10 Easy Skincare Tips for Glowing Skin in Summer

10 Easy Skincare Tips for Glowing Skin in Summer

Summer comes with its own woes, especially for skin, and that’s how we all turn to old & new tips for glowing skin. Summer is hotter & harsher this year, which is reason enough to make your summer skincare game stronger. While your summer skincare routine depends a lot on your skin type, your ideal skincare regime, and the time & effort you can & are willing to put in, the basics of summer skincare will remain the same regardless. For instance, one of the most important skincare tips is that just like in any other season, your skin needs a good face cream for summer as well. Thinking that oily skin wouldn’t need a moisturizer or cream is a huge mistake.

So here are a few skincare tips for summer that will save you the effort of detailed research on summer skincare. These are not just simple, but also easy to follow for skincare beginners or those who don’t wanna get caught up in the 10-step skincare routines.

1. Wash Your Face Twice a Day

This must be the most cliched skincare tip, but we still sometimes let our lazy selves win and sleep with our makeup on, or even worse—sleep with the dirt of the day still on our faces. We know it’s difficult after long-days at work or after a weekend party, but try to stick to removing your makeup before bed and washing your face twice a day with a mild cleanser. It will go a long way.

2. Apply & Re-apply a Good Sunscreen with Over SPF 50

Not just using the best sunscreen for your skin type or the highest possible protection, but even using it on a regular basis in the correct quantities and with regular re-applications is essential. The summer sun is especially stronger, so your sunscreen needs to be stronger to fight it.

3. Include Vitamin C & Antioxidants In Summer Skincare Routine

When used in the correct way and regularly, Vitamin C brightens your skin complexion. Antioxidants work on blurring fine lines, if any, while also preventing premature skin aging. You can obviously try and include more Vitamin C & Antioxidant enriched foods in your diet. But also don’t underestimate the power of a good Vitamin C serum or one that has ingredients rich in Antioxidants.

4. Use Facial Mist to Keep Your Skin Hydrated

You don’t even need to especially buy a face mist. You can simply make your own DIY face mist for glowing skin in summer. Like a basic face mist: Leave boiled cucumber in boiled water overnight with aloe and strain it into your spray bottle. You can also skip the cucumber and use 1 tbsp each of aloe vera gel & coconut oil with water.

Wanna make it more soothing, you can simply mix your favorite essential oil (make sure to use one that suits your skin) like tea tree oil or witch hazel for that soothing sensation.

5. Drink More Water & Avoid Dehydrating Liquids

Not just that, but also try and stay away from alcoholic drinks, aerated drinks, juices with added sugar, and other drinks that make you feel lethargic due to the excess sugar. Even coffee dehydrates you, so stay away from excessive coffee no matter how sleepy your job makes you feel😛. Additionally, they don’t add any value to the body as they have no hydrating qualities.

6. Exfoliate Twice a Week

Make sure you use a mild scrub, especially for your face. Although it seems like if you scrub more thoroughly and frequently it would exfoliate your skin better, it tends to over dry your skin. So, try and stay away from over-exfoliating. Do it with a mild product, once or twice a week, or thrice a week if your skin is too oily (meaning it produces more sebum).

7. CTM is Still Important In Summer

Cleansing > Toning > Moisturizing = Perfect Skin.

Use a good face cream for summer even if your skin is oily. In that case, you might wanna switch from regular face cream to an oil-free gel-based one. Even if you think a face moisturizer is not required or will make your skin more oily in the summer, don’t skip it, instead, keep it lightweight & hydrating and use the one that suits your skin.

8. Rub Ice on Your Face to Calm Your Skin

Rubbing ice on your face helps minimize pores & calms the skin in the summer heat. Make sure you don’t directly apply the ice on your face but wrap it in a muslin cloth or a thin cotton cloth. Also, take care to do this only for 2 minutes twice every day, not more than that as it could harm your skin.

9. Use Cooling Face Packs to Soothe Your Skin

This might be the most relaxing and everyone’s favorite part of the summer skincare routine. All you need to see is that the ingredients that you use don’t just calm and cool down your skin, but also suit it, and with has cooling ingredients like cucumber, tomato honey, multani mitti, etc. Not every natural ingredient suits every skin type.

One of the easiest homemade face pack is – 1 tbsp Multani Mitti (fuller’s earth) + 1 tbsp milk + 1 tbsp rose water = your go-to refreshing summer toner!

If you're not into making your own face packs, you can use a readymade mild, skin-friendly face mask that suits your needs.

10. Only Use Skin-Friendly Makeup

After doing all the above and making so many efforts to keep your skin healthy, if you finally end up using bad or mediocre quality makeup, your whole summer skincare will go down the drain in no time. So you wanna make sure you use makeup that’s lightweight, non-oily, and hydrating on your skin. Also ensure that the skincare and beauty products you use are made with natural ingredients and are free from alcohol, paraben, and other chemicals.

We hope these easy tips for glowing skin will help you enjoy summer with not just awesome beach days and fun sundowners, but healthy skin. Which of these skincare tips you already knew and followed? If we missed out on any important skincare tips for summer, please tell us in the comments and we’d be glad to add them here with due credits. Have a happy summer and XOXO, darlings!