protects Against Staining

      Sometimes you need to tone down your nails for a certain event, like a job interview or an important presentation. That's where Ultime Pro Matte Nail Enamel comes in handy. It uses strong chemicals to seal off staining, preventing your hands from looking dirty no matter what they've come into contact with.

      The formula also helps prevent yellowing and damage, ensuring that your fingers look nice for as long as possible. It doesn't matter if you're working at home or running errands—you'll be able to present a professional appearance even when it looks like you haven't been taking care of yourself!

      2) Long Lasting

      Ultime nail enamel lasts up to 14 days. So many nail polish light pink brands will claim to last for a week, but Ultime is different because it stays on longer than other nail polishes on the market. You can forget about your nails chipping or peeling off. It also won’t cause nails to dry out as quickly as other brands.

      3) 2 Coats Required

      In just two coats, you'll be able to see an instant result—and a much longer-lasting one, too. When applying multiple coats of nail polish, wait for a minute or two between applications for better results. You might also want to look into getting a new top coat. A regular top coat can leave your nails smudged and dull within minutes!

      Our Ultime Pro Matte Nail Enamel is formulated with 10 benefits in mind, giving your nails a salon-worthy finish while preventing damage with every swipe. This includes its ability to dry quickly and ensure that each swipe delivers long-lasting color without smudging or fading at all—two very important benefits for everyday wear.

      4) 24 Hours Dry Time

      Unlike other nail polish bottle brands, Ultime dries in just 24 hours. You can apply it to your nails and get on with your life. It's completely matte-free, so you can put your phone down without having to worry about smudging or getting oil all over it. If you want an easy manicure that'll last for two days, Ultime is perfect for you! And if you've got a nail polish addiction, we've got all of our favorites right here.

      5) A Beautiful Shine

      Ultime nail enamel has a beautiful light blue nail polish shine. It comes in a wide variety of colors, you can choose your favorite. This makes it perfect for creating fun summer manicures or professional nails. Looking great never goes out of style, and with Ultime Pro matte nail enamel you can enjoy that look every day!

      6) No Shrinkage or Chipping After One Week

      The new nail polish enamel gel technology in Faces Canada Ultime Pro Matte Nail Enamel makes it incredibly durable. After only one week, there's no visible chipping or shrinkage of your manicure, making you look more put-together—even after a long day at work.

      Furthermore, unlike most high-gloss polishes, Ultime nail polish's green color is chip-resistant and won't dull or stain over time. No matter what stage of life you're in, having beautiful nails can make you feel more confident about your appearance and yourself. Regularly sporting beautiful nails will boost your confidence and help to keep you on track with achieving goals that are important to you.

      7) Self-Adhesive Base Coat with Flexible Brush

      It's like a sealant for your nails, but with a flexible brush. I love how it applies smooth as silk. No mess and no fuss. Plus, it dries quickly so you don't have to wait long to add a second coat of polish (which is nice).

      8) Can be Applied in the Shower

      Why does it matter if nail polish can be applied in a shower? Because people! Who has time to wait for nails to dry? Nobody! That's who. And you don't want to go around touching things and getting gunk on your pretty matte nails before they are dry, do you?

      Ultime Pro Matte Nail Enamel is perfect for busy women on the go because it is water-based and can be easily painted right after stepping out of a shower. Talk about beauty that lasts longer without having to run around trying to find stuff like towels or wipe down tables or counters, right?

      9) No UV/LED Light Curing Required Section:

      You no longer have to sit under a UV/LED lamp for long periods for your nails to dry. With normal nail polish, you’d have to cure it under a light for about 20 minutes or longer but with ultime pro matte nail enamel, there is no need for that.

      This product dries up fast and within 5-10 minutes at most, your nails will be completely dry and ready to go. You can use it on natural nails or acrylic nails as well and unlike other products, it is not sticky at all so you can wear it immediately after application without waiting as other products require you to.

      10) Very Affordable Price Point

      Thanks to its reasonable price point of around $7.99USD, you can purchase multiple bottles of Ultime to keep your nail polish looking great for longer. Because with prices so low, you won't feel like you have to rush back to Sephora after each manicure just so that you can afford another bottle. I think in today's society it is important not only to look good but also to be affordable. This nail polish by Faces Canada fits both criteria!

      Choose Ultime Pro Matte Nail Enamel according to your skin color

      The shade of your skin plays an important role in the appearance of your nails, and it's crucial to choose the right color when doing your manicure. If you're not careful, you might end up with nails that clash with your natural hue, making you look older than you are or like you have artificial nails!

      You want a matte nail polish that complements your skin tone, helping you to look younger and more attractive. So how do you know which shade to pick? We've put together this simple guide on how to choose the perfect matte nail color for your skin tone.

      Fair skin

      You can never go wrong with a classic beige shade. You can opt for a soft nude or a slightly darker option. Always avoid dark shades like wine red, aubergine, and olive green, which will make your hands look darker. Try Faces Canada in Nein!, No Shrinking Violet and Sparkle more than words.

      Wheatish skin

      The key to choosing matte nail polish is finding a color that's dark enough to hide any imperfections and pale enough that it doesn't look harsh on your complexion. For wheatish skin, chocolate browns and deep purples tend to work best.

      Olive skin

      Whether you're pale, fair, or olive, when it comes to nail polish certain hues work well with your complexion. When choosing a nail polish color, try to avoid colors that have warm undertones; instead, go for neutral shades with cool undertones.

      The best nail enamel polish colors will be white and black, which can be used on their own or in combination with another shade. Pale pink is also a great option and looks great against olive skin. If you're still not sure what colors will look good against your skin tone, opt for a classic black or nude shade; these neutral tones don't clash with any complexion but always look classy!

      Pale skin

      If you're lucky enough to be pale, then you have an embarrassment of nail-color riches at your fingertips. It doesn't matter whether you go for a simple, classic red or stick with neutral shades like nude and tan—you'll look great either way. On top of that, these colors will suit just about any occasion. As long as your outfit is paler than your nails, you're set!

      Dusky skin

      Matte splash nail enamel nail polish tends to look bolder on dusky skin. Go with black or deep purple. You can also try coral red, which will give you a nice punch of color while still being slightly muted.

      The downside is that matte Faces Canada splash nail enamel nail polish often looks more drab and flat against darker skin tones, so don't choose anything too bright or colorful! If you do want a bolder color, use a cream matte polish instead of powder – they tend to be better at embracing your skin tone than regular polishes.

      Amazing nail arts to try with Ultime Pro Matte Nail Enamel

      If you’re looking to stand out in the crowd, an at-home manicure can be an easy way to achieve that goal. But don’t just settle for your average red or pink polish; this season, try something fun and creative! Whether you want to add some bling or simply dress up your nails, we’ve got 10 stunning looks that are perfect for home manicures, plus tips on how to get them done quickly and easily using Essie Cosmetics’ new Ultime Pro Matte Nail Enamel collection.

      1) Neutral Colors

      The easiest nail art looks to try are those that feature neutral colors, whether you opt for warm neutrals like pinks, oranges, or browns or cool tones like purples, grays, or blues.

      They're easy to create with a simple nail polish of your choice or can be made more complicated by using multiple colors on each finger. To master these easy nail designs, all you need is a little bit of patience. This means not only does it work for beginners; but it's also great for when you have limited time.

      2) Rainbow ombre

      One of my favorite nail art looks is rainbow ombre. All you need is one good coat of matte nail polish, a couple more coordinating colors, and a steady hand. Just dip your nail into each color, wait for it to dry, then do another dip.

      Repeat that step until you reach your desired look—the longer you take between dips, the more gradual your ombre will be. Once your nails are dry, use a top coat so they’ll stay chip-free for days. (You can also use false nails to create an amazing rainbow ombre look!)

      3) Geometric Lines

      This is a fun and edgy style that’s easy to recreate. All you need is a couple of colors of nail polish, a small brush (the kind with natural bristles), cotton balls or Q-tips, nail polish remover, scissors, rubber bands, and toothpicks.

      For thinner lines, use either a toothpick or one-inch wooden dowel cut in half lengthwise. To get started, paint your base coat on both your nails and your fingers. Set aside for 10 minutes so it dries completely. Paint two coats of black over all your nails except for one finger; let dry again for 10 minutes.

      4) Water marbling

      Water marbling is a nail art technique that gives you an ombre look. It requires one light color, one dark color, water, and a sponge. First, paint your nails with both colors. Then dip a clean sponge into some water and squeeze it out; it should be wet but not dripping or soaking wet. Dab it onto your nails randomly until you've achieved a marble effect that you like.

      For more detailed instructions on how to do water marbling, check out how to marble your nails, which provides step-by-step instructions on how to marble your nails using a different method called gel polishes (which are similar in consistency).

      5) Wavy Lines

      Create wavy lines using a thin nail art brush. Paint your nails with two coats of your chosen color. Once that’s dried, use a thin nail art brush to paint on three horizontal stripes about one-eighth of an inch apart from each other.

      Let it dry for about 15 minutes before you go over your design with a top coat to make sure everything is sealed in. That’s it! The final product will look just like those lovely Korean gradient manicures that are so popular these days. It doesn’t get easier than that!

      6) Black & White Stripes

      This easy Faces Canada splash nail enamel swatches nail art look is both chic and understated, but it will take you a little longer than other looks on our list. It’s simple: Paint your nails with one coat of black polish, then paint a second coat of white polish on top.

      When that's completely dry, use either a nail art brush or an eye makeup blending sponge (the kind you can buy at most drugstores) to draw thin lines across your nails where they intersect. For added flair, add dots or stars using whatever colors strike your fancy. Let everything dry overnight before looking at yourself in the mirror and feeling oh-so-fashionable!

      7) Floral Prints

      Floral prints face Canada nail enamel are a sign of spring! While it's easy to grab a box of nail stickers for an artistic look, try doing your own with flowers or butterflies. It's easier than you think. Start by painting your nails in two coats of any colored polish.

      Once dried, use a piece of scotch tape or painter’s tape (the kind with no sticky side) and paint over half your nail in another color—like a soft pink or pastel purple. Peel off once dry, leaving behind an ombre flower design.

      8) Zebra Prints

      If you're not yet tired of French manicures, then here's another idea: Zebra prints. To do it, paint stripes on your nails with a striping brush, or use nail tape. Then paint over that striped area with white nail polish (we used Faces Canada Alpine Snow). Let dry for 30 minutes, then remove tape/brush/nail polish. And voila! You've got zebra-striped nails.

      9) Basic French Tips

      Give your nails a clean look by applying one coat of nude nail polish (like Tip Top Faces Canada Pearl) all over. Let it dry, then top it off with two coats of Tip Top Faces Canada Ultime Pro Matte Nail Enamel in Orchid, letting each coat dry between applications.

      The resulting matte finish is perfect for French manicures that don't need any additional nail art for an elegant effect. When you want more pop, try glitter or metallic nail polish instead!

      10) Glittery & Sparkly Tips

      Since sparkly nails are so in fashion, all you need to create them is some glitter polish. Apply your regular nail color first then top it off with a layer of glittery nail polish in a shade that matches or compliments your base color.

      If you don’t have matching shades, just make sure that one is sheer enough for glitter bits to stick on and still show your desired shade underneath. I love using foil nail polishes as they come in so many colors and are especially good with metallic shades.

      Ultime Pro Matte Nail Enamel tips and hacks

      This is a matte nail polish that will keep your nails looking glossy. Use it on its own or try layering it over different shades of polish for a textured finish. It's also perfect for making nail art more striking, as you can paint over it with other colors easily without having to worry about glimmering outlines or highlights. You can even spray matte top coats over top of enamel polish for a customized look!

      How to remove Ultime Pro Matte Nail Enamel perfectly

      1) Firstly, fill a container with warm water. Put in a few drops of nail polish remover. Submerge your fingernails for about 10 minutes (should be able to count 20-30 seconds).

      2) Then wash off your hands under running water until all traces of nail polish remover have disappeared from your nails.

      3) Next, use a cotton ball soaked in nail polish remover on each fingernail.

      4) Use an orange stick (or something similar), and scrape off any remaining residue using an orange stick (for extra stubborn nails).

      5) And, voila! Perfectly clean nails every time!

      Do’s and Don'ts of Ultime Pro Matte Nail Enamel

      If you want smooth, glossy nails without a top coat, make sure you follow these three key steps: remove all nail polish, wait for your nails to air dry completely (30 seconds after washing), and then apply a thin layer of foundation or bonding base before applying Ultime Pro Matte Nail Enamel. The foundation is just enough thickness so that when you apply your enamel it will dry perfectly matte.

      To maintain that silky-smooth look, we recommend avoiding anything besides water while wearing your manicure—so no hand washing dishes or cleaning up around a workspace. You don't want to compromise those sleek lines with any fingerprints!


      How long does Ultime Pro Matte Nail Enamel last?

      Ultime Pro Matte Nail Enamel lasts for about five days, but that varies depending on a person’s nail type, lifestyle (for example, whether you do manual labor or frequently wash your hands), what kind of top coat you use, how well you adhere to at-home manicure guidelines (like buffing your nails with an emery board before painting them), etc. In short: Ultime Pro Matte Nail Enamel lasts as long as you want it to!

      How long does Ultime Pro Matte Nail Enamel take to dry?

      Ultime Pro Matte Nail Enamel takes about 3 minutes to dry if you apply it on clean, naked nails without any coats of nail polish or nail art under-layers. If your nails have polish already, it will take a little longer for your new layer of enamel to dry. You’ll know when Ultime Pro Matte Nail Enamel is completely dry because it dries clear and free of smudges or bubbles. Your manicure will be smooth as glass!

      How long after painting nails with Ultime Pro Matte Nail Enamel can I shower?

      You can shower with Ultime Pro Matte Nail Enamel after one hour. Be sure you use a non-acetone remover, as acetone can soften your nails and make them more prone to chipping. If you're looking for long-lasting nail art, choose a Faces Canada Liquid Envy shade in matte or satin finish. These shades are resistant to chipping.

      Does Ultime Pro Matte Nail Enamel need a top coat?

      I know you all see our tweets and retweets about how much we love Faces Canada nail polish, right? And it's true; we love it. But when I found out that my favorite matte nail polish brand, Nails Inc., was launching an ultra matte nail polish line, I was a little hesitant.

      On one hand, I'm always up for trying new things and had read some articles suggesting that matte nails are having a major moment right now—and who am I to argue with fashion trends? But on the other hand, isn't regular mattifying coats supposed to work just as well as matte ones without all of those fancy (expensive) brush strokes?

      Does cold water dry Ultime Pro Matte Nail Enamel faster?

      It depends on what you’re using as your matte nail polish black basecoat and how much time you spend applying each coat of polish. For example, if you're not using a fast-drying basecoat (like Orly Dry Drops), then it will take about 10 minutes for all of that extra moisture in the air to evaporate from beneath your nails—that means most manicures will dry at about 1 minute per fingernail.

      If that sounds too long, simply apply another layer of Ultime Pro over wet nails or skip on out after 3–4 minutes instead of waiting until 10. You can also try pairing it with an even faster-drying basecoat—we've found that formula dries in about 30 seconds!

      How many coats of Ultime Pro Matte Nail Enamel is best?

      You'll get up to 14 days of wear with just one coat, so if you're in a pinch and have less than 10 minutes for nail art, stick with one layer of enamel! But if you have time, it will look even more polished and glossy with two coats. For very sleek nails, apply three layers for an ultra-matte finish that makes your hands look airbrushed—no shiny top coat needed!

      Is a base coat necessary with Ultime Pro Matte Nail Enamel?

      Yes, applying a pink matte nail polish base coat is essential for protecting your nails from staining and provides an even surface for painting with nail polish. Make sure you use a base coat specific to matte polish, like OPI Base Coat Matte or Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat Matte.

      How do you take care of matte nails?

      If you want to keep matte nail polish red looking shiny and new, be prepared to constantly monitor their condition and apply moisturizer as needed—and don't forget to buff! To keep my matte nails healthy, I recommend using an oil-based moisturizer once or twice a day while maintaining proper hydration by drinking plenty of water.

      Read more