23 Makeup Trends That Will be the Talk of 2023

23 Makeup Trends That Will be the Talk of 2023

2022 is almost gone and we are already super excited about the upcoming makeup trends of 2023! While a few latest makeup trends from 2022 are getting carried forward to 2023 like the bare skin makeup trend/no-makeup makeup look, and embellishment makeup trend that caught up during Euphoria, there are a few really exciting 2023 makeup trends that we’re all looking forward to like the 80s blush draping, the graphic eyeshadow trend, and the wet makeup look.

So here are 23 makeup trends of 2023 that will be the talk of 2023, so that you can catch up on these trends way before everyone else!

#1 Minimal Makeup Look—the Bare Skin Makeup Trend

#2 Graphic Eyeliner—with Kajal or Eyeliner, or Even Eyeshadow!

#3 Graphic Eyeshadow—SO Hot!

#4 Edgy Glam Makeup—Bold, Rebellious, Futuristic Makeup

#5 Glow from within Look—Hydrating Formulas, Serum, and Highlighter All Over

Another easy way to do this is to mix highlighter or strobe cream with your foundation.

#6 Blush Draping—Super Blush from the 80s

#7 Wet Look Makeup—with Just-Out-of-the-Shower Hair & Dewy Skin

#8 Bejeweled Look—Gem & Rhinestone Embellishments

#9 Yes, Neons are Back, and How!

#10 Pastels Are Gonna be SO In & We Love It!

#11 Disco Brows—Those Shiny Glitter Brows

#12 Glazed Brownie Lips—Brown Lip Liner with Lip Balm

#13 Invisible Eyeliner—with Bushy Brows

#14 Milky Nails Trend—Between Opaque & Sheer White Hue, with a Creamy, Translucent Finish

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#15 Soft Smokey Eyes, and Not Just Black—with Angular Wing for Extra Sass!

#16 The 90s Redux—Browns, Bronzes, Taupes with Satin Skin, Effortless Brown Lips, & Natural Brows

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#17 Brushed-up Brows—a Much-Wanted Carry Forward from 2022 Makeup Trends

#18 Bronzed Lips—Shiny & Metallic

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#19 All-in-One Skin Tints—Multi-Use Stains for Lips, Cheeks, & Eyes

#20 Super Dew—Radiant, Dewy Skin with Plenty of Highlighter to Channel the Inner Glow

#21 Gunmetal Liner & Eyeshadow—Metallic, Shiny, Statement Eyes

#22 Edgy Metallic Foil Lips

#23 And of Course, Bold Statement Lips Aren't Going Anywhere!

So now you’re all caught up on the makeup trends 2023 is gonna be all about. We especially love Trends #6, #13, and #21, and love how the 90s makeup trends are gonna come back but in a new more subtle avatar. Tell us in the comments which 2023 makeup trends are your favorites already. XOXO, darlings.