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Matte Attack Combo

2 of #1 lightweight matte lipsticks under 300
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What's better than a Weightless Matte Lipstick? Two Weightless Matte Lipsticks! This awesome combo of two lipsticks is made to fit every mood. Smooth texture, intense color, vitamin E, jojoba oil, and most importantly, a great smile on your face—best combo ever!

Reasons To Buy

  • Two favorite weightless matte lipsticks in one combo
  • Powder matte, smooth texture
  • Effortlessly glides on your lips
  • Plush, Pigment rich formula
  • High color pay off in a single stroke
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Enriched with almond oil, jojoba oil, and vitamin E for moisturized and soft lips

Product Info

Weightless Matte Finish Lipstick
Name & Address of Manufacturer:
Maxima Solutions, Plot No. 56, Sector - IIDC, IIE SIDCUL, Pantnagar - 263153, Uttarakhand
Country of Origin:India
Net Qty. (g/ml):4

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      Customer Reviews

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      Just woww😍

      Amazing product and perfect colours

      Best product

      I have bought buff nude ane peach candy. Both shades are so good in real than pictures and it smells so nice. I really liked it.

      Kavita Khatri
      Good Quality

      Very fast delivery
      You get what you see

      Arpita Jasrotia

      I love the texture of the lipsticks and the colour r magnificent 🤌✨

      Tripti Singh

      Matte Attack Combo


      Color and shade is really lovely

      Worth combo

      Excellent product....shades r too good...

      Bharati Kudchadker
      Faces Canada Lipsticks

      Excellent products and vivid colours. Value for money.

      About Matte Attack Combo

      Matte lipstick is the most popular skin finish to have today because it looks so natural and beautiful on your face. All you need to do is get the right makeup products that can help you achieve this matte look. Although there are thousands of brands of makeup products in the market today, we're going to focus on a matte attack combo that will help you achieve different types of looks – neutral look, smokey eye look, or dark bold look – at an affordable price range! Let’s start!

      What is it?

      When it comes to makeup, matte lipstick shades are better. A quick search of matte makeup will lead you to countless articles about why matte makes your face look beautiful and flawless. With that said, finding a good matte make-up product can be difficult, as many products labeled matte are not truly matte; however, today we’re going to cover a few different brands of mattifying products and what they do for you.

      You should also keep in mind that different products work differently on different skin types; therefore you might want to try several options before deciding which one is best for you. Some people recommend applying these products under your foundation while others say they work better when applied after your foundation and powder have been applied.

      What are its properties?

      The matte lipstick liquid is lightweight and creamy, with just a hint of sheen. It goes on without looking chalky or powdery, unlike some other matte face powders out there. Instead, it gives you a fresh-faced look that complements your skin tone while it makes your makeup last all day long. 

      Unlike some of those older matte face powders, it doesn’t melt off into an oily mess as soon as you start sweating or get close to a heat source (such as when you kiss someone). It’s easy to apply and lasts through most climates. Even those hot ones where even moisturizers seem to sweat right off! Plus, it never feels heavy or cakey.

      Is it safe to use?

      There are many benefits to using a matte foundation as part of your makeup routine. This is especially true if you have oily skin. However, many women worry that their current foundation might be too heavy and will cause skin problems over time.

      To avoid these issues, it’s important to choose a matte foundation that is both safe and effective when it comes to creating a lasting matte look on your face. Today we’re going to tell you about one of our favorite products and why we think it will provide you with just what you need for all-day coverage without any greasy, oily effects showing up by lunchtime.

      How do you use it?

      Use a matte lipstick red brush and apply it directly onto your face. Don't forget to moisturize before you apply a matte attack combo on your face. You can also use it as a foundation, just shake it well then pour some of the matte attack combos onto a flat top makeup brush and blend it onto your skin.

      Matte attack combo contains SPF 10 so you can easily protect your skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays from sunlight or any type of indoor light bulb (yes, even those!). Remember to reapply every 2 hours though because it does contain SPF 10 which isn't too effective in protecting our skin.

      Do I need to use an additional moisturizer before applying makeup to my face?

      Many people believe that they should not use an additional matte lipstick red shades moisturizer on their face because it will clog pores. This is a myth. It's perfectly fine to apply a facial moisturizer before applying makeup.

      After all, your face needs moisture just like every other part of your body does! Any brand of makeup primer, including matte attack combo primers, can be applied under your foundation and concealer to help improve wear and make your skin look more youthful and vibrant.

      How is Matte Attack Combo different?

      Did you know that if you are wearing matte lipstick waterproof makeup, it can change the rate at which your skin ages? All makeup products, such as matte foundation, cream blush, and even powder highlighter contain chemicals that can irritate your skin and accelerate aging.

      That's why we created Matte Attack Combo—a solution that will not only shield your skin from these harmful toxins but will also give you younger-looking skin in as little as 30 days! Unlike many other products on the market, Matte Attack Combo does not contain any dangerous chemicals that can harm your skin over time or even cause cancer!

      1) Trademarked

      Developing a comprehensive brand vision and distinct value proposition help to keep your message clear and consistent. Registering your trademark with intellectual property authorities will help protect your brand, especially if you plan to launch a line of branded products or if you want to make sure no one else can use your name, logo, or marketing message in their advertising.

      Additionally, it's wise to regularly monitor other companies' use of similar logos, marketing copy, or product packaging so that you can quickly bring any infringement issues to a halt before they threaten your company's good standing. Lastly, when deciding whether or not to register for a trademark, don't forget about copyright protection.

      2) Waterproof

      Nail polishes and matte lipstick long-lasting makeups get easily washed away when they come in contact with water. Make sure to apply a matte attack combo to your nails while they are completely dry so that you can be sure of their longevity.

      However, the matte attack combo dries quickly, so you have enough time to soak your nails in a bowl of water if required. While it might cause some chips over time, the matte attack combo proves extremely useful during rainy days when all other nail polishes become useless.

      3) Long-lasting

      Long-lasting matte lipstick light pink makeup products are always a plus! You don’t want to have to keep applying it throughout your day. A good way to know if your product will last is by watching out for harmful ingredients like talc and bismuth oxychloride, which can cause dryness and other skin irritations.

      Matte lipstick best brands Products that contain these ingredients should never be used long-term as they can be detrimental to your health in addition to being bad for your skin. If you see these or other harmful ingredients on your products’ labels, consider using something else instead.

      4) Made from high-quality material

      While it may seem obvious, products made with high-quality ingredients tend to do a better job. Look for labels that list natural ingredients and avoid products that have chemical names you can’t pronounce.

      The fewer synthetic chemicals your matte lipstick palette product contains, the less likely you are to experience negative side effects or allergic reactions. While choosing all-natural isn't always possible, it's something to look for in your daily care routine.

      5) Does not leave smudges

      Matte Attack’s self-healing polymer makes smudges a thing of the past. Whenever you move your face, your makeup moves with you. With enough movement, any material can cause unsightly smears and streaks on your face.

      However, matte lipstick on dark skin has been specially formulated to be non-oily and resistant to water to ensure that it stays put throughout long days at work or days out on the town.

      6) Easy to apply by users of all ages

      At first glance, it may seem that the matte lipstick combo set is a very high-level technology product. However, such a false impression quickly dissipates once you start using it. The user manual is written in simple language, easy to understand even for someone who has never used products of any kind before. It takes only several minutes to learn how to put on matte makeup.

      Of course, only after some time, you will be able to apply a flawless appearance which requires extensive experience and skill but there's no doubt that even first-time users will succeed with their makeover if they follow the instructions given in the user manual. If a newcomer or an experienced pro chooses today's stylish look – then tomorrow he or she can easily change it for another one according to his/her moods and preferences.

      7) Washes off easily with water

      It’s great that you can remove your matte lipstick shades for dusky skin makeup at night—but you want it to come off as quickly and easily as possible, right? While traditional mascara can take a little elbow grease to get off your eyelashes, our revolutionary tubing formula washes off with just water. Even on sensitive eyes. And since we don't use oils or waxes in our formulation, it won't clog pores as other non-waterproof mascaras do.

      8) Minimal Application Time

      Matte lipstick kit saves you a ton of time by being easy to apply. You don’t have to worry about intricate brushes or application techniques. The beauty of my products comes from their simplicity; they are so easy to use, which also makes them very accessible. Nothing should be standing in your way of creating that amazing look!

      9) 100% Guarantee

      You can be confident that your matte attack products will deliver on their promises. Just like any of our other great products, we want you to see what it can do for you before you buy it. So here's your chance!

      Buy Pure Matte Lipstick Combo today and if you're not satisfied for any reason at all, contact us and we'll refund every penny (minus shipping & handling) - no questions asked! It's that simple! We have complete confidence in our matte attack products and are proud to offer them because they are so effective and easy to use.

      How to prep your lips for a Matte Attack Combo

      If you’re not careful, your lipstick or gloss can end up all over your teeth. This happens in a few ways: You don’t use a balm to prep your lips before applying it.

      Lipsticks or glosses contain moisturizers that fill in fine lines on your lips, which then show through on your teeth if they aren’t smooth. Exfoliate those lines away with a sugar scrub (like sugar or salt and oil) before adding color to keep that from happening!

      How to line your lips

      Line your lips using a thin lip liner, like Faces Canada Chubby Stick for Lips Contour. It gives you a soft line that fills in sparse areas without drawing attention to them. A light application of lipstick on top of your liner will add color and sheen, which are great for rounding out your matte look.

      These steps will help prevent you from getting clown-face when wearing matte lipstick. It helps ensure that your lip color blends with your natural lip texture so there's no visible border between lips and product.

      How to apply Matte Attack Combo flawlessly

      If you have been using matte liquid face products like foundation, concealer, or powder, you are probably all too familiar with the struggle of keeping your makeup from slipping off your face once it has been set with a mattifying face spray.

      The new Matte Attack Combo from Faces Canada takes care of this problem with ease by giving you everything you need to keep your skin matte and flawless throughout the day! Here are 10 tips on how to apply the Clinique Matte Attack Combo flawlessly!

      1) Don’t Forget About Blending

      Although it might be tempting to dash out of your house with only two steps in mind, blending and setting powder, it's important not to forget about setting your makeup. Doing so can prevent powder trails from showing up once you step out into sunlight or worse, catch a glimpse of yourself on a reflective surface.

      There are plenty of ways you can use regular household items as makeup-setting tools. For example, you can spray a mist over your foundation and blusher for an extra spritz that will leave your skin looking flawless for hours on end.

      2) Apply it in Layers

      The secret to creating a flawless matte lipstick with no transfer lip is applying it in layers. If you are going for that super-intense, in-your-face color, apply your lipstick one layer at a time. Allow about 20 seconds for each layer before applying another coat. By building up gradually, you will avoid streaks and spots of uneven color.

      To make sure your lips are covered evenly from top to bottom, hold your lips together or press them against a tissue until they dry between layers. You may want to use blotting paper or pressed powder between layers as well since some matte formulas can be sticky and wet while they are still wet. The blotting paper also comes off easier than tissue so it won't cause any damage if you mess up!

      3) Wear Sunscreen

      There are plenty of reasons why sunscreen is a must-have in your arsenal of skin care. Sun exposure makes aging skin even more aged. It can also lead to early wrinkling, dark spots, and damaged DNA.

      You’ll want to look for a matte lipstick 24 hours moisturizer with SPF 30 or higher, but try not to rely on it as your only form of sun protection. If you have acne-prone skin, look for one that’s noncomedogenic (won’t clog pores) and oil-free. Also, avoid using high doses at first—it might take time for your skin to adjust!

      4) Use Eyeshadow Primer

      The eye is naturally more oily than any other part of your face. If you don't want to crease, use an eyeshadow primer first. This will make sure that your matte eyeshadow sticks around throughout the day.

      For best results, look for a primer that’s specifically labeled oily lids or long-lasting. Just pat a thin layer on your eyelid with your finger (we recommend pressing it into your skin as much as possible to maximize adhesion). We recommend also using a small amount of powder on top of makeup primer; be sure to avoid blending it right into your lid—you want to set it and not let it move!

      5) Take the Right Brushes Section

      Choose a big, round face brush, like Expert Face Brush or Double-ended Oval Face Brush, and use it to apply a sheer foundation all over your face.

      If you have areas of your face with extreme redness or discoloration, then apply a heavy cream-based concealer with a small rounded brush like Faces Canada Le Crayon Poudre Concealer. Move around and check for any flaws that need correcting; if you find any, just spot-treat those areas.

      6) Use the Right Amount of Product

      Applying too much product won’t help you or your wallet. Excess matte lipstick for dry lips can weigh down thin hair and make it look flat and lifeless. To avoid overdoing it, use a small amount of product. Start with just a dime-sized drop, working evenly through dry hair from roots to ends.

      Then use a brush or a comb to distribute that amount as evenly as possible throughout your strands. If you find that you want more definition, go in with another application before moving on to other products in your routine; otherwise, finish off by scrunching in some texturizing spray for an extra boost of volume at the crown of your head (if desired).

      7) Pre-determine Your Crease Line

      Before you even dip into your creme lipstick makeup bag, it’s a good idea to pre-determine where your crease line will be. This can help guide you when applying eyeshadow. I like to line up my outer eyelid with my bottom lash line and then use that as a reference point for where my eyeshadow should go.

      It's easy, especially if you have a steady hand and there's nothing worse than adding too much color and ending up with shadow below your lash line. With practice, you'll find that perfect starting point every time! For example, below is an eye makeup look where I started right above my lashes and worked upward toward my brow bone.

      8) Blend Outward from Your Crease Line

      When applying your eyeliner, don’t just stop at your lash line! Extend past your lashes for a more natural look. This tip is especially helpful when using thicker liners, as it will blend with your natural lashes seamlessly.

      Using a stiffer brush can help with creating a thinner and easier-to-blend line. Additionally, take note of where you apply your eyeliner: A very light application on bottom lash lines can make eyes appear wider, while thick applications on top lash lines tend to make eyes seem smaller. The choice is yours!

      9) Build Up Color Tones, Not Opacity

      Properly applying a creme matte lipstick foundation or concealer can be difficult. It's easy to overdo it and apply too much, making your skin look unnatural or even heavy.

      Instead of upping your application's opacity (the amount of coverage it provides), try building up its color tones instead. You'll get better results that way, and won't wind up with makeup all over your face.

      10) Use a Hair Dryer to Heat Up Product and Speed Up Application Time

      Blow-drying is a great way to remove water from your hair and get it ready for product application. While many recommend applying products while hair is wet, others swear by applying products after blow-drying.

      Which you choose is up to you, but if your priority is saving time in your morning routine, using a hair dryer can help melt down excess water on flat irons and even styling tools like brushes and combs. Blow-dry damp hair until about 80 percent dry and then apply the product. Start with light, oil-based lipstick creamy matte products first (if applicable) before moving on to creams or gel. This will allow less water to remain in your hair as you work the product into it.

      How to find the perfect lipstick shade according to your skin tone

      Finding the perfect lipstick combo shade may seem like an intimidating task at first, but it's much easier than you might think. There are certain guidelines you can follow to find lipstick colors that flatter your skin tone and make your lips look healthy and vibrant while complementing the rest of your facial features.

      If you’re wondering how to find the perfect lipstick shade for your skin tone, read on for tips from a makeup artist in this step-by-step guide on how to pick the best lip color based on your skin tone.

      1) Consider lipsticks that are two shades darker than your natural lip color

      This works especially well if you have a cool skin tone. While there’s no such thing as a universal shade of lipstick combo set, we generally find that a little color goes a long way when it comes to enhancing your natural lip color.

      That said, if you have a very light or very dark skin tone, then matching to your skin may be difficult—instead, try picking shades just slightly darker than your natural lip color (two shades would be perfect). To avoid going overboard with lipstick and looking like you're wearing too much makeup, consider using a lighter shade on top and filling it in with concealer if necessary. It will also help keep from drawing attention to any thin lips or uneven areas.

      2) Think warm browns, plums, dark berries

      When looking at online lipstick combo colors, remember that your skin tone is more than just a single color; you have warm and cool tones, as well as different shades of color. If you’re fair-skinned, you probably lean toward cooler colors and will want to avoid orange or red shades.

      If you’re darker-skinned, go with richer colors, like deep burgundy or chocolate brown. Avoid beiges unless they look especially good on you. Neutral shades can wash out your skin tone and make your lips appear lighter than they are.

      3) Experiment with different brands

      Even if you’re loyal to a particular matte lipstick combo online brand, don’t be afraid to try another. You might be surprised at how well a new formula works. The range of lipsticks on the market is more expansive than ever and includes everything from simple matte colors to special effects that create volume or texture.

      How do you know which one is right for you? Start by experimenting with different brands, which will give you an idea of what your perfect shade looks like. Start with something in-between your natural lip color and your hair color, then add or subtract hues based on what catches your eye—the goal is to find a true match (your term) rather than something that's close but not quite there.

      4) Try experimenting with matte finish lipsticks

      The matte finish lipstick combo offer looks fantastic on many different skin tones and can help to draw attention to your lips (while simultaneously camouflaging lines). And, if you have naturally thin lips, a bold matte lipstick can be a fantastic way to balance out your pucker and give your face some oomph.

       Plus, it’s hard to overdo Faces Canada Weightless Matte Finish Lipstick All Shades Swatches and because they don’t contain as much shine, they’re also less likely to be distracting. That said, while they are best suited for fuller lips, some colors can do a bang-up job of drawing attention away from thinness while still looking flattering.

      5) Keep in mind what other makeup you wear

      There’s an endless amount of information out there about how to choose a lipstick, but many of these tips assume you’re wearing other makeup products. If you’re typically a no-makeup makeup kind of girl, it might be best to steer clear of bright lipstick shades that are intended to be worn over a dark eyeshadow or mascara.

      The contrast can make your lips look washed out. Instead, pick something that complements your natural lip color and enhances your skin tone. If anything, go for a neutral or slightly darker color than what you think will work best.

      6) Try nude, classic pinks

      You may think you want a bold red or purple lip, but if you’re new to lipstick, try nude shades on first. Faces Canada Weightless Matte Finish Lipstick Peach Candy is foolproof and can brighten any complexion—no matter your skin tone. A classic red such as Faces Canada Russian Red is a great option if you're looking to branch out from nudes, as it looks flattering on nearly everyone.

      If you’re feeling daring, try Faces Canada Plumful in Nightmoth. The dark violet hue may be too much for some skin tones, but on darker complexions, it looks ravishing and makes teeth appear brighter. Just make sure you go easy: a little plum goes a long way!

      7) Add dimension by wearing a neutral-colored lip liner under bolder colored lipstick

      When you’re choosing a lip color, make sure you don't overlook your lip liner. It can be easy to buy Faces Canada Weightless Matte Lipstick Shades without putting any thought into whether or not it goes with your natural lip color and skin tone. However, if you choose a lipstick that is too light or dark, you could look washed out—or worse, like a clown.

      To make sure that doesn’t happen to you, take one simple step: Buy a nude-colored lip liner that closely matches your natural lip color before you purchase your lipstick. You can then use it under whatever shade of lipstick gives you that extra so it looks natural and well-blended on your lips.

      8) Wear pink or purple with gold or bronze tones on the eyes and cheeks to complement it

      Pink and purple can stand out beautifully against fair skin tones, but they have to be worn with caution. They're high-impact colors that can clash with warm skin tones. Wear pink or purple lipsticks on fair skin with shimmery gold eyeshadow and soft blush in a golden tone.

      Pick shadows of Faces Canada lipstick combo that is no more than two shades darker than your skin tone and blush that's barely pinker than your natural flush (in most cases, a peachy color will work best). When it comes to bronze or berry eyeshadow, lean toward paler shades. Dark browns won't look great unless you're wearing bold lipstick as well.

      9) Use darker shades during the fall and winter months

      I tend to be a year-round lipstick wearer (I don't follow seasonal trends, I make them), but that doesn't mean that there aren't differences in what I wear at different times of the year. To find your perfect fall lip color, choose a dark shade that has some depth and character.

      Darker colors will do more to lift your face and help you look taller and thinner and let's be honest: we could all use a little of both during these colder months. Dark colors also work well with smokey eyes because they enhance definition without competing with eye shadow colors.

      10) Pair bright lippies with strong eye makeup

      Bright, colorful lipsticks look fantastic when they're paired with equally bold eye makeup. Use a strong, matte eye pencil and match it to your lipstick color, or keep lips nude and make eyes pop by adding a dramatic cat-eye.

      Either way, balance out your bold makeup with a simple hairstyle like an updo or ponytail just one braid across the top of your head works beautifully. If you have blond hair, stick to lighter shades of bright lipstick (such as pink) since dark colors tend to wash you out.


      How to find a perfect everyday nude lipstick shade

      The key to finding your perfect nude lipstick is in taking things slowly and testing out different shades. There’s no need to run out and buy a tube of lipstick right away. Start with a look that’s nude maybe something like Faces Canada, which will give you a little color while still allowing you to adjust things if needed.

      See how it feels, play around with application techniques, and if you don’t love it, move on. (Seriously.) It can take time to figure out what works best for your skin tone and preferences, but once you do? It's game over! Once you know what works for you, you'll be able to rock it for years.

      How to wear nude shades without looking washed out

      It’s easy to fall into a nude- lipstick and when you have a whole drawer of nudes at your disposal, it’s hard not to. But play it too safe and you can end up looking washed out, so switch things up by wearing an unexpected shade like deep mauve or warm plum instead.

      Just as with any other lipstick color, there are no hard and fast rules when choosing which nude will work best for you. Play around with different colors in natural light (if possible) and see what works best for your skin tone. And remember that both colors and finishes can affect how a nude lipstick looks on you. Some finish matte while others are creamy or glossy.

      How to pick and carry bold shades

      Bold lipstick shades, like bold makeup in general, can be a little intimidating to wear. The bright red lips you’ve been envisioning might not be your best bet for day-to-day life—at least not yet. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to incorporate bold shades into your look.

      Take darker shades of pink or orange, for example; they aren’t as heavy on their own but can add depth and dimension to an everyday makeup look. Or pair a deep plum with a soft blush and you'll bring attention to your eyes without overdoing it. Whatever color you choose, remember that bright lipstick is all about using restraint; keep everything else toned down so that it doesn't overwhelm.

      Easy ways to get the perfect lip shape withMatte Attack Combo

      Products like lip liner and lipstick have a bad reputation as being so-so products that you can find anywhere. While that may be true, it's important to remember how crucial your lip shape is to find your perfect lipstick shade. This is especially relevant for those who don't want to wear bold lipstick all of the time, but still want to express their individuality.

      Matte Attack Combo hacks

      Finding a lipstick that matches your skin tone can be tricky, especially since many brands tend to lean towards either blue-based or yellow-based shades. Fortunately, there's a simple solution for finding your perfect nude lipstick shade—it’s all about color theory. Here's how to get it right every time...

      Lipstick tips and tricks

      To find your perfect nude lipstick shade, you need to figure out your undertones. Undertones are basically how cool or warm your skin tone is. There’s also no need to run out and buy an expensive color wheel to determine your undertone—instead, use common sense and make some observations about yourself.

      How to do an ombre lip

      When it comes to your everyday lip shade, why settle for a monochromatic statement when you can go for an ombre lip instead? Ombre lips are hot, but getting them right is easier said than done.

      How to do a reverse ombre lip

      Before applying any lipstick, make sure to exfoliate your lips and cleanse them thoroughly. Remember, there’s no such thing as too smooth! Next, you’ll want to choose a nude shade with reddish undertones for a fresh-faced look.

      How to remove Matte Attack Combo properly

      If you have Matte Attack Combo Lipstick with you, it is just a matter of time before it goes out of control and creates havoc on your face. Therefore, if you want to know how to remove Matte Attack Combo from your face, get ready for some serious action. Here are some of the easiest ways by which you can get rid of that nasty stuff from your skin permanently.


      How do you make a matte lipstick not dry?

      Your lipstick won’t dry out in summer weather if you apply some lip balm before putting on your lipstick. Alternatively, you can keep your lipstick in a cool and dry place instead of carrying it around with you.

      Why do my lips look cracked with matte lipstick?

      If you're wearing matte lipstick and your lips look cracked, it might be because you’re wearing too much. Matte lipsticks tend to dry out lips faster than creamy ones, so keep that in mind before applying a matte product.

      Can you put lipgloss on top of matte lipstick?

      The short answer is yes. The long answer is not as simple, but also YES! There are pros and cons to putting lipgloss on top of matte lipstick, but it is perfectly fine to do if you know what you’re doing.

      Does weightless matte finish lipstick smudge?

      Weightless matte finish lipstick does not smudge. It has staying power!

      Read more