9 Perfect Eye Makeup Ideas for the Holiday Season

9 Perfect Eye Makeup Ideas for the Holiday Season

If you’re always out of ideas for eye makeup beyond the regular a cat eyeliner, or kohl-rimmed eyes, we have just what you need for Christmas! Depending on how you like your makeup, your skin tone, and your outfit, it can range from a simple eye makeup to something as bold as a smokey eye makeup or even glitter eye makeup. But since it’s that time of the year when Christmas is approaching and you’re already super-excited about the upcoming New Year parties…Nothing can compare to the excitement of that new red dress you’re to wear on Christmas Eve parties or your favorite LBD that you’ve put aside for those office Christmas party.

So, scroll ahead to benefit from the homework we’ve done to sort all your Christmas makeup looks with eye makeup that perfectly matches your outfit and the upcoming holiday season mood! And because we enjoy saying this so much, we’d like to say it once again—go ahead; what are you waiting for, Christmas?

#1 Shimmery Red Smokey Eyes

Bring out your glitter eyeshadow palette & your darkest kajal for this oh-so-hot red smokey eye makeup look that scream Christmas without being too over-the-top.

#2 Dark Blue Smokey Eyes

Smokey eyes must be a holiday season eye makeup favorite since it is not just easy, but can be clubbed with any of your favorite eye shadow shades to match your mood & outfit!

#3 Green Cut Crease Eye Makeup

What about a green eyeshadow with a sharp graphic wing to match everybody’s favorite Christmas element—the Christmas Tree! Don’t forget to start with a light brown base to bring out the gree, and smudge a little brown on top.

#4 Colored Graphic Eyeliner

This is where the tape technique will come in handy to get the perfect graphic winged eyeliner using just your eyeshadow. If you want, you can even do this with a colored kajal.

#5 Brown Smokey Eyes with Shimmer Eyeliner

It’s Holiday season—the time to ditch that good ol’ black smokey eye makeup and go for a brown smokey eye. Couple it with a shimmery gold eyeliner and you have Christmas eye makeup written all over!

#6 Metallic Bronze & Purple Eye Makeup

Go metallic this Christmas & New Year season because what can be better than eye makeup that spells your personality? Make sure you finish it up with a super-sharp winged eyeliner and of course, mascara for those voluminous lashes.

#7 Rose Gold Eyes

Who doesn’t love a classy rose gold eye makeup? We do! Get your nude eyeshadow palette coz we’re sure you too want eye makeup that’s shiny and subtle at the same time! A perfect wing and well-kempt brows would make it more than perfect.

#8 Golden Smokey Eye

We’ve all tried smokey eye makeup at some point. But since it’s holiday season, why not spice it up a little with a little bit of gold? All you have to do is apply gold all over and then smoke it up towards the outer V.

Pro-tip: Don’t forget to smoke out the lower lid whenever you’re doing a smokey eye makeup.

#9 A Perfect Double Winged Eyeliner

Wanna go a little more subtle without too much eyeshadow, but still wanna make a holiday season statement? A double winged eyeliner would be perfect for you. Make sure to extend the wing to the inner corner of your eye, and wear mascara for that perfect cat eye effect.

We have listed out simple eye makeup to colored smokey eye for you—having literally not left any stone unturned including glitter eye makeup! All you have to do now is pick your favorite eye makeup for Christmas & New Year and bring out your eyeshadow palettes!

Don’t forget to share your eye makeup pictures in the comments. We’d love to see your eye makeup artistry! XOXO, darlings!