7 Golden Rules to Protect Your Makeup Products During Monsoon

7 Golden Rules to Protect Your Makeup Products During Monsoon

Monsoon 2023 makeup is exciting, especially with all those shimmers & glitters that are so IN right now. But to keep slaying your with your makeup in monsoon, you have to keep your makeup products safe during the rainy season. That’s because during monsoon, most of your powder makeup products are prone to catching moisture and becoming soggy or sticky, increasing their chances of getting spoilt. Imagine opening your favorite shimmer eyeshadow for going to a party and finding it all melting & vapored out… We never want you to go through that pain.

So, if you wanna save your makeup products from becoming unusable, here are some smart things you can do to keep your makeup products safe in monsoon 2023.

#1 Store Your Moisture-Prone Products in Air-Tight Containers

#2 Don't Keep Brushes in Open—Use Clean Vacuum Seal Pouches

#3 Get a Multi-Purpose Storage Kit for Your Makeup Products

#4 Check the Texture & Smell of Products Before Using

#5 Blow Dry Your Moisture-Prone Products if Required

#6 When Traveling, Carry Products in a Waterproof Kit

#7 Store All Your Makeup Products in a Cool & Dry Room

We have narrowed down everything you need to know about how to keep makeup safe in rains to 7 essential and easy-to-follow points. Just follow these and your favorite lipstick, your most prized powder blush, and your most essential concealer & foundation won’t ever go stale or moist during monsoon 2023 and beyond.