7 Eyeshadow Hacks You HAVE TO Try!

7 Eyeshadow Hacks You HAVE TO Try!

Makeup lovers only know two things—love for makeup & makeup hacks!

We know you love eyeshadows but it’s not easy to get those perfect eyeshadow makeup looks. That’s why we have brought 7 eyeshadow hacks and no, they’re not just for your eyes! Did you know you can even use your eyeshadow as blush and highlighter makeup?!

Scroll ahead for more such eyeshadow hacks that will help you enhance your makeup look while helping you stay in line with trending makeup looks.

Hack #1: Trending Vertical Eyeshadow Hack

Hack #2: Matte Eyeshadow as Blush & Silver Eyeshadow as Highlighter

Hack #4: Eyeshadow as Liquid Eyeliner

                    Step 1                                      Step 2

                                Step 3                                      Step 4

Hack #5: Colored Smokey Eyeshadow Wing

Hack #6 Eyeshadow for Brow-Shaping

Hack #7: Winged Eyeliner with Eyeshadow & Tape



So, which ones of these eyeshadow hacks are you most excited to try out this weekend? Let us know your favorite makeup hacks and share your favorite eyeshadow tips with pictures in the comments below. Have a great Friyay night & weekend. XOXO, darlings!