10 Pictures to Show What Happiness Is...for Makeup Lovers

10 Pictures to Show What Happiness Is...for Makeup Lovers

It’s International Day of Happiness! Every year, we celebrate this day on the 20th of March. But to makeup lovers, this day becomes a little more special if certain specific makeup lover things happen. You know…like finding very relatable makeup lover quotes, getting that perfect nude lipstick shade, or simply being able to contour the nose & jawline right on the first attempt!

But you have to remember, no matter if your winged eyeliner goes wrong, or your red lipstick doesn’t look as you expected it to, you have to find your happiness even in the flaws because, in the end, it’s all about inner beauty, right?

Happiness Is...When You Get The Eyeliner Right In One Go


Happiness Is...When Your Lip Gloss Doesn't Stick To Your Lips

Happiness Is...Receiving Your 4756th Nude Lipstick

Happiness Is...Finding The Perfect Shade Of Foundation

Happiness Is…Wearing Red Lipstick Without Any Occasion

Happiness Is…Perfect Contour in First Attempt!

Happiness Is…Removing Makeup in One-Swipe

Happiness Is…Waking Up to a Good Skin Day!

Happiness Is…Rosy Blush & Highlighter

Happiness Is…Finding a Non-Drying, Yet Long-Lasting Lipstick!

So, you know, makeup lovers all think alike in some matters. For instance, a perfect winged liner would make their day no matter what they’re going through otherwise. Their little joys include getting a makeup kit as a surprise gift, or simply finding that new red lipstick shade at a shop! Who knew, that making makeup lovers was THAT easy? Keep smiling, stay happy. Happy International Day of Happiness. XOXO, darlings! 🙂