6 Viral Eye Makeup Hacks to Sort You for Any Occasion

6 Viral Eye Makeup Hacks to Sort You for Any Occasion

From smokey eyes to simple cat eyeliner, everything becomes a struggle when you’re running out of time, or are not equipped with eye makeup looks as a skillset. But you know what? There’s nothing (including that perfect winged eyeliner, yes!) that you cannot achieve when I have your back, darlings!

So, I’ve brought you 6 infallible eye makeup hacks that will sort all your eye makeup looks like magic. Read ahead so you’re never again struggling with that cat eyeliner or smokey eye makeup.

#1 This Magic that Can LITERALLY Change Your Eye Shape!

 I totally trust this multi-tasking eyeshadow palette for all my eye makeup looks.

#2 This Smokey Eye-dea for Eye Makeup Beginners


Use my favorite super-dark kajal to achieve this look.

#3 This Step-by-step Cat Eye Tutorial I Swear by Lately



I'm never going back to that old regular winged eyeliner now!

#4 This Viral Mascara Hack that Has Changed My Life!



Did you just look at the difference this little thing can make? Wow!

#5 This 5-Minute Eyeshadow Hack that I Wish I Knew Before!



Why did I not know this one earlier! It literally takes less than 5 minutes.

#6 This Awesome Winged Eyeliner Hack that’s Made My Life So Much Easier



Oh, come on! How can winged eyeliner be so easy? My struggle is finally over!

I’m sure this has completely changed the way you deal with your eye makeup looks, especially the tough ones. Trust me, perfecting a winged eyeliner is now child’s play with these eye makeup hacks!

Now go, try these and let me know how they worked for you, and which eye makeup hack is your favorite. Ciao, darlings. XOXO!