9 Stunning Daytime Makeup Looks to Slay, Even During the Day!

9 Stunning Daytime Makeup Looks to Slay, Even During the Day!

The secret to daytime makeup looks? A little goes a long way!

If your daytime celebration makeup is applied with a heavy handor features defined lines and bold colorsyou may end up looking garish and overdone in the daylight. Get rid of your dance club makeup looks for the day and embrace soft lines, subdued colors, and a fresh look instead.

However, toning things down does not mean you’ve to show up bare-faced. It is possible to create daytime makeup looks that would be appropriate for the runway, an afternoon wedding, or a casual photo shoot. Here we've put together a list of great makeup looks you can wear to any daytime event and become the talk of the town.

#1 Winged Liner and Candy Lips—More than a Basic Babe

It doesn't take very long to master this look if you have some basic makeup skills under your belt. This daytime look combines a cat-eye with a candy-colored lip stain applied to the center of the lips.

One of the most important daytime makeup tips here is to make the cat-eye look softer by using black eyeshadow or gel liner instead of liquid liner. 

#2 Soft Smokey Eye—Go Classic & Modern Simultaneously

Those who enjoy the classic smoky eye will want to recreate this day makeup style look ASAP. To create this look on your own, use softer-toned eyeshadows such as taupes and light browns and give your eyes a sultry, sexy vibe. Wanna throw in a pop of color? Do it on the lower lid!

You can line your eyes with a long-wearing eye pencil in a smokey shade like silvery gray, taupe, or brown and blend the top edge with a pencil brush to create a smokey effect. It is important to work quickly with long-lasting pencils because they tend to dry down quickly. 

Top off the look with some subtle contour on your cheekbones and nude lipstick.

#3 A Kiss of Pink—Embrace Minimalism 

There's no need to go full glam just because you're going to a celebration. You might enjoy this pretty pink makeup look if minimalist makeup is more your style.

Using a subtle pink pigment on the eyes, blend thoroughly to get a soft rosy color. Give your cheeks a natural flush with the same palette (or blush in a similar hue) to get a monochrome look. Once that's done, all you need to do is add a few coats of mascara, a bit of clear lip gloss, and a bit of brow gel to complete your look.

#4 Soft Glam—Skip the Hard Lines

Makeup that looks soft and ethereal is the perfect prelude for a daytime event. As opposed to loading your face with a lot of products, this look emphasizes the features of your face.

Use a tinted moisturizer in place of a heavy base for that glow-from-within look. Apply your illuminator with a light hand to give your cheekbones some popyou don't want them to look like they're covered in glitter. Last but not least, brush up your eyebrows and apply some subtle lip color to complete the look.

Pro Tip: Using your fingers to apply cream products, like cream blush, bronzer, and highlighter, will help the products melt seamlessly into your skin.

#5 Pretty Monochrome—the Look That Says It All

Feeling lazy about styling your hair? Try open hair, especially with teeka for ethnic parties, or a fuss-free yet polished low bun based on this day celebration makeup look. This won't only save you time, but it will also make the makeup stand out.

Makeup-wise, you only need a black liner, peachy blush that doubles as eye shadow, and a pigmented lip gloss that ties everything together.

#6 Glossy Lids—Glisten Just Right

The beauty of glossy eye makeup is that it draws all the attention to your eyes. Radiance and glow are the keys to this daytime celebration look, and bringing more light to the eye area is the goal. 

Start by applying a nude eye shadow along the lid and through the crease. Put some golden glitter or powder highlighter on top of this to make the lid look glossy. You can finish off your look with glittery lipstick on your lips. The gloss on the cheekbones is also a big hit.

#7 Glowing Skin—for the Elegant Queen

A glowing complexion is one of the most popular makeup trends of all time. In this look, it is important to focus on skin prep before applying makeup in order to amp up the dew. You should use a gentle exfoliant to smoothen any dry patches and a good moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated.

Put on a dewy foundation and then highlight the high points of your face with a highlighter. Add a pop of your favorite lipstick to the pout to complete the look.

#8 Colored Cat Eyes—Take It up a Notch

Make your daytime party look stand out by replacing your black eyeliner with another color and creating cat eyes! In this look, you want to keep the rest of your makeup as light as possible, since your eyes are the center of attention here. Or now that you have begun, why not try a floating colored eyeliner?

Embrace blushed cheeks and soap brows for a brighter appearance. Swap out your bright lipsticks for a neutral tone and let the look work its magic.

#9 Red Lips & Wispy Eyelashes—Old Is Gold

"There is a shade of red for every woman," Audrey Hepburn once remarked, so of course, you can find the perfect red lipstick for you.

If you have fair skin, choose a red lip with cool-toned hues like blue and purple so you can accentuate your natural pink undertones. The best lip color for medium skin tones is red with a hint of orange. If you have a dark skin tone, we suggest bright, cherry red lips. 

Because the focus of this look is on the lips, we recommend keeping your eye makeup minimal. Apply nude shadow to the eyes, fill in your lashes with mascara, and/or draw a winged liner.

The Bottom Line

Even though your makeup needs to be subtle for daytime celebrations, you still don't need to miss out on all the fun. Take a look at these looks whenever you have a mid-day party to attend.

Was there any look that caught and held your attention? Feel free to share in the comment section below!