Sweat-Proof Makeup Tips to Beat Humidity

Sweat-Proof Makeup Tips to Beat Humidity

Looking for sweat-proof makeup tips? You’ve found ‘em! Summer is all about beach vacations, sundowners, and of course, summer weddings. But that’s when your best makeup skills start betraying you by melting away in the sun and humidity. But it isn’t as difficult as it seems to get perfect makeup for sweaty faces.

Scroll through for some super-useful sweat-proof makeup tips (we’re sure you’ll thank us later, so you’re welcome) that will keep your makeup intact through the day AND still glow like a goddess! These are great sweatproof makeup tips for oily skin as well. So go ahead and read up for some sweat-proof fun this summer & monsoon season!

1. First of All, Stay Hydrated—It WILL reflect on Your Skin

2. Start with Skincare—Healthy Skin Is the First Step to Glowing Makeup

3. Use a Hydrating Yet Non-Sticky Primer

4. Minimal Foundation Is the Key

5. Set with Mattifying Compact Powder

6. Use Waterproof Eye Makeup

7. Make Use of Soft Paper Napkins to Absorb Oil/Sweat

8. Combine Powder & Cream Products to Get Sweat-Proof Makeup

9. Use Smudge-Free & Waterproof Lipsticks

10. Fix It All up with a Non-Sticky but Hydrating Makeup Fixer

Follow these sweat-proof makeup and your makeup will become immune to the hot, humid season, especially if you’re in tropical regions or love going to beach vacations. Use these sweat-proof makeup tips for oily skin too, and sweating will no longer be the biggest problem in summers & monsoons.

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