12 Ways to Adjust Your Makeup from Summer to Monsoon

12 Ways to Adjust Your Makeup from Summer to Monsoon

Summer's scorching heat may be gone, but humidity is here to stay. In the monsoon season, the humidity will be at its highest level, resulting in sweating and dripping off of your monsoon makeup.

While it may not be a wise idea to leave the house with layers of makeup in the humid weather, going barefaced is not an option either. A makeup meltdown, while you’re out and about, is a big no-nothere's nothing worse than mascara running down your face right before a special event or a date.

Thankfully, there are some tricks that you can use to avoid smudging your makeup. This guide will teach you how to prevent your makeup from melting in the rain and to achieve the perfect monsoon makeup look this rainy season.

#1 Ice, Ice Baby

Try rubbing an ice cube gently over your face for about 5 to 10 seconds to help your rainy season makeup stand the test of time.

This handy little tip prevents excessive perspiration and keeps your makeup on longer without smudging.

#2 Build a Smear-Proof Base with Primer

Primers are a must for the monsoon season. You should invest in a lightweight primer if you don’t already own one since it will create an even surface for your rainy day makeup.

By filling in pores and fine lines, it also prevents natural oils and sweat from mixing with the makeup. Consequently, it keeps the makeup intact for a longer period.

#3 A Natural Finish with Lightweight Foundation

Reserve your liquid foundations for non-sweaty days. If you wear a heavy liquid foundation during the monsoon, your skin will look blotchy and unnatural. For light coverage and a natural finish, apply a thin layer of a tinted moisturizer or choose a CC cream

In case you still prefer liquid foundation, go for a silicone-based product. It creates a barrier to keep the skin safe from the havoc-causing elements like humidity and heat.

#4 Dust a Mattifying Powder to Keep Your Makeup in Place

Mattifying face powders are ideal for people who are concerned about blotchy foundation. When you are finished with your base makeup, sweep your entire face with a mattifying powder that will absorb excess moisture and give you a flawless finish.

Work in light layers when using powders, and gradually build the coverage up as you go.

#5 Make Waterproof Eye Makeup Your New BFF

There's no point in spending hours on your winged eye look if it's going to melt off before your first cup of coffee. If you want your eye makeup to last throughout the day, you should stock your makeup pouch with waterproof products. This is not the season for dramatic eye makeup looks with elaborate graphic eyeliner styles.

Create a neutral eye makeup look with pinks and brown eyeshadow hues. You can enhance the shape of your eyes and add some extra oomph by applying waterproof eyeliner and kajal to your waterline and lash line. For bold lashes, apply generous amounts of waterproof mascara.

#6 Don’t Forget to Waterproof Your Brows

To make your brows monsoon ready, fill in any sparse areas with an eyebrow pencil.

Now use the leftover waterproof mascara product to brush the wand over your brows to set them in place.

#7 Switch to Powder-Based Formulas

You don't want creamy bronzer or contour meltdown in the rainwater, do you? The best way to avoid such makeup blunders during the monsoon season is by switching to powder formulas.

Powder bronzers not only give a matte finish but also prolong the wear of your makeup.

#8 But Say Yes to a Creamy Flush

As opposed to using creamy formulas on the eyes and face, using cream blush palettes is a big yes for the monsoon season. Put away your powdery blushes for a few months and get your hands on a cream blush that has a flawless finish and glides on the skin like velvet. 

Choose subtle shades of pink and peach to create a soft, natural effect.

#9 Keep It Simple for Rainy-Day Makeup

As monsoon approaches, the humidity will be at its peak, which will cause makeup to melt. This is exactly why we recommend following the less-is-more formula with your makeup this season.

You may have already experimented with bold colors during the summer, but now it's time to settle for something more subtle. Make a few changes in your makeup products to keep your makeup game going in the rain and you'll be good to go.

#10 Bid Adieu to a Feathered Pout

The season of lip gloss is over. Stickier formulas will cause your lips to feather more. 

Make a bold statement with a long-lasting matte lip color or go light with a lip/cheek tint. You can just as well use tinted lip balms that have excellent color pigmentation. Make sure your lips don't go bare in the middle of the day by applying these lip cosmeticsespecially when you’re eating or getting smoochy.

#11 Reach for a Gel Nail Polish

Nail polish can chip more easily when exposed to rainwater or excess moisture, necessitating frequent touch-ups. However, no one has the time to reapply every two days, right?

Instead, get a gel manicure instead of a regular manicureit'll last for at least ten days.

#12 Get Ready to Touch Up

Don't forget to pack a few products in your bag before you head out for the day. Keep Q-tips, blender sponges, and makeup-removing wipes on hand in case anything runs. This will help keep you looking good all the time.

The Takeaway

The hot and humid weather during the monsoon season can ruin even the most expensive cosmetics. Thankfully, by following the best makeup tips and tricks for monsoons given above, you can say goodbye to all your makeup woes. Make rain makeup look smokin' with these rainy season makeup tips.

Follow these tips, and share your thoughts on them in the comments section below!