The 2022 Nail Trends You HAVE to Nail!

The 2022 Nail Trends You HAVE to Nail!

It's official: manicures are taking over the spotlight in 2022 nail trends. In the midst of crazy makeup trends and skincare obsessions, a quick look through social media confirms that nails trends 2022 have become their own form of accessory.

The new nail trends 2022 offer a wide range of funky designsmade easier by press-ons and gemstone appliqués. Experimenting with different lengths, shapes, and colors is all the rage this year. And wearing nails that make you happy is the goal.

While there are countless options for manicures this year, our team of nail pros has compiled a list of the most popular trends. Whether you prefer a subtle and sophisticated look or something over-the-top, you can find your inspiration here. So, keep scrolling!

#1 Glittery Accents

A glittery manicure is always a good idea. Glittering or shimmering your nails is a fun, yet subtle way to dress up your manicure. 

Consider covering all your nails in glitter or choosing a bright-colored manicure with shimmers on one nail. Or better yetadd your own touch to this classic nail look. As there are so many different shades of glitter, you practically have an endless number of design options.

#2 Graphic French Tips

French tips will always be in style. As a result of its ability to elongate the nail significantlyespecially when applied to oval nailsits popularity is understandable. 

However, the fall nail trends 2022 incorporate elements of graphic design into the classic look. Add statement graphics, such as hearts or dollar signs, to your French tips and convey your vibe.

#3 Minimal Nail Art

Because minimalist nail art is the easiest to accomplish, it's our favorite summer 2022 nail trend.

Can't master intricate nail designs? Use a nail dotting tool to dot a few tiny flowers on each nail at a different spot. If even that is too much, you can opt for some nail stickers that don't require any artistic skill at all.

#4 Very Peri Nails

Pantone selected Very Peri as the "color of 2022" due to its carefree confidence and bold curiosity that inspire our creative spirit. So there's no wonder periwinkle nails have made their way onto our nail trends 2022

If you are feeling upbeat and like to embrace spring, you can opt for a full periwinkle look. Or you can go with subtle swirl accents for a more down-to-earth look.

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#5 Pick & Mix

Next time you find yourself in a particular predicament where you're not sure which design to choose, go for mix and match nails. You can pick and mix all your favorite designs, scattered all over different fingers. 

Use lavender, mint, and soft pink polish shades to achieve a soft spring look. You can also choose to go a step ahead with a mix of bright and nude nail colors.

#6 Go Green with Green Nails

Are you a fan of the green nail trend nail enamel that's been making a comeback this summer? You're in luck because this summer 2022 nail trend has taken over the year as well. What's even better is the wide variety of shades and designs available. 

Keep all your nails solid green with your favorite nail polish, or add a little extra flair with a negative space design. Adding a little bit of runway to your everyday look is easy with green nails, even as just a tip or mixed with another shade.

#7 Animal Print Nails

No, we aren't talking about those garish OTT prints that were popular in the late sixties! 

The summer 2022 nail trends & colors are all about applying a neutral nail polish base such as taupe or light brown. After that, use a nail-dotting tool to create leopard spots by putting brown and black dots on the base. Don't worry, it's much easier than it looks.

#8 Ombre Nails

Because Ombre nails cannot be labeled as a season in or a season outunlike other trendy nail looks we've discussed so farthey'll never go out of style. 

You can use transparent or white nail polish, or a monotone color scheme, and boomyou've got minimalist nails. Feeling festive? Polishes in rich browns and oranges are perfect for Thanksgiving nails; red and green for Christmas. Try some DIY nail art using nail stickers, or go simple with two-tone nails.

#9 French Pearls & Gemstone Nail Art

According to Pinterest, Pearlcore is one of the biggest style trends in 2022, so it is only logical that they'd have a matching manicure. If not pearls, you can add gemstones in your French manicure.

Adding pearl accents or gemstones to a classic French manicure is one of the easiest ways to take it to the next level. Plus, the versatile look goes with almost every piece of clothing in your wardrobe.

#10 Checkered Nails

These days, checkerboard nails are everywhere. Considering the different types of nail art that the look can be worn in, it makes sense to choose checker print as your nail art pattern.

You're going to ace your manicure no matter how you wear it. A retro look with black and white stripes or a twist with multiple colors, there are infinite ways to style these nails.

#11 Matte Nails

Are you looking for a muted, soft manicure? Grab a matte top coat and apply it over your glossy nail polish to achieve a velvety matte finish.

If you want to add even more depth, leave one or two nails glossy to give them a mixed-texture appearance.

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#12 The 70’s Swirls

Psychedelic swirls feature abstract motions of different colors and sizesreminiscent of the 1970s. They are very easy to make and can be tried at home.

You don't have to stick to a particular way of doing thingsusing any colors and designing any shape by freehand is an option.

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#13 Gold Chrome Nails

Gold chrome nails bring an extra sparkle to your daily look. You can create this effect by applying chrome powder to the base color of yellow or white.

As the chrome powder is applied, it creates a shimmering effect. The amount of shine that appears depends on how much pressure you apply.

The Bottom Line

Below, you'll find everything you ever need to know about mood-boosting nails, from graphic designs to matte colors.

Get inspired by these trending nail designs 2022—or add your own twist to create a custom look with these hundreds of shades of nail trend nail enamels.

Do you have a favorite nail art trend of 2022? Spill the beans in the comments section below.