Our Top Comfy Matte Liquid Lipstick Shades for Every Liquid Lipstick Lover

Our Top Comfy Matte Liquid Lipstick Shades for Every Liquid Lipstick Lover

What we were all waiting for is finally here—Comfy Matte—the most comfortable liquid lipstick ever! It is 10-hour long-stay, all-day hydrating! Can you imagine a matte liquid lipstick that's sexy yet all that? Not just that, it's totally non-sticky, non-flaky, super matte, AND SUPER COMFORTABLE!

It literally settles to a matte finish within 30 seconds! AND keeps the comfort intact, of course, along with the intense color, the super matte finish, and the 10-HOUR long stay!

We couldn’t wait to try each and every shade and you know what? All the 12 shades are so incredibly good.

We tried them all and have brought to you our top picks for every liquid lipstick lover. From reds to pinks to nudes, this could be your go-to shade list for your favorite comfy matte shades!

For the Red Lovers

On My Way 01 - That superb red liquid lipstick everyone loves! It suits Indian skin tones especially well. This one will be amazing for your next Friday night party AND your best friend’s wedding!

Any Day Now 04 - This warmer, deeper red can become an absolute favorite red liquid lipstick, especially if you’re not too much into bright reds. The subtle version of the bold red you can rock anywhere.

For the Berry Tone Lovers

End of Story 03 - This one’s got a really pretty, bright berry tone. The plummy shade goes really well with light to medium skintone.

For the Nude Lovers

Just So You Know 10 - If you like barely-there nudes, this one’s the best nude liquid lipsticks we’ve seen. It goes well with both just smokey eyes AND full-face makeup.

For the Pink Lovers

Never Mind 05 - That cute bubble gum shade. Goes amazingly well for light skin and a nicely done smokey eyeshadow.

Hope this Helps 06 - If you like poppy pinks this one’s made for you. It suits the Indian skintones perfectly and looks best with a subtle, light makeup look.

For the Brown Lovers

Note to Self 07 - Send a note to yourself because you don’t wanna forget the best brown liquid lipstick ever. It suits virtually every skintone and goes well with every look, even formal makeup looks.

Fixed It for You 11 - This shade truly has it fixed for me! The brown with a subtle hint of pink… it looks gorgeous. Bonus: suits all skintones equally well!

If we’ve to say one thing, it’s that there is an amazing Comfy Matte for each one of us! No matter if you love red liquid lipsticks or nude liquid lipsticks, you’ll find your super comfortable match! What are you waiting for? Go for it. It's time to #FeelComfyLookSexy!