15 Easy Nail Art Designs You Can Totally Do at Home

15 Easy Nail Art Designs You Can Totally Do at Home

Creating nail art designs at home sounds amazing in theory, but when it comes to actually doing so, all your favorites require multiple colors, tools, and a high level of skill. If you are a nail geek, then that is a big bummer.

We certainly appreciate a trip to the nail salon as much as the next person, however, a single monthly manicure plus nail art can certainly put a dent in the monthly budget of most people.

Although it might seem intimidating to paint your own nails at home, there are a few nail polish art designs that anyone can do without years of experience or training. Check out the few easy nail paint designs that will make the prospect of at-home nail art less daunting.

#1 Shimmering Tips

A good ol' French tip can be reworked into something shiny for your next manicure— something that doesn't require a bedazzler or a steady hand for drawing tiny details.

Give your bare nails a sparkly touch with a swipe of glitter on the tips.

#2 Pastel Mismatched

You may want to consider mismatched pastel nails if you want to celebrate your individuality while looking amazingly chic.

Having multiple pastel shade options is infinitely better than a good ol’ pastel nail look. Make sure that both hands have the same color combination for a polished yet simple nail art design.

#3 Golden Stripes

Add gold stripes to your fingertips to create a subtle statement. Base color and polish aren't necessary to achieve this look. It's all about a blank canvas with a touch of luxury.

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To create the gold look, apply a thin gold polish to the middle of your nails, top it off with a topcoat, and you're done.

#4 Polka Dots Party

Polka-dot nails are nothing new, but this nail art idea adds a new layer of fun to them.

Add different colored polka dots to each nail with your dotting tool or bobby pin—mixing and matching keeps it interesting. Easy-peasy.

#5 Orange Ombre

An ombre nail polish design is hard not to love. You can mix and match your favorite colors to create a subtle, chic look; or go bold and bright.  

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Choose orange ombre nails and add a striking touch to your poolside or beach activities this summer. The easiest way to get it is to apply with a piece of foam.

#6 Monochrome Manicure

The monochromatic manicure trend is taking over social media—and we're loving it. 

The key to creating this easy nail art design is to use many shades of the same color family to create a cohesive look. Creating a minimalistic and sophisticated manicure has never been easier.

Add neutral hues for a nude mood, or become the green queen by incorporating several shades of green.

#7 Bling Fingers—Nail Art with Gems

With their absolutely gorgeous sparkle, faux gems will add the perfect finishing touch to your manicure. You can maximize the sparkle and avoid dullness by applying gems over a nude or white base. 

Keep in mind that jeweled manicures typically don't last as long as other manicures, but it's well worth it on special occasions.

#8 Color Block Vibes

Graphic, multi-colored nail art is taking Instagram (and salons) by storm, so if you're struggling to pick a single tone for your manicure, you won't want to miss out.

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You can literally customize a color block design any way you like, match it with your outfit, mood, or season and you're good to go.

#9 Sweet Swirl Nail Art

Your Instagram feed has probably been flooded with abstract swirl nails lately, so it's time for you to hop on this trend too.

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Besides looking cool, one of the appeals of swirl nails is their ability to be versatile and adaptable. And by that, we mean: hard to mess up. Just remember to practice the design on paper first and invest in complementary colors of your choice.

#10 Negative Space Stunners

The black and white half-and-half manicure is a great option if you don't have the patience to paint all your nails.

If you want to achieve this negative space nail art design for beginners, use striping tape to trace clean lines on your base color, then add dots of contrast black or white polish for the final touch.

#11 Pastel French Manicure

French manicure has been the sure-fire way to enhance nails, and one of the easiest nail-grooming way. One more easy nail art design that crops right out of it is pastel French manicure.

All you need to do is paint the You can stick some star stickers on your fingers and paint the tip of your nails in pastel shades of your choice. You can choose to keep it monochrome or make it multi-color; it all depends on your mood for the day! :)

#12 Marble Nail Art

Here's where things can get messy, but they can also be incredibly fun. Any combination of toothpicks and nail polishes can be used to create this marbled design.

After painting your nail with the first color of your choice, quickly put a dot with the second color and start dragging the tip of the toothpick through both coats until they warp together. Ta da, your marble nail art is ready!

#13 Sprinkle of Glitter

You can achieve this sparkly yet understated look very easily.

Simply apply glitter with a sponge from any corner and blend it into nothing. Seal it with a clear coat and voila! Instant party nails.

#14 Goth but Sweet

As the name suggests, this easy nail art design is goth, but sweet.

All you have to do is apply black nail paint on all your nails but the ring and middle fingers, where you apply a light color, like a peach, a cream, or even a baby pink. Now once it dries, put 2 dots of black on it, and start spreading & joining them in the shape of a heart. Voila, see that!!!

#15 Red & Gold Nail Art

This easy nail art idea is a great alternative if you do not like putting too much effort but still wanna make your nails look salon-level artsy.

Simply put a bright red nail polish on all your fingers except for the middle & ring fingers. Now all you need to do is apply a shiny gold nail paint on your ring finger, and a pearl white on your middle finger. And you’re done!


Let this be your stepping stone for learning how to create beautiful nail art designs at home. Get inspired by these pretty manicures and become your own nail artist.

Do you have a favorite amongst the many designs we shared? Let us know in the comments section.