10 Quick & Simple Nail Art Designs for Spring Summer 2022

10 Quick & Simple Nail Art Designs for Spring Summer 2022

Spring is almost here and so is our spring mood, along with pretty yet simple nail paint designs for the spring-summer season! The winter winds are about to calm down and it’s about time for spring flowers, pleasant sunny days, and fresh bloom!

It’s time to bring some fresh bloom to our nails with some easy spring-summer nail art designs. I have curated 10 simple nail art designs that anyone can create and bring the spring on their nails. You can create your own versions of these easy step by step simple nail arts!

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#1 This Vivid Mix of All Your Favorite Spring Shades in your Nail Art Design

How to Create: Simply apply your favorite colors on all your nails, and French it up with contrasting colors of your choice!

#2 This Geometric Blend of Yellow, White, & Gray Nail Art Design


How to Create: Place two tapes leaving only the bottom triangle on your nail. Apply white nail polish on the exposed nail. Remove one tape and apply yellow nail polish on the exposed part. Remove the tape and apply grey nail paint on the rest of your nail. Done!

#3 This Simple yet Mesmerizing Baby Pink Summer Nail Art

How to Create: Apply the base coat nail polish. Add the baby pink nail paint on diagonal half of your nail. If you have an ultra-thin applicator or an old eyeliner brush, use it to apply the black lines on your ring finger. Ta da! :)

#4 This Very French Baby Pink & Baby Yellow Nail Art

How to Create: Apply the base coat nail polish. Put alternating stripes of baby yellow or off white nail color and baby pink nail color on your nails. Also alternate between horizontal and vertical stripes for extra fun! Of course, finish it up with a top coat.

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#5 This Sophisticated Black & Gold Nail Art

How to Create: Apply black nail color on all your nails. I like to go with this ebony black nail color for this design. Once it’s dried out, apply some shiny gold nail color on a sponge and dab it on the part you want to add the gradient effect to. Finish with top coat, and voila!

Pro tip: Cover the skin around your nails with tape while dabbing the gold nail color so the color doesn’t spill!

#6 This Easy Way to Paint Spring on Your Nails

How to Create: The process is same as #1, just add two colours on the top of your coral nail paint. I like to do this one with this dark peach nail paint that’s so spring-like, a yellow in the middle, and this lush green nail color on top! Finish with a top coat. It’s so simple and yet looks so artsy, right!

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#7 This Subtle Nail Art for the Minimalists

How to Create: Apply your favorite dark pink nail enamel. Use an old eyeliner brush to apply the thin horizontal bright yellow nail paint stripe. You can try other bright colors and have fun with the technique!

#8 This Sparkly Green Nail Art Design to Welcome the Spring Season

How to Create: Follow the technique in #5, replacing the shades with a tropical green nail polish base and a sparkly silver nail paint for the gradient.

#9 This Easy yet Pro-Level Valentine’s Nail Art to Steal Hearts

How to Create: Apply a brilliant valentine-y red on all your nails, except for white nail color on the ring finger and sparkly silver nail color on the middle one! Make a little heart with two dabs of red on your ring fingernail. Wow! I’m so gonna do this for valentine’s day!

#10 This Simple Way to Paint Watermelon Nail Art

How to Create: Apply bright pink and fresh green nail colors as shown. Place a tape cut in a C-shape on the ring fingernail. Apply green on the exposed part and remove the tape. Apply pink on the empty part and put a few black dots for the seeds. Finish with a top coat & your watermelon nail art is ready!

No matter what kind of nail paint lover you are, these easy nail art ideas can be anyone’s go-to. They’re perfect for the spring season and what’s better than having your favorite season on your nails!

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