8 Rules to Do Makeup for Photos That Are Double-Tap Worthy!

8 Rules to Do Makeup for Photos That Are Double-Tap Worthy!

Time to get the perfect makeup for photos this holiday season!

We all have makeup looks that suit our personalities, skin tones, shapes of our faces, and of course, our outfits. But there’s one more thing we sometimes tend to forget about—makeup for photos. Your makeup may be perfect for the occasion, outfit, and season, but when it comes to getting clicked, not everything works. For instance, you can wear a lot of highlighter for a wedding party, but it might also give you a makeup flashback in the photos!

So, if you’re wondering how to do makeup for photos, we have got your back with a few important tips right from base makeup to final touches. Follow these 8 most important rules and you will always have the perfect, double-tap worthy makeup for photoshoots! After all, what is makeup even worth if your Instagram isn’t flooded with hearts & comments!

Rule #1: Never Forget to Prep Your Skin

And we’re talking about prepping it from cleansing and toning to applying primer on your face. Start with cleansing your face with a hydrating cleanser, follow it with a toner. Now apply a serum that suits your skin, followed by a hydrating moisturizer and massage it well.

Most importantly, use the primer; it makes all the difference in your final makeup look. You will clearly notice a difference in your photos when you prep your skin vs when you don’t.

Rule #2: Use the Lipliner to Define Your Lips

Makeup for photos needs to be done in a way that it stays intact for long hours, especially your lipstick that mostly ends up feathering. We all know how it can be at parties, especially at wedding parties. You might be one of the last people to stay and by then, if your makeup has faded, all your efforts are in vain. And that mostly happens with your lipstick because of all that yummy food & drinks. :)

So, the best way to stop that from happening is to start with a nice smooth line of a long-lasting lipliner. That not only gives your lips a proper shape, but also prevents your lipstick from bleeding.

Rule #3: Use an SPF without the White Cast

One of the biggest makeup mistakes and easiest to forget is the sunscreen. We either end up forgetting to wear it between all other makeup products, or wear one that gives the face a white cast.

Makeup for photoshoot or otherwise, it would be wise to invest in a sunscreen that suits you skin type and doesn’t give you a white cast. These days you get a lot of options in the market for different skin types, with matte or dewy finish in SPF 50 or higher. No matter what you do, make sure you don’t skip it altogether & choose what suits you best.

Rule #4: Make Sure Your Foundation Looks Natural

It is imperative that your foundation doesn’t just match your skin tone, but is also natural looking. Choose an oil-free matte foundation that also keeps your skin hydrated for longer hours.

Pro-tip: If your foundation has SPF in it, make sure to balance it out with bronzer so it doesn’t give you a flashback. And that’s one of those common makeup mistakes that we have even seen celebrities make. You can Google it and find so many pics!

Rule #5: Pay Special Attention to the Concealer

A wrong concealer shade might completely ruin your photos with a makeup flashback, especially at night time when most pictures are clicked with a flash. Make sure you set it with a translucent powder or banana powder to get that perfect finish without looking overdone.

It would also help avoid the undereye makeup from creasing, which is again a common makeup problem. You can even avoid this more by getting a crease-proof concealer.

Rule #6: Never Use Products That Are Too Warm Toned

A bronzer or foundation that’s too warm for your skin tone can make you look orangish in photos. It is a very simple rule to remember. Even if you have a warm undertone, make sure your products are not too pale.

This will help to avoid that odd orange-ish look because makeup in photos turns out completely different from that in your mirror.

Rule #3: Don’t Ignore the Brows & Lashes

Brows and lashes might sometimes seem like the last things on your mind but mind it, they can make a huge difference in your photos, especially selfies!

You could click and compare two photos where you have and haven’t done your brows or applied mascara, and you’ll know what we mean.

Rule #8: Go Easy on the Highlighter

No doubt, all makeup lovers love highlighter, especially if it’s a festival or party makeup look. But let us warn you once again, that makeup for photoshoots is a completely different zone.

You need to avoid anything that could reflect off oddly on the camera, which highlighters, illuminators, and strobe creams are totally capable of. One smart way is to use powder highlighter because it isn't so overpowering and doesn't reflect like shining show-lights in photos.

Killing it with makeup, and slaying it on Instagram with your perfect photos are two completely different things. But we need to blur that line as much as possible. And that’s why, we suggest you follow the above 8 rules for makeup for photos. Save & share these universal makeup rules and you will never have to beg your friends to take down that bad Instagram photo with your highlight reflecting like a mirror.🙂

Prepare to get clicked and slay all those parties! Oh, and don’t forget to share any other tips for makeup for photoshoots if we have missed out. XOXO, darlings!