7 Monsoon Nail Art Designs That Even Beginners Can Create

7 Monsoon Nail Art Designs That Even Beginners Can Create

Monsoon 2023 is almost here and colors play an important role in the rainy season! Nail art is where one can play with colors in the most fun way. Even simple nail art designs can add a lot to your overall look, especially if you wear it as per your outfit & makeup look. 2023’s trending nail art designs include pretty minimal nail art designs, shimmers & glitter nail art styles, and the latest micro French nails, which must be one of the easy nail art ideas.

We have curated a few easy nail art designs that even beginners can easily recreate. Scroll ahead and save the ones you love, so your monsoon 2023 is filled with the most colorful, gorgeous, and latest nail art designs!

#1 Falling Shimmer Nails—Just like a Drizzle on Your Nails



#2 Multicolor Shimmer Nail Art—Rainbow on Your Nails



#3 Glitter Rain Nails—Rainy Nail Art for Pink Lovers



#4 Polka Dot Nail Art—Like Your Favorite Umbrella!



#5 Sunny Side Up—for Pleasant Sundays when the Sun Is out!



#6 Cloud Nail Art—for Those Romantic Overcast Days



#7 Glitter French Tips—for the Monsoon Parties



So, what’s your favorite nail art design for Monsoon 2023? We love so many that it’s hard to pick one. But our top favorites are the falling glitter nail polish art that can also be a good bridal nail art idea, the French glitter nail art, and of course, one of the trendy & easy nail art ideas of 2023—the polka dot minimal nail art.

Which of these simple nail art designs is your favorite? Tell us in the comments. If you have a cute pic of your own nail art design that you think would go with the monsoon mood, share that too. XOXO, darlings!