Lip & Cheek Tint


      What is lip and cheek tint?

      Add some colour to your lips and cheeks with our range of natural-looking lip and cheek tints in India.

      A lip tint is a beauty product that adds colour to your lips to give them a natural look. A cheek tint is similar to a lip tint but is used to give your cheeks a natural blush look.

      Needless to say, a lip and cheek tint online is a two-in-one beauty product that can be used to bring natural colour to your lips and cheeks after one application. Lip & cheek stains are available in different colours to suit different skin tones. With our lip and cheek tint online you can apply it with a minimal makeup look, or even on a full face of makeup.

      Lip & cheek stains can be applied alone, or with a few other makeup products like mascara, and a lip gloss to give you a clean girl look. Or you can go full out with the makeup and apply the lip and cheek tint.

      History of lip and cheek tint

      The history of lip and cheek tint online is quite a bit scandalous because they were created for the nipples. Yes! Shocking, but very true. Lip & cheek stains were made to be used by Mission District dancers to make their nipples stand out more.

      This ‘rose tint’, as it was called back then, was created sometime between 1976 and 1977 and was later on used by well-known Hollywood actresses as lip and cheek stains. Actresses like Nicole Kidman and Winona Ryder would keep this tint in their purses to give their cheeks or lips that naturally flushed or lip-bitten look.

      Interesting lip and cheek tint facts

      • They are easier to blend with your fingers.
      • You can build up the pigment by adding more of the product.
      • For a smooth blend, apply some moisturiser or gloss.
      • You can use them on your eyelids.
      • You can use them on a face full of makeup.

      Benefits of lip and cheek tint online

      • It is very easy to use.
      • Tint lipstick is a great product for minimal makeup lovers.
      • Lip and cheek tint liquid has a texture that makes it suitable for different skin types. So, you can use lip and cheek tints for sensitive skin.
      • It has a formula that lasts long.
      • It has a pigment that you can build up on and go from subtle to bold.
      • It can be used in various ways beyond what it was intended to be used for. You can use lip and cheek tint liquid on your eyelids.
      • It is portable and you can have lip and cheek tint, in your purse without feeling its weight.
      • For all the many places you can use this one product, it is budget-friendly.

      Stunning shades of lip and cheek tint online

      There are so many shades available on lip and cheek tint in India. These shades give Indians a wide range of selections to choose from the best cheek tint in india. The main thing is experimenting with different shades to find the shade that suits you best.

      Some shades of lip and cheek tint online can wash you out like some colours of tint lipstick, nail polish, hair colour, or clothing item can wash you out. This means that the colour dulls your skin, making you look faded, or less vibrant. Hence, finding the right colour of lip & cheek stains is just as important as finding the right shade of clothing, lipstick, nail polish, and hair colour.

      Lip and cheek tint for Seasons

      • In winters:

      When it gets cold, most people tend to have a natural blush on their cheeks, nose, and lips. If you have a skin tone that makes your natural rosy cheeks more prominent than you want them to be, you can apply lip & cheek stains that neutralise over-the-top blush that’s bordering on redness. You can apply a nude or brown shade of lip and cheek tint online.

      • In summers:

      When the weather gets hot, we tend to get more tan. Now is the time to go for bold and vibrant blush shades depending on your skin tone. The interesting thing about our lip and cheek tint liquid is that they are infused with pomegranate seed oil which protects the skin from UV rays. Shades of lip and cheek tint for sensitive skin like our berry or red shade will add vibrant colour to your cheeks and lips.

      Cheek tint for different skin tones

      • Light skin:

      This is the palest of all skin tones and can easily burn in the sun. Shades of lip and cheek tint in India that work well for this skin tone are vibrant pink, nudes, or deep reds like our rust brown shade. One of the best cheek tint in India.

      • Fair skin:

      This skin tone can tan to a certain degree without burning. Shades of lip and cheek stains that work well for this skin tone are quite similar to light skin tones with bold pink, nudes, or dark reds like our red flush shade.

      • Medium skin:

      This skin tone falls somewhere between Fair skin tone and Dusky skin tone. Shades of lip and cheek stains that work well for this skin tone are tones with pink, nude, or reds that pop like our berry pink shade.

      • Deep/Dusky skin:

      This skin tone is the deepest with varying shades from light dusky to deep dusky plus the difference in undertones. Shades of lip and cheek stains that work well for this skin tone are shades like our nude vibes.

      Dos’ and Don'ts for lip and cheek stains

      • Do: Prep your lips before application.
      • Do: Apply some moisturiser on your cheek before the tint for easy blending.
      • Do: Apply with your fingers to allow room for you to blend easily.
      • Don’t: Apply on chapped lips.
      • Don’t: Apply too much at once. Slowly build up the pigment.
      • Don’t: Lick your lips before or after application.

      Things to consider before buying lip and cheek tint online

      • Check out the ingredient list to be sure you aren’t allergic to anything.
      • Check out the shelf-life to know how long you would have to use it.
      • Lip & cheek tint lipstick with nourishing ingredients are the best options.
      • Don’t buy two similar shades of lip and cheek tint.
      • Always know the right shade to go for.
      • Check the return/exchange policy.
      • Don’t stray too far from your specified budget.

      Lip and Cheek Tint Tips & Hacks

      • If you’re going for more of a matte look, you can mattify your glossy lip and cheek tint online by applying some translucent powder or mattifying serum.
      • For a quick and seamless blend into the skin, use your fingers.
      • Apply some moisturiser on your cheeks to blend the tint easily.
      • Apply some gloss or balm to blend lip and cheek tint seamlessly into your skin.
      • Using a lip primer or skin primer before applying your lip and cheek tint for sensitive skin, you can make tint lipstick last a lot longer.

      Faces Canada lip and cheek tint online

      At Faces Canada, we have a growing range of shades of lip and cheek tint online which are safe to use for sensitive skin. We have a range of lip & cheek tint lipstick online available in five beautiful shades you can select from. These shades are:

      • Blush Rose is a subtle rosy shade with a nude undertone.
      • Red Flush is a deep red shade almost bordering on maroon.
      • Nude Vibes is our perfect nude shade of lip & check tint lipstick.
      • Berry Pick is a berry shade that is lighter than the red flush with a pink undertone.
      • Rust Brown is a lighter shade of our nude vibes.

      Our range of lip and tint lipstick online is for sensitive skin is infused with natural ingredients that make it completely safe. The formula of these lip and cheek tints is lightweight and gives your skin a smooth finish. The ingredients like pomegranate seed oil infused help to protect your skin from UV rays and are nourishing. Not to mention, it has a high-payoff pigment that allows you to go from subtle to bold with the application of more product to build up.

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      Q. How long does lip and cheek tint last?

      A: There are different types of lip and cheek tints. There are some tints that you apply and peel off like a mask which lasts for days, maybe even weeks before it starts to fade. Our lip and cheek stains are products that you can apply and take off at the end of the day.

      Q. Can I wear a lip tint at night?

      A: Yes, you can wear lip and cheek tints for a wonderful night out to enhance your makeup look and your features.

      Q. Can I use lip and cheek tints on my eyes?

      A: If you desire, you can apply some lip and cheek stains on your eyelids to give you a natural flushed look or contour depending on the shade.

      Q. Can I use a lip and cheek tint every day?

      A: Yes, if you want to, you can absolutely use it every day. Our range of lip and cheek tints allows you to use it daily without hassle.

      Q. How do you remove a lip and cheek tint?

      A: Our lip and cheek tint simply requires you to wipe it off when you’re done for the day. Other tints fade away over time.

      Q. Are lip and cheek stains smudge-proof?

      A: There are various formulas for lip and cheek stains and some of those formulas are smudge-proof.

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