How to Make Dry Lip Care Simple and Fun in Summer Heat

How to Make Dry Lip Care Simple and Fun in Summer Heat

Unfortunately, chapped lips aren't only an issue during the winter — they occur during the summer as well. Cold weather may be the culprit that causes dry lips in winter months, but it's the sun that causes damage to healthy lips in summer.

Nothing is more irritating than spending a blissful day at the beach or by the pool only to end up with painful, cracked, and flaky lips. Those who have experienced sunburnt lips can attest—it is not a pleasant experience.

We usually don't think about lip care in our skin routine as much as we should, but because lips tend to bear the brunt of seasonal changes, they need a little extra tender loving care. Here are some beauty tips for lips to help you keep your pout hydrated and protected during the summer months.

#1 Exfoliate Away the Dead Cells

Lips can gather dead skin cells and residue just as much as other parts of your body. The result is a dry, uneven pout.

In addition to removing dead skin cells that accumulate on your lips, scrubbing them helps keep them healthy. By exfoliating your lips, you can also improve your blood circulation, which keeps your pout looking and feeling fresh.

You cannot, however, apply the same exfoliator that you use on your face to your lips. Your lips need something that is effective, yet gentle and moisturizing. You can easily do this by making your own lip scrub with natural ingredients to exfoliate and nourish your lips—like a homemade lip scrub made out of brown sugar, honey and olive oil.

How to Create DIY Lip Scrub


  • Olive Oil
  • Honey
  • Brown sugar
  • Lukewarm water


To make your DIY lip balm, mix some coconut oil and honey into a bowl. Combine brown sugar and warm water into this mixture. Finish by massaging your lips in a circular motion for two to three minutes with the scrub. Rinse with lukewarm water.

For best results, use this scrub twice or thrice a week.

#2 Moisturize for a Softer Pout

The winter season is often associated with chapped lips, but you can develop them in the summer as well. When lips are exposed to excess heat, UV rays, and moisture-depleting air conditioners, they tend to feel a little less supple.

Keep dry, cracked lips at bay by moisturizing with hydrating lip balms regularly. Any time you feel your lips are dry is a good time to apply lip balm. Ensure that you reapply as needed during the day.

#3 Use SPF for Sun Protection

Just like you need to protect your skin from the sun's harmful effects, you also need to protect your lips. Lips are more prone to burning since they don't produce a protective suntan like other parts of the body. With long-term exposure to the sun, you may develop discoloration, fine lines, and more symptoms which aren’t good for lips.

We love the Faces Canada Vitamin C Lip Balm because it contains SPF 15, which ensures protection for your put from harmful rays of the sun. Additionally, it is enriched with soothing and nourishing shea butter that makes lips instantly softer and smoother.

#4 Do Not Lick or Pick Your Lips 

If there is one habit you need to avoid this summer to prevent chapped lips, it is picking at and licking your lips.

Lip licking may temporarily relieve the symptoms of dry lips (and be a great lip flirting tool), but when the saliva evaporates, it actually dries out the lips. Not a sexy picture!

When you pick at your lips to remove dead skin, you risk causing irritation and damage, so opt for using a proper lip scrub instead.

#5 Opt For Hydrating Lippies

A bright pop of color on the lips is a great way to boost your summer beauty look. But this makeup item has its flaws, too. Aside from melting, feathering, disappearing in the heat, or imprinting on your clothes, too many lipsticks leave your lips chapped due to their drying properties.

Choose hydrating lipsticks that won't dry out your lips and are formulated with moisturizing oils to prevent chapping and dryness. This will keep your smile looking beautiful (and your lips looking flirty).

#6 Hydrate Your Body—and Thus, Your Lips

You should take good care of your skin and body from within in order for those changes to show on the outside. Drinking water keeps you healthy, and it shows on your lips. 

Make it your summer goal to drink eight to ten glasses of water daily. This is one of the most effective lip care tips at home, yet it is often overlooked. Furthermore, who wants to spend a lot of money on expensive dry lip care treatments when water alone can do it all?

#7 Clean Your Lips Before You Sleep

Even though this is a no-brainer, we want to emphasize how important it is to clean your lips at the end of each day. You should cleanse your lips before bedtime to get rid of makeup, dirt and grime that have accumulated there all day. 

Additionally, sleeping with your makeup on can cause your lips to become dryer and darker. It is therefore important to remove your lipstick before going to sleep. We suggest using a makeup remover for this.

#8 Massage for a Healthier Pout

Giving your lips a good massage in the summer is one of the best lip tips for a healthy pout. It promotes blood circulation, allowing you to achieve that natural rosy glow. You can use a natural, chemical-free, tint-free lip balm to do this.

Don't overdo it, though. You should only do this for two to three minutes immediately after you clean your lips each night.

The Bottom Line

It's about time we gave lip care for women the attention it deserves! Making sure your lips get that extra care should be an essential part of your summer routine. The following tips will help you achieve a soft, pretty, and plump pout with a regular lip care routine. A pretty smile starts with a pretty lip!

Have any more “how to take care of lips” questions in your mind? Ask away in the comments section below!