11 Must-Have Matte Lipstick Shades for Spring-Summer 2022

11 Must-Have Matte Lipstick Shades for Spring-Summer 2022

Thinking about matte lipsticks for spring-summer? Us too!

When bright fun colors fill the whole world, why should your matte lipstick shades look dull and boring for the hottest season (both literally and metaphorically) of the year? This springtime, let your matte lip colors do all the talking with stunning summer lipstick colors that are ruling the beauty industry. 

Whether you're going for a colorful lip or an all-out glam look, your look is incomplete without these stunning matte lipsticks for summer-spring! Add these matte lipstick shades to your beauty wardrobe, and be ready to rock ’n roll this spring-summer 2022!

#1 Red Hot Lipstick

Spring season wouldn't be complete without wearing the brightest and boldest color of them all: classic red. Classic red lipstick is very versatile and looks great throughout the year. This spring, however, let's show off those sexy red lips from day to night. 

Make sure to choose a matte, long-lasting formula for your lips so you don't have to worry about it bleeding off!

#2 Bright Orange

The mid-summer blues got you down? With a bright orange lippie, look lively while you are enjoying poolside time with your girl-friends! A peachy orange shade is the best color choice for women with fair skin and dark hair, while tangerine is the best color choice for women with dark skin tones.

Get your electric orange fix with the Comfy Matte Liquid Lipstick — No Big Deal 12 lippies. This shade is definitely something different and shines with the spring sun.

#3 Warm Brown

Brown is the most flattering lip color this spring season if you're looking for something dark and classic.

This chocolaty hue is one of the most stunning for the spring season, so don't believe someone who tells you brown is only a fall lipstick color. It's versatile, too. During the week, wear it with jeans and a cream sweater, and over the weekend, with your favorite leggings.

#4 Nude Lipstick

Make-up trends come and go, but nude lipsticks remain popular forever. And what better time to show off your nude lips than during the bright spring and summer months?

Those with fair skin will look lovely in versions with pink, peach, or gold undertones — and those with gold look lovely with warm beige tones and flesh tones. Stick to a matte lipstick formula within one or two shades of your natural lip color to make sure your nude lips look natural and stay on for longer periods of time!

#5 Fuchsia Pink

The fuchsia pink color BELONGS to the spring/summer season. It’s the flowers in May. In the summer, it’s the flush of our cheeks. It’s bold, fun, and unstoppable! And it looks amazing on all skin tones!  Get that memorable pop of color with our Weightless Matte Finish Lipstick — Fuschia Wave 02.

However, when wearing fuchsia, remember the golden rule — keep the rest of the face to a minimum. Simply put on a high-SPF sunscreen, apply a tinted moisturizer, and curl your lashes with mascara.

#6 Orange-Red

Summer may be all about bronzed, barely-there beauty looks, but there's one product to incorporate into your routine that's bright and colorful — an orange-red lipstick. Orange and red tones blend together beautifully to create a color story reminiscent of a spring sunset. 

Orange reds in brighter shades with a matte finish are ideal for anyone looking to make a big statement, while a deeper shade of orange-red, like brick, can feel more classic.

#7 Peach Lipstick

Peach lips scream spring! This color adds the perfect pop of color to your face and is ideal for brunch dates.

We totally love this Peach Candy shade for its soft matte finish and amazing color payoff—perfect for wearing all day long!

#8 Bright Pink

Red is forever a classic that you can't go wrong with, but it's also a bit predictable. The warmer cousin of red, and pink opens up an entirely new range of moods and personas in spring and summer.

If you want to wear pink on a regular basis, light and medium pink shades are the best picks. Pink doesn't always need to be subdued, though. Go bold with hot, bright, or neon pink this spring and stand out from the crowd.

Not sure which lipstick to go for? We’d suggest a long-stay matte would be the best for the season. Side note, bright pink matte lipstick works well with almost all skin tones!

#9 Coral Red Lipstick

It's an orangey reddish-pink color that looks stunning — and it looks great on everyone! Coral lip color is extremely popular during the summer because it looks stunning against bronzed skin, but you can expect it to be a top trend throughout 2022!

A coral lippie will turn heads at the end of the day! Looking for a soft peachier coral? This peach shade is a good choice for those who want to ease into the coral trend without going bold.

#10 Purple Lipstick

Spring and summer are the perfect seasons to experiment with and flaunt some vibrant colored purple lips.

When it comes to summer lipstick shades, the color purple has the best of both worlds because of its equal balance of Red and Blue, creating one dynamic lip color that is both calm and fierce. Granted, you have to be a bit daring when it comes to flaunting a purple lipstick, but believe us, it’s worth it!

#11 Dark Berry Lips

Dark colors in berry tones have now become our favorites. 

This spring and summer lipstick color adds a sense of excitement and sensuality to any outfit, whether it be for everyday wear or for a special event. A matte berry lipstick looks classy and lasts a very long time, which is a major benefit. 

The Bottom Line

The collection of lipsticks in our make-up kits is more than just an accessory. Lip colors are statement pieces that communicate our individual moods and styles.

Are you as obsessed with lipstick as we are? Then you will want to know what colors will be popular in summer-spring 2022!

Spotted your favorite spring shade on this list? Let us know in the comment section below!