6 Different Ways to Style Your Sindoor Like a Diva

6 Different Ways to Style Your Sindoor Like a Diva

In addition to their newlywed radiance, the majority of Indian brides share one more thing in commontheir sindoor. You'll often see Indian brides sporting a red tint on their foreheads, especially as a part of their traditional wedding makeup looks.

Sindoor, a mark of a wedded woman, adds an element of culture and tradition to any attire. Despite its relatively small size, sindoor style plays an important role in your ensemble 

The modern sindoor makeup looks that are popular nowadays are perfect for enhancing your ethnic Indian wardrobe, as well as your western looks! So, whether you are a newlywed bride or you like to wear your kumkum every day, here are a few ways you can style your sindoor.

Latest Sindoor Style Makeup Looks for You to Try

The Traditional New Bride

This sindoor style is the perfect way to look traditional without going over the top. A middle parting shows off the intense pigment that flows from the crown down to the ends. Combined with a saree or a lehenga, the sindoor looks great when paired with center-parted hair tied into a low bun or ponytail. Sindoor style is also matters with a different hairstyle.

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A black smokey eye and a red lip match the sindoor beautifully in this traditional makeup look.

The Royal Bengali Streak

The red wedding attire of Bengali brides is often paired with an array of accessories. Most striking, however, is their way of wearing sindoorwhich fills their entire hair partition in a smudged pattern.

With the addition of heavy eye makeup and plenty of gold jewelry, this is an eye-catching look that makes for a royal experience. If you want to make your wedding look truly Bengali, pair this simple traditional makeup look with some kumkum and chandan art. 

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The Minimal Mark

You can achieve this look by adding a thin, small line about an inch under your hairline that extends halfway into your parting. While minimal, it still looks fresh and very bridal.

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Add a face full of makeup to this look to give it a traditional vibe, or style it with jeans and tees to show off your natural beauty. You can also try different sindoor styles with different outfits.

The Barely There Sindoor

There's no need to cover the length of your hair parting in sindoor every time; a simple dot directly below the parting is sufficient to make a statement.

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An eye-catching brow, long lashes, and a hint of blush on the cheeks will complete this look.

The Modern Bride

If you are a newlywed bride who wishes to show off her traditional side while sticking to a more modern and contemporary attire, this bindi and sindoor makeup is the perfect look for you!

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Make your sindoor bindi look even more gorgeous by pairing it with a fresh makeup lookfeaturing metallic eyeshadow and fire red lips. Choose deeper red hues in liquid or crayon sindoor sticks to pair with this modern sindoor style.

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The Faded End

Want a balance between an over-the-top look and minimal style? Make a strong start with sindoor at your hairline and then fade it into your hair.

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You can wear this modern sindoor style with jeans and sarees alike, as long as you use the right makeup.

Tips to Wear Your Sindoor the Right Way

#1 Apply It Correctly

You must ensure that your hands are steady before applying the sindoor. If the sindoor trickles down your forehead, it looks messy.

You can use a sindoor stick if you're unsure how to apply the sindoor with your fingers.

#2 Choose the Right Hairstyle

Drawing a line of sindoor through the middle parting of your hair creates a beautiful and classic style. Alternatively, a side-parted hairstyle with a hint of vermillion in the center looks modern and chic.

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Regardless of the hairstyle you choose, make sure it complements your sindoor and does not outshine it.

#3 Play With Shades of Sindoor

Sindoor primarily comes in three different shades. The latest sindoor style is a deep maroon sindoor that looks great on those with a dusky complexion. The second color is a vivid blood red sindoor that looks great on fair or light-skinned people.

The third color is an orange that is not widely used, but worn with the right makeup and hairstyle, your look will stand out. You have so many options to choose from, ladies!

#4 Use Your Lipstick

For those who want more colors, you can always use different shades of lipstick on your head to match your sindoor with your outfit.

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The trick looks great with darker browns and purples.

#5 Pair the Right Bindi

There are many people who match their sindoors with elaborate, stone-studded bindis, but to us, these can look overly gaudy.

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Wear a simple, solid-colored, round bindi; it looks simple, but oh-so gorgeous. 

#6 Experiment with Textures

As with lipsticks and nail paints, sindoors come in different textures as well. You can choose between powder sindoor, liquid sindoor, and matte sindoor. Try them all to create a variety of looks.

#7 Make It the Center of Attention

You shouldn't apply sindoor on your forehead merely because it's a popular practice. Instead, your sindoor should frame your entire look.

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For instance, you can use deep coloured sindoor if you plan to go for a smokey eye look and nude lips. Or if you have red sindoor, you can wear a red lipstick with it and look fabulous.

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#8 Remove It Well

If you have been wearing the sindoor for a long time on your scalp, it may be a bit difficult to remove it. After you clean it with a dry cloth, rub it with damp cotton to remove the remaining residue. In case that doesn't work, you can always shampoo that area of your hair. The quest for beauty doesn't come without a price, after all.

To Conclude

Although sindoor is a simple red tint applied to the forehead of married women, its ability to elevate an appearance is undeniable. Many women, however, have difficulty getting the application right from the very beginning.

To help you, we've created this guide that will show you how to apply kumkum the right way. Give it a read, and share any questions you might have in the comment section below.