10 Easy Skincare Habits for Long-Term, Naturally Glowing Skin

10 Easy Skincare Habits for Long-Term, Naturally Glowing Skin

Glowing skin is something nobody can say they don’t want, or aren’t working toward. But can you say that you’ve been working on it the right way? Truly healthy skin is when even a simple skincare routine is so effective that the skin stays healthy and glowing not just for a few days or weeks, but in the long run.

So, we have compiled 10 healthy skin habits that are so easy to follow that anyone, even the lazy ones can follow them to get long-term nourished, naturally glowing skin from within.

#1 Never Sleep with Your Makeup on

I know it sounds easy but sometimes after a long day or a party, we’re too tired or bored to remove makeup before sleeping. But think of all the skin problems sleeping with your makeup on could cause and motivate yourself to make this effort.

Believe this, you’re doing your skin a huge favor by not sleeping with the makeup on, even if you’re wearing organic, chemical-free makeup, it’s still essential to remove it properly with a chemical-free, skin-loving makeup remover.

#2 Always Moisturize

Whether oily or dry or combination, your skin needs moisturization no matter what your skin type is. Just be sure to choose the right kind of moisturizer for your skin type. For instance, choose a gel-based moisturizer for oily skin or combination skin, and a comparatively creamier one for dry skin.

Just make sure you never skip moisturizer, not even in the summers, because that layer of moisturizer will save your skin from all kinds of damage. Also, keep in mind that even excessive dryness could make you break out! Most of us don’t know this until it really happens.

#3 Avoid Makeup Products with Chemicals

This is the easiest habit to form. All you have to do is make sure to read the ingredients and avoid buying any product that has parabens and bad alcohol (yes, there’s good alcohol and bad alcohol!) You can read more about this here).

If you’re gonna use makeup, make sure it’s good for your skin and not just high-performance.

#4 Eat Healthy

Not saying you should completely stop eating your favorite cheeseburger or fries, but reducing the frequency & quantity would help your skin, body, and mind. It reads like a simple habit but takes a lot of self-control.

So, leaving aside a few exceptions, try not to have oily, heavy foods. Try including more protein-rich foods, fruits & vegetables rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber in your diet. Your real reward will be seeing your skin glow from the inside out.

#5 Keep the Body Hydrated

Having a hydrated body helps maintain skin elasticity. And not just that, it also helps with hair health. If drinking water is boring, replace it with coconut water at least once a day to compensate.

Imagine, just drinking enough water can help you get more good hair days and good skin days. Such an easy glowing skin hack, right?

#6 Exfoliate Once a Week

Both your body and face need regular exfoliation. So, make sure you exfoliate your face & body once every week, but with a gentle scrub and not those harsh walnut ones. Don’t forget to exfoliate your lips too as part of your healthy skin regime. There are a lot of gentle lip scrubs available these days that will not just exfoliate but also keep your lips hydrated and nourished with natural ingredients.

Even a nice homemade scrub would do, like one made with honey and sugar; you can even add drops of your favorite essential oil to this scrub like rosehip oil or lavender oil.

#7 Cleanse Your Face Twice a Day without Fail

This habit becomes even more important if you live in a coastal area where your skin has to fight an additional demon—humidity. In case you have sensitive skin, look for the mildest, best face wash for glowing skin and use it twice daily.

Cleansing your face is very important, especially before bedtime when you apply your night cream and the like. Make sure you never apply your toner and/or moisturizer without thoroughly cleansing your face first.

#8 Use a Hydrating Cleanser, Not a Harsh One

Just like you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, you shouldn’t judge a cleanser by the amount of foam it gives. Some of the best cleansers won’t have much lather but do the job more effectively than the regular foaming ones.

Remember, harsh cleansers can snatch away your skin’s natural oils and even that could cause acne or if not that, flaky skin, especially during dry seasons like winter.

#9 Apply & Re-Apply Sunscreen

A good sunscreen with a broad spectrum and at least SPF 50 is essential for healthy skin. Apply sunscreen regularly & re-apply every 2 hours even if you’re not going out in the sun. Use an SPF cream made especially for oily skin or dry skin, so that you don’t get acne or rashes without knowing where it’s coming from, struggling to change your facewash, retinol, moisturizer, etc.

It’s even more important if you’ve been using retinol at night, to apply a good sunscreen the next morning.

#10 Avoid Touching Your Face Too Much

We all have some habits that are hard to get rid of; and as trivial as it might sound, touching your face is one of those habits, and it REALLY is bad for your skin health. For healthy, glowing skin, make sure you don’t unnecessarily touch your face. It can spread bacteria, oil, and germs from your hands to your face.

It might not sound as harmful as applying harsh chemicals on your skin, but it can really lead to clogged pores and breakouts, which isn’t a good thing if you’re aiming for long-term glowing skin.

Long-term, naturally glowing skin would no longer be a distant dream if you follow these very simple, easy skincare habits daily. It’s these baby steps toward healthy skin that make your skincare simple and effective. Choosing the, best face wash for glowing skin, or just following a regular, simple skincare routine like a CTM can do wonders for your skin! Have happy, glowing skin and XOXO, darlings!