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Ultime Pro HD Deep Black One Stroke Kajal

10-hour long-stay, intense kajal
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  • Intense Black Color, Pay off in one stroke
  • Lasts for 10 hours on waterline
  • Sweat proof, Waterproof and Smudge Proof
  • Lightweight wear
  • Comes with a built in Sharpener

    Product Info

    Name & Address of Manufacturer: Schwan Cosmetics International GmbH, Schwanweg 1, 90562 Heroldsberg, Germany

    Country of Origin: Germany

    Net Qty. (g/ml): 1.4

    Ingredient List

    Iron Oxides 77491/77492/77499 Mica 77019 Ferric Ferrocyanide 77510 Titanium Dioxide 77891 Isododecane Synthetic Wax Ethylene/Propylene Copolymer Polymethylsilsesquioxane Silica Polybutene Hydrogenated Polydicyclopentadiene Sucrose Tetrastearate Triacetate Coco-Caprylate/Caprate Oryza Sativa (Rice) Bran Wax Synthetic Beeswax Hydrogenated Castor Oil Pentaerythrityl Tetra-Di-T-Butyl Hydroxyhydrocinnamate

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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 175 reviews

        Very good quality and offcourse its long lasting


        Good one
        Long lasting till 24 hrs
        It give my eyes beautiful look
        Smooth and creamy

        Define your eyes

        Beautiful dark kajal which gives awesome shape to ur eyes.

        Ashhmeet Kaur
        Eye friendly, long lasting.. love it

        One of the best kajals I used till date!
        It's bold, long lasting, eye friendly for my watery eyes!
        If you're searching for a long term pocket friendly kajal- ULtimatePro Deep HD one stroke is the one!!
        Totally recommended.

        RIDDHI Thakkar
        Long lasting

        It's Awesome...

        Kavitha Raj

        Very nic superb kajal❤️lil pricy


        Sruthi Sruthi

        Ultime Pro HD Deep Black One Stroke Kajal

        About Ultime Pro HD Deep Black One Stroke Kajal

        A black, smudge-resistant, waterproof kajal for everyday use. This deep black kajal allows you to practice the delicate line or the strong wing without having to withdraw your means. This unique curve-up kajal comes with a built-in sharpener to ensure that your eye makeup is always on point.

        Faces Canada Ultime Pro HD profound dark one-stroke kajal will protect your eyes whether it's raining or sunny. This black kajal, according to its name, has a dramatic one-stroke application, as evidenced by its 6.4mm lead width, and may last up to 10 hours on the waterline. It provides a smooth skim that transitions into a great black matte finish. It produces serious waterproof and smudge-resistant strokes, allowing you to practice the weak line or striking wing without having to withdraw your resources. This excellent bend-up kajal comes with an integrated sharpener to ensure that your eye makeup is always on point.

        Ingredients used in Ultime Pro HD Deep Black One Stroke Kajal

        • Vitamin E
        • Minerals like camphor, bronze, copper, and others
        • Anti-oxidants

        Reasons to choose Ultime Pro HD Deep Black One Stroke Kajal

        • Deep black color, single-stroke result
        • On the waterline, it lasts for 10 hours.
        • Sweat-proof, water-resistant, and smudge-resistant
        • Comfortable to wear
        • Includes a built-in sharpener

        The following are some of the reasons to choose Ultime:

        Vitamin E-rich: 

        Organic kajal prepared from pure castor oil is said to be particularly beneficial to the eyes. Castor oil, in its purest form, is the most luxurious form of vitamin E. It heals the eyes and thickens and darkens the lashes. Organic kajal has a number of benefits, one of which is that it relieves eye pressure. It aids in the removal of sluggishness in the eyes and the maintenance of eye stability.

        Bacterial Resistant

        Copper, which is used to promote natural kajal, is known for its recuperative capabilities and is considered a purifier. Copper helps to keep the eyes free of contaminants from the environment and cosmetics. It also aids in the strengthening and relaxation of the focal point and eye muscle. As a result, it aids in the development of the vision.

        Softens Irritated Eyes:

         Bronze and silver are commonly used in the promotion of Ayurvedic kajal because of their healing powers. They also aid in the treatment of eye sensitivity. These help to relax the irritated and swollen veins caused by the excessive scouring and, as a result, aid in the general functioning of the eyes.

        Cools eyes

        Camphor is the key ingredient in natural kajal. It aids in the cooling of the eyes and the relief of stress in the eyes. It aids in the reduction of small emissions in the eyes, resulting in improved eye health.

        Reduces dark circles

        Aloe vera is another ingredient in Ayurvedic kajal that helps to prevent dark circles. Dark circles are fended off with aloe vera because it loosens them up. It removes minute cosmetics accumulation stuck under the upper and lower eyelids, as well as salt deposits from tears. In this way, using Ayurvedic kajal maintains the eyes clean and free of pollution.

        How to apply Ultime Pro HD Deep Black One Stroke Kajal properly

        We may all benefit from learning new techniques to apply kajal. Thick, uneven lines are something we've all had before, and they can detract from the beauty of our eyes. You don’t want that anymore, do you? Let’s then learn the correct process to apply the Ultime Pro HD Deep Black One Stroke Kajal properly. It’s actually very easy to apply, owing to its smooth glide.

        Start with a slick sweep across the top eyelid. Begin with the inner corner of your eye and work your way outwards. Recreate the process for the lower eyelid.

        Now, if you are still confused, here is an even more descriptive guide for you:

        1. Stage 1: Because kajal is difficult to remove, clean, and prepare your eyes first. Before you begin, they should be free of the kajal from the previous day.
        2. Stage 2: Dab a little concealer under your eyes and blend to check for dark circles, especially since dull kajal can draw attention to them.
        3. Stage 3: To reveal your waterline, gently trace around the under-eye area with your finger. To add more tone and prevent your line from becoming uneven, start at the outside corner and apply your kajal in quick strokes. You can use your fingertips to apply kajal. Simply dip your fingertip into the kajal pencil and work your way down the lower lash line with care.
        4. Stage 4: To avoid streaks, apply a light dusting of powder to your lash line using a flat brush. Don't forget to add a few strokes of mascara to open up those lovely eyes. You can even glide your black kohl eyeliner to get a glossy, sharp look.

        Different ways of applying Ultime Pro HD Deep Black One Stroke Kajal

        • Smear it
        • A splash of color
        • Smokey eye with a dramatic reversal
        • Brash and wingless
        • The edge of the waterline

        How to do a smokey eye with Ultime Pro HD Deep Black One Stroke Kajal

        Don't have time to master an eight-step YouTube instruction on how to create smokey eyes with five distinct makeup shades? It's no problem! For highly dramatic and sultry eyes, simply make your kajal makeup seem smokey in 2 minutes. Apply a creamy kajal to your top and bottom lash lines, as well as your waterline - don't worry about getting perfect lines. After which smear it out on the top and bottom with a pointed or flat brush. Draw a little "V" (okay, a slanted one!) at the outer edges of your eye and smear it with your brush before you finish. Make sure to use a lot of mascara for a dramatic appearance.

        How to properly smudge Ultime Pro HD Deep Black One Stroke kajal for a deep, smokey look

        The smokey eye look is best described as sultry, sensual, and gorgeous. While new makeup fads come and go, nothing beats a deep, expertly blended black smokey eye for a party night appearance. This eye look, as lovely as it is, can be difficult to accomplish. We're going to show you how to pull off this look with just one basic and essential item from your cosmetic bag: kajal. If you use a black kajal pencil for smokey eyes, you'll get a dramatic, black eye look that will last all night. Here's a step-by-step approach to achieving kajal smokey eyes effortlessly.

        To master the kajal smoky eye look, follow the steps outlined below:

        Step 1: Make sure your lids are ready.

        Make sure to prepare your eyelids as well as your face when applying primer. Your eyelids will be smoothed out if you use primer on them. If your lids are oily, use a mattifying primer. This will keep your kajal smoky eye in position all day without smudging or budging!

        Step 2: Make your eyelids neutral.

        It's generally recommended to sprinkle little brown eyeshadow onto your eyelids before applying black kajal when producing a kajal smokey eye effect. This results in a smoother base that isn't as sharp or unblended. Using a fluffy eyeshadow brush, dust a brown eyeshadow that matches the skin tone on your lids and blends nicely. We can go on to the following stage whenever the eyeshadow is thoroughly blended.

        Pro tip: When you are using a kajal for smokey eyes, it's best to start with your eye makeup before moving on to your facial makeup. This allows you to correct any mistakes that may occur. You can also use foundation and concealer to wipe up any spills and sharpen your eyeshadow. We offer a solution for you if you're having problems choosing the right foundation and concealer hue. From the comfort of your own home, you can use the Fit Me Foundation Finder tool to virtually locate the ideal hue for your base makeup.

        Step 3: Now it's time to apply kajal.

        Start by lining your upper lid with your extremely black kajal. After you've applied the kajal, smudge it across your lid with a dense eyeshadow brush. For a clutter-free finish, smudge the kajal in circular motions. Add kajal in small parts on your upper eyelid and smear it out well. If you use quite so much kajal by accident, it will look sloppy and will be difficult to blend. As a result, it's advisable to take kajal in small parts and blend thoroughly. If you really want to get it more vivid and bold, you can always add more. To achieve a smoked-out effect, remember to mix your kajal outwards.

        Pro tip: When attempting to achieve a smokey eye effect with your kajal, use a glossy dark black kajal. One of the greatest kajals for smoky eyes is a creamy, smooth kajal, which blends well and creates a creaseless final effect.

        Step 4: Applying the finishing touches

        You may set your kajal smokey eyes with some black makeup if you want them to remain in place for an extended period. Your kajal will be set and won't move around all day if you use a powder black eyeshadow. Next, apply kajal to your lower lashes and smoke it out. This will bring the entire eye appearance together and make it appear more unified. You may also use eyeliner on your eyelids to give additional intensity to your kajal smokey eyes. Make a sharp winged eyeliner if you want the appearance to be even more striking.

        Apply a few coats of mascara and build in your brows to complete your eye appearance. This will give you a sexy, powerful smokey eye.

        You may begin working on your face makeup now that you've completed the perfect smokey eye look with your kajal. The very next step would be to chisel your face after powdering and concealer. Make sure you shape your face nicely using your contour to add drama to your makeup. Finish with a touch of blush and highlight. You may virtually check out all products in real-time with this tool and pick your preferences. After applying lipstick to your lips, add a setting spray to keep your ultimate smokey eye makeup appearance intact!

        How to do winged eyeliner with Ultime Pro HD Deep Black One Stroke Kajal

        The Wet Wipe Method

        In this one, we’ll show you a little trick that does something remarkable and instantly achieves an excellent line. Because we all are usually in a hurry, my hand tends to become clumsy. As a result, you may not be prepared to create an ideal wing. In any event, a wet tissue will surely repair this kind of a mess. Simply draw a winged liner on your upper lash line and then a winged liner on your lower lash line. Then, using a damp disposable cloth, remove any remaining items or hone the line. This kajal excellence hack creates a defined, sharp-winged eyeliner effect. However, I would continue to take care of everything. When you use a damp disposable towel, it's possible that it'll wipe away your base makeup as well, so finish with concealer. This trick will also brighten the surrounding facial area.

        Wearing EyelinerUsing Masking Tape Method

        This third technique is incredibly intriguing and produces an exceptional winged eyeliner effect. To draw your winged eyeliner, you'll need tape. To begin, cut a small piece of tape and place it on your palm to reduce its stickiness. Then, depending on your decision, place it on the edge of your eyes. Make sure your brow frames an appropriate spot.

        Simply draw a typical winged eyeliner and expand it towards the tape; you may go over your tape at this point. Once you've completed covering your eyes with tape, remove it and apply kajal to your lower lash line as well. This tape trick gives you a perfect, gorgeous winged effect. We personally believe this trick will take a considerable amount of time, so do it only when you have enough time.

        Ultime Pro HD Deep Black One Stroke Kajal tips and tricks for beginners

        Designed for Subtle Wings

        This is another extremely basic technique that you can use at any time. Simply apply kajal to both your upper and lower lash lines. After that, grab a small and thin brush and drag that line with it. You can broaden it as much as you want. This stunt produces a smooth, even line and only takes a few moments to complete. To complete this look, simply apply mascara and you're done.

        The Ultimate Guide to Dramatic Winged Eyeliner

        Along similar lines, this is how you create the perfect sultry winged eyeliner. Draw a simple wing eyeliner first, then gradually thicken and deepen the line. Finally, make a strong extension of the line. Fluid eyeliners are ideal for this act. Never try to draw your eyeliner in a single stroke using your eyeliner. To complete the look, apply kajal to your lower lash line and blend the two lines together.

        Ultime Pro HD Deep Black One Stroke Kajal hacks

        Use it in a detailed and precise manner:

        The way you apply kohl determines whether or not it will smudge. It won't smirch if you apply it to your waterline without hesitation. However, if you swipe it across even a little area beneath your waterline, the kohl is likely to smear quickly.

        Put foundation before kohl: 

        Just as you would use a primer before applying makeup, you may use an establishment on your eyes as a primer before applying kohl. To avoid a cakey effect, mix the foundation thoroughly before swiping your kohl across your eyelids for a long-lasting effect.

        Line inner corners: 

        The inward corners of the eyes are usually damp, and a considerable amount of the makeup begins to flow down from there. In this case, avoid lining the inner corners of your eyes, though you might use a white eyeshadow or a white liner to achieve a classic cosmetics appearance. This stunt will make your eyes pop out of their sockets. Apply mascara to your eyes to make them appear larger and brighter.

        Before applying kajal, make a dry base:

        If you have soft skin, your kajal will surely smudge over time. Make a dry base before applying kohl to avoid this socially embarrassing cosmetics deed. Apply a decreased powder or a white eyeshadow on your eyelids to absorb the oil and provide a smooth, dry base for applying kohl. You might really rub some loose powder across your eyelids and wipe away the excess before applying kohl.

        Add an extra eyeliner coat:

         Covering your kohl with eyeliner is a foolproof way to prevent it from smudging. Follow up with eyeliner after you've applied your kajal, which can help you get a more defined, rich look. Allow it to dry before adding a few strokes of mascara to complete your eye makeup look.

        You can be sure your kohl won't smear if you use these beauty tricks. To guarantee that your eye cosmetics do not smear, you should invest in high-quality materials that are designed to last a long time. Great brands ensure great results, so don't settle with less expensive kohl marks that will turn you into a raccoon by mid-afternoon.

        How to remove Ultime Pro HD Deep Black One Stroke Kajal

        Best Kajal Removal Methods 

        You can use any of the various eye makeup removers commercially available. However, you can easily remove kajal from your eyes using basic household products. Make sure you wipe your eyes thoroughly to avoid red, itching, or other problems.

        1. Faces Canada Makeup Remover Cleansing Milk

        Cleaning your face should be part of your daily beauty routine because it not only removes makeup but also dirt and grime. Cleansing milk is very mild on the skin, making it an excellent kajal remover.

        What Is the Best Way to Remove Kajal with Cleansing Milk?

        1. Using a cotton ball, apply a tiny amount of cleansing milk.
        2. To clean kajal from your eyes, rub it all around your face and eyes.

        2. Olive or coconut oil

        Two of the greatest ingredients for your face are coconut and olive oil. These substances effectively remove makeup while also nourishing your skin. These also aid in the prevention of dark circles. You could also use castor oil to encourage the growth of your eyelashes.

        How do you remove kajal with olive oil or coconut oil?

        1. Choose a cooler variant of oil from this list.
        2. Warm the oil slightly before using it, or leave it as is. Apply a few droplets of oil on a Q-tip and brush it along the waterline.
        3. Allow a few seconds for it to dry before wiping it away with linen or a soft cloth.
        4. You can also combine your favorite oil with maybe some natural Aloe Vera gel.

        3. Cloth That Has Been Wet

        If you're in a rush, a damp piece of cloth is the easiest item to get your hands on. It's quite harmless, and all you have to do is massage it lightly over your eyes and avoid being too rough.

        How do you remove kajal with a wet cloth?

        1. Using a delicate piece of cloth, soak it in water.
        2. Remove kajal by rubbing it under your eyes.

        When it comes to applying Kajal, there are a few mistakes to avoid. Now, before we get onto the methods for applying kajal without a bash, let's go through some of the most common mistakes people make when applying kajal.

        • Using the improper kajal application technique.
        • It should only be used on the lower waterline.
        • Using Kajal to Conceal Dark Circles
        • Extending your Eyelids
        • Choosing the incorrect style.
        • Dry Pencils are used.
        • Using a Kajal that is of poor quality.


        Is this Ultime Pro HD Deep Black One Stroke Kajal easy to apply for beginners?

        It is definitely easy due to its smooth glide and angled tip but if you are still unsure how to get that perfect winged look, check some tricks below!

        Whether you choose to create powerful and stunning eye cosmetics looks or prefer to keep it simple and understated, we are confident that kajal is an essential cosmetics item in your excellent kit. The simple kajal pencil has been around for a long time, with the Egyptians possibly being the first to use it in 3100 B.C., and rightfully so! The kajal perfectly adorns the eye and transforms any look. That's not all; kajal pencils are also infused with advanced ingredients that nourish and soothe your eyes, combining beauty and care in one.

        However, if you have spent countless hours attempting to figure out how to apply kajal to your eyes in order to achieve a stunning eye makeup appearance, we are here to help. Read on to discover how to use kajal on small and large eyes, as a fresh line or a smudged, smokey effect - this versatile cosmetics item appeals to everyone.

        • Select the most appropriate kajal for your needs.

        Choose a kajal pencil that is dependable and smear-resistant when shopping. Kajal pencils will often smudge effectively, especially when applied to the waterline or smooth eyelids, so choose a kajal with a reliable formula. If the kajal is waterproof, that's even better! Aside from the kajal's longevity and wear, you can choose kajal pencils based on their diversity and shine. Some kajal pencils have a delicate, matte dark effect, while others have a highly pigmented formula with extremely dark and bold lines.

        Some kajal pencils are mechanical, requiring you to twist the pencil to draw the object out from the top, while others are more akin to old pencils that require constant honing to maintain the tip pointed. Each kajal pencil style has its own set of benefits and drawbacks: the mechanical pencil is simple to use but can get gritty quickly if not used correctly, and the hone capable pencil must be polished before each use to ensure fresh and precise lines. Choose a kajal pencil based on the type of eye makeup looks you want to create.

        • The most efficient way to use kajal

        Before you apply the kajal, make sure your skin is immaculate and that your face cosmetics are applied. Applying foundation and concealer, as well as setting it with powder, especially in the undereye area, will help you apply kajal without smearing. The following are three quick and easy ways to apply kajal to your eyes and create various appearances.

        Look 1: Line your upper and lower waterlines with kajal.

        Using kajal to draw attention to your eyes is one of the quickest ways to improve your appearance without putting in a lot of effort. Simply apply kajal to your lower and upper waterline to create an important eye makeup look (otherwise called tight covering). Apply a very light and precise line on your lower waterline to apply kajal for small eyes, as intense and sensational lines will make your eyes appear sealed off and make your eyes appear more modest. Without adding any product to your lashes, tightening your eyes with kajal is a simple technique to make your eyelashes look bigger and more voluminous! Use a smudge-resistant kajal like Faces Canada Ultime Kajal to keep the lines delicate, unassuming, and crisp.

        Look 2 - Using kajal to create a delicate, smirched appearance

        Use a delicate, measured brush to disperse the variations and create a smeared look instead of producing fresh, clean lines. Begin by using kajal as eyeliner on your upper eyelid to achieve this appearance. It's fine if you don't obtain a very precise application because you'll smirch the lines anyhow. Begin by drawing a thin line from the inside corner of your eye to the outside edge, gradually increasing the thickness of the line. Then go over the line you just created with an immaculate, level planned brush and smirch it without distributing the variation too far up on your eyelid. You may do the same thing on your lower lash line, but be careful not to end up with dull undereye circles that resemble raccoon eyes!

        Look 3 - Using kajal to create the perfect smokey eye

        When you want to go all out with your eye makeup, the easiest way to do it is to use a kajal to create a smokey eye. Apply a generous amount of kajal on the external portion of your eye, focusing on the external V state of your eyelid, to create a smokey eye. Choose a dramatic and remarkable black kajal, such as Faces Canada Ultime Super Pro HD Black, to complete the appearance. Don't only apply the kajal to your lash line; extend it as far as you can up to your crease; here is your time to go all out!

        Then, using a thick mixing brush, gently blend the kajal until it forms a uniform base with no harsh lines or edges. You can either go over it with a dark eyeshadow or leave the kajal alone. To make the smokey eye cosmetics shift attention to the next level, apply a shimmering eyeshadow to the inward half of your eyelid. Apply kajal to your lower lash line to complete the makeup look.

        Despite the fact that there are different methods for applying eye makeup, using a kajal is one of the quickest and most straightforward ways to improve the appearance of your eyes. Learn how to apply kajal flawlessly and experiment with the three ways mentioned above to vary your look depending on your mindset!

        Will Ultime Pro HD Deep Black One Stroke Kajal stay on all day?

        Yes, the Ultime Pro HD Deep Black One Stroke Kajal stays for all day long, but it is better if you take the extra step and ensure more to prevent it from smearing even just a bit. You can't deny that a dull, flawlessly applied kajal, or kohl may transform your appearance. In any event, kajal tends to smear around the inward corner of the eyes, making you appear alarming rather than perfect. These pointers can help you keep your kohl from spreading too far.

        1. The most important thing to remember is to keep your under eye area dry and clean. This will ensure that your oil organs do not produce a large amount of oil. So, before you apply the kajal, make sure you wash your eyes and wipe them dry with a towel.
        2. Apply a small amount of powder to your eyelids and the two corners of your eyes before applying the kajal. The powder will keep the moisture in certain regions and prevent the spreading of the kajal. When you've finished applying the kajal, gently remove the powder you've been using.
        3. Avoid applying kajal to the inner and outer corners of your eyes, as the kohl tends to smudge when it gathers at the edge.
        4. The excessive amount of oil around your eyes may make your characteristic eyes appear boring. If your eyelids are slippery, massage them with cotton buds at regular intervals.
        5. Use a smirch-free kajal pencil to obtain those intensely lined eyes. Because the area around your eyes is sensitive, you should choose a high-quality kajal. If you choose a low-quality eye item, you may get eye discomfort.

        Is Ultime Pro HD Deep Black One Stroke Kajal safe for sensitive eyes?

        Ultime Pro HD Deep Black One Stroke Kajal: This kajal is one of the most popular in the Indian beauty market, and its quality has wowed the beauty globe. This is a good choice, and the kajal's surface is bright velvety and glides on smoothly without pulling. It contains Vitamin C and has been dermatologically tested, making it perfect for sensitive eyes. The diversity payoff of this kajal is incredible, and a single swipe produces the perfect hazy finish. It is smear-resistant and waterproof, and it stays in place for an extended period of time. If you're on a tight budget and your sensitive eyes are a concern before using kajal, then acquire this decisively for day-to-day wear.

        Magneteyes Kajal: From a schoolgirl to a housewife, Indian women rave about this kajal, and the craftsmanship is incredible for such a low price. It has been ophthalmologically tested, making it suitable for use by people with sensitive eyes. It's also highly pigmented and doesn't induce eyelid tugging. It is also beneficial to maintain strength. It also comes with a smudge-resistant and waterproof formula. If you're a beginner with sensitive eyes who needs a seriously matte finish in a kajal, this is the safest option available.

        Ultime Pro Intense Gel Kajal Black: From the house of Faces Canada, comes yet another spectacular send-off. Faces Canada’s initial foray into the Indian market was the Ultime Kajal, a religious favorite. This was one of the most established kajal with a smirch-resistant and waterproof finish, despite being evaluated at an exceptionally low rate. The variety force is the most intensely dark, and the surface is very attractive, preventing any unnecessary eyelid tugging. It has a long-wear period of about 7-8 hours as well. The formulation has been further enhanced by the addition of a 24-hour wear season and a more powerful force. The remaining time period, on the other hand, is rather short, and it has been ophthalmologically evaluated to ensure that it is safe for sensitive eyes.

        Is Ultime Pro HD Deep Black One Stroke Kajal waterproof?

        Yes, it is indeed waterproof, but to guarantee that your kohl doesn't smudge away, here are a few more tricks:

        1. Cleanse your face properly

        This should be self-evident! It is critical to clean up before applying your makeup. After that, get your kajal pencil and clean your under-eye area thoroughly. If you have slick eyelids, dab an ice cube over your eye to prevent excessive oil production. It will also make your eyes more open and beautiful.

        1. Use Kajal in the correct way

        There are several women who apply kohl from the inner edge to the outside corner of their eyes. Because the innermost edges of our eyes are frequently watery, this leaves your Kajal pencil damp. Instead, you should try either approach. Begin at the outside corner and work your way to the inner corner. As you move inwards, use small strokes.

        1. Apply eyeshadow to the top of it

        Remove your eyeshadow at this stage to make your kajal linger longer. Get a hue that matches the color of your kajal. After applying the kajal, use a level brush to apply the eyeshadow to your inward covers. The eyeshadow will set your kajal and prevent it from running.

        1. Switch to a gel eyeliner

        If you find that your eyes are overly watery and that no matter what you do, your kajal smirches, then it's time to switch to gel eyeliner. The calculated brush is ideal for extremely precise application. Furthermore, the eyeliner's super dark tint is completely smudge-proof.

        1. Avoid putting Kajal on the inner corners

        Avoid the interior corners of your eyes are overly moist. When you apply kajal to the inside corner of your eyes, it makes them runnier. Apply the darker kajal layer in the middle and then tighten it up as you travel towards the outer corner. The lighter layer should be applied in the corner because it has a tendency to smear.

        1. Apply concealer to the area around your eyes

        Your nose isn't the only part of your body that sparkles. Setting powder is also required for your eyes, particularly your covers and corners. Regardless of how humid the day is, this will keep the corners from becoming sticky and your kajal in place.

        1. Always be on the lookout for opportunities

        You're well aware that your kajal can appear to accomplish anything. So be sharp and keep some Q-tips on you at all times. Use these to quickly remove any excess kajal from the side of your eyes. Keep a couple of wipes on hand to blot away perspiration and oil from under your eyes. Furthermore, to avoid smirching, stop touching and scratching your eyes.

        1. Use the correct kajal

        If despite performing all of the aforementioned antics, your kajal continues to smudge, it's possible that you're simply using an ineffective kajal pencil. Make an effort to replace your kajal pencil with one of better quality. Some of the smear-resistant kajal pencils are now available at budget-friendly prices.

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