Monsoon Beauty Tips—How to Keep Glowing on Messy Rainy Days

Monsoon Beauty Tips—How to Keep Glowing on Messy Rainy Days

Skincare is always important, but monsoon skincare tips are more important because rains bring stickiness, oily skin problems, and of course, blocked pores. All this makes skincare for rainy season more important than even summer. But you don’t have to worry about anything including your skincare for the rainy season.

We have shortlisted the only 10 things you need to take care of your skincare routine during monsoon 2023. Scroll ahead and save these 10 monsoon skincare tips for 2023 rains!

#1 Don’t Skip the Moisturizer—for Oily Skin too

When you leave your skin dehydrated, it goes on and produces excessive oil as a last resort hydration idea, in turn, works harder than required, and looks dull & tired too. Better to simply apply a moisturizer that suits your skin type. Research and you will find one. Never skip moisturizer, in NO SEASON.

#2 Use a Toner—for the Sticky, Humidity-attacked Skin

Make sure to add an alcohol-free toner to your monsoon skincare routine. This will keep your skin non-greasy. Even better if your toner has antioxidant ingredients like green tea so as to maintain pH levels and tighten enlarged pores to prevent acne.

#3 SPF is Still Important—Even Though You Can’t See the Sun

Although you can’t see the sun during rains or overcast days, it is still there and the UV rays can very well (even more potently) penetrate your skin. Just keep in mind that the sunscreen you use must be non-sticky.

#4 Switch Your Footwear—Protect Your Feet

Wear footwear that protects your feet from the muck, especially if you have to walk to go places. Also, get regular pedicures to maintain your feet' health. You can do this at home simply by soaking your feet in warm water with shampoo & salt & scrubbing them well.

#5 Never Forget the Cleanse-Twice Rule—Even if You’re Drenched

Cleanse your face twice, especially after you got drenched in the rain, because then your pores also need cleaning along with the regular dirt from the pollution, monsoon wind dust, and humidity.

#6 Exfoliate Twice a Week–Keep the Dead Skin Away

Exfoliation is a must during monsoons because it helps your skin get rid of the dead skin and keep the pores clean along with increasing blood circulation, which is important for a natural glow.

#7 Eat More Leafy Veggies—Avoid Oily & Junk Food

The junk food & excess oil you consumed through those pakoras will soon show up on your skin. Once you include healthy food in your diet, you will see how it also shows up eventually!

#8 Hydrate—Inside & Out

Apply a good moisturizer & drink enough water. No need to overdo the hydrating part; simply keep your senses active and know when your body needs water.

#9 Minimal Makeup Is the Key

Keep your makeup minimal during the monsoons, and don’t forget the makeup fixer. It will keep your makeup intact & your face hydrated.

#10 Include Vitamin C in Your Diet & Skincare Routine

One of the best beauty tips for monsoon—Vit C to keep infections and skin issues at bay. Include drinks like lemonade and orange juice in your diet to get that lit-from-within glow, and apply Vitamin C serum for flawless, radiant skin.

Monsoon is such a beautiful season with the clouds and the winds and of course the daily showers. The worst would be to not be able to enjoy the rainy season coz you’re too worried about your skin! That’s why we say, save these 10 monsoon skincare tips so you don't have to worry about skincare in the rainy season and can enjoy the rains and hot coffee with a smile on your face. XOXO, darlings!