8 Ways to Wear Colored Graphic Eyeliner Like a Goddess

8 Ways to Wear Colored Graphic Eyeliner Like a Goddess

Once upon a time, the only fun way to use eyeliner was to wing it—graphic eyeliner was something you'd be laughed at for. But things have changed, and so has our perception of eye makeup. A few years ago, the old-fashioned black liner transformed into a bold and dramatic graphic eyeliner that definitely turned heads.

Adding colored eyeliner to any eye look brings out your personality, whether you go for a smokey eye or a more natural look. If you're looking to play with color without using eye shadow, lining your eyes in a vibrant hue may be your new favorite look.

Are you ready to show off your creativity with a more colorful look? If yes, then you've come to the right place. Check out these stylish ways to ditch brown and black eyeliner in favor of colored eyeliner looks.

Colorful Eyeliner Ideas to Try

#1 Classic Upper Lash Line

You can wear this look any time of day and anywhere, with any color imaginable! 

A simple blue eyeliner makeup will do the trick if you're attending a function. If you're going to an evening party, wear gold eyeliner with brown eyeshadow. A subtle color such as gray or pink eyeliner is a great choice for a day or office look.

#2 Kohl Alternative

Applying colorful graphic liner on the lower lash line and smudging it is another handy graphic eyeliner tip.

You will add instant drama to your look without going overboard.

#3 Multi-line Eyeliner

Creating dramatic graphic eyeliner looks for eyes doesn't have to be difficult. If you want to use the multi-line approach, simply stack colored liners one upon anotherstarting just above your upper lash line.

Here, you can play with the same color family (like pink and mauve) or try a pair of different colors (for instance red and silver).

#4 Corner Graphic Eyeliner

You can create a dramatic graphic liner look by leaving the middle portion of your lash lines blank or maybe just put a black eyeliner in the middle. 

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Apply color only to the inner corners and outer corners of your eyes and see what amazing wonders it works for your eye makeup.

#5 Floating Eyeliner

One of the simplest colored liner stylesfloating lineris named so because it is nowhere near the actual lash line. Simply speaking, floating graphic liners are lines placed anywhere above the upper lash line.

If you are willing to experiment with some shapes, drawing zig zag patterns on your eyelids can be a playful and fun choice. 

#6 Colored Fillings

You can try out this dramatic eyeliner look if you are experienced with liquid eyeliners.

Start by drawing the outline of your winged eyeliner with black and then filling it in with a color of your choice. You can even play around by drawing a graphic color kajal wing and filling it in with a contrasting color!

To prevent a color mess, let your black eyeliner dry before filling in. Adding glitter eyeliner as filler will allow you to play with the look even more.

#7 Dual Color Wings

The in-your-face liner look is not for everyone. If this sounds familiar to you, try the double-wing style (also known as the "fishtail liner").

It’s as simple as it soundscreate two wings at the corner of your eyes using different colored liners. If you do not want to risk it that much, just make a wing with one color on the upper lid, and line up the lower lid with a second color, awesome summer vibes!

#8 Half and Half Color Eyeliner

Apply one color of eyeliner to one half of the lash line and another color to the other. Wanna keep it subtle, make half a line of a dark color eyeliner shade, and complete the wing with black. Classy as it can get!

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A good color pairing is one that uses light and dark shades of the same color. For instance, you can combine light green and forest green, or pink and mauve.

Tips for a Flawless Colored Eyeliner Looks

Here are professional makeup artists' tips on how to incorporate colorful eyeliner into your daily routine without feeling overwhelmed. Read on.

Prime the Eyes

Whenever you apply makeup, priming your eyes should be your first step.

Applying a base to the eyelid will help those colors to stand out more. Furthermore, it will help prevent any creasing or smudging that may occur as you wear your liner all day long.

Make Your Eyes Pop With the Right Eyeliner Color

Makeup pros recommend using the right colored eyeliner to compliment your eyes. The key is to create contrast.

Brown eyes typically look good with any color. Choose gold, orange, and plum colors for blue eyes. Purple, pink, and blue colors look good on green eyes, while green and gold colors look good on hazel eyes. 

Stick To Your Go-to Eyeliner Application

You don't have to do anything special or creative just because you're using a colorful liner. It's best to start small when you add pops of color to your eyes and use your eyeliner as normal.

Rather than using a darker eyeliner, use a colored liner for traditional shapes like a classic cat eye, or apply it along the waterline or tightline.

Make the Eyeliner the Focal Point

Your colorful liner should be the highlight of your look, and the rest of your makeup should be simple.

It will also help balance your look, so if you aren't rocking an all-over bright appearance, it won't seem overwhelming.

Go for a Liquid Formula

Pencil liners are generally easier to use because they are generally easier to control. However, they can often look choppy, uneven, and disconnected, especially when using light or brighter colors. With liquid liners, you can create a smoother line no matter what color you use.


A colored liner isn't just a fun way to play around with makeupit has quickly become a way to change up the look you wear every day.

Wear this versatile look on just the top of your lashes, or add it to the lower lash line as well. If you prefer, you can wear a shimmery shadow instead of a liner, or mix and match colors for a dramatic lookthe possibilities are endless!

Which one from the above looks is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below!