The Only Basic Makeup Products You Need for a Flawless Base

The Only Basic Makeup Products You Need for a Flawless Base

If you’re a makeup newbie looking for step by step makeup, you’re in the right place. So, you can stop searching for things like best foundation for dry skin, etc. Because we are about to tell you the only base makeup products you need for a flawless base all day, that also don’t ruin your hard-earned good skin with so much skincare day and night.

This is essentially your basic makeup step by step, but with interesting details on which basic makeup products you should use. Most of these products are suitable for a perfect base for dry skin, oily skin, and combination skin. But of course, do a patch test if you have sensitive skin or any kind of skin issues.

#1 A Good Serum & an All-Day Hydrating Moisturizer

Wondering when to apply sunscreen during makeup? We’ll tell you–after your moisturizer. Use one that suits your skin and isn’t oily. Also, make sure it doesn’t give you a white cast.

#2 A Pore-Minimizing Primer to Create a Perfect Canvas for Your Makeup

So, always remember these 3 steps: Moisturizer > Sunscreen > Primer. And pick a primer that’s blurring & makes you glow.

#3 A Hydrating, Long-Lasting Tinted Moisturizer

Come to this step only once the moisturizer and sunscreen have sunk into your skin. If you’re not going to use a foundation & concealer, you can skip the next 2 steps & jump to #6.

#4 You Can Replace the Tinted Moisturizer with a Medium Coverage Foundation

Remember, this product will look better over a good primer. Find a non-drying but oil-free foundation that has SPF because we’re often not able to re-apply sunscreen during the day post-makeup.

#5 A Lightweight Concealer to Cover Spots, Blemishes, and Dark Circles

Make sure the concealer you use isn’t too light, isn’t prone to creasing over time, and stands the test of time, especially during summer & monsoon.

#6 A Translucent Powder or Banana Powder to Set Your Makeup

Make sure you don’t apply too much powder, it may not only crease up your makeup but also give you photo flashbacks. After loose powder is the point where you apply your bronzer & blush.

#7 Lastly, a Long-Lasting & Comfortable Makeup Fixer to Fix It All

You will find a lot of makeup fixers or setting sprays with alcohol, which is known to help makeup stay for longer. But there are a few good-for-skin, alcohol-free makeup fixers available in the market; those are what you should aim at.

How did you like this so-not-typical step-by-step makeup for beginners? As we said, you do not need a whole army of products to get that celebrity-like glowing base. Just find the best basic makeup products and use them correctly, as we’ve shown you above, and you’ll always have a flawless base that will never look under or overdone.

Share this basic makeup step-by-step with your makeup newbie friends & help them get the perfect base makeup too when they see you next time & (obvs) ask you. XOXO, darlings! 🙂