Tips for Using Lipstick for Thin Lips

Tips for Using Lipstick for Thin Lips

Time to make your lips appear fuller and luscious by using some genius lipstick for small lips hacks! Every woman dreams of having plump, lush lips. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with naturally plump lips. And applying lipstick can be difficult if your lips are thin because there is less space to work with.

If that’s the case for you, you may be wondering how to apply lip color so that it looks plumper and fuller. Thankfully, making the illusion of fuller lips is easy with the right makeup products and techniques. Here's a detailed guide on how to apply lipstick for small lips, so you can make your lips look as lush as possible.

How to Make Lips Look Fuller with Lipstick

#1 Take Time to Prepare the Lips

A little preparation can make a dramatic difference in the appearance of your lips. As with the face, exfoliating the lips helps shed dead skin cells, making your lipstick more effective. Moreover, it will increase circulation in the lip area, thus creating a natural flush and adding a little bit of volume. 

While you can buy lip scrubs at your local beauty supply store, you can also make your own by mixing some brown sugar and coconut oil.

#2 Apply Lip Balm—Perfect Lipstick Application Starts with Soft Lips

Regardless of whether your lips are thin or full, you should always apply a lip balm before applying lipstickyou don't want lipstick to dry out your lips. Dry lips tend to look thinner.

Apply your lip balm of choice to keep your lips feeling hydrated and looking plump.

#3 Lip Lining for a Fuller Look

Lip liner for thin lips is by far the quickest and easiest way to temporarily increase the size of your lips. Select a shade that matches your chosen lipstick and slightly outline your natural lip line.

Avoid using a dark liner on the lips as this will make them appear thinner than they actually are. Start by applying the product on a small area, and gradually build the shape up until you have reached the look you are going for.

#4 Choose Your Lip Color Wisely

In order to make your lips appear fuller, consider the color and finish of the lip products you use on a regular basis.

The best lipstick shades, according to experts, are nude colors, reds, and pinks. By not drawing too much attention to the area, they make the lips look fuller and also add color. If you have thin lips, choose these colors over bold, bright onessuch as deep purple, brown, or rainbow lipstickswhich can highlight your thin lips.

Choosing the right finish is equally important. Metallic or shimmery textures won't create the appearance of fullness. Matte lipsticks or satin textures are ideal.

#5 Pop Some Concealer on Your Cupid’s Bow

After your lips are lined, you can fill them in with your favorite lipstick or liner. Lastly, add a bit of concealer on top of the lip liner to make the center appear a bit more pronounced. 

Make use of a small flat brush and dab concealer in the center of your lips. Lips appear lighter as a result, which creates the illusion that they are fuller.

#6 Make Good Use of Highlighter and Bronzer

Highlight and contour are hot topics among makeup enthusiasts for a reason. Using this technique, you can mask any flaws or imperfections, enhance certain features, and add balance to your face. 

You can even enhance the appearance of thin lips using contour. Use a highlighter on the cupid's bow (just above the lips) to make it look more prominent. Alternatively, you can apply bronzer lightly to the lower lip to create a shadow. This thin lips makeup tip causes that area to recede, giving the bottom lip an even wider appearance.

#7 Finish the Look with Lip Gloss

Another point to keep in mind? Wearing lip gloss is always a good idea. You should use a clear or neutral gloss for the best results.

Put a dab of lip gloss directly in the center of your lips— rather than spreading it all overto make your lips appear fuller naturally. By keeping the light focused in the middle of the mouth, glossy products can make even the thinnest lips appear larger.

Easy Home Remedies for Fuller Lips

Cayenne Pepper + Olive Oil

In case makeup doesn't work, you can use this natural and tingly lip plumper that only takes a few ingredients from your kitchen.

Stir about a tablespoon of olive oil with a few sprinkles of cayenne pepper in a bowl. After covering your lips with the mixture for a few minutes, wipe off completely before moisturizing them with your favorite lip balm. Although these results won't last for long, this is a great way to take a quick selfie or to go out on the town.

Ice Treatment

Looking for a plumper pout, even though you're running late for your party? The trick is to rub an ice cube on your lips for a couple of minutes. 

The cold compresses the blood vessels, making them appear fuller, smoother, and pinker instantly. After doing this every day for a week or two, the results can be permanent without requiring any surgical procedures.

Brushing & Flaking Technique

You can always brush your lips with a dry toothbrush if you can't think of anything else. Brushing removes dead cells and makes them soft and smooth. In addition, it increases blood flow to your lips, making them plump and fresh.

If you wish to get faster and better results, you may also apply vaseline or honey to your brush before scrubbing your lips. It works like a charm.

The Bottom Line

Not everyone is blessed with plump, juicy lips. However, it's still possible to enhance your natural features by applying lipstick for thin lips

Follow the tips on lip makeup for small lips and flaunt a plush pout whenever you want to!

Have any more suggestions or questions about thin lips makeup? Don’t hesitate to drop them in the comment section below!