10 Post Diwali Memes That Will Touch Makeup Lovers' Souls

10 Post Diwali Memes That Will Touch Makeup Lovers' Souls

We’re all makeup lovers, but if you’re an Indian, we have one more thing in common—we’re all Festival lovers, especially Diwali that has just gone by. And most likely all of us are suffering with the post-Diwali blues, especially those of use who love makeup and dressing up and can’t dazzle like firecrackers for the next whole year!

We completely get you, and that’s why we have compiled 10 makeup memes that will make you laugh and cry at the same time. So, gear up, and scroll ahead for this Diwali emotion ride!

#1 Went from Diwali Patakha to OMG-I-Can't-Even Real Quick

#2 What Do You Mean "Minimal Makeup until Next Diwali"?

#3 What I Want: All the Makeup in the World
What I have: No Money Left

#4 It's Like Telling Someone There's Lipstick on Their Teeth, Only MORE SAD!

#5 When You Can't Remember What "Formal Clothes & Subtle Makeup" Even Means

#6 Let's Take It One Wing at a Time, Babe

#7 Starts with 'M', but It's Neither Mithai Nor Makeup!

#8 Friday Is the Only Day You Like Now, Coz That's When You Can Dress Up & Makeup!

#9 Shopped Like There Was No Tomorrow, & Saved No Money for Tomorrow

#10 All My Shiny Lipsticks Teasing Me on Workdays Like...

And Finally Leaving You with This Coz Diwali Is Over & We're Not Patakhas Anymore :(

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Well, we know #4 & #11 hit real bad. But let us know which ones are your personal post Diwali hell. :P

What else can make any of us makeup lovers feel more Diwali-deprived than missing those dazzling outfits, glittery makeup, and of course, bright lights, but makeup memes! Share these memes with your makeup lover friends because why should we be the only ones who suffer the post Diwali blues? :P

XOXO, darlings!