6 Amazing Tips to Apply Compact Powder Perfectly

6 Amazing Tips to Apply Compact Powder Perfectly

Compact powder gives your makeup a beautiful finish and helps it remain longer. Hence, if you want your makeup to look flawless, you must master the application of compact powder.

When done correctly, your compact will have a silky smooth texture. However, if you use too much compact powder, your face may appear cakey. In a nutshell, this crucial makeup item may create or break your appearance.

To help you with applying your compact, we provide some tips and tricks as well as a step-by-step tutorial. But first, let's have a look at the various applications of makeup compact powder!

Different Uses of Compact Powder

Even Skin Tone 

Powder compacts are perfect for evening out the tone of your skin. They create a smooth, luminous appearance on your skin by providing light coverage.

Combining the right face compact powder with concealer (for a heavy-duty coverage) will make a dramatic difference in the appearance of your skin.

Matte Lips

Powder compacts help turn glossy lips matte by toning them down. 

You can easily achieve the perfect pout by applying creamy lipstick to your lips and lightly dusting it with the compact powder—voila! matte lips in no time. 

Eyeshadow Base

Fan of heavy eyeshadow? If so, just set your base with a compact powder.

Oftentimes, oily lids make it impossible to apply the perfect eyeshadow. But you can easily solve this problem by applying some compact powder to your lids. This will also ensure that your makeup stays in place throughout the day.

Fuller Lashes

Having longer lashes can easily transform any makeup look into something elegant and chic. However, loading your eyelashes with heavy falsies might not be comfortable for everyone. For those of you who want to skip this makeup step, you can simply follow this simple hack.

With an eye shadow brush, pick up some compact and apply it to your eyelashes. Apply two coats of mascara on top. It instantly gives your eyes a dramatic look.

Makeup Correction

Makeup can be tricky for those of us who don't have a steady hand. However, you shouldn't let that discourage you from trying new looks. You can always correct your mistakes with the best compact powder.

Even in the event that your foundation doesn't match your skin tone perfectly, you can correct it with some powder.

How to Use Compact Powder Perfectly

#1 Cleansing and Moisturizing

Having a clean and even base ensures that your makeup will sit smoothly, allowing you to achieve a flawless look.

So, to start with, cleanse your face with a mild face wash as part of your normal skincare routine. Afterwards, apply a high-quality moisturizer to prepare your skin. A moisturizer will make your skin smoother and help create a barrier between your skin and other makeup products.

#2 Apply Primer to Close Your Pores

Don't underestimate the importance of a primer. When you apply primer to your face, it closes all your pores, which makes your face smooth and allows the powder to stay put. It also helps prevent the powder from being absorbed by the skin and fading.

Hence, it is essential that you use a primer before applying powder or base makeup to your face so that it doesn't slide off.

#3 Dab Foundation

In case you wish to achieve full coverage, you should start with a foundation once your skin has been prepared. Powder compacts only provide medium to sheer coverage. So if you want to hide all your blemishes and spots completely, apply concealer evenly before applying powder.

It is important to note that if you don't want full coverage or don't want to use a foundation, then you can skip this step.

#4 Use Compact Powder with Sponge

Regardless of whether you apply the setting powder over a foundation or after primer, the technique will remain the same. Depending on your preference, you can apply the compact with a powder brush, a sponge, or a beauty blender.

Using a powder brush is the right choice if you want to go for sheer coverage. However, if you are going for medium coverage, you should use a sponge or blender to cover up your face.

#5 Spread All over Face

When you apply the compact powder, make sure you also dab it onto your neck and other visible areas of your body. If you don't, your face might end up looking like a different skin tone altogether. And we don’t want that to happen, do we?

#6 Final Look

Complete your look with lipstick and eye makeup that complements your skin tone. Make sure to pick appropriate products for your skin type to achieve the best result. 

Quick Tips

Keep these points in mind while applying your compact powder.

  • Make sure you instantly seal your concealer with a powder after applying it under your eyes, or it will begin to crease. 
  • If you have dry skin, apply your compact powder for dry skin only on the T-zone and under your eyes. Avoid using it on areas of your face that are already dry, as it may look cakey and patchy.
  • For those who prefer wearing a full face of makeup, reapplication of compact powder throughout the day is essential.  
  • The shade of your compact powder should always be as close to your skin tone as possible. If you go for a lighter color powder, your skin might end up looking grayish. 
  • You might be tempted to cover your whole face with powder to get a brighter look, but make sure you don’t overdo it. Else, you will end up looking like the snow-white—and not in a pretty way!

So, to conclude…

Knowing how to use the powder correctly can be a game-changer for any makeup lover!

Not only does our step-by-step lesson show you how to use a compact powder, but it also goes over the measures you should take to ensure a flawless application.

Have any more questions related to compact powder? Feel free to let us know in the comment section below!