Clumpy Lashes? Here’s How to Fix Them!

Clumpy Lashes? Here’s How to Fix Them!

There's nothing more frustrating than creating an eyeshadow look with an expert blend, only to see it ruined by clumpy mascara. 

The worst part? It's hard to fix clumpy lashes without ruining your make-up—and for those who are pressed for time, this is something they must put up with before they head out the door. But if you have been plagued by clumpy, spidery lashes, we are here to tell you that you are not alone. 

In this blog, we discuss what causes mascara to clump as well as how to avoid it. These tips will ensure that your eyelashes complement your appearance rather than detract from it.

What Can You Do to Avoid Mascara Clumping?

Your mascara can get clumpy for a variety of factors. Ahead, check out the reasons and our tips and tricks to prevent clumpy, dried-out mascara altogether.

Stop Using Too Much Product

A couple of coats of mascara are good, but after that, things can get a bit thick. You are more likely to get clumps if you pile on the mascara on your lashes.

Once you notice clumps when applying, you have probably reached your limit, and it’s your cue to take a step back. 

Be on the Lookout for the Expiry Date

How long has it been since you changed your mascara? Probably too long if you are unable to remember. 

The dried-out formula of expired mascara contains bacteria, so not only are you using old, dried mascara on your lashes—resulting in clumping—but you put your eyes at risk for a bacterial infection, which can lead to severe discomfort.

With a permanent marker, write the date on the side of the mascara tube whenever you buy a new tube. After six months, switch to a new mascara.

Remove Any Extra Product That May Have Piled up on the Wand

In most mascaras, you'll find a little grip insert that ensures the right amount of product comes out of the wand. Sometimes, however, too much product will build upon the wand regardless of the insert.

A lot of mascara on the wand just means that you will be applying too much product all at once, which always results in clumps. Make sure you clean the mascara wand with a tissue before applying it to avoid this mishap.

Apply the Mascara Right

Applying mascara to your top lashes is pretty straightforward, but applying it to your lower lashes is a bit trickier. When you have very short lashes, brushing them out is difficult. 

When applying mascara, use a delicate zig-zag motion side-to-side in order to get as close as you can to your lash line.

Here’s a simple yet effective way to volumize your lashes:



Twirl the Wand

If you keep pumping your mascara wand in and out of the tube in order to collect more product, you are sure to get some crazy-looking clumpy lashes. The pumping action forces more air into the tube, causing the mascara to dry out, resulting in it clumping on your lashes. 

The best way to pick up the product is to gently twirl the wand inside the tube, pull it out in one motion, clean any excess product from the tube mouth, and then apply the mascara.

Wash off Any Residual Mascara from the Day Before

Although you may think you did a wonderful job removing your makeup, one glance at your lashes will tell the whole story. If you don't thoroughly remove the mascara or if you don't use the waterproof eye makeup remover when you should, any dried mascara left on your lashes overnight will create clumps when you apply it in the morning.

Having a super-clean base is the key to achieving a clump-free finish. Before applying any eye makeup, simply soak a cotton pad in a makeup remover and gently wipe it over your eyes to remove any traces of mascara. This way, there won't be leftover residue for clumping when you apply another coat.

Use the Right Mascara Formula

The look of long, thick, curled lashes is something we all aspire to, but we can't all achieve that with the same product. Just as you have to find the perfect facial cleanser and moisturizer to suit your skin concerns, so too must you choose the right mascara. 

If your lashes are already long, try a volumizing mascara. You may want to select a lengthening formula, if you have short lashes.

If you find the perfect mascara, you won't have to worry about clumps and will be able to enhance your lashes. Finding the best fit takes some trial and error, so try out different formulas. 

Avoid Using a Big Fluffy Brush

Because big, fluffy brushes are designed to add volume to the eyelashes, these brushes will pick up more product than necessary. Thus, using a mascara brush with soft, large bristles isn't a good choice. You can easily ruin your entire look by applying more product to your lashes, resulting in clumps. 

Replace your wand with a streamlined mascara wand with synthetic bristles instead.

Last-Minute Solution

In case you continue to have clumpy lashes despite following all the tips, it may be time to change your strategy. First of all, avoid touching your clumpy lashes. It is much more likely that you will push the lashes together if you try to wipe the mascara away with your fingers.

To remove any clumps from your eyelashes, comb a clean toothbrush through them from bottom to top. Brushing your lashes lightly will remove excess mascara without irritating your eyes.

So, to Conclude…

People who have ever applied mascara can probably attest to how annoying unintentionally clumpy mascara is.

To eliminate this nuisance completely from your life, we've created a list of ways that eliminates clumping altogether!

So try these tips and tricks at home, and enjoy smooth lashes in a heartbeat. Don’t forget to share the results with us in the comments section below!